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Where Is Kyra?

Where Is Kyra? is a movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Kiefer Sutherland, and Suzanne Shepherd. In Brooklyn, New York, Kyra (Michelle Pfeiffer) loses her job and struggles to survive on her ailing mother's income. As the weeks and...

Other Titles
Kyra Nerede?, Gde je Kira?, Kyra, Beat-up Little Seagull, Wo ist Kyra?, Gdje je Kyra?, Deceit
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
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Andrew Dosunmu
Darci Picoult, Andrew Dosunmu, Darci Picoult
Anthony Okungbowa, Suzanne Shepherd, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kiefer Sutherland
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In Brooklyn, New York, Kyra (Michelle Pfeiffer) loses her job and struggles to survive on her ailing mother's income. As the weeks and months go on, her problems worsen. This leads her on a risky and enigmatic path that threatens her life.

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Sandra Chapman photo
Sandra Chapman

I've never seen an Aussie movie as good as this one. I've seen a lot of movies, but I can never remember them all. This movie is unique in that it has so many different scenes. It has a lot of sex scenes and some of the sex scenes are quite realistic. It is also one of the most realistic gay movies I've ever seen. It's also very funny. I've never laughed so hard. Some people will say it is too long, but it is too short. The actors play the characters really well. I think the best actor in the movie is John Abraham. I think he does an excellent job. This movie has many themes and it is not boring at all. It is very funny, and the script is very good. It is also very touching. I think this movie is one of the best movies of the year. I'm really looking forward to seeing it again. I gave it an 8 out of 10.

Steven Marshall photo
Steven Marshall

This is a great film about a single mother who is trying to find herself. She is living in a small town, but is forced to leave her family and her life because of a misunderstanding. At first she is so ashamed of her life, but the more she goes back to her family, the more she realizes she has to go back. She has to take care of her little brother, who is suffering from autism. She is not sure if he should be in the school or not, but she can't do anything about it. She knows she has to leave, but she doesn't know where she is going, and she thinks maybe she should stay and finish her degree. She is very naive, but she is strong and stubborn, and the way she deals with her problems is very natural. The actors did a wonderful job. I liked how they showed the pain and suffering of the mother. It was a very natural way to portray the situation. The film also showed the difficulties a mother has to face and how she has to deal with them. I really enjoyed the movie. I would definitely recommend this film to everyone. It is very interesting and the story was very good.

Catherine photo

I have been a huge fan of both Kyra Sedgwick and Alexandra Daddario for a long time, and this film was a huge surprise to me. I've seen a few of their films, and they are really nice actors. They play their roles well, but at the same time they were able to pull out some really powerful and touching moments. I loved the subtle way they portrayed Kyra's coming of age, and the way they used the camera to show that. I also liked how they portrayed the challenges Kyra had to deal with. It was a really unique look into the mind of a teenager who is navigating through puberty and discovering who she is. I also liked how the movie was able to show Kyra's family situation. They showed how her father is a divorced, drug addicted alcoholic, and his mother is a drug addict. Kyra's mom is always at her son's side, and she has to deal with all the stress of the family. Kyra's father has to deal with the guilt of having a child who is addicted, and the pressure of the family to come up with money for the baby. Kyra's sister is a heroin addict, and Kyra's parents are the ones who do not really know the true nature of their daughter. The ending of the movie shows how Kyra is able to deal with her life in a way that most people do not. The movie was really well made. The music was also great. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a good drama about adolescence.

Brian photo

I don't like this kind of movies, but I am glad I saw it. I think that this is a very good movie. It is a movie for everyone. You don't have to be a female or a male, it's not about sex, but about your life and what you want to do and how you want to do it. The movie is very much based on the fact that this was what Kyra wanted to do in her life. I think the movie is very well done. It has the character's emotions and feelings. It is a very good movie, I give it a 8 out of 10.

