Anschauen Yin he bu xi ban

Yin he bu xi ban

Yin he bu xi ban is a movie starring Chao Deng, Yu Bai, and Suxi Ren. When his space shuttle flight has an accident, an astronaut remembers the lessons his father taught him growing up.

Other Titles
Galaxy Crammers, 銀河補習班, 银河补习班, Looking Up
Running Time
2 hours 27 minutes
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Baimei Yu, Chao Deng
Baimei Yu
Chao Deng, Xi Wang, Yu Bai, Suxi Ren
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

When his space shuttle flight has an accident, an astronaut remembers the lessons his father taught him growing up.

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Frank Andrews photo
Frank Andrews

I just watched this movie today, and it was very inspiring. I don't know why so many people hate this movie. I think that people are way too critical of other movies. They don't like the first time they see a movie, but they think that the second or third time they will enjoy it. That's why people think that this movie is awful, but it's not. I liked the acting, I liked the story, and I liked the characters. I think that if people only liked movies for their entertainment value, they wouldn't be so critical of them. There is so much to learn from this movie, and I can't wait to see it again. If you like this movie, you'll like The Hours. If you like The Hours, you'll like The Idiots. If you like The Idiots, you'll like Amelie. If you like Amelie, you'll like Brokeback Mountain. If you like Brokeback Mountain, you'll like Lady In The Water.

Cheryl photo

I've watched this film a few times, and I found it rather tedious and slow-moving. But I like the cinematography, the photography, the cast and the story, so I keep on watching. And the scenery is really nice. I've read that the film is a bit overrated. Well, if you like a film that can be watched a few times and doesn't go into a deep philosophical discussion about the meaning of life, then this film might be for you.

Anna photo

This film is about a family, living in a remote village in China, who are in dire need of money and resources. They are only able to survive because they have a young boy, who is forced to work in the fields and who is constantly hungry. The boy, who is played by Hou Hsiao-hsien, who is a recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, is played by John Wu. John Wu is a star of the Chinese film industry. He is known for his roles in the films "A Better Tomorrow" and "The Times of Harvey Milk", and he also plays a pivotal role in the film "When We Were Kings". I have seen "When We Were Kings" and was amazed at how much of a role John Wu plays. He is one of the most talented actors in the Chinese film industry, and I think he deserves a nomination for his performance in this film. "When We Were Kings" is a story about the struggles of the Chinese people, who are forced to work in the fields in the worst conditions. The Chinese film industry has a reputation for being the most challenging in the world to produce films. The film has a strong message, which is the importance of family and friendship, as well as the importance of finding a job to make a living. The film is very powerful. It is very insightful, and I highly recommend it.

Jeffrey photo

I'm not going to get into the details of the story, but what I will do is to say that this is the best Taiwanese movie I've seen in a long time. The story is simple, and yet very complex. It's a story of how a man's life and his family are affected by a decision made by his father. It is also a story about how he tries to escape his past and how he attempts to become more mature. It's a story that is also very disturbing, because it shows that even when there is no intention to do so, the consequences can be horrible. I won't go into the details of the story because I think that people who are easily offended by horror stories will find it hard to watch this movie. However, if you can watch this movie without getting upset, you will be surprised at the true meaning of the movie. It's really not the story of a man who's dealing with a tragedy, but the story of a man who's dealing with his own grief. I think that anyone who can watch this movie without getting upset will have a good time watching it. But if you are easily offended by horror stories, this movie will not be for you.

Shirley C. photo
Shirley C.

I saw this movie at the cinema in 1999, and it was one of my favorites. I have not seen it since, but I was in love with the scene where the boy is in the middle of the road and his car comes from the left side. It was not a metaphor. In fact, the whole scene was very well shot. And when the boy is in the middle of the road and his car is coming from the right side, it was very well shot too. This movie has a lot of poetry in it, and I am glad that it was not overlooked in the academy. It is a very well made movie, and I recommend it to all. The characters are not very sympathetic, but the story is very good. It is not a movie for everyone, but it is a very good movie.

Philip photo

This is a film that will bring you into the life of a young man and his family. One of the main reasons is the performances of the entire cast. Chan is excellent, but this is no one performance. It's a very good ensemble piece. The best performances are those of the youngest members of the family. They are extremely good, and you feel you are in the world of the family. There is one scene in particular that will have you sobbing. But it is not all about the acting, because this is a very emotional film. It will leave you with questions and answers that will leave you thinking. The ending is a bit of a surprise. The movie is not very long, and I think that this is a very good choice. If you want to see a great family drama, I would recommend this film.

Ryan photo

I found this film to be a beautiful and moving story, but the acting was not great. The story of this film is really about how family relationships are so important in a society. I think the film was amazing. I found it was a great film to watch with my parents, and I really enjoyed watching it. The film is about a young girl who gets to know her biological father, and she struggles with her feelings for her father. I think that the acting was not great, and that's why I didn't like it so much. The story is really about how family relationships are important in a society, and how these relationships can affect the people around them. I think that the film was amazing, and I give it a 9/10.

