Anschauen Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool is a movie starring Carl Lumbly, Miles Davis, and Reginald Petty. Miles Davis: Horn player, bandleader, innovator. This documentary feature explores archival photos and home movies shot by Miles and...

Other Titles
Miles Davis: Ikona jazzu, Miles Davis: El Nacimiento de una Leyenda
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1 hours 55 minutes
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Documentary, Biography, Music
Stanley Nelson
Miles Davis, Reginald Petty, Quincy Troupe, Carl Lumbly
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Miles Davis: Horn player, bandleader, innovator. This documentary feature explores archival photos and home movies shot by Miles and his colleagues, his manuscripts and Miles' original paintings, to explore the man behind the music.

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Jerry G. photo
Jerry G.

I was watching the movie for the first time about 5 years ago and it was just a great story. I was thinking about it every time I watched it. It was an amazing movie and I think it's the best movie of all time. I think it's one of the best documentaries ever made. It's great to see Miles Davis perform live and it's great to see how the band got started. It's also great to see how Miles Davis got his career started. It's a great story and it's great to see. I don't know if it's the best movie ever made but I think it's the best movie ever made. It's the best movie of all time.

Beverly H. photo
Beverly H.

This is one of the most entertaining documentaries I have ever seen. I was blown away by the film's production values, its great visuals, and the performances of the four stars. This is one of those rare documentaries that you don't want to miss. If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend it.

Linda Andrews photo
Linda Andrews

This documentary is a must see for any Davis fan. The movie also shows the passion and inspiration of Miles Davis that he was to the art of music. As a musician, Davis was a virtuoso and his artistry was expressed in his music. This documentary is for anyone who loves Miles Davis. If you are a musician, you will love this documentary. If you are not a musician, you will love it. I am not a musician, but I love Miles Davis and I think he was a genius.

Frances Munoz photo
Frances Munoz

Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool is a documentary about the life and times of legendary jazz musician Miles Davis, who was born in 1935. Davis was a piano player and singer, who in the 1950s became a leading jazz musician. The film is presented as a series of interviews, featuring music historians, and musicians. It is fascinating to learn about how Davis came to be, his life and the music that he was known for. The film also covers his childhood and early life, his rise to fame, and his various personal tragedies. The film's overall message is that music is more than just a genre of music, it is a way of life. It is a way of expressing yourself. It is about expressing yourself through music. It is about the art and artistry of music, and about the beauty and wonder of music. It is a great film to watch for the general public, and for jazz fans.

Keith photo

Another great documentary about Miles Davis. This time, it's looking at his mother's love for him and how it shaped him. The interview with Davis' sister, who was always with him and always has been, also came in handy. It's still an awesome film, but it is mostly for Miles' fans. If you're not a fan of Miles' music, don't watch this. Otherwise, it's a great documentary about his life and music.

Nicholas B. photo
Nicholas B.

The "Dancing with the Stars" star and "The Rolling Stones" guitarist met while studying at the University of Virginia in the late '60s and after she arrived in New York City, they collaborated on a couple of tracks. A year later, she was hired as a writer for the second album of the iconic rock group and her first album had already been released. The two took their music into the world and took their name off their first record. Miles Davis was born in Memphis, Tennessee and spent much of his childhood in New Orleans. He later moved to New York and eventually New York City. When he was in New York City, he also began to write songs. He wrote several songs for the group but the sessions went on for several months and Davis had to leave the sessions early. While in New York City, he made a few friends and began to form a band with a bunch of friends. The group named themselves the Triads and they began to write songs but in spite of their professional success, the band found themselves struggling financially. Davis took over the management of the band and continued to write and record. The group was successful but Davis had financial problems and the group soon broke up. Davis returned to Memphis and formed a new band named the Temptations. He and his wife and daughter lived in a cheap apartment in New York City. They also began writing songs and the band was re-formed. Davis became more successful and began to tour the country. After this tour, Davis and his wife moved to Memphis and his daughter became involved in drugs. Miles Davis died of a drug overdose at age 36 while he was on tour in Memphis. He was well-liked by his fans and his music was appreciated by many. In 1992, the band began to sell out stadiums but Davis' popularity waned. The Triads broke up and Miles Davis began to think about what he wanted to do. He decided to get married and had two daughters. In 1993, he began his own production company. The Temptations released two albums of his music and sold more than 30 million records. In 1995, Miles Davis' career peaked and he was nominated for three Grammy Awards. He was awarded the National Medal of Arts. After the 1996 Grammys, the group lost the majority of its members and the group split. The Temptations released a CD and a film in 2002 and a final album was released in 2006. The Temptations made a comeback in 2013 and released a music video in 2018. "Dancing with the Stars" is a documentary about the life of Miles Davis. The film is about the rise and fall of the singer. It tells how he was a young man when he was a

Edward R. photo
Edward R.