Sara photo

As a person who grew up in South Philadelphia, I was very familiar with the nightclubs and the kind of folks who frequented them. In "Love and Death", we see the first time we see the typical neighborhood resident, the "Golddigger". But she is not the typical mother. She is a businesswoman who has a nice apartment in a nice neighborhood. She has a teenage daughter, who is not as "proper" as she would like to be. And the problem is that she is in love with her friend, the "Golddigger". And the problem is that they are not exactly friends. She is, in fact, kind of a prude. She is not interested in her daughter and she doesn't have a clue what she is doing. She keeps on seeing the "Golddigger" as a parent. And when the two meet, we see that the mother and daughter have a very different relationship. But the mother tries to bring her daughter out of that. And it is a very touching story. It is a very romantic story, and it is also very funny. The acting is very good, and I liked the character of the "Golddigger". The music is also very good. I have always liked the music of Woody Guthrie, and the music in "Love and Death" is just as good. The ending is very good, too. I am not a big fan of the New Jersey music, but I loved this one. Overall, this is a very good movie. It is a very good movie about love and life and about what happens when you are in love.

Frances C. photo
Frances C.

This is a movie that will make you think, especially if you are in the position of a parent or grandparent. It is a very accurate portrayal of a family in the mid-90's. The mother and father were very supportive of their daughter as she grew up and they still are today. It was a little bit shocking that the mother had a long history of mental illness. It was also very heart-wrenching to see that the mother and father were very supportive of their daughter and they still are today. I would like to see this movie again as it's an extremely powerful movie and I would like to see the father grow to be more of a father figure.

Judith Woods photo
Judith Woods

I had heard a lot about this film before watching it, and was not disappointed. This film is based on a book, and the movie is based on the book. I love movies based on books. I thought that this movie was very realistic and very engaging. I had the chance to go to a preview, and it was amazing. I thought the acting was very good and the story was very interesting. I really enjoyed this film, and I will be going to see it again!

Phillip photo

I found this movie to be a very moving and thought provoking movie. The fact that it is based on the true story of two people who are being stalked and are scared to leave their home because they are afraid of being victimized again, is very chilling and in the case of Kyra, so is the fact that she and her son do not want to leave their house. Kyra is a very brave and brave woman. She takes the law into her own hands to protect her family, and that is a very brave thing to do. I also loved the part when Kyra is in her car and her son asks her to drive. She says that she is going to go to the store. And the man who was driving yells out, "you will be back!" And she says "I will be back." This movie makes me think about what can we do to protect our children and to protect ourselves. I really hope that this movie will help people understand that what they see on the news is not the whole truth. I really hope that the producers of this movie will be asked for their thoughts on the movie, and they may be able to give us a better idea of what the true story is.

Diana Woods photo
Diana Woods

The only thing that kept me from giving this film a perfect score was the fact that I could not make out what the characters were saying. I would have been ashamed to have my own brother say 'don't do that' or 'the only thing that matters is the outcome.' I found it hard to believe that these people could have been in that situation. In my opinion, the acting was very well done, but the dialogue was so hard to understand. I think a lot of the issues that these people had were the same issues that you and I have dealt with. I was surprised at how much the film showed the struggle that these people had, and the pain that they felt. I think this film will help people who are trying to get over the grief of a parent who has died or who has lost someone to a tragic accident. I hope that it will help those of you who are dealing with grief in your own way.

Sharon photo

This is a very intense, very disturbing and very intense movie. It is a first-person narrative, and it is so interesting to see what happens to the protagonist when she is interviewed and how she reacts to the questions she is asked. It is also a great movie to watch if you are in a bad mood and feel like it is a good time to do so. It is a movie that should not be missed.

Nancy photo

I went to see this movie in Cannes, and was so impressed by the "originality" of the story. It is one of the most intense movies I have ever seen. I'm not a big fan of action movies, but this one was a huge eye opener. I was so moved by this movie that I didn't want to leave. The actors were all excellent and the story, well, it is a great story. The only problem is that there are so many small details that go unnoticed. I know it's a movie, but a lot of the little details that make a movie so great are not so big in the movie. I'm not going to name them, because you'll have to see the movie to see them. I also think the movie was a little bit confusing. I know it's a movie, but I don't think it should be made into a 2-hour movie. I think if you want to watch a movie, you should watch it for the story, the acting, the music and everything else. If you don't want to see all of that, don't see it. It was worth it.

Amanda photo

I agree that this is one of the best films I've seen. I went into this film thinking that it was going to be all about the lesbian relationship but, boy, was I wrong. This is a very touching and heartfelt story of a group of people, all with different life experiences, that end up reuniting and building a family. This film is not to be missed. It is a movie that you will want to watch over and over and over again. It will make you feel good about the world and how it has changed. You will laugh at the ridiculousness of the main character, and you will be sad and feel the love that is present in everyone in this film. I cannot recommend this movie enough. If you haven't seen it, you have not lived.