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Honeyland is a movie starring Hatidze Muratova, Nazife Muratova, and Hussein Sam. The last female bee-hunter in Europe must save the bees and return the natural balance in Honeyland, when a family of nomadic beekeepers invade her...

Other Titles
ハニーランド 永遠の谷, 大地蜜語, Medena zemlja, Στη Γη του Άγριου Μελιού, Medena Zemja, Honeyland - Le royaume des abeilles, Land des Honigs, Hunajan maa, Honungslandet, Honningland, Kraina miodu, Honeyland - Land des Honigs, Bal Ülkesi
Running Time
1 hours 29 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Documentary, Drama
Ljubomir Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska
Tamara Kotevska, Ljubomir Stefanov
Ljutvie Sam, Hussein Sam, Nazife Muratova, Hatidze Muratova
Republic of North Macedonia
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The last female bee-hunter in Europe must save the bees and return the natural balance in Honeyland, when a family of nomadic beekeepers invade her land and threaten her livelihood.

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Craig R. photo
Craig R.

This film was one of the most wonderful pieces of work I have ever seen. I had no idea of the history behind this film, I knew only that it was about the early 1970's. But I was riveted. The cinematography was magnificent. It seemed to follow the money from the inside out. The cameraman had to turn around to see what he was looking at, which I have never seen before in a movie. And the effects are so realistic, that it made me feel like I was in that period in the life of those in the film. I've never seen a film in which I felt so much empathy for the characters. I never felt sorry for them, and they were so real. The film moved me. This is a film I will treasure for many years to come.

Angela photo

I saw this film at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, and thought it was great. It's a simple and simple story, but one that shows the incredible potential of human imagination. Watching this film I felt like I was a part of a story that I had never seen. The acting was excellent, especially by Jude Law and Alicia Silverstone. There were some minor issues with editing, but they weren't distracting. The film has some cheesy lines, but they weren't annoying. The plot is pretty simple, but it is intriguing and enjoyable. It is also touching, and the ending left me with a sense of hope. This is a story that needs to be told.

Angela Medina photo
Angela Medina

One of the reasons I enjoy watching this documentary so much is the depth it covers, and the insight it provides. It was great to see the photographer and author Kenji Fujimoto, who contributed to this film, and the other contributors. I think it was fascinating to see the participants in the research, as well as the state-of-the-art equipment used to research it. I think it was important to show the footage of the experiment, as well as the original interviews with the participants, because it is such a crucial piece of the puzzle, and the fact that the footage was all manipulated to help the participants (in this case, the experimenters) was fascinating to see. It also was interesting to see how the subjects became increasingly more distressed as the experiment progressed, and how they had to become a lot more self-assured and self-controlled as the experiment progressed. This film definitely doesn't preach, and it doesn't say "do this, do that, etc. because it might make you happy." It really doesn't care about that. It just wants to show how people can be so controlled and manipulated, and how these behaviors can lead to a situation that can be very dangerous. It does make some very valid points, and it doesn't shy away from these topics. I thought the other questions were great, too. For example, it was interesting to hear about the effects of the experiment on the subjects' families and friends. In a couple of cases, it really does have an impact on them. Overall, this is an excellent film, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Marilyn photo

This is a really good film, you will be surprised. I was skeptical that this film could be that good. I expected the movie to be just another thing about sex addiction and some stereotypes. However, I was wrong. This film is a breath of fresh air to the typical film. In some ways it reminds me of a film called "Six Feet Under". The film has a lot of real life footage, like real people talking about sex addiction. The director takes the time to bring these real life people in to the film. The film is filled with amazing photography. The shots are beautiful and breathtaking. There are many moments where you will be moved. The camera work is truly unique. The acting is great. The director was very subtle about the situation that the women are in. He uses a lot of slow motion to show the pain and how it gets to them. The film will give you a new perspective. You will be surprised. The film shows the love that many people feel for each other. I think the director did a great job of showing the differences between the two sides of addiction. I hope that this film is viewed by as many people as possible. The director will have a hard time getting any film this good. I think that he has a really good future in film. I highly recommend this film to people who love documentaries and are looking for something new. I think that this film is very different. The director had the opportunity to bring people to the subject and he did not let us down. He did a great job. I would highly recommend this film to anyone.

Kathryn photo

What I enjoyed most about this film was that the director and writers - Eben Yang and Ted Adams - did not try to reinvent the wheel. They didn't try to make a "funny" film. They simply told the story of the legal battles that the two sisters (with the exception of one, the movie spends very little time with) had fought in order to be able to have an abortion and to keep their son. In their lives prior to the crisis, they had been great citizens, but now they were struggling with depression, health problems, and the realization that they had no more options for their child than what the state of Texas had been providing them. For this reason, I think it was important that the film put a lighthearted light on the crisis, and not try to lighten the grim scenes. The two sisters, for example, are seen to be in a certain light. There is a scene where they are on the beach, and their grandmother sits on the beach with them. In the background, there is the light of the stars and the ocean. I don't want to spoil the film for those who haven't seen it, but the scene is very moving, and I hope they will make a documentary about the sisters after they have finished filming. I have no idea how it will affect their lives, but it would be a very powerful documentary. Overall, I enjoyed this film very much. It was a unique film experience. There was not a single moment that was dull or annoying. I think it is very important to show the story of the women in these situations, and the one who led the way in many of the key battles. It's also important that this film did not have an agenda. It didn't have to be pro-choice or pro-life. In the end, the film just said the story that was told. I recommend it to everyone.

