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Serenity is a movie starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Diane Lane. A fishing boat captain juggles facing his mysterious past and finding himself ensnared in a reality where nothing is what it seems.

Other Titles
Apgaulinga ramybe, Sérénité, Salaisuus pinnan alla, Serenity - L'isola dell'inganno, Vihar előtt, Spokoj, Pirms vētras, Calmaria, Ticho pred búrkou, Calmul dinaintea furtunii, Przynęta, Meelerahu, Ticho před bouří, セレニティー  平穏の海, Το νησί της αποπλάνησης, 驚濤佈局, Ma'yim Shketim, Serenidade, Im Netz der Versuchung, Obsesión, Vedrina
Running Time
1 hours 46 minutes
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Mystery, Drama, Thriller
Steven Knight
Steven Knight
Jason Clarke, Anne Hathaway, Diane Lane, Matthew McConaughey
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A fishing boat captain juggles facing his mysterious past and finding himself ensnared in a reality where nothing is what it seems.

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Dennis photo

Yes it was slow. Yes, some of the acting was cringe worthy. But most of the story line was intense and extremely thought provoking. I was glued to the screen from beginning to end. It was well made and I can't say enough about this film. I look forward to more of this quality from the cast. I'm not going to give away the ending, but I do want to mention that I have not read any of the novels by Firefly or the show Firefly. So I can't really compare it to the source material. I will say that the ending was great, the actors did an excellent job with their characters and I look forward to seeing them in future films. They took risks with this film, I hope that they make more films like this. A great film, I would go see it again.

Philip M. photo
Philip M.

.it was even better than my own childhood movie "The Shining". Serenity is a really good horror movie. It is really good that the original has been remade and they decided to have the same cast (and in the same movie) with the new director/writer. The movie is not as scary as the original, but it still is a good movie, and it does not disappoint. I did not like the acting in the original, but the actors in this version seem really natural. The acting in the original had a lot of gap in the acting and the drama. The actors in this movie are not talking all that much but it is a good thing. The actors are not speaking all that much in this movie and I think that the actors did a really good job. The script is pretty good, it has enough space to develop the characters and the story. In the original, it was a bit too quick. But the story in this version is much better and it seems that it did not need a lot of time in the beginning. The actors and the story are not that good in this version, but it does not matter. It does not matter. This movie is very good. It is great and very well done. There is nothing wrong about this movie. It is great and it is a good movie. I really recommend it. It is great and it is a great movie.

Carol photo

This is the best movie i have ever seen. This movie is a must see for anyone who wants to see a good movie. It is a true story about a family that were part of a cult that was born out of the movie Armageddon. I have seen the movie in the theater and i am a big fan of the show, but this movie is better than the show. I believe that if you haven't seen this movie, you are missing out on a great movie.

Bryan M. photo
Bryan M.

This is a very enjoyable movie for everyone who has a taste for dark films. If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and get it now. This movie is a true contender for the best movie of the year and it is an "A" for all my favorites: Val Kilmer, T.H. Quinn, R. Scott Quartey, and T.V. Jones. They all gave great performances and were all fantastic in this movie. Also, the special effects in this movie are amazing, and that's no mistake. While this movie may be old school and not as advanced as a lot of modern movies, it was still very entertaining. If you don't like dark films, then you may not like this movie, but I don't think you will be disappointed. This is an entertaining movie that is not to be missed.

Joe S. photo
Joe S.

If you want to be entertained for an hour and a half, this is the movie for you!

Linda photo

I watched this movie with my girlfriend in my home, while it was playing at my place. It was so good, it left me really excited. We never had seen it before, but it looked really good, so we went to rent it. It was really funny, well directed and done. I really think this movie deserves 10 stars.

Tyler photo

When you watch a film, I really enjoy the movie, but in my opinion it was an 8 or a 9. It had good acting, good story, good actors, but it was boring in my opinion. I don't understand why all the critics are saying this movie is great, it's just average. Now I know why they are saying it is so good, because they are criticizing it in a so called amazing way. It has a good story, some good acting, and a great cast. But it's not really so great, because it is just average. It's the same for all the other movies I've seen in the last year. The story is boring, not really worth a 9. But some people seem to like it, and give it a 9. It's a great movie. I think it deserves a 9, but only because some people can't stand a really good movie. I give it a 9, it's a great movie, it's the best movie in the last year.

Brenda Henry photo
Brenda Henry

In my opinion, the greatest thing about this film was the good acting of all the actors. John Travolta, Nathan Fillion, Bruce Greenwood, and Scarlett Johansson all made great performances, but i thought the best performance was Simon MacCorkindale who played Mike Vriska, a dreamlike, lost, lost kid. His acting was so strong that it is difficult to see that this is just an ordinary kid that isn't at all emotionally disturbed. The story was very well done and unique, i especially liked the battle in the end. I thought the ending was very good and I think that the director knew that this film wouldn't be a classic but still managed to convey a message to us about the world that is disappearing. The special effects were very good and I think they gave the film a really good look. The art design in the background was amazing and i think that they had the right mix to create a "dreamlike" feeling. The way that they portrayed the forest of a certain dreamlike world was pretty cool, especially when you compare it to the one in the beginning of the film, the forest seemed like a large and mysterious forest with large trees and little creatures and you could also see the whole forest on the camera, you get the idea that the forest in the forest of the dream world is very strange and different from the one in the real world. The sound effects were also very good, I think they added a lot to the atmosphere of the movie. The other thing I liked in this film was the storyline, and I think that it was really good and it was interesting to see a different view of the world that we see on the big screen. The only negative thing was that the beginning was a bit boring, but the end really opened up a lot of possibilities, i really liked the fact that it was really confusing and you had to think for a while, but at the end you understood everything. Overall, this was a very good film, it's a bit slow in the beginning, but the second half really made up for it and the ending was awesome.

