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Meow Wolf: Origin Story

Meow Wolf: Origin Story is a movie starring George R.R. Martin, Vince Kadlubek, and Emily Montoya. A group of artists in Santa Fe, NM become a DIY collective called Meow Wolf. Their immersive, large-scale exhibitions crack open a...

Running Time
1 hours 28 minutes
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Jilann Spitzmiller, Morgan Capps
Christina Procter, Morgan Capps, Jilann Spitzmiller
Emily Montoya, Vince Kadlubek, George R.R. Martin, Sean Di Ianni
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A group of artists in Santa Fe, NM become a DIY collective called Meow Wolf. Their immersive, large-scale exhibitions crack open a profitable niche in the arts industry, even as their social mission is challenged by the demands of rapid success. The group's members navigate fracture and loss for years in pursuit of their idealistic vision. When they spark the interest of George R. R. Martin and receive his support to take over an old bowling alley, Meow Wolf builds a massive exhibition with over 140 artists working at a breakneck pace. With the wild success of the House of Eternal Return, Meow Wolf now faces its own internal turmoil as it begins to change the lives of creatives everywhere.

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Christine Weber photo
Christine Weber

I am a 15 year old female and have seen a lot of dogs in my time, I have a black and white dog, she is named, "Molly", and is a good dog. I am also a fan of animated movies, but I do not consider this to be one of my favorites. I was really excited to see this movie and I was not disappointed, I would say it is better than my favorite movies like, "The Lego Movie", "Despicable Me 2" and "Frozen". I think it is a good movie to see when you are a kid or young adult. I will tell you this, I do not think this is a movie for people who are not kids or young adults, but if you are a fan of dogs and animation, you should definitely see this movie.

Timothy Rogers photo
Timothy Rogers

I love this movie. It is so inspirational, you can't help but to watch. I am really proud of this movie. If you want to learn something, this is the movie for you. I really liked this movie, because I saw it in a high school. It is very easy to see how the whole society sees gay people, as weak. I really don't understand why some people don't understand this. I think this movie is very inspirational. I think this is really nice and it is really really awesome.

Ashley Fields photo
Ashley Fields

This documentary is great. The documentary makers have done a fantastic job showing the horrors that wolves have caused on the people of the United States. While the movie doesn't give much background on wolves, it does give some interesting facts about wolves. I like how they do not show any humans. They are shown killing wolves for no apparent reason other than it was the only way to keep them down. I also liked how they show the effects of wolves on people, but it is not presented as entertainment. It is something to think about. This movie has a lot of great information that most people should know. I think it is a great documentary to watch. The documentary makers have done a fantastic job.

Jessica Graham photo
Jessica Graham

Well.well, well.just watched this and what do i have to say? I really like this film. It's very, very funny and entertaining and well made. I'm sure this is going to be a great hit at the Oscars. I've watched this at least 4 times and it keeps getting better. It's definitely a must see. I really like the "Rosewood" scenes and it's nice to see that the crew did all the work themselves. Well done to all the crew!

Mark M. photo
Mark M.

I loved this documentary. It was very informative and it made me feel that my family was never apart of the issues of the era. It was very touching and the story of how my family was separated was very interesting. I liked the history of how the drug problem was really getting out of hand and that they had to face the issue head on. I also liked the idea that this was a group of people that wanted to keep the idea of the end of the drug problem. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the history of the drug problem. I would recommend it to anyone who has a desire to learn about it. I would recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries and is interested in history.

Edward S. photo
Edward S.

This is a documentary that tells the story of a 12-year-old girl named Meow Wolf who became famous for her incredible strength and self-reliance. Meow was born with an enlarged heart, a condition that has caused her to grow and develop at an accelerated rate. As a result, Meow has grown into a strong, tall, and healthy woman. As she begins her journey into womanhood, Meow is befriended by the five people she would call her "brothers" - her mother, father, sister, stepfather, and stepmother. Together, they set out on a journey that takes them to meet Meow's grandfather, her grandmother, and her grandmother's house. The four brothers are ready to help Meow become a woman, and they bring her food and clothing. However, Meow's grandmother is hesitant about the idea, because she feels that Meow is too young to be the center of a family. She is also concerned about Meow's emotional state, which is quite volatile. At first, Meow's grandmother isn't very enthusiastic about Meow's new lifestyle, and she is hesitant about whether Meow should go on the journey. However, Meow's mother's patience and determination help her change her mind. Meow is also the first person to meet her grandfather. She meets him, and is immediately smitten by his kindness and kindness of spirit. After meeting him, Meow's grandfather is happy to see Meow, and is proud of her. However, Meow's grandfather is also afraid of Meow's strong will, and he is afraid that Meow will go too far. As a result, he doesn't want Meow to go to school, because she is too young. When Meow's grandmother dies, Meow is left alone, and she is frightened and upset. When Meow's father finds out about her problems, he tries to comfort her, but Meow doesn't seem to be listening to him. When Meow's mother finds out that Meow is going to be a woman, she is angry and upset. However, Meow's grandmother is supportive and encouraging her. After Meow's grandmother dies, Meow is left alone and afraid, and she begins to cry. Meow begins to fear that she is going to be alone forever. Meow's mother asks her to stay with her until she is able to get her grandmother to accept Meow's decision. Meow's grandmother,

