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93Queen is a movie starring Amy Ackerman, Hadassah Ellis, and Ailin Elyasi. Set in the Hasidic enclave of Borough Park, Brooklyn, "93Queen" follows a group of tenacious Hasidic women who are smashing the patriarchy in their...

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Paula Eiselt
Ailin Elyasi, Amy Ackerman, Hadassah Ellis, Faigy Freier
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Set in the Hasidic enclave of Borough Park, Brooklyn, "93Queen" follows a group of tenacious Hasidic women who are smashing the patriarchy in their community by creating the first all-female volunteer ambulance corps in New York City. With unprecedented-and insider-access, "93Queen" offers up a unique portrayal of a group of religious women who are taking matters into their own hands to change their own community from within.

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Ethan Herrera photo
Ethan Herrera

This film could have been so much better. What a waste. The documentary looked like a commercial. It looked like a family film. What a waste of time and money. I felt like I was watching a commercial. I really wanted to get up and walk out of the theater, but then I realized, "You're not gonna make it to the end." I'm gonna go back to the front of the theater and watch the credits and see if there's anything I can do to get my money back. It felt like the director just stopped the camera and said "Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up." And I think he just didn't get his point across. This is just a bad film. I would have done a lot better on my own.

Amber B. photo
Amber B.

First of all, I'm a fan of the film. I'm an avid fan of British cinema, so I was anxious to see this movie. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the movie. The acting was very good, and the acting of the younger actors was excellent. It was a very fun movie to watch. I think that it would be more fun to watch if you were younger than my kids. Overall, this is a good movie to watch. If you are in the mood for a nice movie, then this is a movie for you. If you want to watch a good movie with some drama and drama, this is a good movie to watch. If you are an older person, then this is a movie for you. I have already seen this movie twice and I still enjoy watching it.

Douglas King photo
Douglas King

I like to think that this is a good movie. A little too long at times, but there's enough good stuff here to keep you interested. The style of the film is similar to documentaries. The interviewees have a strong personal history and we see their side of the story. A lot of these interviews are held off-screen, but the feel of the film is a good one. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but I was looking for the real story here and found it in the interviews. I found it hard to know where all the interviews ended up in the end. I did not have the opportunity to view all of the interviews, but I did see about half of them. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys watching these interviews.

Richard M. photo
Richard M.

I'm a writer and director myself, and this is one of my first screenplays. I thought that this film was going to be a "not for kids" film, but I was surprised to find that it was actually very touching and for the most part, entertaining for adults. The acting was well done and the story is not original. I did not expect this to be a family film, but I was pleasantly surprised. The two young actors did a great job and I was very impressed with the parents. I think it's a great film for everyone. Adults will enjoy the story and kids will love the film. There was also a little bit of humor, and some serious moments, that are also enjoyable to watch. The whole movie was fun to watch and I would recommend it to anyone. The thing that I loved most about this film was the message that it gives to the viewer. I think it's a very important message to give to the viewer, because people will often forget about the importance of family and love. I am a big believer that if you have a family, you have a family, and that's a huge part of how I live my life. It's hard to live a life without a family. I think this film shows the importance of family, and the importance of family in our lives. I think this is a great film and I recommend it to anyone. I am very impressed with the work that has been done by the people behind this film. It is a great family film and I can't wait to see what they do next.

Edward Cunningham photo
Edward Cunningham

This documentary is great. It's not in a way that is so much "art", but it's so true and real that you feel you're living it. The interviewees all were so honest and brave and they all talk about how hard it was to be a girl growing up in a small town. It's very difficult to know what to do with your life, and to be able to tell someone you love them. That's what this documentary does. It's not a documentary about the "idea" of what feminism is. It's about what it means to be a girl, a woman, or a person in general. To be able to do things that you dream of, and to be able to make a difference in people's lives. This documentary is a must see for anyone who wants to know about the history of women in America.

Andrea photo

When I first heard about this movie, I was very excited about it. I have a bunch of friends who have their own business and are quite active. One of the things that I thought was really great about the movie was that it didn't have any political message. I also thought that the movie had a great cast and it gave me some great insight into their lives. After I watched the movie I really liked it. The most notable thing about the movie was how real it was. The cinematography was amazing, the editing was really good, and the acting was great. I thought the actors were really good in this movie. I also really liked the way that the movie was filmed. It was really well done and it really added to the realism of the movie. The soundtrack was also great. The movie really didn't have a strong political message, but it did show how the people in their lives deal with the issues they face. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. It really showed me how I can live my life and how I can deal with situations in my life. I think that it was really good and I recommend it to anyone.

Keith G. photo
Keith G.

For all the talk about the reality of prison life, this is the most realistic account I've seen about how the experience is actually, what is shown on screen. This is a movie about the experiences of the main character (Howard) and his father (Frank). While I was impressed with the story, the movie was less interesting. It was more about the people, and how they lived their lives. This movie would have been better if the people were less "typical" and more portrayed as individuals. I understand that the story has to be different, but I was not impressed with the depiction of the way the prisoners lived. I thought the story was not told as a comedy, but as a drama. I found the characters to be a little unrealistic. The movie was entertaining, but nothing more. It was a good movie for those who have never had a personal experience with prison.