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Overcomer is a movie starring Shari Rigby, Aryn Wright-Thompson, and Alex Kendrick. A high-school basketball coach volunteers to coach a troubled teen in long-distance running.

Other Titles
Correre per ricominciare, Nincs akadály, Vencedor, Vencedores, Biegnij i zwyciężaj, 赦しのちから, Mais Que Vencedores
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
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Drama, Sport, Family
Alex Kendrick
Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick
Shari Rigby, Alex Kendrick, Cameron Arnett, Aryn Wright-Thompson
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A high-school basketball coach volunteers to coach a troubled teen in long-distance running.

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Tammy photo

Many people would not agree with this comment but you can't not like this movie. It is a must see for all of the sports lovers. It has a lot of action and excitement. It is very easy to follow. It will keep you interested throughout the movie. The acting is fantastic. I think it is the best of any sports movie. It is also a nice story. You will be hooked and you won't want to stop watching.

Jennifer photo

I really love this movie. It's a lot of fun. It is hard to get kids to watch a movie about sports, but I think this movie does a good job of making it easy. It has a lot of jokes and a lot of sports. The kids do a great job of carrying this film. The music is awesome and it adds to the feel of the movie. The characters are really nice, especially with Coach Don Wilson. I don't know how many times I have to tell my kids to "Be a good man, like Coach Wilson."

Elizabeth Diaz photo
Elizabeth Diaz

There are so many movies about overcoming obstacles in life that we have to give this one a chance. It is a nice story of a boy who wants to become a pro hockey player, and how he goes through a lot of adversity to do so. The only thing that was missing was a little bit more romance in the story. There is no real reason for this movie to be called a "cute" movie, but it is. It is a good movie, with some great actors. It is a good movie to see with a few friends. It is a movie that you will enjoy watching.

Shirley Day photo
Shirley Day

I was shocked to see such a good film, in such a difficult time for sports in Ireland. I couldn't believe it was released on the same day as Derry in the Doonbeg Film Festival. It was on TV for about two days, and I could barely watch it. However, my son was mesmerised by the idea of rugby, and my daughter who loves the game also. We went for it's limited showing and were glued to the screen. It was a totally different story to any we have seen in the past. We also got to see some beautiful scenery and I had never seen the bay area. It had a very good plot, and kept you wondering. It was a very sad, but uplifting story. The actors were very good, and the movie itself was very well shot. It's good to see something Irish and Irish-style, and not just a bunch of English players. We would have been glad to see our team represented. We can only hope that we will get to see more of the great Irish sportsmen and women. I give this film a 9 out of 10, it will keep you glued to the screen.

Gerald Green photo
Gerald Green

There are two kinds of sports films. The first is the sports film that's a gritty, realistic portrayal of the game. It's gritty because it's hard-hitting and realistic. The second kind is the sports film that's a soft-focus, on-the-nose, imitation of the real thing. The first kind can be truly great; the second kind is absolutely terrible. This movie is the second kind. The only reason I watched it was because the first sports film I saw was "Swingers," and I was convinced that the boy was on steroids. This film, on the other hand, is a classic in the soft-focus, imitation sports genre. It's as close to the real thing as it gets. It's hard-hitting, realistic, gritty and very realistic. There's no special effects, no robots or helicopters, no kevin smith. Just a bunch of guys in barns. This is a true story, but it's told with the same realism that I've seen in the films of Bruno Dumont, John Sayles and Martin Scorsese. It's also an authentic portrayal of a true American hero. The film is by David Cattino, the director of the films "Chasing Fire" and "Time Machine." It's not easy to tell what you're going to get. The first half of the film is rather dull. The second half is like you've been watching a really good football game and a team of American football players are going at it. The second half is amazing. The real story is that the hero, Cooper, is an 18-year-old high school football player from Cleveland who has been in the league for five years and hasn't really been in the league long enough to win a championship. His teammates are his best friends, his brothers. His coach is his father. They're all good friends. They know he's good but they don't really like him. It's like a tight-knit family. The teacher and the principal don't like him. The parents, and the coach and the mother, are not into football. Cooper is bullied. He has a huge crush on one of the girls. He has some drinking problems. He's a virgin. His mother doesn't know what to do about it. One night, he tells her. She doesn't know what to do about it. The film is narrated by Michael Irvin. The best parts of the film are when Cooper is talking to his mother, when the coach and the mother and the teacher are talking to Cooper and when Cooper's mother is talking to her son, describing him to him and giving him advice on what to do in life. There are a few very intense scenes that are the climax of the film. One is when Cooper's father and the coach, looking at him, are talking about the game they're about to play. There are some great football scenes. The best one is when Cooper's dad is standing on the sidelines and he's looking at the players, all playing for the winning team. There are a couple of other good scenes, including the one where Cooper's mother has lunch with him and her boyfriend, and she's talking about her boyfriend, a guy she doesn't really like, who is a football player, who she can't stand because he is gay. That scene is really good. The other good scene is when Cooper's mother is talking to him about his sister. The thing that's very powerful is that it's all very real. It's real in a realistic way. You feel the pain, the anxiety, the guilt, the sadness. You see the parents struggling to keep a promise that they've made to each other. It's also very realistic in a realistic way. This is a story that is real. There are a couple of things that are not realistic. The coach is more like the coach of the Browns, which is a team that has made the playoffs in every season since 1979. He's like

Willie Peterson photo
Willie Peterson

A powerful and inspirational film that can be watched by anyone of any age. It's the story of a group of children who have to overcome their difficulties in order to reach their dreams. The story is about the hardships and struggles that all children go through in life and how they deal with those difficulties. The movie is told from the point of view of a girl named Dina who has just been released from the school where she has been attending. Dina is in a good relationship with her mother who has a difficult time adjusting to the changes that are occurring in her life. Her mother is a successful writer and is trying to write a book about the difficulties she has faced in her life. Her mother's marriage is in trouble and she is not able to maintain the love that she has for her husband. She has a difficult time adjusting to the new life that she has been given. Dina has a crush on a boy named Mark who is a high school student and a member of a popular band. Dina is the only one who can make her mother and her husband see that they have to start living in the real world. The problems that Dina has to face are all the more difficult because she is the only one who has been able to overcome them and she has been able to do so. The movie has a great message about life and overcoming difficulties. It is a great film that will make you feel good about the life that you have. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to feel good about the life that they live.

Sean photo

I saw this film last night at the Austin Film Festival and I was pleasantly surprised. I was a bit skeptical when I heard that it was a real-life account of the 1969 Gold Cup soccer tournament. The film is very factual and accurate, although there are some parts of the film that are a bit exaggerated. However, I did enjoy the film. It was well-paced and well-acted. I was impressed by the film and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good film.