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Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 is a movie starring Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, and Ana de Armas. Young Blade Runner K's discovery of a long-buried secret leads him to track down former Blade Runner Rick Deckard, who's been missing for thirty...

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Running Time
2 hours 44 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery, Action, Thriller
Denis Villeneuve
Hampton Fancher, Hampton Fancher, Michael Green, Philip K. Dick
Ana de Armas, Dave Bautista, Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford
USA, Spain, Canada, UK, Hungary
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Los Angeles, 2049: in a hyper-technological and overpopulated city, KD6-3.7 (Ryan Gosling) is a Nexus 8, an improved replicant from the previous Nexus 6 (androids physically humans, but smarter and stronger) that in 2019 they were pursued and retired by special agents named "Blade Runners", who works as a Blade Runner "retiring" the remnants of the Nexus 6, living with a lovely home hologram named Joi (Ana de Armas) as only one company. In his last case to locate and retire a replicant named Sapper Morton (Dave Bautista), "K" finds traces of a burial close to Morton's home, and he unearths a mysterious box where are discovered the mortal remains of Rachael (Sean Young), a replicant who was missing since 2019 after she fled with Blade Runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford). Discovering the impossible that Rachael was pregnant, and that possibly her child could be alive, Lieutenant Joshi (Robin Wright) orders "K" to find and destroy Rachael's descendant before the news is known to the public eye, and it causes a mass hysteria. But this revelation is known by blind scientist Niander Wallace (Jared Leto), owner of Wallace Corporation, creator and manufacturer of the Nexus 8 (heir of the previous Tyrell Corporation that manufactured the Nexus 6 that had collapsed during a world blackout in 2022), who is obsessed to create replicants able to bring new life. Unknown to "K", Wallace orders his personal assistant, a Nexus 8 named Luv (Sylvia Hoeks), to find Deckard in order to get him to reveal the location of the child he had with Rachael. But the mission gets complicated for "K" when he starts to question his own false memories, wondering if he could be Deckard's child, and not the replicant that he was thought to be. As "K"'s investigation progresses, and his steps point toward Deckard, Luv's steps point toward "K", in a race against the clock to see who finds Deckard first.

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Rachel N. photo
Rachel N.

The first 20 minutes of this movie made me laugh. Then the laughs came in bursts. As the movie went on and on, the laughs died off. What's with that? I had to give this movie a 7 out of 10. The beginning was good. There was a good idea for a movie and some good action scenes. The rest was just a rehash of the original movie. The movie is supposed to take place in 2019, but they decided to rehash the original movie. The end of the movie felt rushed and too similar to the original movie. If they had decided to keep the original ending, this movie would be a 10.

Mildred photo

A stunning masterpiece of cinematography, and especially a great score. I'm a huge fan of the original film and though it didn't live up to my expectations, this one is a great take on the concept. The main protagonist (Ryan Gosling) is a smart and slightly mysterious, but somewhat damaged man. His life has become a mess. He's lost his wife and is in a desperate need of money. His best friend and the old gangster Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) has a big plan for him. The plan consists of planting him in a derelict old hotel, so that he can complete his research and then selling it to the highest bidder. This film is a great example of how not to go about making a sequel. This film was basically a follow-up to the original, but in a different, better way. I loved it. I also loved the score by Hans Zimmer, which is amazing. I'd love to see how they can do this again. There are a few plot holes, but it's the great story that saves the film. I think that this film would have been a great sci-fi classic, had it been made 10 years ago. I would also like to see how they would do the remake, but it would be a different story. If you haven't seen the original, watch it, because it's one of the best films ever made. It's so good that it's almost a cult classic. And I have to say, it's better than the first Blade Runner. I recommend it, but not the original.

