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Always at The Carlyle

Always at The Carlyle is a movie starring Woody Allen, Herb Alpert, and Wes Anderson. The iconic Carlyle hotel has been an international destination for a particular jet-set as well as a favorite haunt of the most discernible New...

Other Titles
Last Night at the Carlyle, カーライル ニューヨークが恋したホテル, カーライル ニューヨークが恋したホテル, Always at the Carlyle
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1 hours 32 minutes
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Matthew Miele
Matthew Miele
Wes Anderson, Anthony Bourdain, Herb Alpert, Woody Allen
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The iconic Carlyle hotel has been an international destination for a particular jet-set as well as a favorite haunt of the most discernible New Yorkers.

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Judith Sanchez photo
Judith Sanchez

Many, many thanks to Jeremy Katz (also the editor of "Crossroads," the new book about those years) for putting together a real documentary on a great artist, Jerry Howards, whom I first encountered back in 1973 when I visited the Carlyle, the second theater in the Soho area of Manhattan. The reasons why I was drawn to The Carlyle, besides the idea of watching and discovering a great artist, was the fact that it was a cool theater to watch. And not a movie theater, either, like the one in the basement of the Soho South Campus. That meant an endless supply of cheap popcorn and other snacks. Many of those years passed before I came across an occasional movie on my walk to my car in the morning. But in the early 1970s when I came across "A Raisin in the Sun," I walked out of that theater totally enchanted. (I later saw "Finding Forrester," the charmingly charming musical based on "Oriental singer of the stars.") And that was only part of the attraction. Here was a talented storyteller, with the ability to capture the essence of the soul of a character and draw out the emotions of the viewer. Not a lot of movies can do that today. Katz was wise to leave the structure of the movie to dramatize Jerry's love story, which is what makes the movie. He focused on the feelings, not the questions about the films. He made the film his own. My father once said, "No one has ever done it better than Jerry Howards." And I'll take that a little more seriously. It's so wonderful that one person can tell the story of a great artist. This film really got the story right.

Sandra M. photo
Sandra M.

This is a terrific documentary that provides insight into the life of Gilda Radner. While some of the facts are a bit over-obvious (such as the location of the filming location), the film itself is quite gripping. At the very end, when she passes away, it really feels like a somber and complete emotion. It has a great feel of melancholy and sorrow. This is what makes it so much more than just an historical document. It shows the strength and strength of her character and how much she was loved by so many people. Gilda radner is a true legend and should be respected for her dedication and accomplishments. She truly deserves all the recognition she has received. Her story should not be ignored and we should not be afraid of seeing her true glory. Thank you so much for making this film and for all the people who helped it become a reality. To me, this is truly a must see documentary.

Laura photo

I don't know what my comment is going to be, but this movie was so great that it kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. If you haven't seen this movie yet, go and see it. Go see it now!

Julia M. photo
Julia M.

In short, what's better, a truly original story or the same old formulaic Hollywood movie? Well, if you'd like to see a story that is truly original, watch this movie. I'm talking about the biography of the greatest director ever, Ingmar Bergman. It has everything a film should have: intrigue, action, music, an exotic location, fabulous acting, a fantastic soundtrack, and many more elements that keep it on track. What more could you want? The performances are incredible. Kirsten Dunst is amazing. She really portrays the "duck" character perfectly, and I love her as an actress. I know she's only 14, but I think she's been on the right path since I saw her in "The Purple Rose of Cairo". The rest of the cast is terrific. James Caan and Sofia Coppola are perfect for their characters. Honestly, it's my favorite Bergman film of all time. I loved every minute of it, and I'm looking forward to watching it again and again!

David Harris photo
David Harris

No movie could tell the story of this complex relationship like "The Carlyle" did. I just loved the way the camera moved through the different views of the photos. The interactions between them were so real. In the documentary, even the photographs that were taken by Thomas Carlyle himself, they appeared to be more real than ever. All of the interviews and narration was done so well that it really enhanced the movie, and helped it seem like a documentary. It's like the best part of the movie. All of the interviews were so interesting, I could have listened to the whole thing. I was so impressed by the depth of the relationship between Thomas Carlyle and Catherine Budyko. It's very rare that you find a single person like them, who's so special. I recommend everyone to see this movie, but please do not watch it if you're sick or if you have any kind of health problems. Please do not watch it if you're pregnant. It might cause miscarriages and a new mom might not be able to bear her own child. All in all, a perfect film. I hope that this movie is as successful as it was with the Academy Award.

