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Sollers Point

Sollers Point is a movie starring McCaul Lombardi, Jim Belushi, and Tom Guiry. Keith, a twenty-four-year-old newly released from prison and living with his dad under house arrest in Baltimore, is struggling to reestablish himself,...

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Marcas da prisão, Sollers Point: Baltimore
Running Time
1 hours 41 minutes
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Matthew Porterfield
Matthew Porterfield, Amy Belk, Matthew Porterfield
Jim Belushi, Tom Guiry, Zazie Beetz, McCaul Lombardi
France, USA
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Keith (Lombardi), a small-time drug dealer under house arrest at the home of his father (Belushi) in Baltimore, re-enters a community scarred by unemployment, neglect and deeply entrenched segregation. There, he pushes back against his surrounding limitations as he tries to find a way out of his own internal prison.

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Peter B. photo
Peter B.

A great film, very good story. It is difficult to imagine that this is the story of the land and its people, but it is. I have always been interested in the story of Edo and Koga (father of the Edo, Shiga and Iwane in Japanese) and I was especially interested in the difference in their cultures. I never understood why they didn't speak their own language. I guess that's one reason for the traditional Japanese society's feeling of not wanting their children to be bilingual. As a person who has experienced Japanese culture and who has lived in Japan for some time, I must say that the traditional Japanese culture and the Japanese language are very different from one another. The story of "Mother," the Shiga daughter, trying to teach her daughter the Japanese language, is interesting. At times I wanted to cry. I like the film very much. The character of Yokosuka-san is very touching. It is such a nice story and the way that it was told was very well done.

Christopher Rogers photo
Christopher Rogers

In this dark and gritty look at the lives of a group of homeless people, I was surprised to find that the film was very well-done. The acting was strong and the story was compelling. I especially liked the relationship between the homeless and the people who raised them. The film was also well-done in the cinematography and the editing. The only negative was the ending. I thought it was a bit too abrupt and didn't seem to have a good resolution. Still, I think the film is worth watching and I can't wait for the DVD.

Austin B. photo
Austin B.

I had read the book and saw the movie many years ago, and I just saw the movie and read the book, and I was struck by how much the characters and the storyline had changed. The story is about two people who met in their early years, one to know the real way of the world, and one to learn from the people around him. The film and book follow these two people as they grow and fall apart. We also see their close friendship in the short lived moments. I was very happy to see the film done with a direct to video style. I was not a big fan of these direct to video style films, but I do like it and did not have any problem with this film. I have a lot of complaints about the movie and have read some of the reviews and I have decided to see if there are any of the people who have read the book that have said what they liked or disliked about the film. I found the best comment was from Josh Parker who says that they should have cut out all the scenes from the book that were unnecessary and just made it more like the book. I will admit that the movie is not perfect, but I have to say that they did a great job. I am still undecided as to whether to see the film again or not, but it is worth a look.

Sarah Hopkins photo
Sarah Hopkins

Well the movie is very touching, with the main characters in their childlike form. The subject of incest is not for everybody but very good in the context of this movie. It gives you a nice and simple but important perspective about the most important and most taboo issues of our society. It's a very important movie. So if you like love stories or about the abuse of power and power-lust this movie is for you.

Amanda P. photo
Amanda P.

Riz Ortolani's performance is excellent, though I would've liked to see more of some of his scenes. The use of slow motion and a dolly movement really add to the slow pacing of the film. His female lead does an excellent job of showing the desperation of a young woman caught in an abusive situation. Some of the other actors and actresses are also quite impressive. My only problem with this film was the unnecessary use of the Ouija board as a device of torture. This was so unnecessary to the story that I think it was part of the problem. I hope that we see more of Ortolani in the future. The message of this film is of hope and redemption. I highly recommend this film for those who are interested in spirituality, or if you are a Christian and are a fan of Siegfried and Roy. 9 out of 10.

