Anschauen Black and Blue

Black and Blue

Black and Blue is a movie starring Naomie Harris, Tyrese Gibson, and Frank Grillo. A rookie New Orleans police officer is forced to balance her identity as a black woman after she witnesses two corrupt cops committing murder.

Other Titles
Black & Blue, Çürük Elma, La legge dei più forti, Black And Blue, Exposure, Μαύρο και Μπλέ, Cores da Justiça, Policjanci i rasizm
Running Time
1 hours 48 minutes
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Drama, Crime, Action, Thriller
Deon Taylor
Peter A. Dowling
Frank Grillo, Tyrese Gibson, Mike Colter, Naomie Harris
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A rookie New Orleans police officer is forced to balance her identity as a black woman after she witnesses two corrupt cops committing murder.

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Christine photo

One of the best movies of the year and I've seen it about 10 times now. A real film noir, with a great story, great characters and a great story. An ideal movie to watch with friends. I don't want to give too much away but it's a movie that has a great story and a great cast. The cast is excellent, especially to see Patrick Swayze and Robin Williams in a movie together, who are also great in their own roles. The film is shot beautifully and the music is great too. If you like crime thrillers, you will love this movie. It is a great movie that I would recommend to everyone. It is also a great movie to watch with friends. One of the best films of the year, and I've seen it about 10 times now.

Eric photo

This film is not for the faint hearted. The plot is so simple that the viewer can easily see how the actors were going to be killed in the film. The action is so realistic that it can be easily described. The dialogue is clever and full of witty and interesting comments. I give this film an excellent 10/10. If you like the type of movies that have a very high rating then I would recommend this film to you. It is a very good film, but if you have a heart then it is a very good film.

Carol photo

I am a fan of crime films and watch them constantly. I also like thrillers. And I thought I'd seen all the best. However, I recently saw a movie called "Blue Bloods" and I was impressed. I haven't seen a movie quite like this. "Blue Bloods" is a movie that's both a crime film and a thriller. The main character is a young woman named Lucy (Talia Shire). She is a smart, hard-working, and independent woman who has a family and a life that she can be proud of. Lucy's life is threatened when her drug dealing sister (Claire Danes) is shot to death and her boyfriend (Nick Stahl) is accused of the crime. After Lucy goes to prison, she starts to realize that her life has been turned upside down. She begins to change, and the changes are painful to her. She begins to fall in love with the person she has been friends with for a long time, and she is forced to make a decision between love and survival. I think this movie was really good. It has some pretty intense scenes. I thought Claire Danes was great in this movie. She played the role of Lucy very well. She was a very good actress in this movie. Nick Stahl also did a good job. He played the role of the man who was innocent. The scene in which he is being forced to confess to the crime was really good. The scene in which he goes to Lucy's family and tells them that he was innocent was also really good. I think the scene in which Lucy decides to turn herself in to the police was also really good. I think the movie is very good and it is worth seeing. If you like thrillers and crime films, I think you should see this movie.

Billy Foster photo
Billy Foster

It's hard to believe that this film was made in 1980. The acting is good and the story is intriguing. I liked the ending. The movie is set in LA and has a lot of action. The music is also great. This movie is very entertaining and has a lot of action. The performances are good and the story is good. There is no real depth to the characters but the characters are well written and the story is good. I think this is a great movie and it's worth watching.

Doris Berry photo
Doris Berry

I don't know why some people are complaining about the story line. There is no story line in this movie. There is no action, there is no drama, and there is no sex. Just pure and simple action. If you want to see a movie that will make you think, this movie is the movie for you. This movie will not disappoint you. In fact, I will go and see it again. I hope you like it as much as I did. 10 out of 10.

Robert A. photo
Robert A.

Not to be overlooked is a role reversal for Sly Stallone. But the man of steel also has a pretty good record with his women in his past. First Lady: Rosalyn Knight, who we have seen in pretty much everything, including a couple of pictures. She also did the female lead in Bad Boys, in which she was never seen in anything else. And he did another one, in which he was playing one of the villains. But in Bully, he is playing an ex-baseball player. In which case, he is not exactly a role reversal. Or a role reversal for Sly, I guess. He plays a new guy in town (Simon Baker), who is so incensed about this guy (Travolta), that he kidnaps him. Now he is being chased by the thugs who had also stolen money from him, and he is being forced to follow. It's not the norm for Sly to play someone who is chasing him. But this time he plays the pursuer. And in that he succeeds. You can really tell that Stallone's Sly really does like to get things his way. He is one of the finest screen actors of all time, and he is constantly putting his fans in fear. Here he has a tough guy to beat. And that's exactly what he does, because he is not really a guy who is afraid of anybody. Simon Baker, who is great in it, is a new character, and he is one of the tough guys in the picture. It is surprising how well Simon Baker fits in the role of a tough guy. This is a great flick. All the things in the picture are good. It is intelligent. It has a good story and a good message about gangsters. Simon Baker, Stallone, and Travolta are the three leading men, and they all work well together, and they all do a great job. Sly's Simon Baker (Simon Baker) gets the ball rolling on a very promising movie. Sly is obviously the star of the show. But it is the others, who have some good work in the cast, that make the picture better. But none of them are of the caliber of, say, Samual L. Jackson or Gary Busey. But these actors bring the picture, and they are good in their roles. They all add up to a great movie. Sly makes you feel all the tension of the situation, and he does a good job with his directing. He is a skilled director who understands how to get the audience involved with the film. The music, written by Tangerine Dream, is a great thing. It is not the type of music you would expect from a movie. But it is perfect for the scene. Tangerine Dream also manages to keep the movie on track, because there are so many great things in it. Sly has directed some great films, and Tangerine Dream helps to make them better. They should have paid them a lot more than the little that they got for their work in this film. That was pretty nice. The director, Robert Schwentke, is a veteran film director, who has made some good films in his career. They are good films and he knows how to