Patricia S. photo
Patricia S.

This movie is great, great story, great acting and great story-telling. So many things in this movie that makes me smile and actually cry. For me it's worth watching it again and again. And believe me, it is just a story. The emotions are just so good and realistic, so deep. I don't know why so many people are not liking this movie, but I'm convinced it's a must watch!

Maria Ross photo
Maria Ross

Hands down the best movie I have seen in my life. From the start of the movie I could feel the suspense. I kept hoping that something would happen. My mind kept getting the same thing throughout the movie. I really enjoyed the chemistry between the characters. Serenity has such a beautiful soundtrack. I don't want to spoil it but I can say it was a great soundtrack. I'm a huge fan of Firefly, so I was really excited to see the movie. I have to admit that I fell asleep at some points in the movie but the movie kept me enthralled. This movie had an interesting story and is so well written. It has great actors in it and the actors are really good. The only downside to this movie is it is a little long. It just dragged on. In the end I really enjoyed this movie and it's a must watch. I can't say I am surprised how it is doing so well at the box office. The movie is great and so good at the same time.

Timothy Sims photo
Timothy Sims

I had heard good things about Serenity. It was a very good film for a few reasons. One, it was made by Joss Whedon, and two, it was based on a great book by Mark L. Smith. The film is a must for any fan of the Firefly saga. The film is divided into five parts, and the next film in the series, Serenity, is coming out next year. It is one of the best films I have ever seen, and is the best of the series, and is the best film by far. I will not go into the plot because it is as good as the books, and there is not much more to say. For the other reasons mentioned above, Serenity is a must for any fan of the series, and if you are not a fan, go see it. It is a film worth seeing again and again.

Virginia M. photo
Virginia M.

This is the best sci-fi movie that I have seen since the original Terminator movie, because of the uniqueness of the story, a very imaginative storyline, a lot of intense and credible characters, and a great performance by Chris Hemsworth, although I must say that he has the performance of the movie. While watching the movie I was always thinking "why doesn't he get any other roles, why didn't he just become a comic book character or a film character". I think that there are a lot of reasons why, but it is this, that makes the movie so great. The actors played their characters perfectly, but Chris Hemsworth stole the show with his great acting skills and he just stole the show with his performance in this movie. This movie is one of the best films of 2012, and it is very much worth to watch.

Brenda Bishop photo
Brenda Bishop

I had the pleasure of seeing this movie in the theater. The movie was great. The only reason why I didn't give it a 10 was because it was too long. I would have liked it more if it was shorter. I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie.

Lori photo

I can't recall ever watching a movie with the visuals in mind more than I did watching Serenity. From the beginning, when we see the inter-dimensional shuttle coming towards them in the beginning of the movie to the ending, I thought "Woah! I'm in for a treat!" I watched it twice, and I'm sure I'll watch it again some day. I think it's worth renting out the movie, and I suggest that anyone who likes Sci-fi movies should see it. But, I don't think this is a movie you'll be seeing often.

Anthony photo

When I saw the trailer for Serenity, I was expecting a series of action set pieces. I was pleasantly surprised. Serenity is a great look at what an interstellar crew of the same size might be like. From a science standpoint, Serenity is extremely accurate. The three starships Serenity uses are very similar to the ones seen in Star Wars (The Millennium Falcon, the X-wing, and the Death Star). As a character study, it's interesting to see Firefly's characters re-appear in the Serenity universe. As a series, Serenity is very well done. The series will not appeal to the general audience. It may appeal to the hardcore fans of the series, but they will still be left confused. It will be interesting to see if the writers/directors can continue to develop the story and characters in a "straight to DVD" manner, as they do in the Firefly series. It is truly a great series and it would be great to see the TV series released on DVD. I highly recommend this series to anyone. A Star Trek fan would enjoy it very much.

Cynthia Stanley photo
Cynthia Stanley

This film has all the elements of a great film, great characters, good acting, good plot, good story line. I was amazed at the amount of effort that was put into this film. There were scenes that I was laughing out loud and scenes that were so serious that it made me think, "What was that all about?". I think this film should be seen by all and be a part of any film enthusiast's library. I highly recommend this film to anyone that is a fan of Sci-Fi, Horror, or Action films. It is a great movie that should be seen by everyone.

Joyce photo

This is the best movie I have ever seen. I saw it at the local theater and was in tears from the beginning to the end. I have never cried so hard at the movies in my life. This is a movie that every one should see. It is a very intense and scary movie and I don't think anyone can watch it and not be scared. The plot is very good and the actors are great. I've never seen a movie like this before. It is very violent, but you still can't stop watching it. This movie is the best movie I have ever seen. I recommend this movie to everyone. I can't wait to see it again. I just want to say that I would rate this movie a 10 out of 10. It is a great movie and everyone should see it.