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Shazam! is a movie starring Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, and Asher Angel. A newly fostered young boy in search of his mother instead finds unexpected super powers and soon gains a powerful enemy.

Other Titles
雷霆沙赞!, 沙贊!, シャザム!, Шазам!, Shazam! 6 Güç, Šezam!, Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam!, Šazam!, ¡Shazam!, Σαζάμ!, Sazam!, Franklin
Running Time
2 hours 12 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Action
David F. Sandberg
Darren Lemke, C.C. Beck, Henry Gayden, Henry Gayden, Bill Parker
Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer
Canada, USA
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Shazam. explores Billy Batson's life; an abandoned 14-year-old looking for his parents; isolating himself from anyone willing to give him anything until he is given a final chance to settle in with a new foster family (themselves orphans) hoping they can help him see sense. Billy finds himself out of his depth quickly and it ends as so many had before; him running away. But this time; he runs into a powerful wizard and must take the mantle of Shazam. Leaving him with a confusing face, a confusing body, confusing powers, and no-one to turn to, but his foster family.

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Harold O. photo
Harold O.

I didn't think it was possible to make a movie about a superhero movie. I wanted to see a good movie about a superhero movie, but I'm not a superhero fan, so I can't say how good this movie is. However, the movie is good enough. It's a fun, family-friendly movie, and it's a perfect way to spend an evening. What I like about the movie is that it's not a typical superhero movie. It's not too heavy, or too silly. It's just a fun movie, but it's not boring. The performances are all great, the special effects are really good, and the story is very good. The only thing I didn't like about the movie was the villain, but I guess that's only because the villain wasn't developed enough, and because I didn't really care about his character. Overall, the movie is really good. It's a movie you can watch with your kids, or with your kids' friends. I give it a 7/10.

Willie S. photo
Willie S.

I love the movie and I love how this movie was made. I'm glad that the movie has been made, it's a beautiful movie with some serious issues like racism, sexism and a good balance of things that makes you enjoy this movie. The action scenes are amazing and this movie should have won best picture at the Oscars. All the actors played their parts well and the character development was well done. The villains were some of the most iconic villains in movie history and I really enjoyed the origin of Shazam, he was the only villain who was ever important to the story. I would recommend this movie to anyone that has not seen it and definitely to those who have. I would definitely recommend this movie to all of my friends and family because I think this movie is one of the best and is a movie that I will watch over and over again.

David Hayes photo
David Hayes

I've seen this movie a lot of times, and I like it. In the beginning, it seems to be a slow movie. But as the movie goes on, it gets a lot better and better. A lot of action and funny scenes, it makes the movie even more fun. I'm not a big fan of DC superhero movies, but I liked this one. The actors are good, and it has a good story. This movie is rated PG13, and I don't understand why they are making movies like this. It seems to be a very dark movie, but it's really fun and funny.

Steven photo

I thought the movie was well done and entertaining. The movie is about the origin of the Marvel hero Shazam, played by Chris Pratt. It shows the origin of the Marvel hero and how he is transformed into a hero after the death of his father, and his mother was killed by a drug dealer. The movie then takes you through the transition of the superhero, as he goes through a life of crime, and the crime gets his heart. The story is very good and the writing is great. The writing makes the movie entertaining and fun to watch. The acting was also good. I have not read the comic, so I can't comment on the character's backstory, but it seems like he is different. The action in the movie was great and made it feel real. The acting was good, the characters were good, and the story was good. It was a good movie.

Jordan Burns photo
Jordan Burns

The film, which is the second instalment in the blockbuster franchise, is a fun summer popcorn movie that offers nothing new. The film is just a rehash of the first film, where the "shazam" character has an unimportant role. The story is just the same as the first film, with some different characters and a different story. The film is predictable, and is essentially a fan service for the original film. Although it is only a fun summer popcorn movie, I would not recommend this film to anyone. The film is an OK film, and a film for fans of the original film. However, if you are looking for a film that is original and that delivers a good story, then watch the original film. The film is just a rehash of the first film, with some different characters and a different story.

Michelle G. photo
Michelle G.