Billy Thompson photo
Billy Thompson

I'm not going to get into the details of the plot, but I thought the story was well executed, and the cinematography was superb. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good movie.

Beverly Powell photo
Beverly Powell

This film is so well made and it is such an exciting movie to watch. The characterizations of the movie were extremely good. All the actors did a great job of bringing out their characters well. The story was very well put together and the twists and turns made it all seem so real. It was extremely suspenseful and the movie was extremely entertaining. The ending really hit me hard because it was so unexpected and in a way it was all that I could think about for a long time. I really wanted to watch this movie again when it came out on DVD but I haven't gotten around to that yet. I can't wait until it comes out on DVD. It is definately a must have for any thriller or action fan! 10/10

Stephen photo

About the time I got around to watching this film I had forgotten all about all the howlers and then they didn't go into the movie at all! Not only did they go into the movies for some reason I didn't pay to see, I was going to watch something else instead of watching this. I had always been waiting to see this movie for so long but it wasn't until I finally saw it at a drive in that I really started paying attention to it. I don't want to give it away because I really liked this movie and it was worth watching. But not only is it a good movie it is also very funny and very entertaining. It is a film that you can watch again and again and I think anyone who likes this kind of movie should watch this film. I give it a ten out of ten and I hope I'm not going to be the one to watch all the howlers.

Marie Morrison photo
Marie Morrison

I've always been a fan of Anthony Hopkins and his portrayal of Jack Palance in this movie was simply fantastic. As a great storyteller, Hopkins has always been one of my favorite actors. I thought this was a very well done movie and is a definite recommendation to anyone looking for a great movie to watch.

Craig photo

When you start to watch this film you will be very sure that you are in for a fun and exciting action filled thrill ride. This is not to be taken seriously and is a well written, auteur movie. I can not believe all the bad reviews of this film. This film is a pleasure to watch. Really, there isn't anything bad about it.

Marie photo

Can this be a true crime movie? I really hope so. It's not. This movie is truly a masterpiece of modern cinema, I don't know how to put this properly. It's a crime movie, that is true, with big sets, big movie stars, and some big guns. This is a movie that makes you think and think and think. Yes, the sound is almost like you are really there. The movie is a modern crime thriller, that should not be missed. Go watch this movie, you won't regret it. You'll be surprised, you'll laugh and you'll cry, and you'll be amazed. Now I know what I'm talking about.

Janet S. photo
Janet S.

I have seen this movie several times and it is still a good movie. The action is very well done and it is interesting to see how the bad guys are getting in and out of their vehicles. I also liked the character development of the characters and the way they were brought to life. There is one character that I really like in this movie and that is the person who plays the main bad guy. He was really good in the movie. The movie is not too long but it does drag a little bit at times but it does not matter. The acting was good and I like the music in the movie. Overall this is a good movie that should be in the movie theater.

Anthony M. photo
Anthony M.

I truly enjoy crime films, and I am a HUGE fan of Mr. Buxton. His movies are always a treat to watch. As for "Lemming", I didn't see it coming at all. If you are into the heavy-handed "city cops" films, this one isn't for you. In that regard, I highly recommend it. In any case, I recommend "Lemming", "De Wolfers" and "The Player". I do not recommend "Black and Blue". It's a farce, and a pointless one at that. Bottom line, this is a good film. It's funny, it's entertaining and it has a great story line. If you like "Lemming" and "Black and Blue", you will enjoy this one.

Jose photo

If you like thrillers, you will like this movie. It was a thrill and the action was very well done. It is a movie that you will enjoy but I would not be surprised if you did not even bother to watch it until it came out on DVD. It would probably be better to watch this movie alone.