Bruce Turner photo
Bruce Turner

I saw this at a local art house. There were several families that were having a ball. A family was playing ping pong, and a lot of the kids had to stop to take a pee. This was clearly not what the director was going for. This was one of the most pathetic movies I have seen in a long time. I've seen a lot of documentaries and I have a little bit of an IQ, but this was an absolute waste of time. The only thing that I could really say about this film was "OK, you have to watch it."

Kathleen photo

After watching the movie "Meow Wolf: Origin Story" I can say that it is not a bad movie. It is a very good movie but not as good as "Meow Wolf: The Movie". The story is about the life of the beloved cat and his owner who died due to a strange disease. The film is about the cat and his owner who try to live with him. The movie was shot in the South Africa, I think that this is the best location for the movie. The movie was very interesting and I would recommend it to people who like animal movies. There were some bad scenes in the movie but they were not bad. I like the movie a lot because it was about an animal. The movie was very sad but I think that it is not the best movie for people who do not like animal movies. The best part of the movie is the music. The music is amazing. If you like the movie "Meow Wolf: Origin Story" you can also watch "Meow Wolf: The Movie".

Linda photo

I was very pleased with the amount of info provided about the history of this film. Although the story is not new, it was well presented, and the actual filming was nice. I liked the acting, and it wasn't boring. My only complaint is the title and the "1" that comes after it. I can't see how that could be considered "adult" content. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this film, it's just that the title is what I see when I think of it. So if you want to see a really well made film, then this is the one for you. I hope that the producers of this film come up with a new title. I know the "1" is a little distracting, but I think it was a good thing. I think this is a great film, and I really recommend it.

Megan Grant photo
Megan Grant

A very informative documentary on the life of a female American cat who, although not a household name, is one of the most notable animals in the animal kingdom. While she was a domestic cat, she was the inspiration for a number of animated movies that became popular in the early 1900s. She also had a popular television show that ran from 1942 to 1950. The film is divided into several parts, and the first is devoted to her life in the United States. The second is about the events leading up to her death in the Philippines, and the third is about her death in New York. The entire film is well worth watching, and the narration by Dan Savage is a great choice for it. This documentary was directed by Martha Crider, who also edited the documentary and created the sound design. The documentary is well worth watching, but it may not be for everyone. I would recommend it to those who have an interest in cats or just love documentaries. 7/10

Jason Gonzalez photo
Jason Gonzalez

I have been waiting for this film for years. I have read some of the reviews and I can't understand how some people can be so negative about it. It is so true to life. People will be disappointed. But if you want to know what is really going on in the world, you have to watch this documentary. It is very entertaining. It will make you think. You will be entertained and you will be educated. Don't listen to the critics, the real story is out there.

Keith Wheeler photo
Keith Wheeler

A 20-minute documentary from 2012 about the life of the influential musician David Bowie. It shows a lot of behind the scenes footage from the Ziggy Stardust Show and the late 70's. There is also an interview with Bowie, some interviews with family and friends of Bowie and from time to time there are clips from old Bowie songs. I liked this documentary and thought it was an interesting and entertaining documentary about David Bowie. It is interesting to see the music from the Ziggy Stardust Show as well as hear from Bowie himself about his life and the Ziggy Stardust Show. I also thought it was interesting to see the former wives of Bowie and how he met them and what kind of relationships they had with Bowie. I thought the documentary was entertaining and worth watching. My rating for the documentary is 7/10.

Gerald R. photo
Gerald R.

I have watched this movie a few times now, and I'm still not quite sure why I love it so much. I have always loved stories of animals in distress, and this movie does a good job of showing the full range of animal feelings. It is a bit disturbing, but it is also heartwarming. It is full of information, and I think that people who don't want to know anything about animals or don't like the subject matter will be lost in the first few minutes. I also think that it is a good example of the ways in which people can learn to care about animals, and not only do they see the effects of the situations they find themselves in, but they also learn to appreciate the animals in their lives. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in learning more about animals, and how people can use their compassion for them to benefit other people.