The film is about an African American boy named Billy Batson (Owen), who lives in the Bronx with his sister and their abusive mother (Betty White). Billy is a hard worker and has a strong interest in the same sport as his siblings: baseball. His mother is controlling and distanced from her son. The story is fairly simple and straightforward, and the plot is very simple and straightforward. It does not contain a lot of action, but it is one of the best superhero films I have seen. It is a very simple story, but it is an action-packed story. I was surprised that it was not more fun to watch. I expected it to be more fun, but I found it boring and a little dull. It is a very good superhero film. It is good and it is good. It has action, humor, drama, drama, and romance. There are so many different characters, and they are all very interesting. I was glad that I did not get bored watching it. The cast is great. Owen and Zach Galifianakis are very good, but I think that the best performance is Betty White. She is very good, but she is the best performance in the film. She is the only one who is actually interesting in the film. She is very funny, and I am really surprised by that. Her character was very interesting and I was surprised by that. The rest of the cast is very good. The film is good, and it is good. It is an entertaining and very good superhero film.

Nancy photo

I'm a big DC fan, but I was kinda skeptical about the way the movie was being released. Because the trailers were not very good. But after seeing the movie I was impressed. The movie has the same kind of feeling of the original cartoons. It's not perfect, but it's a great family movie.

Mildred D. photo
Mildred D.

I would not have minded if this movie had been better but I just really liked it. The actors are fun, the plot is not quite so important, the scenes are entertaining, the effects are brilliant. It just lacks a few things that could have made it a little more fun. For example, the writer and director make the world so real that you can't help but feel for it. But it also lacks a little "comedy" to balance the drama. There were a few scenes that I just wanted to see saved for later so that I wouldn't have to feel this way for the rest of the film. Overall, it is a good time waster. This isn't as good as Guardians of the Galaxy or Civil War, but it is good enough for a second viewing.

Jonathan Sims photo
Jonathan Sims

This movie is an uplifting story about hope and redemption. It's a fun movie with a lot of action and some comedy. If you have been on a diet, you may be a bit annoyed with this movie. It's also rated "PG-13" and has some mild language and nudity. The villain is played by Terence Blanchard. He's quite an odd character, but he's also quite charismatic. A lot of the action is very fast paced, and you may be yelling at the TV. The effects are fantastic. The sets are impressive, especially when they use new locations. The plot is very light, but that doesn't mean it's bad. You may not get a lot of twists or action, but it's very fun. The story is about how Shazam gets his powers from a children's game. This movie is about hope and redemption.

Sarah Estrada photo
Sarah Estrada

This movie is an awesome flick to watch with your friends. The plot is great, the jokes are great and the actors are good. The characters are really likable and it has a good ending. I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone.

Kelly Sanders photo
Kelly Sanders

So much going on in this film. I can't see how so many people can hate it, especially when they haven't even seen the first film. Its silly, but its fun, with a good story and plenty of laughs. Its not anything like the trailer implies, but it does have some weird aspects. Its not like this is a new "super hero" movie. Its just a fun superhero movie, that is very well executed. There is some really great stuff, and there are some really bad stuff too. So if you can look past the bad stuff, you might like it. Also if you are a fan of DC and DC comics, this film should appeal to you. I would rate this film a 9 out of 10.

Willie photo

I just saw this movie with my friend, and we both thought it was great. It's a great movie, it has a great story, great acting, great directing, and a great story. I think that the story is a little over the top, but it's just that the story isn't really important. The action is good, and the acting is great. I think that the story is the best part of the movie. I recommend this movie to everyone, and I would recommend it to people who are into superhero movies. This movie is awesome, and I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Carl J. photo
Carl J.

I liked this movie. It was a fun movie and I laughed a lot. The plot was good and the acting was good. It had some good action scenes. I think I might like it more when I'm older and I have seen it a couple of times. It is a fun movie to watch.

Adam Johnston photo
Adam Johnston

I'm a fan of the "Power Rangers" TV show and when the movie came out I was so excited and I couldn't wait to see it. I liked the movie. It was better than I expected it to be. It was much more action oriented than the show. It's actually a bit more fun and goofy. It was more about the Power Rangers and it's only got about two good action scenes. The acting is good and some of the other characters are pretty funny. The plot is pretty good and it actually has a good plot to it. The end was good. It's not a bad movie but it's not a great movie either. It's definitely a solid movie and I recommend it to fans of the series.

