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Playmobil: The Movie

Playmobil: The Movie is a movie starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Jim Gaffigan, and Gabriel Bateman. Animated feature film inspired by the Playmobil brand toys.

Other Titles
Playmobil: Η Ταινία, Playmobil, le Film, Playmobil: The Missing Piece, Playmobil. Filma, Playmobil - Der Film, Playmobil: Filmen, Playmobil: La Película, Untitled Playmobil Movie, Playmobil elokuva, Playmobil - O Filme, Playmobil, de Film, Playmobil: Ha'Seret, Playmobil: O Filme, Playmobil: Film, Playmobil, Playmobil: Le film, Playmobil: A film, Playmobil: la película, Playmobil: Filmas, Playmobil: La película, Playmobil The Movie
Running Time
1 hours 39 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Animation, Adventure, Musical, Fantasy, Family, Comedy
Lino DiSalvo
Blaise Hemingway, Michael LaBash, Lino DiSalvo, Jason Oremland, Greg Erb, Hans Beck
Adam Lambert, Jim Gaffigan, Anya Taylor-Joy, Gabriel Bateman
Germany, France, China, Canada
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

When her younger brother Charlie unexpectedly disappears into the magical, animated universe of PLAYMOBIL®, unprepared Marla must go on a quest of a lifetime to bring him home. As she sets off on a fantastic journey across stunning new worlds, Marla teams up with some unlikely and heroic new friends - the smooth-talking food truck driver Del, the dashing and charismatic secret agent Rex Dasher, a wholehearted misfit robot, an extravagant fairy-godmother and many more. Through their vibrant adventure, Marla and Charlie realize that no matter how life plays out, you can achieve anything when you believe in yourself.

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Ruth S. photo
Ruth S.

I saw this movie in the theater with my mom. It was the first time that I had ever seen a movie where my mom was too old to sit still. She started crying when the movie ended. I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie. I remember seeing it on TV when I was a child and I had a great time with it. This movie is really something special. It's not just a good story. It's a great story, that was so fresh and original that you could even connect with the characters and you would really care for them. The songs were great and the animation is really nice. It was so surprising to me to find out that the music and animation of this movie was done by two kids in the same room. I was really surprised and it made me really happy that this movie got made. The animation is really good, the music is good, the story is really great. It's a must see movie for any children's library. It has a great message about friendship, friendship, friendship. I give this movie a 9 out of 10. This movie has everything you need to make a great story.

Emma R. photo
Emma R.

Great animation, great soundtrack. Why did they make this movie without a story? Well, that is the problem with the story. I don't know why they tried to make this movie as a story about "Dinosaur vs. bird". There are lots of movies about dinosaurs, and they are very good. This movie is very good and you have to see it to believe it. I am very sad that this movie wasn't released in the United States, because it is so great. There is no reason to wait for the DVD release in order to see this movie.

Heather D. photo
Heather D.

This is a great movie! I would say it is the best Disney movie ever! The movie has a story line that is great. My favorite parts are the "Skull" characters. The rest of the characters are very bad. I also love the way that the story ends. It is a great ending to a great movie. I would say this movie is great for all ages! It is not for everyone, but I am a big fan of Disney and I think that this movie is very great! My favorite part is when they go to the Kremling. I love when they get out of the car and run in the Kremling's car! This movie is really good! I would definitely recommend this movie!

Ryan photo

This is a wonderful movie. My friends and I watched this on our channel and we all enjoyed it. It is filled with humor and its the kind of movie you can watch over and over and still laugh. The song that the narrator sings when the guy sings "Blue Moon" is a song I have to listen to it over and over again. My favorite part is when the narrator sings "Blue Moon" and the title card says "this song is sung by the narrator when he sings 'Blue Moon'. It is a very funny and clever song, which is perfect for a movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, just go to your local video store and buy it, you will not regret it. A must-have for everyone.

Jonathan W. photo
Jonathan W.

I never saw the original movie. I never really had a problem with it but now I have seen the sequel and it's more of a fan's opinion. I'm not a big fan of the movie but I must say it was really good. I wasn't expecting it to be that good but it was really good. It had a really good story, and it really did capture the look of the original movie. I really like that they made the story much better and I love how they included everything that was in the original movie. The characters in the movie are very well drawn and made me believe in them and they felt really real. The animation is amazing. The backgrounds are really well done. The characters are very well animated. The animation is so well done that it's like they are real characters. The voices are great. It's really good to see Jennifer Love Hewitt back. She really captured the feeling of the original movie and I think she really did a good job. The voices that she did were really good and she really made the characters come alive. She's really good at doing that. The voice for the heroes is good and really did capture the feel of the original movie. The voice of the villains were good and they were really well done. The voices really made the villains stand out. Overall, the voice acting was really good and the animation is amazing. I like that the movie is like the original movie but I also think it's better because it really does capture the feel of the original movie. I really like this movie and I recommend it to everyone. I think it's really good.

