Anschauen Le retour du héros

Le retour du héros

Le retour du héros is a movie starring Jean Dujardin, Mélanie Laurent, and Noémie Merlant. 1809, France. Captain Neuville is called to the front, leaving his future bride heartbroken. Her sister decides to write letters on his...

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Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Comedy, History
Laurent Tirard
Grégoire Vigneron, Laurent Tirard
Noémie Merlant, Jean Dujardin, Christophe Montenez, Mélanie Laurent
France, Belgium
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

1809, France. Captain Neuville is called to the front, leaving his future bride heartbroken. Her sister decides to write letters on his behalf to cheer her up. But it all goes south when Neuville reappears.

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Phillip photo

It's a long time since I saw a movie like this. I had the opportunity to see it at the Berlin International Film Festival and I was very impressed. The story is about a beautiful queen who must return to the land of her birth in order to save her kingdom from the evil rulers of the land. I had the opportunity to watch this movie with the director, who had a special place in my heart, and he showed a lot of courage in presenting this beautiful and romantic story. I highly recommend this movie to everyone who likes a great story and is a fan of classic European films.

Ruth Allen photo
Ruth Allen

This is a very good film that I enjoyed. I thought it was interesting and engaging. I think the French movie industry has improved a lot since "The Other Woman" and "The Marriage of Figaro". If you are a fan of French movies, this is a good film to see.

Frank Oliver photo
Frank Oliver

I have to admit, when I first saw this movie, I was rather disappointed. I was thinking that it was going to be like all the other comedies that are made about the French Revolution. But I was wrong. This movie was made with a very, very high level of realism. There were many scenes where I was like, "Why is the main character in this movie acting like a retarded retard?" But then, it turns out that he's not. He's just acting. And he's just acting. The acting in this movie was very, very good. You get the impression that this movie was made by someone who has studied French at the best universities in the world. All the actors did a good job, especially the two leads. The dialogues were also very, very good. It's rare to find a movie where the actors are able to make a movie like this. The script was good. There were some scenes where I could say that it was a little bit too long, but I could live with that. The story was well written. I had the feeling that I knew exactly what was going to happen next. I was very satisfied with the ending. The movie was very, very, very entertaining. It's a great movie. I recommend it to everyone. It's a movie that I can watch over and over again. I am going to see it again today, just to see how well the director does with this movie. If you have not seen this movie, you should definitely see it. It's a movie that you should not miss.

Karen O. photo
Karen O.

I love this film! I saw it a couple of years ago and was very surprised by the depth of the film. It's about the sexual revolution of the sixties, the sexual repression of the seventies, and the counter-revolution of the eighties. The story is set in the French North of France, in the village of Croisette, in the Loire Valley. The film is about a young girl, Francine, who comes to the village to be a governess. She is beautiful and clever, and is very well educated. She works in the same convent as the girls of the village, and they are all sexually liberated, having sex in the school. They have a dance at the prom, and Francine becomes a member of the French Communist Party, and joins the party. She is able to have a lot of sexual freedom and the other girls do too. The movie is very funny and witty. The story is very interesting and I recommend it to everyone who likes a good story.

Raymond Munoz photo
Raymond Munoz

This movie is about the exchange of ideas between two men, who were friends before the war, but after it. It's a great example of how one can take a film and turn it into something much more. The way the two men meet again after the war is very interesting. This movie is very entertaining, and I would recommend it to anyone who has seen a French movie, and wants to see something different.