Gregory photo

This film is not just a good film, it is a masterpiece! This movie is not to be missed, by anyone. This is the most original "straight-to-video" film ever made and a definite favorite of mine. My favorite scenes are when Travolta and Marlise are running into the club that is under construction and are caught by the biker gang and one of them shoots him dead, just before the party starts. I love the scene where Travolta rides out of the club, on the side of the road. That is where the action is. I also like the ending. I think there is too much romance and romance and too much humor. This movie is all about fun, though, and a lot of action is involved. I love how the biker gang builds the club, and the bikers make it. The people who do the construction and hire the bikers, are the "heroes" of this movie. It's a very funny movie. If you want a comedy, or a straight-to-video action movie, see this one. I think it is the best film I have ever seen. I give it a 10 out of 10. Buy it or rent it!

Brian F. photo
Brian F.

I was hoping for a great thriller, but it was better than I expected. I have to admit that the opening scene was a little confusing, but after that it was great. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the film, which is not the case for most movies. I would recommend this movie to anyone, because it's very enjoyable.

Stephen Warren photo
Stephen Warren

Dangerous game of thrones in Hollywood. Only three actors and one actress were able to make a decent attempt at the job of acting and directing. The rest of the cast was either not able to act or did not understand their roles. A lot of dialogue and situations were simply too far fetched for me to be able to accept. I have to say, however, that I am very impressed with the special effects and animation, which were impressive in many places. It's a shame that this film could not go the distance. There are a few points in the film that should have been cut out and it would have been better for it. The plot was too confusing and a lot of the dialogue was not believable. I was impressed by the acting and the directing. I believe that they could have made a better film if they had a script that they could work with. I did not understand the concept of a dying dragon, so I did not know that it could have survived the fall. I think that the main reason why this film is bad is because it was not able to show the world of the games. The world of the games were very good and made for a good movie. The concept of the games was very good and it was a good story to make a movie out of. The only thing I didn't like was the casting of Anthony Hopkins. He just looked like an actor who is not able to do the right thing in his lines. I think that the only thing that was good about the film was the animation and special effects. This film is a huge disappointment. It should have been better.

Janet W. photo
Janet W.

Definitely one of the best movies of this year. With a good storyline, good acting, good editing and all the other things that go in a great film, you just can't go wrong with this one. Especially the end fight scenes were quite awesome and what a great ending. All the actors did a great job and it felt like there was a ton of chemistry between them. I'll be looking forward to see what future films they come up with and if they continue with this type of film style. The movie was great and I recommend it for everyone who enjoys action, drama, drama with action and romance. Overall 10/10

Samantha B. photo
Samantha B.

An astounding performance by Sean Connery, he did a brilliant job at saving the movie. This movie should be on top of the charts. The ending just blew me away. If you are a con man, you have to watch this. I thought it was great and so much better then I was expecting. My opinion and the opinion of the rest of the viewers is that this movie is brilliant. I give it 9/10 stars

Kathleen photo

As the title of this review indicates, this is an all-star cast made up of Hollywood's stars all fighting to the death against each other. The story follows the "Legend" of one of these famous actors who has just been found guilty of murdering a mob boss and on his way to prison. We follow him as he tries to get a fair trial and get back to his life, and his family. How this one man is trying to get back to his family is the plot of this movie. The story is solid, the acting is good, and the plot is believable. It's a very good action thriller. Also, there are some great action sequences, with explosions, fight scenes, and guns. In this movie you can enjoy the dialogue of the actors, especially that of Robert De Niro, and that of Tommy Lee Jones, who is on the best role of his career. The movie doesn't have to be overlong, it's a short and easy to watch thriller.

Daniel Vargas photo
Daniel Vargas

I rented this film as soon as it came out in the cinemas. My wife was one of the first people to buy it. A little disappointed. The problem was that the film was not very bloody. All the hardcore fights are gone and the blood is not that bad. But the cast is fantastic. Daniel Craig is probably the best actor out there in the business today, also one of the most underrated actors in recent times. Now I don't know about you, but when I see a lot of actors I like I tend to check out the actor's IMDb page to see how they have been doing and they are usually pretty good. This one is no exception. I am not a Daniel Craig fan but I have to admit that he is a really good actor. He really impressed me and I must say that the role he played in The Dark Knight was amazing. He showed that he can carry a film as well. It's not that he was in this film, the role he played was totally unexpected, you just don't see people playing roles like this every day. But he was good and that is enough for me. Let me just say that I have never been so touched by a film and this film makes me feel like a fan of these characters. I am no longer a Daniel Craig fan and I have to say that the character he played here is better than any of his previous characters. The thing that I liked about this film was that the action scenes are really good and the story is really good. The plot is interesting and you never know what is going to happen. The way the film has been filmed is also great. I have watched it a couple of times and it always holds true to what I like and the film does not fail in any way. The film is a little bit slow at times, but the ending makes up for that. This film has been entertaining and it is now one of my favorite films of all time. I hope there is more films like this in the future because I am sure we will be seeing more films like this. I would definitely recommend this film to everyone. I give it a 10/10 and I would definitely recommend it for everyone to watch.