Virginia Reyes photo
Virginia Reyes

If you are in the mood for a fun family-friendly adventure, and love animation, then this is the film for you. This film is also a visual treat to watch for the nostalgic moments and moments of pure joy, such as seeing Tuff Albright, a pterodactyl, fly around the skies of Atlantis. There are many great songs and lyrics, especially from the voice of Tuff Albright, including "I'm a Moth, I'm a Star", "She's a Bird, She's a Fire" and "The Legend of the Five Golden Rings". There are also some great voice performances from the rest of the cast, such as Lizabeth, Perdita, and Erika. The animation is very beautiful and colorful, with a beautiful world for the characters to inhabit, such as the art style of the music. And of course, the voice acting is great, with some of the best voices ever done for Disney films. I highly recommend this film, for anyone that is in the mood for a fun family-friendly adventure.

Jacqueline D. photo
Jacqueline D.

We watched this movie last night and we all loved it. It's the only movie we've seen that truly took us by the hand and led us into a magical fantasy world. We all wanted to learn more about the story so that we could see it in a whole new way. We hope to see it again in the future and will certainly watch it again.

Eric Patel photo
Eric Patel

I loved this movie. It was the only movie in the theatre I saw where I felt like I was part of the movie. I was so much fun. It was a great story. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. The songs were amazing and the characters were really funny. It's really a great movie!

Howard W. photo
Howard W.

It was the year of 1988, and the kids were off to the cinema to see the re-release of Toy Story. However, this time, the movie was for the whole family, and Toy Story is one of the best animated movies of all time. There are a lot of big names in the cast, such as Andrew Stanton (Shrek), John Lasseter (Toy Story) and Brad Bird (Toy Story 2). The movie also stars a lot of cartoon voices (i.e. Mike & Molly from Family Guy). The special effects are fantastic, and the songs are great as well. The movie is definitely one of Pixar's best films. It's great to see how Pixar was able to make a movie for all ages and not have to rely on CGI. Overall, this is one of the best animated movies of all time, and one of the best movies for families. A lot of people complain that it's too dark, but I think the plot is great. The animation is also really well done, and it's a great movie for all ages. It's a classic!

Carl photo

The only way to describe this film is a work of art. If you have seen this film you will know how important animation is to any artist. The animation is incredible and the storyline is so engaging. There is no reason to not watch this film. It will keep you interested and the story will keep you watching. The plot is simple but it is so engaging and the characters are so well thought out. The animation is incredible and the story is simple yet fascinating. Every character is one of the best ever created in animated films. A perfect family film. 10/10

Austin W. photo
Austin W.

From start to finish, this movie has nothing to do with the animation in the original TV series. I was excited to see this movie, because of the sequel to the original "Story of Stuff" that was coming out. I was excited when the movie started. I was excited to see the effects. I was excited when the movie ended. I was excited to hear that the director had the chance to make this movie, and it is a great movie. This movie is a great and classic animated film. The effects are amazing. The animation is great. This movie is a great film. If you want to see a great animated movie, go see this movie. I think it is a good movie for kids to see. My 8-year-old nephew really liked this movie. He liked the effects and the animation. I think it is a great movie.

Catherine P. photo
Catherine P.

I remember seeing the original Shrek, and it made me want to see the sequel. The movie was very good, and I have seen it several times. I watched it again last night and it was really great, it had more humor and a lot of heart. The song that the mermaid sings was so good, and when the Lion died, I really cried, it was a really good movie, and I recommend it to everyone. The voices were great, they were really the perfect singers for the characters, and I liked all the songs that they sang. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I loved it so much that I have to go watch it again.

Jacqueline photo

This movie has its faults. It is not for everyone. If you want something in-depth and educational, skip this one. If you want a little laugh and a few chuckles, this one is for you. I have this movie on VHS and I have watched it every time it has aired on TV. My favorite character is "Piggy". She is so awesome. And the background music is great too. So, for the movies' sake, I recommend you give this one a chance. You will be glad you did.