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Science Fair

Science Fair is a movie starring Jack Andraka, Anjali Chadha, and Ramy Khodeir. Nine high school students from disparate corners of the globe navigate rivalries, setbacks, and hormones on their quest to win the international science...

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1 hours 30 minutes
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Cristina Costantini, Darren Foster
Darren Foster, Cristina Costantini, Jeff Plunkett
Anjali Chadha, Ramy Khodeir, Serena McCalla, Jack Andraka
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Nine high school students from disparate corners of the globe navigate rivalries, setbacks, and hormones on their quest to win the international science fair. Only one can be named "Best in Fair."

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Brittany Taylor photo
Brittany Taylor

I just finished watching this movie and I have to say that it was an excellent documentary. It was a very well done movie and very well thought out. It was very interesting and kept you interested. I thought the fact that the movie was made by a bunch of people from all over the world was a good thing. It showed that everyone had their own opinion and that people from different countries can come together and share their opinions. The movie also showed how difficult it is to make a movie in a foreign country. I think it was an excellent movie and I would recommend it to anyone.

Joe Foster photo
Joe Foster

The entire cast of the movie is excellent. Very easy to understand. My only criticism of the movie is that it was a little too long. However, I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Jeffrey Hopkins photo
Jeffrey Hopkins

I was fortunate enough to see this documentary at the Seattle International Film Festival. The film tells the story of a student from the University of Southern California who was one of the co-founders of a website called FRS. This website is a site where students can anonymously submit their feedback for teachers, administrators, and professors. While the students did a good job with this project, their project was one of the only ones to be fully implemented in the public domain. This is because of the students who did not want to use their real names. This is one of the reasons why FRS was created, and why it is so important that students have access to this information. If students could anonymously submit their opinions, that would be one thing, but the reality is that the students who participated in FRS did not want their identities to be known. It is a way for students to be able to express themselves and share their opinions without fear of backlash. This film does a great job of showcasing this project and the students who were involved in it. While this film is very educational, it is also very sad to see how these kids were treated by the teachers who were supposed to be their guardians. Although there are many positive things about this project, there is also some things that are not always well done. For example, students are given a pseudonym, and it is important for the teachers to know who this person is. Additionally, teachers are not always given the opportunity to read the students' reviews. These are things that could have made this project much better, but it was a great job by the filmmakers. Overall, this film is a great educational tool. It is very well done and I highly recommend that you see it. It is a great educational film that everyone should see.

Willie photo

We get to see a lot of that in this movie, how many of the students that are assigned a topic in the film actually do it, even if they don't want to do it. One of them is in the documentary about her experience of being suspended from school. And how many students have gone through that? And how many of them are actually there? And how many of them even know that they're there? We get to see this in the film as well. I didn't know that there were so many students who actually like the idea of a summer camp in the woods, or that there are people who actually volunteer to teach there, or that there are people who actually work at the camp. It's a really beautiful thing, and I hope that more of these stories are told. I also hope that more people will see this movie. It's a really important film.

Linda F. photo
Linda F.

This documentary is excellent. I can't say I've ever seen a documentary that can do so much. The content is so wide ranging, it could be just about anything. It is highly informative, and shows the most current of issues in our society. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone. And if you are interested in nature documentaries, I highly recommend this one.

Catherine photo

There are many things to like about this movie. One of the highlights is the way that the camera actually works, as you actually feel like you are in the room with the participants. The story is simple and doesn't have a ton of twists. It's a simple story about a group of teenagers that want to win a free trip to Disney World. This is done by a group of people who are not familiar with Disney World. They make their pitch, and a few people see their idea and are willing to help out. The film goes to great lengths to explain how this works and what's involved. The students take the task seriously, and it turns into a success. There are some good moments where the students talk about how they got there and some of the people they meet. It's a good way to show the students that you really do care about them, and they are doing something that you can't do, which is something that everyone should do. The only bad part is that the film is in English, and many of the students speak English. If you want to see a good documentary about a group of teenagers making a film, check out "The Movie Project". This film is more serious and even goes into detail about how they worked, and what they learned. It's well worth the watch.

