Anschauen Gekijouban Poketto monsutâ: Minna no Monogatari

Gekijouban Poketto monsutâ: Minna no Monogatari

Gekijouban Poketto monsutâ: Minna no Monogatari is a movie starring Sarah Natochenny, Haven Paschall, and Eddy Lee. Ash meets five residents who come together to save the day when a series of threats endanger the annual Wind...

Other Titles
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Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Fantasy, Action, Family, Adventure, Animation
Tetsuo Yajima
Aya Takaha, Eiji Umehara
Eddy Lee, Haven Paschall, Kathryn Cahill, Sarah Natochenny
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Every year the citizens of Fura City celebrate a Wind Festival. Where people live together with the wind. Long Ago, on the final day of the festival the Legendary Pokemon Lugia and bestow the blessings of the wind upon the people. This Film Focuses on Everyone's Story. from Lisa, a high school girl who is just starting out as a Pokemon trainer, to Karachi, a guy who can't stop lying to Torito, a researcher who lacks confidence in himself, to Hisui, an old lady who hates touching Pokemon, and Rarugo, a mysterious young girl who watches over the forest by herself.

Comments about fantasy «Gekijouban Poketto monsutâ: Minna no Monogatari» (6)

Linda photo

I really don't like the way children's animation is portrayed in many anime, and this film certainly didn't help. If you're looking for an "adult" film, this is definitely not it. However, if you're looking for a nice relaxing film, this is definitely one to watch.

Joan photo

I was lucky enough to see this at the North American film festival and I must say that it is a movie that will not disappoint. The animation was great, the story was awesome, the characters were so cool and I loved them all. The voices are perfect and the characters are well casted. I highly recommend this movie, it is definitely one of the best anime I have ever seen. If you like this movie you will definitely like Ichi the Killer!

Judith S. photo
Judith S.

I was really looking forward to this film. I had watched a few of the anime before, but I hadn't seen any of the films that had been released in the west. I found it was really good, although I would have liked to see more of the original material. It was just a really fun movie. I really enjoyed the characters and the story was really fun. The characters were really cool. I loved the villains and the relationships between them. I also really enjoyed the "incident" at the end of the film, which was a really cool moment. I really liked the ending too. I really loved it, I really liked it. I really enjoyed this film. I really enjoyed it.

James R. photo
James R.

I am not a fan of the anime, but I loved the movie. It is very interesting to see the movie in the English version. This movie is very funny, and the animation is very good. I really like the songs in the movie. I think the main reason why this movie is so good is because the movie is very cute. I am sure that people who don't like the anime will like this movie. It is definitely a good movie. I have seen the movie three times and I will definitely see it again.

Diane photo

My boyfriend and I decided to watch this movie because we were looking forward to it. It was a total flop, the DVD was half-empty and the dubbing was awful. I mean, everyone in the theater was chuckling and smiling at the jokes, which is not the way to handle an English dubbing, even for a Japanese animated movie. But, on the bright side, we laughed a lot. Some people have said that this movie is terrible, but I don't see it that way. It's a decent movie, but not a great one. There's a lot of scenes that you have to watch twice to fully understand, and some scenes were very slow in the beginning. But, the story is very interesting and the animation is very nice, especially in the end credits, which is my favorite scene of the whole movie. I also like the characters. I don't have much to say about them, but I think they are very likable. I also liked how the movie showed the movie industry, especially the animation studio and their reasons for making the movie. They also show how they felt about the movie itself. There were a few things I didn't like, but that's because I don't know the Japanese language, so I had to read some of the subtitles to understand what they were saying. The ending was a bit cheesy, but it was okay, because I didn't expect the movie to end with a "happy ending" but rather a "happy conclusion". I also felt that the characters didn't look real, and they all seemed like they were made up to look cute. I don't know why, but I felt that the characters seemed like they were not believable. But, overall, I liked the movie. I think that it's a good movie for kids, especially the older ones, but it's also a good movie for adults too. I think that it's a very good movie for families, especially if you have children that want to see a movie. I recommend it to anyone that likes a good animated movie. I give this movie an 8/10.

Diana P. photo
Diana P.

I like anime and I've seen this movie many times. It's pretty good. Not a masterpiece but good enough to keep you watching for two hours. It's kind of fun to see a super hero who gets into trouble with the evil "god" like monster. The story is very good and the animation is pretty good. I think it's a must see for anime fans.