This is the second of two Davis biographies that I have seen. The first is Miles Davis: The Artist. The two films have many different and complementary approaches. This film is the only one of the two to be shot in black and white. The first half of the film is entirely in black and white, and it is a rather interesting experience. The second half of the film is shot in color, and it is a more interesting experience. The music is also a welcome addition to this film. There are very few films that are both a biopic and a music documentary. However, The Man Who Knew Infinity, is the exception. This film is more of a music documentary, and it is a well done film. The music is excellent. The film is all about the work of Miles Davis. The music is an integral part of the film, and it is really interesting to hear the music. I especially liked the music of Miles Davis, the final song in the film. I do not know if the film was shot in black and white originally, or if the color was added later, but it is still interesting to hear the music. The film is also interesting to hear about the film, because the music is often very important to the film. I especially enjoyed hearing about the film and the music. There is a very interesting commentary track that was included with the DVD, that is worth listening to. Overall, the film is very good, but it is not the best biopic of Miles Davis. The film is all about the music, and that is the best part of the film. I do not recommend this film to anyone. I rated it a 7/10.

Emily Coleman photo
Emily Coleman

I thought the first one was great and then I saw this one. I was very surprised that this one was as good as the first one. I felt it was more of a documentary than a film. I have to admit that I was a little confused with the first one and the second one was good. This one was much more of a documentary. It was interesting to see the different people that were in the band. They were very nice. They gave us some great stories about their lives. I think it was very well done. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Miles Davis or music. I think that this one is a great movie to watch. I highly recommend it. It was very interesting and it was very interesting to watch. I would give this one a 10/10.

Sara photo

I saw this movie in a theater when it was released and it has been on my DVD collection ever since. It was the first time I had ever seen the musical numbers and the actors were all fantastic. The production value was excellent. I highly recommend this film to anyone. The acting is superb and the music is also fantastic.

Hannah A. photo
Hannah A.

The photographer and music producer Miles Davis is brought back from the grave to reveal his fascinating life story, focusing on his close ties with the music industry. He shares his childhood, his relationships with his parents and his turbulent love life, his early struggles with drug addiction and his love for his wife, Miles. His love for music, especially jazz, is on display, as he also discusses his involvement with the Beatles. He reveals that he had been trying to make a film about jazz for years and tried to make a documentary but was never successful. His self-destructive tendencies are also explored, as he and his wife divorced and his self-destructive behavior continues to this day. He is also interviewed extensively about his own musical career and his relationships with musicians and record producers. For the fans of jazz, this is a must-see.

Jonathan Fox photo
Jonathan Fox

I have never seen such an awesome film as this. I never would have seen it in the cinema. I watched it on DVD and it has brought back all the memories of my childhood. The cinematography is stunning, the music is superb, the performance by Miles is amazing. The film is about his life and his music, and how he helped people and got a record deal. I'm not sure if I have seen this film in a cinema before. I don't know if the film was released in the UK or the USA, but it was a very special film to watch. I was really touched by the film, and the film was a beautiful tribute to Miles Davis and his music. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in Miles Davis. I also recommend this film to anyone who is interested in cinema or music in general.

Stephen Guerrero photo
Stephen Guerrero

This documentary is about the music and life of Miles Davis. The filmmaker has a great eye for capturing moments of the music and its influence. It's great to see a man who is so well known for his music, but not a celebrity who seems to be famous for being famous. Davis is a man who is very popular but not famous. This documentary shows him at his peak. He is not famous but he is very famous. The documentary is very funny and it is also very touching. The film makers captured some of his greatest moments. This documentary is a must see for all music fans.