Tiffany Burton photo
Tiffany Burton

This film is about a few young people that decides to go on a vacation in the mountains. What starts off as a cute love story quickly turns into something much deeper. I like the idea that they can find happiness on the mountain, but also their need for family. I also like the atmosphere the film creates, the main characters are not stupid, but they just can't seem to find anyone to be there for. They need to trust others, but can't seem to find anyone who can help them. This film could have been a drama, but because of the way it is written, it turns into a drama. The director has great dialogue and makes it seem real, it seems that they are experiencing this in the mountain. I liked this film, I found it very moving and felt I was there. I was surprised that a movie with this kind of subject would be directed by an American. It was nice to see British directors directing American films, even if the majority of their films were not that good.

Theresa R. photo
Theresa R.

I had read the other reviews and thought I would give this a try. I am happy to say that I did not regret watching this movie. It was a nice story about a group of people living in the New York City area. They are struggling with their lives and the lives of their children. They are struggling to pay their bills, make ends meet, and find the peace that they need to live a good life. The movie was very well written and well acted. I was not sure what to expect. The movie is not a comedy, but it is very realistic and has a good message. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn a little more about the struggles of life.

Jerry E. photo
Jerry E.

Even in the age of "White Chicks" and "You've Got Mail" it's tough to find a movie that stands out as an original story. This one certainly has that and delivers it in the most unexpected of ways. This is the story of Gia Carangi, an Italian American girl who has traveled with her family from New York to Maine to be with her sister. They live on a houseboat in the backwoods of Maine, and Gia's family all die in an accident. She's left alone to care for her sister. Gia is living on her own in the woods with her sister but has no one to care for her. She finds a tree stump and a abandoned cat, but the animals won't leave her. Then she meets a boy who comes to visit and quickly becomes attached to her. Gia tries to make a place for him in her life, but she's not exactly happy with her new family. Then, the death of the family, and Gia is left alone. What will Gia do? Will she help the boy, or will she stay by herself? If you're looking for something different this is your movie. I think it was interesting that the director wanted to make a movie with a "mature" feel to it, but was sure to include some great visual images. Some of the best were the images of the wooded island and the underwater city of Lake Louise. The director did a great job at creating an environment that was believable, and really helped to create the feeling of being stranded. It's a real feeling that was really created. I'm not a big movie fan, but I have enjoyed most of the movies that I have seen. I think this is the first time that I really enjoyed a movie and can honestly say that I never thought that I would be so moved by a movie. Overall I really enjoyed this movie and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Ethan R. photo
Ethan R.

Sitting in a library somewhere in the Pacific Northwest I watched this movie with my wife and daughter. The movie was well done, I watched it and thought it was good and a little slow, however, I do think it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I thought it had a good plot, the acting was pretty good, and the story was good. It had some humor in it, but not much. The movie was good, and I think it was better than many people say. I think most people have only seen the trailer and are not going to see the actual movie. It is worth watching, especially if you have kids. The only reason I give this movie a 8 out of 10 is because it is not rated and has an "R" rating. This movie is one of the best I have ever seen.

Kimberly Hernandez photo
Kimberly Hernandez

The film starts with a military broadcast informing us that the US Air Force is about to launch a nuclear missile attack against Russia. The film then takes a little back in time to the early 1960s when two young US Air Force pilots are tasked with delivering nuclear missiles to Russia. After the first flight they are assigned to launch the missiles from a French-built ICBM in Romania. When the two US pilots take off for the launch, the missiles never reach the launch site and are destroyed. Two days later the US and the Soviet Union sign an agreement that Soviet missiles must be moved out of Romania. Four years later, the US has no nuclear missiles in Romania. It seems that the US have made a mistake in Russia, that the missiles cannot be moved and that there is no way that Russia can deliver the missiles to Russia. What happened to the missiles is that the US have been cutting back on the number of missiles that it has supplied to Russia. This is a well-made film about how a group of young people try to retrieve the missile. It is very moving and funny. It is not a serious film but it does not try to be, it has the feel of a comedy.

Robert S. photo
Robert S.