Juan photo

It was nice to watch this documentary on a rainy night. I am a little disappointed by the negative reviews. This movie is not anti-conservative or pro-Republican. This movie is about a family that is trying to be better people. The family members are trying to teach their kids to be good people. I think it is important to show a different perspective on life and I do believe this film does a great job of showing this. It is very uplifting and I recommend it.

Roger photo

Forget all the hate you have heard about this film. It's a must see. To me, it's the film of the year. The director, Richard Linklater, has a unique way of telling the story. The story is told in a first person perspective and does not rely on cut scenes, flashbacks or the use of special effects. The film is a portrait of what life in a small town is really like, the relationships of family and friends, and the struggles that all of us face on a daily basis. As a result, the film is a very personal film, a very human film, and a film that I hope is seen by as many people as possible. The acting is very good, especially by Jesse Eisenberg. This is one of his best roles, and I hope he continues to do more of these type of films. The characters are all well developed and easy to relate to. There are some powerful scenes that go beyond what I expected. If you are looking for a movie that will make you think, this is it. It will make you laugh and cry and make you want to be a part of the people who live there. The acting and the story are the two things that make this film special. It is not perfect, but it is a masterpiece. If you have not seen this film, I strongly recommend you do.

Deborah F. photo
Deborah F.

This is a very well-done documentary that gives the viewer a look into the life of a small town. The director does a great job in capturing the small-town mentality. He also shows us the lives of the people who live there and how they all live. This documentary makes you want to be a part of the small-town. It is just as it is portrayed in the film. The documentary is also very informative and fun. The director does a great job in showing us the small-town. He also shows us the people who live there. Overall, this is a great documentary for all ages and it is a must-see for any viewer.

Jacob P. photo
Jacob P.

This documentary examines the way that young people navigate life, often in a sea of drugs, sex, and destruction. We are shown a bunch of young people who are still trying to find their way, but are trying to make it through life's challenges without a lot of direction. The majority of the interviews were done by the teen himself, who was kind enough to grant the filmmakers a few minutes of his time to discuss the film. This man, whose music is as addictive as his drugs, is a really interesting and fascinating guy, and it's really amazing to see what a great job he put in making this documentary. But he's also a really unique individual. He's a lot like the narrator in "Saving Private Ryan", because he has a way of narrating a scene or a conversation in a way that is very different from what's being said. His sense of humor is just a great way to start the documentary, and he's really, really funny, and really, really passionate about what he's doing. His point of view is also interesting because he's making this film while simultaneously being on a path that's leading him to the "same" place, where he's probably not going to get there, but at least his story and his point of view is different. The characters in the film are so different and unique, and you feel like you're watching two different people and having two different conversations. The interviewees are all connected by the way they've lived their lives, and the way they've been shaped by a world that is so different from their own. There's nothing more American than American teenagers, and no more depressing than depression. They're all moving from place to place, which is great because they have no direction, no knowledge, no one to guide them. In this film, they are all living in a different culture and environment, but the way they're feeling is similar. So this documentary is really a really great thing to watch because it really illustrates a lot of things that I think are important to remember. It shows that there is still so much to be done, that it's really possible for a generation of young people to make it through these things. It shows the good and the bad, and the moments where the good outweighs the bad. It's great to see these young people in the film and hear their stories and see what they're going through and to see that they're not alone. This is a really interesting documentary, and I think that it's very well done.

Jennifer Ray photo
Jennifer Ray

The documentary begins with the creators of the film, and gives a good insight into how the film was made. They say that they are not trying to make a movie. They just wanted to share their experiences with the world, and make a movie. They also say that this movie is meant to be a documentary, and a very good one at that. The people in the movie, are all people that are either homeless or are in an asylum. They also say that they all do not consider themselves to be bad people, but just trying to get through life, and have fun. The movie shows the journey of a group of people through the film, and gives a very good idea of what it feels like to be homeless. It is a very interesting look at what it feels like to be homeless. It shows the problems, and shows the good things that people do to get by, and the struggle to get out. It is not a very easy movie to watch, and is a very interesting look at what it is like to be homeless. I really liked it, and I highly recommend it.

Stephen O. photo
Stephen O.

I watched this film for a bit of entertainment on a Saturday night in the theater. My wife is a big fan of "Mothers of Invention," and I thought this film would be similar to the typical "MOM" films that they produced. What I found was a film that was very educational, but also very entertaining. I found myself laughing and amazed at the amount of information that was presented in the film. The plot was interesting, but the message of the film was what I found to be most interesting. The film shows a young girl growing up in a small town, but there is a huge difference between the two. While the girl is growing up, she is just learning the hard way what the world is about, and what it is not. The girl's father is a man that is not to be taken lightly, and is very strict with his daughter. This movie shows how this "mother" is very different from the typical "MOM" films, and how the world is not what it seems. This film was a very good film, but not for everyone.

Hannah Williams photo
Hannah Williams

This movie was so powerful and so sad and so well-done that I was watching it for hours. It's so true. It's heartbreaking. And I was on the verge of tears when I saw the parents' reaction to the dying man's death. It's just so tragic. It's really painful to see that they never had a family to talk about it with, not once. And there was no funeral, just a visitation at the hospital, and they had no help. I thought that was so horrible. But that's what this movie is about: How quickly it can happen. How quickly someone can lose their child. And what they're doing to them to try to stop it. I think they did a good job with this movie. It's really touching and so honest. I was really impressed with this movie.

George Woods photo
George Woods

The hidden truth about the benefits of taking the fight to the police system. This film was amazing. I couldn't believe how it was shot and I couldn't believe the truth. I am shocked and I don't think anyone should be without watching this movie.