Julia photo

A documentary about the creation of the National Science Fair, which was a precursor to the National Science Foundation. This is a fascinating film, with a lot of interesting information and footage. It is not quite a documentary, but it is definitely a documentary, and I would say it is very entertaining. It is a bit slow, and a bit hard to follow, but it is still a good film. I have not seen the other documentary, "The Rise of the Teenager," but I think it is better, and I would recommend this film to anyone who likes to learn more about the history of science and technology. It is also a good film for people who are interested in the history of science and technology, and who would like to learn more about the National Science Fair. Overall, this is a good film, and it is definitely worth watching.

Kelly W. photo
Kelly W.

I really loved the movie. I thought the movie was very accurate in showing what it was like to be a teenager in the late 90's. I thought it was great that the movie was real and the interviews were really real. It really shows that the movie is really about what it is like to be a teenager. It is so sad to think that there is a lot of kids that have not had a good childhood. This movie really shows that kids don't need to be celebrities to make a difference in the world. I also thought the movie was very well done. The interviews were done really well and I think they did a great job of getting the feelings out of the teenagers. I thought it was great to see the video of them in the bus and they really seemed real. I also liked how the movie ended. I thought it was really well done. I thought the movie was really good and it was great to see that the movie was real and the interviews were really real. It was a great movie and I really loved it.

Helen photo

I was looking for a film to watch in preparation for my first day at college. I saw this one and I was hooked from the beginning. I was so impressed with the story and the quality of the footage that I immediately went back to the library to check out some more and I have. This is a must see. I know that I will be buying this film on DVD. I would also like to find a way to purchase the film itself. It is definitely worth the time to watch. My best friend and I will be watching it again on our first day of college. I don't know if it will ever get out of our library but I am sure that it will be soon.

Kelly photo

I remember when I was in high school, I had a project with a teacher I admired. I was trying to come up with a creative concept for a project, and I did, but I failed. Then, I read this book, and I realized what I had missed. It was a very detailed story about what it was like to be a teenager, and how one can make a difference in a community. I found it to be very inspiring. It shows that teenagers can be amazing leaders and do great things. I highly recommend it to anyone. It's well written and has a lot of great information. I really enjoyed it.

Harry photo

This documentary offers some of the best insight and insight into the makers of the "Jurassic Park" films. After reading the book "Jurassic Park: The Lost World" by Michael Crichton, I was curious to see how the filmmakers portrayed the animals and the animals portrayed in the films. In this documentary, I was impressed with how they were able to capture the animals and the film makers capturing the animals. There is a great deal of information about the animals and a great deal of information about the films and the people who worked on them. In addition, I was impressed with the fact that there were very few interviews with the actors and actresses in the films. I was very impressed with the fact that the film makers had a great deal of compassion for the animals and the people who worked on the films. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who loves animals or animals and the films that were made about animals. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in animals or animals and the films that were made about animals.

Judith Rios photo
Judith Rios

I loved this film. The fact that it was so funny made it all the more amazing. I think it is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I think that it is a must see for anyone who is an actor or a fan of any actor. The fact that this film is so great and funny and I can see it in a few days made it the best documentary I have ever seen. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a good documentary. I can't wait to see it again.

Walter photo

I loved this documentary because it showed the people behind the project, and how they got their funding. The entire film was amazing, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The documentaries that I have seen have been on TV for a couple of hours, and they are usually the same. This one is longer and shows the process behind the project, which is quite unique. The whole idea of the project is very unique, and it's good to see how the people behind it came up with the idea. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I would say that if you are interested in science, or if you are just interested in the process behind the project, then you should definitely watch this film.

Sean Thomas photo
Sean Thomas

The film was really good. The video was great, the actors were good, and the story was great. I was really surprised at the end, and I thought it was a really good ending. I think it was very good, but I can't really say that it was perfect. I would have liked to see more of the actors and the different parts of the story. The acting was great, and the story was great. I think it was a good movie, but I think it could have been better. It was a good movie, but it could have been better.

Harold D. photo
Harold D.

I have to say I enjoyed this documentary. I saw it in a class in college and thought it was a good introduction to the subject. I am not a big fan of the subject matter, but I am sure that this documentary is not what I would have done in the same situation. The problem is that it's not clear enough on what it's trying to say. I would have liked to have seen more discussion on the subject matter and less talk about the "futures". It would have been more interesting to see what other people thought of the subject matter. I am sure that there are people who agree with this documentary, but I don't know what they would think if they were in the same situation. I think that the documentary is worth seeing and it is certainly worth the time. However, it does leave a lot of questions unanswered. The next time you are at a high school science fair, ask yourself this question: What would I have done in the same situation?