I loved this film and I recommend it highly. It takes place in modern times and I think it could have been much better done with the modern setting. The acting is very good, especially the two main actors who play the two main characters. As a matter of fact I think the acting is better than that of the original two actors. There are a couple of weaknesses with this film. The story is very slow in some parts, and it is not very entertaining, especially compared to the original, although I thought that it was very well made. Also the ending is pretty sad. The only thing that I do not like about this film is the way that it was filmed. I think that there should have been some "a bit of magic" in this film. The music is very good and I really enjoyed it. In my opinion this film is much better than the original film and I think it is worth a look.

Jessica A. photo
Jessica A.

I was very pleased to see a movie that tackles the topic of slavery and racism in a positive way. A story that shows how the blacks were treated like they were animals. How the whites were treated like the "property" of the blacks. The black men who went into the city after slavery. To those who did not know the history of slavery, you are most likely a fool. It was the middle of the 19th century, and the civil war was raging. That being said, the movie is beautiful. The acting, the direction, the story, the filming, and the music are all excellent. The ending is emotional and all in all, an enjoyable movie. My only disappointment was that the movie did not touch the subject of racism that still exists today. It is still alive, and many of the same people are still thinking that blacks are animals and that whites are the property of the blacks. If you want to see a good movie about the topic of racism, see Donnie Darko. If you want to see a movie about slavery and racism, see Donnie Darko. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a good movie about slavery and racism.

Jerry G. photo
Jerry G.

I didn't expect much from this film. I knew it was a low budget film and I expected it to be just another low budget film. What I didn't expect was this. The acting is very good, and I'm a fan of the actors. The story is very interesting and I was glued to the screen. I really enjoyed the character development of the two main characters, and the interaction between them. I was impressed with the cinematography and the shots of the ocean and the shore. The main thing that made me enjoy this film is the story, and the fact that it is very well written and executed. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys films about relationships, and is willing to accept a low budget film. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes films about relationships, and is willing to accept a low budget film.

Joe D. photo
Joe D.

Well, "Sollers Point" doesn't live up to my expectation. I found it very charming, original and clever. However, I found the last part of the movie very slow and dull. My advice is, don't watch the entire movie, but you should be able to catch bits of it. And the movie should end in a very satisfying way. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "Que Te Gera" ("Where We Go")

Carl F. photo
Carl F.

I enjoyed the movie. I found the acting to be good and believable. I don't like Mr. Benning very much, but he did a good job as president of the United States. Also the part of having to deal with a cancer patient at the beginning of the movie was very believable. I think people will enjoy the movie. I do not recommend it to anyone who likes to watch movies. Also, I would not recommend this movie to anyone under 18. Some of the scenes were very scary and not for the sensitive.

Madison Hansen photo
Madison Hansen

My wife and I just finished watching the movie "Sollers Point" and were moved by it. We did not see it in a theater, but had a private screening. I think that it is an excellent film, and even more than the previous films I've seen in the past. I think that it is the most honest film that I have seen that addresses the problems of gang violence. I also believe that it is an important film to show to young people. I would recommend that you see the film if you are at least 18 years of age. I would also like to tell you that the actors did an excellent job with the role that they were given. Some of the scenes were very emotional, especially the scene where Danny was just out of prison and saw the horror that the man who attacked him has inflicted upon his family. I also enjoyed the scenes in the prison. The prison is actually used as a metaphor to show the situations that people are in when they are in prison. I really appreciated the realism of the prison life. I also loved the scene where Danny was seen talking with his brother, when he was in the commissary. This was one of the scenes that made me think that the film was not just a movie. I thought that the director did an excellent job of portraying a human story. I also think that the film has a message, and that is that gang violence is a problem that everyone can see. I believe that this movie could help to put more attention to the problem of gang violence.

Kelly R. photo
Kelly R.

I remember reading the book when it was first published, and was very excited to see the movie. The book is so much more complex than the movie. I am not sure if I can fully understand all the nuances, but I was able to follow the story very well. The movie is not a perfect adaptation, but it is very good. I really enjoyed the movie. I would recommend it to anyone who has not read the book. I hope that the movie will be released soon.

John photo

I love this movie. It is a great film. The performances are great and the story is great. I think this is one of the best movies of all time. I think the actors did a great job. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.