Betty Lucas photo
Betty Lucas

This is an excellent documentary about a few key events that led to the eventual breakup of the Carlyle Group. The interviews are very informative and informative, even when the listener is not an insider. There are many interviews with the principals. This is a must see.

Debra W. photo
Debra W.

Having lived most of my life in Hawaii, I am well aware of the economic and cultural disparity between Hawaii and the mainland United States. My own family has been subjected to numerous accusations of racism from both sides of the island. The interviews are simply amazing, especially the main ones with the Hawaiian King Kalakaua. The King is an expert on the threat of global climate change and is one of the best educated people in the world. He is a true gentleman, and the most rational and intelligent people I've ever met. He is not too worried about environmental concerns, as long as we're eating at a premium. This film is very thought-provoking and is a great example of how people can build a movement, whether it be with books or street protests. The documentary is great for anyone who's curious about this issue or interested in awareness, and we're certain that it will change the future of Hawaiian people in a positive way. You can't help but be impressed. It's good to be an informed citizen, and it's even better to not be an informed citizen.

Ruth R. photo
Ruth R.

This was the first feature-length film of the "Save the Whales" campaign to stop the international shipping of ocean garbage to the US, Canada, and Japan. When it was first released in the spring of 1997, it got very little press and was only known by a handful of people, but that's how it was perceived by those who knew little about it. As time passed, it started getting more exposure, and I was eventually contacted by people who had seen it and were eager to share their personal stories with me about what the campaign has meant to them. We now have an active facebook group devoted entirely to this film, and we will release it as a web-series in November. To get started, I encourage you to see the film, then share the film with your friends and family. The film tells the stories of three men, all middle-aged, who made the effort to speak with a film crew, and are now in their early twenties, struggling with heartache and anger that their loved ones are having to deal with so much garbage. Their stories are entirely different, and all of the individuals involved have been able to overcome great personal obstacles to become involved in the campaign. I was very moved by their stories, and I'm hopeful that, together with the rest of the world, we will start having the same impact that the three men had, and that there will be more people like them, to make it possible for everyone to share this film, and save the ocean.

Carolyn A. photo
Carolyn A.

The Carlyle Hotel was a very well known hotel in Paris. In 2002, the Carlyle building was rebuilt and expanded. The renovations turned out to be well done. The original lounge, dining room and small dining room were still used by the hotel. The new space was added to the original Carlyle building, and the old Carlyle lounge, dining room and small dining room were closed. Now the only room remaining is the small dining room. This documentary, Carole's Room, shows you the history of this unique, old, historic building and the new area in which it was created. The view is breathtaking, a 45 minute ride up the steep stairway to the room. The room was covered in old photos, many of them showing the many men who were served here. To really understand what happened here, this is a must see. Some of the shots show the menu in the old room, which was very, very old. You don't see it anymore, but you see the menu, which is the same, with pictures of the past owners of the restaurant and of the old photos. You see a few of the staff. The hotel was in a wonderful part of Paris, right along the Seine river. There were lots of beautiful views of the river. They let us in on the last supper on the train. The hotel's name was affectionately called the "Carlyle" and it was a well-known destination for social and business travellers. It is a beautifully restored building and all of the staff were in excellent physical shape. They were on the top floor of the Carlyle hotel. A little more about the hotel can be seen in the preview in the broadcast. One thing that is different is the central staircase. It was not available. The old stairs are not in the production. They have gone through a lot of work to recreate the original staircase. They were a very short step up and a very long step down. The interior shots show a little more of the interior. This was a production to commemorate a great hotel in Paris. Many of the original staff were staying in the Carlyle hotel. Most of the staff were in very good shape, and were well fed. This is a must see for history buffs. It was a hotel that was very popular for business travellers and wealthy travelers. They let the filming crew stay there. This was the same movie that was shown on the old TV show, The Dana Carvey Show.

