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Run the Race

Run the Race is a movie starring Tanner Stine, Kristoffer Polaha, and Evan Hofer. Against the backdrop of high school football and track, two brothers in a small Southern town face escalating problems with two different world views,...

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Correndo por um Sonho
Running Time
1 hours 41 minutes
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Drama, Sport
Chris Dowling
Jake McEntire, Jake McEntire, Jason Baumgardner, Chris Dowling
Tanner Stine, Kristoffer Polaha, Kelsey Reinhardt, Evan Hofer
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Against the backdrop of high school football and track, two brothers in a small Southern town face escalating problems with two different world views, straining - but ultimately strengthening - the bonds of brotherhood.

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Keith G. photo
Keith G.

I saw this movie a few weeks ago and after all of the hype I was expecting a great movie. I was right. It was great. The movie deals with a young boy that is a great runner and meets an older girl who happens to be a great runner herself. It's a real down to earth film that reminds us that we can be great runners and not have to be a high class athlete or be a beautiful person. The story is not really about the runner and her relationship with her mother. It's more about the relationship the father has with his daughter. This movie is a great movie to get kids interested in running and the human body. It's not a movie to go to a family reunion and tell them how to lose weight and what to eat, it's a movie that will get you to think about what you can do to run a marathon, which is the most important part of being a great runner. It's a great movie to have in the kids room at home or at school. This is one movie to add to your movie collection. You won't regret it.

Brandon Cunningham photo
Brandon Cunningham

I have been a fan of James Franco for quite a while. I find his acting to be well above average in almost all of his movies. This is one of the more under-rated movies in his canon. It is entertaining but not something you want to rush out to see. The script is very loosely based on true events. The movie has a good feel to it. The characters are likable. There are some funny lines. The acting is good. The locations are beautiful. The characters are pretty. It is an OK movie. It is not a good movie.

Jean Burton photo
Jean Burton

Following the success of "Two For the Road," Matt Damon's character of Matthew McConaughey shows us he is capable of more than just "The Bad News Bears." He is able to show us a side of him that we haven't seen before. "Two For The Road" was a great movie. It was fun, it was entertaining, it had a great story, and it was really inspirational. "Two For The Road" was really the perfect movie for this year. Matthew McConaughey and Forrest Whitaker, along with the rest of the cast, were great, and I hope they get nominated for Best Actor and Actress. The supporting cast of Matt Damon, Forrest Whitaker, and Kyle Chandler were great, too. I had high expectations for "Two For The Road" and I was not disappointed. Matt Damon was my favorite character. He was believable, and I felt his character to be a well-rounded, well-written character. He was funny, smart, and the nicest guy. If you want to see a movie that is fun and uplifting, I recommend "Two For The Road."

Frances Mason photo
Frances Mason

I'm not sure why this movie was so bad. I mean, it was a very, very good movie. But it was very, very bad. The story was very, very good, and the actors were very good. But the director, she was not good. She could have made this movie a masterpiece, but she did not. I thought this movie could have been a great movie, but it wasn't. So, you have to be kind of disappointed. If you like baseball movies, you should see this movie, and if you don't, you should see the other baseball movies. But if you like baseball movies, you should not see this movie.

Kathleen photo

When I heard that a movie about a pro-doping wrestler would be made, I wasn't sure how it would be received. But I was pleased that the filmmakers did their homework and researched the athlete (Dianne Imbruglia) very carefully. This movie will help people understand the real life of DNP (doping) athletes and it is worth seeing. This is a great movie with a great story. The story is about a pro-doping athlete who is in the midst of a relationship with another woman (Juliette Lewis). I was disappointed in the actors playing these characters. But the story is great and the actors do a great job. The movie is not easy to watch because of the nudity. But it is a great story about a pro-doping wrestler who discovers that he is gay and decides to start a relationship with a woman. It is a very important topic that should be studied. A lot of people know that DNP is the most used doping agent. But the real story about the athletes is the real hero. The director did a great job in telling this story and it is worth watching. It is definitely worth watching for DNP athletes and other sports fans.

Christina H. photo
Christina H.

It's not a bad movie. It's not a great movie. It's not even a good movie. It's a movie that's just so-so. But it's definitely worth watching. It's the kind of movie you could watch again and again, just for the good parts. If you're looking for a movie that will challenge you, or if you just want to relax and enjoy the ride, this one's for you. The character development is really good. It's the kind of movie where you are laughing at how much you're enjoying it, and at how much it's affecting you. I'm not going to spoil the movie. You'll have to watch it to find out what happens. It's just that good. And if you have time and a good mood, you could watch this movie again and again. It'll get better with time. And it's not that long.