Anschauen Don't Leave Home

Don't Leave Home

Don't Leave Home is a movie starring Bobby Roddy, Mark Lawrence, and Sue Walsh. An American artist's obsession with a disturbing urban legend leads her to an investigation of the story's origins at the crumbling estate of a...

Running Time
1 hours 26 minutes
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Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Michael Tully
Michael Tully
Alisha Weir, Sue Walsh, Bobby Roddy, Mark Lawrence
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An American artist's obsession with a disturbing urban legend leads her to an investigation of the story's origins at the crumbling estate of a reclusive painter in Ireland.

Comments about horror «Don't Leave Home» (7)

Scott Duncan photo
Scott Duncan

i have never seen a movie so scary as this. This movie is so real that i had to watch it twice. This movie is great. it has a great ending that makes you feel like you are on a plane. I loved it! The acting is great. i can't wait to see the sequel. I hope that it is better than the first one. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch a movie and just can't stop watching it. I would give this movie a 9.5. I hope that it will be released on DVD soon!

Jacob Myers photo
Jacob Myers

I am not one for watching a movie before I see it, but I watched this movie a while ago and I am so glad I did. I will be buying this movie and I know I will be buying it again. There is something about this movie that will always stay with me. I will be seeing it again. If you are a movie lover or just like good movie making then I think you will enjoy this movie. The acting is excellent and the story is great. It will make you want to go on a journey of your own. This is the best movie I have ever seen!

Helen G. photo
Helen G.

The only thing this movie has going for it is the killer clown look, but it is not what you expect from a slasher movie. I can say this is the first one I have seen that I was actually excited to see when it came out. I mean it is really rare these days to find a good slasher film that actually scares the hell out of you. This one definitely does. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it is a good movie. It has a great premise, and some really cool death scenes. The only downside is that the characters are too one dimensional. There is not much depth to any of them. I know that it is supposed to be a slasher movie, but the characters are so one dimensional, you can't really feel any sympathy for them. I feel like they just do not really have anything that makes you want to root for them. The only character I really like is the main character. She is smart, funny, and always good at her job. That's all I can say about her. She is the only one you really care about in the whole movie. I also really liked the ending, which was good. I was glad to see the good ending because I know many horror fans have been waiting for a good ending for a while now. I would definitely recommend this film. It is not perfect, but it is good.

William photo

I saw this movie back in 1991 and it's my favorite movie of all time. It's very well done and has a good message about life. I found this movie scary in a good way. It is a great movie for people who like this kind of movie. It's also good for people who like movies like The Ring. The movie shows that sometimes things can go wrong for us. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies like Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Activity 2, and The Ring. I would give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Gerald Andrews photo
Gerald Andrews

This is a great movie! The acting is good and the story is interesting. The ending is a little unexpected but still pretty good. This movie is more of a horror movie than a thriller. The story was pretty good but it was a little confusing at times. I liked the way they added in a little romance into the movie and how it fit in well. The ending was a little disappointing and not what I was expecting. This movie had some pretty good suspenseful scenes. If you like a good mystery, I recommend this movie. It was pretty good!

Karen photo

This is a great movie. I like how it shows the bad guys behind the good guys. Also, it shows the movie actors (and actors) reactions to the events. All actors are great, and they all play their roles well. I also liked how they show how the movie ends, it is also a great ending. Overall, I think this is a great movie, and I will definitely see it again.

Sharon M. photo
Sharon M.

This movie is more then I thought it would be. The storyline is good and there are some twists and turns that makes you think. The acting was decent. The only reason I rated it lower is because the movie is not for everyone. I will give it a 10.