Anschauen Black and Blue

Black and Blue

Black and Blue is a movie starring Naomie Harris, Tyrese Gibson, and Frank Grillo. A rookie New Orleans police officer is forced to balance her identity as a black woman after she witnesses two corrupt cops committing murder.

Other Titles
Black & Blue, Çürük Elma, La legge dei più forti, Black And Blue, Exposure, Μαύρο και Μπλέ, Cores da Justiça, Policjanci i rasizm
Running Time
1 hours 48 minutes
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Drama, Crime, Action, Thriller
Deon Taylor
Peter A. Dowling
Frank Grillo, Tyrese Gibson, Mike Colter, Naomie Harris
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A rookie New Orleans police officer is forced to balance her identity as a black woman after she witnesses two corrupt cops committing murder.

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Gregory photo

This film is not just a good film, it is a masterpiece! This movie is not to be missed, by anyone. This is the most original "straight-to-video" film ever made and a definite favorite of mine. My favorite scenes are when Travolta and Marlise are running into the club that is under construction and are caught by the biker gang and one of them shoots him dead, just before the party starts. I love the scene where Travolta rides out of the club, on the side of the road. That is where the action is. I also like the ending. I think there is too much romance and romance and too much humor. This movie is all about fun, though, and a lot of action is involved. I love how the biker gang builds the club, and the bikers make it. The people who do the construction and hire the bikers, are the "heroes" of this movie. It's a very funny movie. If you want a comedy, or a straight-to-video action movie, see this one. I think it is the best film I have ever seen. I give it a 10 out of 10. Buy it or rent it!

Brian F. photo
Brian F.

I was hoping for a great thriller, but it was better than I expected. I have to admit that the opening scene was a little confusing, but after that it was great. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the film, which is not the case for most movies. I would recommend this movie to anyone, because it's very enjoyable.

Stephen Warren photo
Stephen Warren

Dangerous game of thrones in Hollywood. Only three actors and one actress were able to make a decent attempt at the job of acting and directing. The rest of the cast was either not able to act or did not understand their roles. A lot of dialogue and situations were simply too far fetched for me to be able to accept. I have to say, however, that I am very impressed with the special effects and animation, which were impressive in many places. It's a shame that this film could not go the distance. There are a few points in the film that should have been cut out and it would have been better for it. The plot was too confusing and a lot of the dialogue was not believable. I was impressed by the acting and the directing. I believe that they could have made a better film if they had a script that they could work with. I did not understand the concept of a dying dragon, so I did not know that it could have survived the fall. I think that the main reason why this film is bad is because it was not able to show the world of the games. The world of the games were very good and made for a good movie. The concept of the games was very good and it was a good story to make a movie out of. The only thing I didn't like was the casting of Anthony Hopkins. He just looked like an actor who is not able to do the right thing in his lines. I think that the only thing that was good about the film was the animation and special effects. This film is a huge disappointment. It should have been better.

Janet W. photo
Janet W.

Definitely one of the best movies of this year. With a good storyline, good acting, good editing and all the other things that go in a great film, you just can't go wrong with this one. Especially the end fight scenes were quite awesome and what a great ending. All the actors did a great job and it felt like there was a ton of chemistry between them. I'll be looking forward to see what future films they come up with and if they continue with this type of film style. The movie was great and I recommend it for everyone who enjoys action, drama, drama with action and romance. Overall 10/10

Samantha B. photo
Samantha B.

An astounding performance by Sean Connery, he did a brilliant job at saving the movie. This movie should be on top of the charts. The ending just blew me away. If you are a con man, you have to watch this. I thought it was great and so much better then I was expecting. My opinion and the opinion of the rest of the viewers is that this movie is brilliant. I give it 9/10 stars

Kathleen photo

As the title of this review indicates, this is an all-star cast made up of Hollywood's stars all fighting to the death against each other. The story follows the "Legend" of one of these famous actors who has just been found guilty of murdering a mob boss and on his way to prison. We follow him as he tries to get a fair trial and get back to his life, and his family. How this one man is trying to get back to his family is the plot of this movie. The story is solid, the acting is good, and the plot is believable. It's a very good action thriller. Also, there are some great action sequences, with explosions, fight scenes, and guns. In this movie you can enjoy the dialogue of the actors, especially that of Robert De Niro, and that of Tommy Lee Jones, who is on the best role of his career. The movie doesn't have to be overlong, it's a short and easy to watch thriller.

Daniel Vargas photo
Daniel Vargas

I rented this film as soon as it came out in the cinemas. My wife was one of the first people to buy it. A little disappointed. The problem was that the film was not very bloody. All the hardcore fights are gone and the blood is not that bad. But the cast is fantastic. Daniel Craig is probably the best actor out there in the business today, also one of the most underrated actors in recent times. Now I don't know about you, but when I see a lot of actors I like I tend to check out the actor's IMDb page to see how they have been doing and they are usually pretty good. This one is no exception. I am not a Daniel Craig fan but I have to admit that he is a really good actor. He really impressed me and I must say that the role he played in The Dark Knight was amazing. He showed that he can carry a film as well. It's not that he was in this film, the role he played was totally unexpected, you just don't see people playing roles like this every day. But he was good and that is enough for me. Let me just say that I have never been so touched by a film and this film makes me feel like a fan of these characters. I am no longer a Daniel Craig fan and I have to say that the character he played here is better than any of his previous characters. The thing that I liked about this film was that the action scenes are really good and the story is really good. The plot is interesting and you never know what is going to happen. The way the film has been filmed is also great. I have watched it a couple of times and it always holds true to what I like and the film does not fail in any way. The film is a little bit slow at times, but the ending makes up for that. This film has been entertaining and it is now one of my favorite films of all time. I hope there is more films like this in the future because I am sure we will be seeing more films like this. I would definitely recommend this film to everyone. I give it a 10/10 and I would definitely recommend it for everyone to watch.