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Beloved Beast

Beloved Beast is a movie starring Sanae Loutsis, Jonathan Holbrook, and Joy Yaholkovsky. A young girl befriends a dangerous escaped mental patient after the death of her parents.

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2 hours 53 minutes
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Jonathan Holbrook
Jonathan Holbrook
Elizabeth Rhoades, Joy Yaholkovsky, Jonathan Holbrook, Sanae Loutsis
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A young girl befriends a dangerous escaped mental patient after the death of her parents.

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Justin Diaz photo
Justin Diaz

I always love a good vampire story. This one is no exception. The town of Fairport is suffering from a mysterious disease that turns the inhabitants into rabid vampires. One of the townspeople (a young girl) has her powers of the dark given to her by a vampire known as "The Beast" (this may be based on the same man from the movie of the same name). In order to keep The Beast contained in his castle, the townspeople use a special drug to keep The Beast docile. When the drug runs out, the entire town becomes a prey to The Beast and it's his reign of terror. This is the best vampire movie I have ever seen. From the beginning, the movie had me hooked. There were not really any scenes that I did not like. There were not really any characters that I did not like. There were some scenes that did bother me, but I am sure that if I had the time, I could point them out to you. As I said before, this is the best vampire movie I have ever seen. The special effects are incredible. The movie is very dark, and it really gives you the feeling that you are watching a movie with blood. The acting was good, the characters were great, and the acting is very believable. This movie is definitely worth seeing. I give this movie 9/10 stars!

Henry D. photo
Henry D.

I can't really say anything about this film, other than that it's great. The plot is not very complicated, and there isn't really any special effects, though the overall feel of it is dark, and creepy. It has a unique atmosphere, and while it isn't the most original film of all time, it's still a good film. The performances are great. The cast is an excellent one. Helen Mirren and Rufus Sewell play their roles well. The main character is actually pretty likable. He doesn't seem to be very smart, and he just seems like he can't help himself. There are also some dark things going on in the film, and it does a good job of creating an atmosphere. I highly recommend this film. I also recommend it for someone who doesn't know much about horror, or for someone who is a fan of horror films. If you like this film, check out "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle". It's much better, but "The Beast" is still very good, and the plot is much more convoluted and elaborate.

Timothy W. photo
Timothy W.

I first saw this movie as a teenager in the late 70s. I was convinced it was really bad and something my parents were not going to buy. But I finally decided to watch it. I was in love with it. I was surprised that my boyfriend didn't get me a DVD, he always seemed to hate the movie. After all, I loved it. It really is a classic.

Ethan Long photo
Ethan Long

Some will tell you that this is a rip-off of its success. But this is my opinion. This is an action film that I have always wanted to see. A film that you can sit and watch. It has all the elements you would expect.but this film takes it to a whole other level. This film is great because the film doesn't over-stay its welcome. There is always a little something going on here and there. There is a story line going on in this film. The film never plays out like a conventional film, it plays out like an action film. The film has an excellent screenplay. It's just perfect. This film is one of the best I have seen in a long time. The acting is top-notch. What is even more amazing is the fact that the actors themselves are the ones who have really come out of the woodwork in the last few years. The actors here do a great job in their roles. Every single character is a complex character. I don't think there is a weak link in this film. The film is set in the 70's, so this film is definitely not for people who grew up in the 70's. But if you grew up in the 70's, you will enjoy this film. This is a film that you will remember for a long time. My Grade: A-

Lauren photo

Bizarre. Rich. Powerful. Suspenseful. Shocking. I really enjoyed this film. I felt that the director really got the idea right on the core of the story. What I liked about the film is the sense of humor. The only other movie that I have seen where the humor is so much was "Falling Down". Although I think "Falling Down" was better, I really enjoy watching movies where the humor is so very strong. I also thought that the acting in the movie was very good. I felt that the actors were actually really good. The only reason that I give this movie a 9/10 is that the film could have been a lot better. The acting was very good, but the movie itself was weak. The final scene of the movie had so many things that it could have done better. For example, the police commissioner. I understand that it was a long shot, but why did they take so long to bring the witness in? I know that it was an action movie, but why did they take so long to bring the witness in? The movie could have been a lot better if it had been better. I think that the movie was a good enough movie that I would recommend it. It's one of those movies that you really need to see. 9/10

Cheryl Harris photo
Cheryl Harris

I love this movie. The effects are top-notch, the acting is excellent, the story is good and entertaining. I don't like the ending, but I'll watch it again just to see how it ends.

