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Straight into a Storm

STRAIGHT INTO A STORM centers around DEER TICK's 2014/15 10th anniversary run in New York City. A portrait of a hard rocking band known for their live performances on their evolutionary journey to become one of the greatest cult rock bands of our time. Anchored by a fan chosen set list and New Year's Eve performance, the film weaves in and out of time over the last 10 years utilizing never before seen archive footage from their booze drenched early days to the successful touring/recording band they are now- and everything in between.

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Straight Into a Storm
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1 hours 50 minutes
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William Miller
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Juan F. photo
Juan F.

I was excited when I heard this was coming out because of the work they did in getting the footage for this documentary, and the DVD release. The production is fantastic. It looks like a major film studio is behind this. There are interviews with several important figures in the documentary. The songs are great, the music and production is great. The interviews with all of the performers are awesome. The documentary is a must-see, because it gives you a great insight into what it was like to be a performer in that era. I think the audience should see the documentary. The music, the production, the interviews, the songs, and the people are great. The documentary is a must-see. It's a great look at what the world of the 1960's was like.

Jennifer Bell photo
Jennifer Bell

In the first few minutes of the film, we are introduced to a good-looking, athletic "Vin Diesel" (played by Charlie Sheen) as a young kid. We then see him in his early thirties as a big-time pro wrestler with a huge heart who loves the WWF and his family. We then see him as a young man who has lost everything to the depression and can't do anything about it. We see him as a loving father who is also suffering from his own depression. I would say that the film has a lot of truth in it and is worth seeing. But I think that what I really liked most about this film was the social commentary and the universal message that we are all affected by our lives and the decisions we make. This film is worth seeing and learning about.

Marie E. photo
Marie E.

In an interview with Playboy, Robert Crumb, the creator of the Crumb comic strip, who died in 1986, said that he wasn't too impressed by the success of his movies, which he termed "comic books". This film is aimed at children, but it is not a movie for the adult, because the film is extremely graphic. One of the scenes involves a mouse that has its eye cut out and another involves a man's head being crushed with a hammer. This is not meant to be taken too seriously, although the film seems to portray it as a child's fantasy, but it is probably intended as a dark comedy. The film is done in black and white, as if it were a comic book, and Crumb has said that he was influenced by films like "The Seven Samurai". The voice of Crumb is provided by one of his daughters, but the film is not a children's film, and as such, has a PG rating. At the end of the film, there is a quote from a comic strip that makes it clear that Crumb is not endorsing it. "I was not so naive to believe that a comic strip could be translated into a movie. I was mistaken."

Gary Ortega photo
Gary Ortega

Rainbow noir, jazz, jazz, jazz. This is a gorgeous film. The music is beautifully sung and the story is beautiful. It's a visual treat. All of the main cast is fantastic. The story itself is compelling and intriguing, and the cinematography is brilliant. It is wonderful that the film was shot in Houston and in an old jazz club. You can see the light reflecting off the mirrors. It's very poetic and at the same time very real. The only real drawback I had with the film is that the music isn't as good as the music from the actual film. The music is very good, and the dancing is really nice. I think the musicians should have been in the film, because they are much better musicians than the ones who performed in the film. The film was also a great story that I think everyone should see. I highly recommend it.

Willie photo

Film is a must see. What a band's life it was. Seeing that picture as a kid, it's great to see how that little band became one of the biggest bands in the world. The video looks real good. The interview with Keith Richards is excellent. The documentary does a good job of telling the story of Led Zeppelin and how they were able to get together. They could not have gotten together without Jimmy Page. Keith Richards was really a person who lived for the music, and Zeppelin is a perfect example. The first one was the band that got started, but the second one made the record. Led Zeppelin was really big and did great music for their first record. The music was there and the way they made it was really interesting to watch. Seeing their whole life history was very interesting. They are a little bit older now, but still do a lot of the things they did in their younger years. So many times the music is more important than the people who made it. I enjoyed this movie. I just really enjoyed the music. It really was a band's life. I just really loved the music. You can see that the band members did not really have family and friends around them. So many times they just sat around and listened to music. The way they played music was really interesting and I could relate to them. I also really liked seeing the early videos of them. I really enjoyed seeing the video of the album and the music videos. They had an amazing video career and were a great band. I loved the band for their music and I really loved seeing their history. I hope you see this as a great film. It's a must see for anyone who enjoys rock and roll. I really enjoyed the documentary.

Dorothy photo

The movie doesn't delve into much detail about what motivated the Weathermen to storm the White House. However, the movie gives a good insight into the personal lives of some of the Weathermen. Most of the actors in the film were chosen for their physical likenesses to the Weathermen, which made the acting scenes more convincing. The movie has some political issues about how the government should be run, and I think that this movie did a good job of depicting that. It also showed the differences in attitude between the Weathermen and the people they were trying to disrupt. Also, I found it to be interesting to learn about the politics of the 1980's in New York City, which is usually not considered a political hotspot. I was also surprised that most of the Weathermen in the movie are white. I've never known that until I heard it from the movie. Also, the movie did a good job of showing how much the Weathermen were driven by their ideals, which also makes it more believable. I think that the movie was also good because it showed that the Weathermen weren't just trying to make a change in the government, but that they were trying to change the country as well. The movie also showed that the Weathermen didn't just want to disrupt the government, but to change it. They also showed that the Weathermen believed that the government should be run by the people, not the other way around. Overall, I thought that this was a good movie. It was well-made, the acting was good, and it gave a good insight into the life of the Weathermen.

Lawrence Scott photo
Lawrence Scott

The movie is about a young up-and-coming rock star named Ryan Adams (played by Justin Timberlake) who goes to New Orleans to meet up with his old band. What he does not know is that the band is disbanding and that he is basically the only person left. When Ryan tries to get the band back together, he gets into a lot of trouble. The story is pretty good. I have to say that I liked the movie. I think that the most impressive thing about the movie is that it really showed how good a rock band can be. The movie was very inspiring and gave us a lot of positive information. I really recommend this movie.

Christine P. photo
Christine P.

Most people can't say that this film was a waste of their time. The most-talked about movie of the year, it was, I think, very well done. What could've been a more artistic and provocative film was changed into an art-house documentary that was more art-house than art-house. I think it's one of those things that a lot of people didn't like, but in the end, the director did a really good job of showing the true story of what happened and how this film got such a good reception. The story is told in a really great way, and the director doesn't really "give away" too much, which is a good thing. A lot of people were very upset about the fake scenes and stuff like that, and I guess they are a bit upset that they are missing the real message of the film. What I can say about this film is that it was a really good movie, and it showed the real story of the real musicians and the real "music" that was made by them. I think it's a good movie and you should give it a shot. 7/10