William photo

The film starts out on a level of basic science but ends up on a higher level of cinema. The science was not wrong but it was just wrong. I feel like the film was left open ended, and so we had to see where the story would go. I really hope that this was not the case, but if it was, then the director has failed in his attempt to make an impact with this film. I feel like the acting was good but the script was terrible. All of the characters in this film had very little chemistry with each other. You could tell that the characters had little to no interaction. I feel like the plot was not as important as the dialogue and the acting. This film would have been so much better if it had a better plot. I felt like the plot was very weak. The story was okay but I felt like it dragged on forever. I think the writers didn't have a good idea for the story. I don't think they were trying to show us something new or to surprise us with something that we haven't seen before. I felt like there were some cliches in this film. I felt like the writing was not very good and the direction was also not very good. I felt like this film had a lot of potential but it was wasted on a cliche ending. Overall I really enjoyed the film, and I'm going to see it again but I won't be writing a review. I will probably say that I really enjoyed it but it would have been better if they had a better plot and a better director. I think this film would have been better if it had a better story and better acting. Overall I think that the film was a little slow, the characters weren't very well developed, the plot wasn't very good and the direction was also not very good. I really think that this film could have been much better if they had a better story and a better director.

Craig K. photo
Craig K.

In 2018 the movie was so successful that I decided to watch it again. This time I realized that it was a bit more than just a action movie and also the main character is a main character in the movie. It is a movie that talks about love and it is really touching. The ending of the movie was really touching and touching. This movie really changed my life and my mind. It changed my view on life and I am really glad I watched it. I think that this is a must watch movie and I think it is definitely one of the best movies of 2018. I highly recommend this movie. I give it a perfect 7 out of 10.

Alice Vargas photo
Alice Vargas

The film is an interesting one. A bit slow at times, but overall a good watch. Good performances from Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. I would have liked to see Harrison Ford's character more developed as he was not really developed at all. I do not believe he was in the film as much as I would have liked. It is a good film to watch with friends and have a good laugh.

Jessica H. photo
Jessica H.

This movie was a good continuation to the original. Some scenes were not as interesting as they could have been. The only scene that I felt was better was when Deckard's mother was talking to the other boy on the balcony. I don't really understand why they didn't put this scene in. The scenes with the J'avo and the dog were the most interesting. The J'avo was more of a villain than a victim. The new character was a strong and believable leader. Overall, this was a good movie, but the final battle was one of the most boring scenes I've ever seen.

Gary F. photo
Gary F.

The 2017 movie version of Philip K. Dick's novel The Man in the High Castle is one of those movies that, in the eyes of the director and the writer, is "art." That is not to say that it is flawless, as I've noted in my review of the 2017 version of Man of Steel, the director has been known to go overboard with some of the visual effects, and it is certainly not the most accurate rendering of the novel. But the movie is a definite step up from the 2017 version, and I'd give it an 8.5 out of 10. It is not an easy movie to sit through, and is an exercise in suspense and emotions rather than action and action sequences. It is also a very atmospheric movie that keeps you hooked for the entire runtime. The movie is about a time travel story about a man who travels back to a place where his parents were murdered. The movie ends with him traveling back to that same place. He meets a woman who may or may not be related to his parents, and their world is a stark contrast to his own. We are left to speculate on the relationship between the two of them, and what will happen when they meet each other in their future. The movie is filled with subplots that are interesting and interesting. The movie features a good mix of action and suspense, and is a movie that you will want to watch again.

Ralph D. photo
Ralph D.

This movie was a complete let down. I really wanted to like this movie, but it was really disappointing. It is definitely worth watching for the visuals, but the story was just not interesting enough. It's like they just threw everything in the movie together and said "hey let's put in a scene where the guy has to make a deal with the aliens and then it's over". The aliens look really cool but they're not in the movie for long enough to really make you care about them. The plot is just terrible. The whole movie is a battle between the humans and the aliens. The aliens have no purpose in the movie, the humans are just the bad guys and it's just a fight between the two. The main character doesn't even have a personality and the movie just ends. I was really disappointed. The visuals are really cool, but they don't really make up for the story. The movie is worth watching for the visuals, but the story is just not that interesting. It's a big let down.