Terry photo

I love movies. I love horror movies. This is definitely a movie you can watch with a bunch of friends. This is the perfect movie to watch on a Sunday night when you're bored and you don't feel like doing anything. This movie will keep you in the film with its story and its plot. I give it a 9/10.

Madison Brown photo
Madison Brown

I can't believe that this movie was rated 3.5 out of 10. How can people rate this film so low? If you want a good horror movie, go and watch one of the greats. This movie is not as scary as "The Ring", but it does the job well enough. The acting is superb, and the story is interesting. I can't wait to see it again, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a good scary movie.

Judith J. photo
Judith J.

A great movie about an unbalanced and poor family. Very disturbing and very realistic. I loved the movie, but I would love to see it again. The cinematography was great and the performances were great, especially 'Salman'.

Sara photo

The Beast is a film that not only shows the horror that can be created by putting children in an environment of terror, but it also presents the "normal" aspects of what makes up a human being. In this case, it is the human spirit, and the survival instincts that has to survive in a world where those who cannot, are hunted down and killed. This film has a special place in my heart, because it is the first time that I have seen a film that dealt with a "monster" that didn't come from the movie itself. It was not meant to be the typical "monster" that people were expecting, but instead the survival instincts that made a "monster" come from within the human. The film depicts what is essentially an epic battle between the two forces, and it is a fight that is truly bloody and very realistic. The Beast is very realistic and very well done, which is very surprising considering how hard the creature was made. The effects used to show the effects of the Beast were amazing, but also very realistic. There were some scenes that showed some of the most realistic, violent scenes I have ever seen in a film, but it was also a good example of how realistic they were. The effects were amazing, and the look of the film was a great example of what I love about the horror genre. The music in this film was also very well done, and it was used well to emphasize the mood and feel of the film. The story of the film is very good, and very well done. It was great to see how the characters were brought to life. In the beginning, the film showed that the Beast was weak, and his instincts were not strong enough to survive. The human characters were also brought to life in a way that showed the human nature. There were many scenes where they showed the human nature, and it was very well done. The movie showed the monsters in a very realistic way, and that made the film great. The Beast was a good example of a horror film that really didn't try to be too realistic, and was very well done. The Beast is not the most popular of the horror films, but it is an excellent film to show the horror that can be created by putting children in an environment of terror.

Jose A. photo
Jose A.

I can't believe this movie has such a low rating.I know it's not going to be one of those movies that you have to see but this movie was very good. The acting was good and there was some very disturbing scenes. I would say the gore scenes were very well done. The film was very graphic but it wasn't what you'd expect to see. I think it is a good movie to see with your family or friends. I give it a 9/10.

Patricia Spencer photo
Patricia Spencer

Not much to say about this film, it was absolutely beautiful. It has a great story line, a great cast, and great directing. If you haven't seen this film yet, you are missing out on a classic horror film. The score was haunting and perfectly suited to the film. It would be a shame to give this film an unfair rating because it truly deserves it. It is a movie that I will be watching over and over again.

Andrea photo

This movie is a great interpretation of the novel. The story is much better written than the book. It is a story of survival. There are many horror movie tropes that don't fit in this movie. It also is a good story of revenge. The acting is very good. The acting from the children is good. The acting from the adults is good. The adult actors were all superb. The effects are better done than in the movie. There are many great surprises. There are a lot of sequences that are very effective. I think that this movie would be a good film for the whole family to see. The movie was made to scare the audience. It does a great job of it. This movie does a good job of telling a story. If you haven't seen it, go see it.

Albert photo

My friend and I watched this film with the intention of reviewing it ourselves. Unfortunately, we were not disappointed. The first 20 minutes of the movie was a little slow, but we slowly picked up the pace. The scenes were well-executed, the actors were well-cast, and the overall story was good. However, the last 20 minutes of the film (which is the film's climax) was very slow and pretty boring. I expected to see some killer car chase scenes, but I didn't get them. The effects in the final chase scenes were pretty good, but I expected a lot more from them. Overall, this movie is not for everyone, but I think it is worth seeing.

Angela photo

The original film from 1963 is one of my all time favorites. I loved it so much that I just bought the original on DVD and I absolutely love it. I like how they took the elements of the original movie and used them to make a new story. The new movie is also better than the original movie and is quite scary. This is a great movie for any horror fan! 9/10

Randy Hall photo
Randy Hall

This movie has a very good message, and it has a good plot. It has good performances, especially from Robert Carradine. It is a good horror movie. However, the ending was rather strange and seemed a little too good. The other movies with the same story have more to do with a serial killer killing people, this one just has a guy that doesn't believe in God, and then the serial killer says he killed them, but then he didn't. So there you have it. I recommend it for all people who like horror movies, because it is a good one. However, it is not a movie I would recommend to anyone.