Diana photo

I was so hyped for this film, it looked like the next great superhero film. I'm very glad that I saw it in the theaters. First off, I would like to point out that I was not a fan of the Captain Marvel character, but I thought she was okay. They just had to go the way that they did, she was pretty. The rest of the characters were done well. The only reason why I don't like her as the main character is because I couldn't wait to see her interact with other characters. There are a lot of jokes that they throw at you and I found myself laughing. The rest of the jokes, while not as funny, were funny, and the main reason why I think this movie is better than the previous one is because it is better written. It doesn't go to far and doesn't go too far. There are so many of these jokes in the film, and it is hard to keep up with them. You will find yourself laughing at these jokes. I like the way that they portrayed the Marvel heroes. I think it was a good choice to make them look different, which I like. In conclusion, this is a very entertaining film. I think people are gonna be more into the movie because of the main character, so I would recommend it to anyone who loves superhero movies.

Jonathan B. photo
Jonathan B.

I don't know if the black lady can really "do" black magic, but this movie is still a great film. It is kind of like "Superman:The Movie", but instead of Superman being a super hero, it is the god of black magic. I am a big fan of the DC universe, but I don't think it will ever live up to this one. I think this movie is great, and if you like to see Black Magic, this is the perfect film to see. I can't wait for the sequel!

Steven Stewart photo
Steven Stewart

Loved it. The cast was superb. The story was very well done. The actors did a great job. The action was well done. There was humor and the movie was a great family film. Great family film.

Michael J. photo
Michael J.

I'm a big fan of the DC/Marvel universe and I was excited to see this film. It was a good one. I didn't find it the best movie in the world, but I was very happy with it. It had great action, good humor, and the story was good. I thought the casting was great and it's a shame they didn't get to use the female characters more. I also thought the acting was great. I thought they did a good job with their characters. It was a good film, and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good superhero film.

Denise photo

The film "Shazam" is a one-time watch. It is not really a superhero movie but is a decent fantasy. The film is set in the distant future and it is not all that distant. The heroes in the movie are black or blue with some red parts of the uniforms. They are pretty much the same as they are in the comics. The most popular superhero is Black Adam (Bruce Wayne), and the second most popular is Jack Frost. The other superhero is Shazam (Wonder Woman). The main villain is Doctor Octopus (Michael Cane). In the film there are three main villains, the main villain is Jack Frost and the secondary villain is Doctor Octopus. The whole movie is about the three main villains trying to destroy the world. All in all the film is not that good. It is not the best superhero film ever but it is alright. If you are looking for a good superhero movie then this is the film to watch.

Katherine photo

I wasn't really expecting much out of this movie, but the first half hour or so was great, the action sequences were great, the characters were great, and the story was great. But then, the second half of the movie was just too cliche. The plot was getting more and more predictable, and the actors didn't seem to be in the mood for the part. The jokes were getting old, and the action sequences weren't nearly as cool as they used to be. I don't want to say too much about the plot, because it was just so predictable and cliche. But the characters were still pretty cool, and I liked how they played off each other. Overall, the first half of the movie was pretty good, but the second half just wasn't that great. I still recommend this movie, but don't expect too much.

Walter W. photo
Walter W.

This is one of the better DC films. The first half is a bit slow and there are a few scenes that don't really make sense. The second half is better and the action scenes are more impressive. The action is awesome and the villains are cool. The story is interesting and the villains are more than just bad guys. The action is great and it is a good movie to watch with your friends. If you are a DC fan and you are tired of the other super hero movies, this is a good movie to watch.

Dorothy B. photo
Dorothy B.

I am a huge fan of the DC comics and this movie was a great addition to the DC Universe. The cast is great and I was very happy with the actors. I don't know how much of the movie is true to the comics but I think it is very close. The movie has a good story and I thought it was very entertaining. The villains were awesome. I love the idea of a batman who is not a bat. The movie has a lot of action and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes the DC Comics and is a fan of the DC movie universe. I was very surprised at how good this movie was. I think this movie will be a huge success and will make a lot of money. I hope that there is a sequel to this movie.

Billy K. photo
Billy K.

This is a fun movie that doesn't take itself seriously and is very enjoyable. It's not a film that you need to be a big fan of to enjoy it, but it is still a good movie to watch with your friends. The story is simple and the characters are all pretty funny. It's a fun film that you can watch with friends over a cup of coffee or a bottle of wine and have a good time. I would give it a 7.5/10.