Timothy photo

Witty, thought provoking, and well presented. The documentary isn't a documentary and certainly doesn't fit into any category of documentary. It is a personal, revealing, and funny film that is highly recommended. The production values are outstanding. The best part of the documentary is when the director reveals the little-known facts about his own family history. His father, who was a German immigrant, was a Holocaust survivor. His mother, a Jewish woman from Poland, was the one who actually started the family name of Wagner. He himself was brought up as a child with his father's full-blooded and incredibly racist Jewish father and mother. His mother died in a house fire. His father, who was a conservative, fiercely anti-Semite and racist, was his sole caretaker. He spent the rest of his life doing housework and children's clothing and other things in the family business. He married his childhood sweetheart's sister and their daughter. When they were married, the mother took on the same role that her mother's mother had in the family business. Her husband's father was a Nazi. His father had been a Nazi and his father's father was a German doctor. He was married to a woman who was Jewish and his father was in a Nazi party. His father's mother was a socialist. The film is not perfect. The documentary is not totally about his family history. It is only about his own family history. Also, I found the documentary a bit disjointed. The narration was a bit off, at times it was hard to tell what was being said. It was still a great documentary and highly recommended.

Rebecca Mills photo
Rebecca Mills

As a former animal control officer, I can vouch for the credibility of the movie. The animals portrayed in the film were all very well trained and behaved perfectly. The real problem I had with this film was the portrayal of the animal control officers. It is not believable that an animal control officer would subject a young puppy to extreme cruelty by taking it out of the cage, putting it in a plastic bag, leaving it outside the door, and leaving it unattended in a dog kennel for a week. No one ever told the officer to leave the animal alone. The officers were portrayed as being all over the place. I don't think this movie portrayed the best of the best, but it is an accurate portrayal of the hard work and dedication of animal control officers.

William photo

We've all seen the images of cute little cat and dog running around and eating human excrement. This documentary is about how those images became a symbol of evil, because they were originally made as a way to scare people into not using their feces for food. When people started to use feces to feed themselves, the symbol became evil and the disgusting images became a symbol of greed and slavery. The documentary is full of a lot of facts, and I'm not sure if it's meant to be a documentary or a news program, but I'm sure it is meant to be a documentary, because it is so funny. I've never heard of a documentary like this, but I'd love to see more like this. It's a shame that people need to be told what's wrong with them. I'm not sure how the public feels about this documentary, but I'm sure it's not very positive. I don't think this documentary is offensive, it's just showing facts, but maybe people need to see it and be aware of the things they're doing. I'm sure people will have a different opinion on it, but I think this documentary is a good one.

Billy J. photo
Billy J.

I watched this film and it was an absolute surprise. I was expecting a love story and had to admit that it was neither. I was not expecting to be confronted with such a huge and complex history, but was pleasantly surprised. It is a historical film and is not intended to be one. The film is set in the times of the 19th century in England and focuses on the rise and fall of the famous Blackbeard and his many associates. I will admit that I did not understand the entire story, but it is still a fascinating story to follow and it is well worth the time. It is definitely worth watching. If you want to see a love story then this is not the film for you. However if you want a story about a man and his rise and fall, this is the film for you.

Carl photo

The first part of the documentary focuses on the relationship between the actor and the dog. In the second part, we get to hear more about how they met, how they got together and how they met in the first place. The final part is all about their children, their children's children and their children's children. We learn how they met their kids, how they met their children and how they met their children. We learn about their kids's children, their kids's children and their children's children. We also get to hear about the actor's work in the film industry and how he became a star. The film ends with some comments on the current state of the dog industry. Some of the comments are honest, some are humorous and some are not. The fact that the documentary has a good balance of the opinions makes the viewer more knowledgeable on the topic. The way the director discusses the different opinions is also interesting. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who likes to know about animal-related topics.

Craig R. photo
Craig R.

So I really wanted to watch this documentary and I am very glad I did. I have never been a big fan of Johnny Depp. I have been disappointed with him in so many movies. This documentary however is not about Johnny Depp, it is about another actor, a very famous actor who is not on this planet. It is about the actors who are involved in this project and about the stories behind them. The documentary is also about other famous actors, including Kate Beckinsale, who plays The Queen. It is about a group of female actors, who have a lot of money and the fame they seek. The documentary is about the American movie industry and the effect it has on young and old people. It is also about the small companies who try to survive in this industry. The documentary is about those who have gone through the hardships of Hollywood and those who are just trying to make it and trying to make their mark. I think it is really cool. I love the stories behind the actors. I love the people who are involved in this project. I love the way they tell the stories. I also love the characters. I think this documentary is very special because it has so many people involved. It is great because it is not just about Johnny Depp and Kate Beckinsale. It is about other famous actors and the people behind them. It is also about the people who are trying to make a mark in this industry. It is very well done. I think that it is really amazing that this documentary is being made and that people are willing to make it. It is really cool. I really liked it and I think it is a great documentary.

Roger R. photo
Roger R.

Let me start off by saying I love Michael Moore. He is a great film maker. But this documentary was kind of annoying. I mean the main reason to watch it is for Michael Moore. So it wasn't like he did a good job. It was kind of like a single dad documentary. If you want to know more about Michael Moore then go to his website. But if you want to watch a documentary then go to Amazon Prime or Netflix. I think this documentary would be a good one to watch.