Jordan photo

I have always loved Miles Davis and his music. I have always been a fan of his music and have always been fascinated with his story. This movie is an amazing film. I cannot wait to see it again! The film was well done and the story was really great. I especially liked the interview with Miles Davis. I think that it is a great way to celebrate the life of Miles Davis and the music he was known for. This film is great for people who love Miles Davis and his music.

Elizabeth photo

I really loved the documentary on the biographical film "Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool", but this new documentary, "Miles Davis: New York Jazz" is a little disappointing. I think Miles would have been much better if he had been interviewed by Quentin Tarantino. Instead, the documentary gives more attention to the first-time director, the jazz artists, and the jazz musicians who came to New York City and "disrupted" the jazz scene there. These are some of the stories that are not really talked about. For example, I did not really see any special attention to the very famous jazz musician Charlie Parker. His death is mentioned, but his influence on the jazz scene is not really shown. One of the reasons I really loved the film was the documentary on "The Jazz Age". It really made me think that jazz was important and that jazz artists should be treated with respect. However, the documentary on jazz is pretty dull. I feel that they should have focused more on the very famous jazz musicians. The most important thing for me was to see Miles Davis in a different light, even if it was just to see the "gimmicky" photographs that I just saw in the documentary. The story was very interesting, and I definitely would not mind seeing more of Miles Davis. However, I think this documentary was a little too bland and boring for me.

Danielle photo

We have a fine actor who is truly an artist. We have a fine director who has a brilliant eye for music. We have a fine group of musicians who have done some great work together and who continue to do it. We have a wonderful documentary crew who were really able to capture the spirit of this musical group. I will say that the movie was not flawless. The narrator was not very good. It was as if I was watching a movie with the people in the room, rather than having a direct dialogue with them. But I will give it a B+. It will be easy to give it a 10 if the Director were not a filmmaker. What we have here is a wonderful documentary, but the director does not know how to tell it. It is difficult to understand what he is trying to say and it was difficult to see him tell the story. We have wonderful people, but the director cannot tell a story. The director does not know how to tell the story. And it is a shame. Because there were so many people who really know music and we could not have got that information from this guy. I hope to see more from him in the future. There was one thing that I felt was not explained well in the movie. Miles Davis, like Robert Plant, is known for his wonderful singing and playing. But in the movie, the voice of David Bowie was used to much. I did not really know what it meant, but I had to ask. I really think that this would be a great movie for people who know little about Miles Davis and who have never heard of him.

Jerry G. photo
Jerry G.

I have been a fan of Miles Davis since the early 60's when I saw him perform in New York. He is the best singer I have ever heard. I have always loved his music and have always tried to find out more about his life. I first heard about this movie when a friend of mine told me about it and I was excited to find out that it was about Miles Davis. When I saw it I was surprised how many things in it were wrong. For one, Miles Davis never went to the United States as a child and he never had a job. That is 100% wrong. Miles was born and raised in Italy and he was still in Italy during the war years. In fact, Miles was with his family in Italy as a child during the war. He never went to the US as a child, as far as I know. There are a lot of other things that are wrong. Most of the time it was hard to get an answer from someone who knew about his life. Miles was also a bit over a five-foot tall. The height of 5-foot-6 was correct, but as a person who was 5-foot-6 when I was very young, that was too tall. There were other things that were wrong, but they were minor. I was also disappointed with the portrait of Miles as a child. I thought the way he was portrayed was very stereotypical. When I heard that he was going to be doing this, I was a little disappointed because I thought he was going to have a better portrayal. I also thought the movie was a little too long. I found that it took about an hour to show Miles in his early years and then it went to a little bit of his later years. I thought it would have been better to see his early years as they were, and then show his later years. It was also a bit disappointing to learn that Miles had only had one relationship before the war and that it was only the one relationship that he had. I think the reason that Miles had only one relationship is because of his parents. Miles's mother was very strict and didn't allow him to date or go to nightclubs. This is what he said in the interview on the DVD. When he was a teenager he had two different relationships and they were the only things that he had and he had to keep it a secret. I also found that it was a little hard to believe that a person who was an emigre like Miles would not have known how to read or write. His parents were not good people and they were not very welcoming to him. In the interview Miles said that he was always in the background and he didn't have a lot of interaction with

Donald F. photo
Donald F.