Lori V. photo
Lori V.

I loved this film. I mean I do love it but I do think it is too similar to the Nightmare on Elm Street series. It is not a bad movie, it is just a remake. I think they should have had the same people do both films, since there are some similarities. As I said, I loved the film but I do think it is a good movie and I think they should have taken a step back and tried to be original. They tried to make a Nightmare on Elm Street but they forgot to do it the way they did it in the first one. I really liked the characters and it was great to see Steve Carell and Kirsten Dunst. I wish that the movie had more of the "suspect's" and the ending was a little rushed. The only thing that I did not like about this film was the ending. But I think they could have done a lot better with the ending. I was not disappointed at all. This movie is a must see and I do recommend it to everyone. It is a great horror film that is worth watching. I give it an 8/10.

Ralph photo

If you have never seen this movie before, do not read any of the comments, or if you have seen it you will be sorry you wasted your time. The plot is quite confusing and the movie is done in a rather slow paced manner, so don't expect a nightmarish ending. So, if you like horror movies, you should really go see this movie. My rating is 8 out of 10. It is not the worst movie I have ever seen, but it is not the best either. I give it 9 out of 10. PS: I recommend watching it in English and it will be great.

Julia Murphy photo
Julia Murphy

This was a great film. The acting was good. The story was good. The gore was great. The gore wasn't too much and it was creative. The amount of blood was cool. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. It wasn't good. The movie was great. This was a must see. I give it a 9/10.

Donna Schmidt photo
Donna Schmidt

This is an excellent horror movie. It is a great sequel to the other film and even better in my opinion. It has a great storyline and the acting is excellent. It was one of the better sequels and it's a good thing to have the same director as the original. If you love horror and a good story then this is a must see movie. It's great and it keeps the horror genre alive.

Steven Harris photo
Steven Harris

I was pleasantly surprised with this film. I loved the way that it was done and the way that the story was told. I think that this movie was the best horror film of the year. It was well paced and well made. It kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. The acting was great. The plot was interesting and the characters were very well developed. The sound was very well done. I really enjoyed the "feeling" of the film. This is definitely a film for the young adults that want to be scared but don't want to be boring. This film is very original and worth seeing.

Teresa photo

I have a feeling that this movie is going to be extremely popular with the horror crowd. I saw it for the first time when I was in college, and it still gets me every time I watch it. I am a sucker for cheesy slasher movies and I have to say that this is one of my favorite of them all. The film is filled with some of the most disturbing and disgusting images I have ever seen. When I saw the picture of a young boy with his eyes rolled back in his head, I was like "oh my god." It also has the most disturbing sequence in any movie I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of horror movies. I recommend this film to anyone who likes a good slasher movie.

Dylan Edwards photo
Dylan Edwards

I like this movie a lot. It is a great horror movie. It has some great acting from Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, and a very cool and scary ghost. And the whole movie is a lot of fun. But, it also has a very slow and boring story. But the best thing about this movie is the makeup effects. I love it. The actors and actresses look very beautiful in their makeup, and the makeup effects are very good. The characters are all very unique and likeable, and it's also very scary. The story is a little bit slow and it's a little boring, but it's still pretty good. My favorite part is when Samara comes out of the water, and she gives Samara a really great death. Also, this is the first movie that I have seen that involves a Christian God. I think that the Christian God was very important in this movie, because the movie was set in Scotland. Also, there was a very cool scene in the beginning where the movie was filmed in Scotland, and I really liked that. Overall, I really liked this movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes horror movies. This movie is great!

Michael photo

I watched this movie because I heard it was bad, but I'm glad I didn't go to see it in the theater. I saw the movie in a private screening room and there were about five people in there and a lot of people in the audience. I'm a horror buff and I love to watch a lot of horror movies, but I was very disappointed in this movie. This movie is so far away from anything that I've seen in the horror genre. There are so many plot holes in this movie. The acting is so bad that I almost fell asleep during the movie. The characters are not at all likable and are just poorly written. The plot is extremely poorly developed and at times it is almost unwatchable. The effects are bad, the atmosphere is very poor. The music is not at all fitting for the mood of the movie. The story is very hard to follow and makes no sense. The ending is not well thought out and could have been better. I really would like to like this movie because I love horror and I loved the trailers. I think it's a horrible movie and I hope it gets better in the future. If you are a horror fan and you are interested in seeing a great horror movie, don't watch this movie.