Sara photo

I was lucky enough to be invited to this film premiere. It was my first time attending the premier. It was a great experience. From the beginning to the end I was so impressed with the quality of the film and the quality of the experience. As a fan of alternative music, I felt like I was there in the room with these people. It was amazing. If you are a fan of alternative music, you will appreciate the music and the characters. I hope this film helps you appreciate this music and the great experience it provides.

Nancy photo

After viewing this film I really enjoyed it. For the sake of the work itself and the things that go into its creation, I'm glad that it is being shown at the Academy Awards. However, this is not just another documentary about the Dixie Chicks. This is not about how a brand like Snapple goes to a great financial success but this film is about the lives and the people that make up this group. I've seen all the movie's about the Dixie Chicks but this is by far the best one. I would watch it again. If you like this film I would recommend Going the Distance by James Dickey. It is a very different film about Dixie Chicks, and it's a good film, too.

Phillip Powell photo
Phillip Powell

This documentary is a must see for all members of the atheist community. It is actually not so much a movie, more an inside look into a Christian organization that strives to be "inclusive" while at the same time maintaining religious controls. They are not interested in enlightening their own beliefs, they want to influence others to do so. That is why they try to hide the truth behind the veil of "inclusiveness". However, the majority of their employees are clearly Christian and are very devoted to their work and have created a "Christian-hating" environment within the company. Unfortunately, the "public" (people who are not Christian) simply don't know what is really going on inside the church. This is especially true for those who are not active members. These secrets do not want to be known by anyone. They do not want to have their innermost desires and desires revealed. That is why the majority of the employees are simply not known by anyone. This is actually quite tragic, because the majority of the employees may not know how evil the Christians actually are. It is in that context that this documentary makes a very powerful statement about the dangers of being a part of such a hateful organization. We are not forced to "believe" anything. Our beliefs are not forced upon us. They are not "forced upon" us. What we are forced to do, are to live in a state of fear. That is the reality of this organization. They know that they are being watched, and they try to get us to live in fear of the "other". That is exactly what is going on inside this organization. A truth is revealed, and they try to hide it behind a "Christian-hating" mask. If they have not seen this film, I cannot really tell what they are going to say. I can only warn you about this organization. One of the things that really bothers me is that they claim that "it is not religion that bothers me". Really? Religion is a problem for them. If they really are "pro-Christian", then they must really be the bad guys. I am only speaking of those who are actively or passively committed to the Christian religion. I do not know the members of this organization, but I do know that they are very devoted and "church-going". They have a huge advantage over the atheist community in that they have a huge number of "members". That is what bothers me most, because it is because there are a lot of people who actually love the church and want to help it prosper. A lot of them want to help it prosper in spite of the fact that they actually hate it. They are hypocrites, and I don't think they realize it. The lies that they tell to the rest of the world is what bothers me the most. I'm very thankful for the fact that I do not live in a Christian-hating country like some. In this country, religion is a very big problem, and I am sure that the majority of people are much more tolerant than the Christians. The biggest problem

Arthur Romero photo
Arthur Romero

Just happened to catch this at the end of my usual late night late movies. It was a very moving and thought provoking documentary, one that I have enjoyed watching again and again. I think it could be called a "prequel" to some of the documentaries that I have watched on the history of the CIA and the drug cartels in Mexico. I'm not a big fan of documentaries and do not watch them in large quantities, but this was an exception. The interviews were great. It was such a great documentary with many interesting points to make. It is such a shame that most people don't watch documentaries anymore. I did and so do many of my friends who are avid documentary viewers. This one is for everyone. Just do yourself a favor and take the time to watch this, and you will enjoy yourself. There is so much to learn about the drug cartels and the history of the CIA and how we got here from the point of view of the people in the field. Thank you to all the people that did this documentary, and to everyone that helped out. This will be one of my favorite documentaries I have ever watched. 10/10