Joyce S. photo
Joyce S.

The film is a very important work of Chinese cinema that has been overlooked by some Western viewers. The film deals with the questions of life, the struggle between two people, the purpose of love, the quest for the truth, and the destruction of innocence. The main characters are the eldest son of the family, and the second son, who is brought up by his mother. The film starts off with a young boy, who seems to be different from the others. He is given a bottle of milk and told to fill it with water. He then does just that, and after a while he begins to drink the milk. This causes his mother to become very angry. The child is taken away to the home of the older brother, and his mother begins to question his actions. She eventually learns that the milk he has been drinking is not milk from the young boy's bottle, but a bottle that belongs to his father. He then gives the bottle to the young boy to drink, and after a while, the young boy begins to drink the milk. He then continues to drink it, and from this point on, the film becomes very emotional. The film is told in the narrative style of a detective story, and the director has created a style of storytelling that is very unique. The film is also very well made. The performances of the main characters are wonderful, especially the younger son. The young son does an excellent job in making the audience understand why the father is so angry with his son. The performances of the older brother and his mother are also very good. The direction of the film is very strong, and the story is told very well. The film is a must-see, and I can't wait to see it again.

Patrick Stone photo
Patrick Stone

One of the best films I have ever seen. The whole story is about the events that took place in the past. The camera work is incredible. The fact that the film is set in the past is very interesting, and it is more of a tribute to the Chinese people. I thought the acting was really good. It was a shame that the film was lost because of the copyright issues. I think it would have been a great film if it had been released. I would recommend this film to anyone. 9/10

Margaret Hicks photo
Margaret Hicks

I've seen this movie 3 times now, and I still find it the most moving movie I have ever seen. The story, the music, the acting, everything was just wonderful. It just makes you feel like a normal person, but when you think about it, the movie is about a girl that has to go to a new school for a new year. She has to find a new home, a new family, and a new new school. All these things that she has to go through is so hard to deal with. And all the pain she goes through is not the usual stuff. It's so real, it's so real, it's so real, it's just so real. The movie really makes you think about all the things you go through when you go to a new school. But even when you're talking about that, you still think about what happened in the movie. This movie really made me think about what I would do in a similar situation. I just really liked how the movie showed how hard it is to go through all those things, and how happy and positive the main character was. And I really thought the main character was really good. She was really strong, and she really stood up for herself and didn't let anything or anyone get in her way. It was really good. I think the only reason why people don't like this movie is because they don't like the main character. But I think if you like that, then you should really like this movie.

Bobby photo

It is indeed difficult to say how much of the book this movie is based on. But the movies does a very good job of combining the book with the movie. The story is very well written and the director manages to keep the movie at a good pace. The scenes are well acted and the movie keeps the interest even in the last half hour. The movie is really a must-see movie for all those who have not read the book. It is a real good movie.

Raymond photo

This is a beautiful, slow-moving film. It will take you a few minutes to figure out what is going on, and then the movie will continue to slowly tell you what is going on. The movie is not as graphic as you would expect for a Chinese movie, although there is a fair amount of blood and guts. The plot is about a young girl, who is being taught to be a good wife, when her husband is killed in a gang-related crime. She goes to the police and is told that her husband is not dead, and that he was a drug addict. She also believes that her husband committed suicide, which she is told is a lie. She then goes back to her former life as a prostitute and has a difficult time adjusting to her new lifestyle. Her new life is interrupted when she finds a new friend, and is now involved in a fight with another prostitute. She then learns that her husband was a thief, and was put to death by a group of gangsters who were after a drug dealer. She then learns that her husband's friend is a drug addict, and is not a good person. The movie is slow, and it takes a long time for the movie to tell you what is going on, but it is worth the wait. The acting is good. You get to know the characters a bit better, and they all have a unique personality. I recommend this movie for people who are into Asian movies. It is worth watching.

Roger Murray photo
Roger Murray

For those who have not seen this movie yet, this movie is a very good example of the genre of "hong kong movie". The story is very good, the acting is great, the direction is very good and the script is quite good. It is not a "love story" in the usual sense, but it is very interesting and has a few twists in the plot. It is not for everyone though, but it is very worth seeing.

Aaron photo

An outstanding film. In the history of cinema, it is the first film to portray a mother's struggle in the last stages of her pregnancy and her struggle with a woman's death, together with the need to give birth and the choice of abortion. I thought it was very powerful and a perfect example of a "mother's" film. It is not about a beautiful mother who raises her children and her daughter's child, but about a woman's life. It's a very sensitive subject, I think. A very good and very strong film.

Amber G. photo
Amber G.

This film, with its visuals, is one of the best in the Chinese film industry. It also has some very interesting characters. I loved the characters. They were real. The plot was very well written. The story was not predictable. The acting was superb. The music was very well done. The cinematography was good. I especially liked the first scene. The story was very interesting and unique. It was well written. It was very good and it had an excellent ending. I think this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is not like other Chinese movies. It is a very different movie. I really liked this movie. I will buy this movie on DVD.