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Vitalina Varela

Vitalina Varela is a movie starring Vitalina Varela, Ventura, and Manuel Tavares Almeida. A Cape Verdean woman navigates her way through Lisbon, following the scanty physical traces her deceased husband left behind and discovering...

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Pedro Costa
Vitalina Varela, Pedro Costa
Francisco Brito, Ventura, Vitalina Varela, Manuel Tavares Almeida
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Vitalina Varela takes its title from the name of its lead actress, a Cape Verdean woman who, as per usual with Costa's non-professional actors, plays a fictionalized version of herself. Vitalina first appeared in an episode in the director's previous film, Horse Money (Wavelengths 2015), wherein she recounted how her husband had left their homeland nearly 25 years ago to work in Lisbon - a separation that became permanent when she finally arrived on the continent, three days after his funeral. In Vitalina Varela, Costa refracts and expands that episode to place us firmly within his heroine's stoic point of view, capturing her extraordinary strength and resilience as she navigates the scanty physical traces her husband left behind, discovers his secret, illicit life, and encounters the other lives that darken the shadows of the Fontainhas that once was.

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Heather photo

I'm sure you've seen enough of the movies to compare this one with, but I'll just give the basic facts here: it is not an adaptation of the novel by, or about, the writer of this film, but a small film about two people who are trapped in a small town where they become inseparable. As this short film opens, we are presented with the story of Tio, a young boy who has just left home after his parents' marriage ended, and who is awaiting the return of his sister and brother. The next scene is his arrival in the town. He is immediately placed in a position of authority in the little town where he was born, and grows to respect the townspeople, in particular its police chief. At the same time, he develops an almost insatiable hunger for food. He begins to talk about what he's going to eat, and eventually begins to ask for permission to go outside. His mother, also not very happy about the situation, comes to him and tells him he must eat the food, but if he doesn't, he'll be expelled. Tio chooses to go outside to satisfy his craving, and then the story takes a turn when his brother joins him on his quest. Tio's sister is similarly looking for food, but she doesn't have to worry about eating outside because her sister is also in a similar situation. I would have liked to have seen more development of the relationship between the two, since it would have helped to understand why they were so close. I also would have liked to have seen more development of the relationship between Tio and his brother, but I guess that the film doesn't have that kind of a budget. All in all, I really enjoyed the film. The acting is actually quite good and the dialogs are quite fine, I particularly liked the way the father tells his son about his mission, the mother's scenes of anger at Tio's growing hunger, and the way Tio's mother finally understands that he is his brother and that they must eat together. I also thought that the director did a good job at depicting a small town in the middle of the South American jungle. The music was good, but I think that the production and acting could have been better. Overall, a good movie for young kids to watch.

Robert Carlson photo
Robert Carlson

A whole year of laboring in a Russian jail with no food, and no-one to talk to. Everything in this film, the characters, the dialog, the mood, are so real. I will always remember the prison and the difficulties the director went through to make this film. It is very rare to see such a realistic portrayal of a prison and a really dark, realistic and sad story. This is what a true hero and patriot should do.

Betty Nichols photo
Betty Nichols

Last summer I watched a movie with an amazing director named Ariel Dorfman. It was titled "Hidden". It was a biographical movie about Maura Murray, a famous American actress who died of cancer last year. The film was based on a book titled "Hidden", written by Dorfman. It was the first movie he directed. Now, the movie is called "Hidden", and I watched it on Netflix. If you like movies about cancer, you will like this movie. It is interesting. It's based on a true story. I liked the movie. It's about Maura Murray. Maura Murray was an American actress, known for playing the character "Mimi Watson" in the television series "Sister Wives". Maura Murray was a good actress, and she is famous for playing the character "Mimi Watson". She was a kind, beautiful, and beautiful person. Maura Murray died last year. She was only in her twenties. Maura Murray died of cancer. I can't even explain it. I don't think I could describe it. There is a scene where Maura Murray is shown in the bathtub. There are candles and water in the bathtub. In the scene, it is kind of dark, and you can't see the reflection of Maura Murray. The water in the bathtub is only dark, and you can't see anything. It is kind of a really creepy scene. I thought that this movie is not that good. I thought it was kind of boring. I watched it and I thought that it was kind of boring. I could not sit and watch it for two hours. But I decided to give it a try. I watched it, and I thought that it was kind of good. It was a really good movie, and I liked it. I recommend this movie to anybody. It is a really good movie. I think that this movie is really good. It is based on a true story, so it is really good. It's not a bad movie. I give this movie an 8 out of 10. It's a really good movie.

Daniel C. photo
Daniel C.

This movie is my favorite part of the movie. I saw it because it had the voice of this amazing girl, Vitalina Varela. She is the most beautiful, powerful and eloquent of all the characters in the movie, and she is at the same time quite believable, and emotional. Vitalina is the most remarkable character, and I hope they will make more movies with her in it. She is not in the movie too much, but every time she is on screen, I feel she is in my eyes, and for that reason, the movie is a lot more touching and funny. I really enjoyed the movie, but I'm very disappointed in the end. It's hard to believe that two great actors like that would be such a bad actress. I don't know how I missed the connection of that big problem to the friendship between her and her sister. I really want to understand this movie.

Benjamin G. photo
Benjamin G.

Such an excellent movie, I loved it! Especially the book is excellent, I like books more than movies, but in this case, the movie is amazing. It's a good movie with a good story. I can't believe that the book was so good, it's a great movie, i really recommend it. The movie is excellent, I love it! This movie has it's own atmosphere and the actors are great. It's a real romantic movie, it's so great! Don't miss it!