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Never Heard

Never Heard is a movie starring David Banner, Robin Givens, and Romeo Miller. Aaron Davis is accused of murder and incarcerated for a crime he swears that he did not commit. His son Jalen is forced to grow up on the streets of Los...

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1 hours 29 minutes
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Family, Drama
Josh Webber
Tamera Hill, Michael Girgenti, Josh Webber
Robin Givens, Karrueche Tran, David Banner, Romeo Miller
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Aaron Davis is accused of murder and incarcerated for a crime he swears that he did not commit. His son Jalen is forced to grow up on the streets of Los Angeles without the guidance of a father and primarily raised by his mother Shala and Grandmother Camilla. Jalen finds himself in hot water with his life at risk after his friend Diggy decides to partner with one of the biggest drug dealers in the city leaving a large debt to be recouped. Everything seems to turn around when Aaron is reminded to put his faith in God first and use the power of prayer to help solve his problems. Will Aaron find a way to prove his innocence and save his son's life before it is too late?

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Sarah L. photo
Sarah L.

I don't want to sound like I'm preaching to the choir, but I was absolutely shocked and saddened to learn that the little boy who played the lead role in the movie was a single parent, and that his mom was struggling to raise him, even though she worked hard to get through college. There was a part of me that wanted to cry with him as he walked away from the theater, and I've never cried in my life, because it is just not a feeling that I can get. That's what made me go to see this movie, and that's what made me sit through the rest of the movie, and that's why it's so sad to me that the movie didn't take that part of me in. If you have kids, this is definitely one movie that you should not miss. It was heartbreaking. It's a movie I can't watch once again. I think I'll have to go back and watch it a second time.

Sandra photo

I wasn't expecting much from this film, but I was surprised. It has many unusual elements, from the fact that the women have large breasts and are mute, to the fact that they are deaf. The scene where they are talking about how they plan to kill him, while he is trying to escape from them is one of the most memorable and disturbing scenes of the movie. It has its fair share of child abuse, but it is never graphic and is not a horror movie. It is just a normal love story about people trying to get along. The dialogue is good, the acting is good, and it has good special effects and a good story. I highly recommend this movie.

Victoria photo

Some time ago I watched a documentary on an island in British Columbia called Port Alberni. It featured a documentary of the starving native peoples of the area and the church leaders who were not only active in the making of the movie, but in the actual starving, dying and dying of starvation. They made a film of themselves living on the island and other settlers. One of them is Carl Hanlon (played by Michael Pitt), a retired Lutheran minister. He tells about how in the early years of the 20th century, the land was being "demolished" to build more farms, so people had to leave the island. He says that people left their food, but the churches and the missionaries did not have enough money to feed the people, so they gave away food and items they could afford. This is the basis of this film, and it is very well done. I think there are more documentaries of this type that should be made. It's about an island, a different religion, the suffering of those people and their struggle to survive. And the movie is beautifully done. You will like it if you enjoy historical movies.

Patricia O. photo
Patricia O.

This movie is about a teenage girl who wants to become a professional actor and her teachers who tries to stop her. But at the same time, the movie is not perfect, especially the ending is very short and has a good message. It is not for the children and not for the adults. This movie is not for the young and the elderly. I gave it 7, because I think it is very good.

Danielle photo

I thought this film was quite good. It was an enjoyable movie to watch. The characters were interesting and the movie was engaging. The scene that really got me was the girl in the family. I liked the movie because I felt sorry for her, and I felt her pain. It was a good movie.

Andrew Clark photo
Andrew Clark

The wonderful actors, the wonderful scenery and the magnificent pictures are all present in this family drama about the difficulties that come with dealing with a family of those with special needs. It is a heartfelt and touching story about the relationship between a mother and her two daughters. I'm sorry to say that this movie did not make me cry. The acting of the actors is very good. I would have liked to see the movie with the real kids instead of the "exact" kids. They did not portray the "real" kids very well, especially the "real" father, which is the main character in this movie. All in all, it's a good family drama that should be watched with the kids.

Ryan photo

My rating for this movie: 7. This is the most wonderful movie I have seen since "The Godfather" trilogy. I really loved this movie. It is really not a typical Hollywood movie. It has a great story line, great acting, and great music. I would say it is one of the best movies of the year. Michael Shannon and Viola Davis are absolutely stunning in this movie. They are just perfect for their roles. The movie has a great message, and has a great message about how our family and friends should act in different situations. This movie is perfect for a family or for someone that just wants to see a great movie. I would recommend it to anyone. You will not be disappointed. This movie has great music, a great story line, and is really enjoyable to watch.

Stephanie C. photo
Stephanie C.

The second movie based on a book by James Patterson, this movie is basically about a boy named Don and his quest to get to Florida to find his father. He travels with a group of boys who are all like himself, some big and some little, some want to go to college, some just want to go to college and some just want to be. This movie is for the fans of the original book, but if you haven't read the book, you won't be missed.

Amanda Carlson photo
Amanda Carlson

I actually caught this on TV some time ago and was surprised how good it was. I really like The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension and The Perils of Pauline, so when I found out that a movie based on these was on the air I knew I had to watch it. The story was fine, the cast was good, the animation was pretty good and the music was OK. I was a little surprised that the director was a former animator of Disney, I wasn't expecting that from him. The plot was simple and the pacing was good. The music was good, although I'm not a fan of the Radiohead theme. The special effects were decent and the effects were the most important part of the movie, this is what I liked best about this movie. The characters were likable, but the characters were not special or that memorable. This movie is better than most of the stuff coming out now. I really liked this movie and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys adventure and sci-fi movies.

Lori P. photo
Lori P.

This was a very enjoyable film. I think it's a bit longer than it should have been, and it could have been cut to a shorter version. I think it would have made a better film. It was too long. There were some good scenes, but the pace was too slow. The acting was very good, and the performances were true to life. I thought the film was well made and well acted. It was very entertaining and I enjoyed it. There were a few scenes that were kind of boring, but they weren't bad. Overall, I think this was a good film, with a good script, good acting, and good story. I really liked it. My Rating: 7.5/10

Brandon A. photo
Brandon A.

This movie is supposed to be a 'Kids in the Hall' style comedy, but it just gets better and better and better as it goes along. I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair. I was thrilled when the dog died and I laughed at all the sad parts. The whole movie was just so brilliant and I can't wait to see it again!

Mildred P. photo
Mildred P.

I thought this movie was great and the cinematography was beautiful. The story line and acting was great. But the acting was not so great. It was not like the big budget movies that I usually watch. It was a little slow and I would like to see more of the little girl who lived in the attic. I also did not like the ending. It was okay. I recommend watching it but it is not the movie that I would watch again.

Emily photo

This movie is not a waste of time. In fact, it is a great watch. I watched it on an airplane, and it was so quiet that I forgot I was watching a movie. The movie is about a man (Hank) who has an epiphany and decides to find out why his father (Tom Cruise) and his mother (Helen Hunt) were so sick. And what's really scary is, he's the one who is sick, not the mother and father. The movie is about a father-son relationship, and the father-son relationship is what it is all about. It is also about what happens when you have a father, and what a father can do when he's sick. The movie is very slow, but it works. I recommend it to anyone who likes a movie with a message, and to anyone who likes movies that make you think.

Nancy photo

I am not the biggest fan of Kevin Costner's work, but I think he did a good job. The movie is nice and has a very upbeat feel to it. It reminded me of the movie 'Mermaid', which I also liked. The movie is not a children's movie but I thought it was a good movie to watch with my kids. I was pleasantly surprised with the movie.