I had the pleasure of seeing this movie at the Festival of Berlin and this is my first film. It's a special film that can't be compared with other "movies" in that it is a documentary about a man who works with his own music. Miles Davis is a man who's work in music is different from others because his music is all about the emotions. And this film tells us the story of how a man who never achieved anything in his life, when he was in his 60s, was suddenly able to give up everything, quit his job and even giving up a lot of money to be able to have the best of life. And this documentary is able to show us his life, his feelings, his aspirations and his opinions. It is an excellent film that can be watched at the cinema. If you are in a hurry, you can also just watch it on TV. The documentary has a lot of beautiful pictures that will make you feel happy for Miles Davis. And there are a lot of great music videos and the film is full of great songs. And this is why the film was made: to give you a complete and emotional experience. And Miles Davis is a man who's music is not about the emotions and the songs, but about the emotions. It is a beautiful film. I recommend it to everyone.

Howard photo

The thing I love most about Miles Davis is his ability to make music sound great. He does it with his mouth and his eyes. But, his music also contains some of the most beautiful melodies and the most powerful lyrics I've ever heard. I love this film because it's a documentary about the music and the way it influenced people. There are a few short interviews with people who have heard Miles' music. They talk about his style, his personality, and the way he made his music. The director, James Gondry, did a great job at telling the story of Miles Davis. It's a really interesting film that will make you want to listen to Miles' music. I love it.

Alan photo

A rather good documentary. It's easy to see why the film was made and the people that it was made for, but the film also seems somewhat lacking in its execution. The film itself has a rather interesting visual style and some of the shots are really cool. That's all I have to say about that. But the problems with the film are a bit more apparent. In particular, the film doesn't really talk about the music or performances of Davis, which was a big part of his early work. Davis' music was incredibly important to the way he presented his work, but the film doesn't really go into that at all, which is a real problem. It also doesn't talk about the events surrounding the release of his album. It only goes on to talk about what happened to Davis after it was released. The thing is, if the film just talks about that, it becomes a bit of a mess. It would have been much more effective if they had talked about the actual release of his album, instead of the negative publicity that it got. Even the music he performed in the film, like some of the cover versions of some of his songs, is rather boring. If the film talked more about the issues of his music, it would be much more effective, and would be a lot more interesting. So overall, the film is very good. It's very easy to see why it was made and the people that were involved with the making of it, but it's also quite boring. The music is interesting, but it just doesn't really go into it that much. And it doesn't talk about Davis' controversial death that much. If you're interested in seeing some great music performances, then this is a good film to see. If you're interested in seeing some great music performances, then this isn't a good film to see.

Keith Stone photo
Keith Stone

One of the great Miles Davis biopics, the documentary Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool (2015) is the first Davis biography to be made on film. This film was a series of interviews of artists, musicians and people in Davis's life. The interviewees ranged from Miles' wife to Paul McCartney and later on to Davis himself. What was the most interesting about this doc was that it followed the same pattern as the biopic on George Harrison, I Am The Walrus. This film focused on the times and locations that were used to create the biopic. The film itself was a bit boring and took too long to tell the story, however the actors and the subjects did an excellent job. The interviews were entertaining, interesting and insightful. The biopics on the other hand were somewhat boring and the subject of the movie, the biopic on George Harrison was much more interesting. Overall, the biopics were far more interesting than the biopics on Miles Davis. The biopies on the other hand were the most interesting. All in all, the biopies are more interesting than the biopies on Miles Davis. Overall, the biopies are more interesting than the biopies on Miles Davis.

Bobby R. photo
Bobby R.

I was lucky enough to get to see the legendary musician, Miles Davis, speak at The New York City Film Festival. Miles speaks of his family and his home town of L.A., his relationship with his brother, his relationship with his record label, his fight with the studios, and more. It's an interesting look at an artist who never stopped trying to break into the mainstream and managed to achieve greatness at the same time. This is a must see documentary for anyone who has ever wondered why Miles Davis never made it big. Watch it and see what I mean.

Dorothy P. photo
Dorothy P.

I loved this film. I was brought up with Miles Davis and his music. This is a great film about the genesis of a great music. It also explores the evolution of music through the influence of Miles Davis' influence on other artists, such as the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and the Stones. This documentary is a lot of fun, very entertaining, and enjoyable. The film is very well researched, it covers a great number of artists, from the Beatles to Jimi Hendrix, through the Stones and even The Who. The music is the focus, so it's all about the music. I enjoyed it very much, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys music.