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Stockholm is a movie starring Ethan Hawke, Noomi Rapace, and Mark Strong. Based on the absurd but true 1973 bank heist and hostage crisis in Stockholm that was documented in the New Yorker as the origins of the 'Stockholm Syndrome'.

Other Titles
The Captor, Η Ληστεία της Στοκχόλμης, Síndrome de Estocolmo, Stokholma, Die Stockholm Story - Geliebte Geisel, Rapina a Stoccolma, Sztokholm
Running Time
1 hours 32 minutes
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Crime, Biography, History, Drama, Comedy
Robert Budreau
Robert Budreau
Mark Strong, Christopher Heyerdahl, Ethan Hawke, Noomi Rapace
USA, Canada
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Based on the absurd but true 1973 bank heist and hostage crisis in Stockholm that was documented in the New Yorker as the origins of the 'Stockholm Syndrome'.

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Frances P. photo
Frances P.

Pity there was no Oscar nomination for this film. The story of a young boy who becomes a gun smuggler in the 1980's is very powerful and emotional. All the actors gave outstanding performances, particularly Hugh Grant, who also directed. His style is reminiscent of the much older films of the same era. The cinematography is beautiful, as is the music. This is one of the best films of 2007 and worth every penny.

Gregory photo

I think that this film is an intriguing piece of cinema. The characters, their relationships and struggles are realistic and fascinating. I think it's fascinating to see how such a bizarre situation can arise from something so simple. And I think it's fascinating to see the long way it takes for something so bizarre to develop into something more normal. I also really liked the way the film portrays the relationship between Anders and his mother, how it changes and changes again, how it works and how it doesn't. I also liked the way it depicts the relationship between Anders and his sister. It is a bit frustrating, however, to watch the way Anders's mother slowly becomes more and more of a part of Anders' life. And when she does eventually fall into the abyss, it's a bit too sudden, too "end of the world" ending. But that's just my personal opinion. I do think the film is a little too long for my taste, but I think that's probably the point of the film, to illustrate the complexity of human relationships. And I think it's an interesting point to show how much of a different life Anders is able to lead, just because of his mother. As it is, there are some scenes where I think the film could have been a bit shorter, but I think the overall film is just too good. So, I think it's definitely worth a watch.

Roy Reyes photo
Roy Reyes

This is a dark, depressing, and depressing film. The movie is a very dark comedy. I am going to say this in order to save some time: The ending is a spoiler, as it is revealed to the audience. I would not recommend this movie to anyone who would not be able to handle a dark movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a dark comedy.

Denise R. photo
Denise R.

After reading the review I read on this site, I decided to watch this film on a rainy afternoon. I was glad that I did, as it was a good film. First of all, I want to say that the film was directed by Matthew Libatique. I am not sure why he directed the film, but he was perfect for it. I have not seen all of his other films, but he is definitely a talented director. The film deals with the incredible events that took place in Sweden in the 80's, and how that affected the lives of the people of Stockholm, and the police. The film also shows what happened to the Swedish people. It was very dark, and had a lot of graphic violence. It is hard to watch, and it was very intense. The movie also shows the effects of the military dictatorship that was in Sweden. The movie was great, and I think that it would be good for people to watch. It is not an amazing film, but it is definitely worth watching.

Thomas S. photo
Thomas S.

At the heart of this movie is a painful fact about the fact that the Cold War is still alive and well and that the process of the weaponization of weapons and the maintenance of weapons is still going on. It's an interesting concept. In the movie, it is portrayed as a paradox, but the metaphor does not mean that the Cold War is still alive and well, in fact, it only means that the Cold War has never really ended. What this movie has in common with other Cold War movies is that it is an enjoyable movie and it does not take itself too seriously. But there are things that make it a little bit difficult to enjoy. The story in this movie is not very good, it has not much depth, there are parts that are too superficial and it does not help that it is directed in a very slow and predictable way. Nevertheless, the movie is well-made and there is no reason to not watch it. Overall, I would say that the movie is worth a watch. It has a good story, it is not a great movie but it is a watchable movie.

Janice Pearson photo
Janice Pearson

This film is based on the true story of John, a young man who finds himself caught up in the middle of the plot of a terrorist attack. John is a British secret agent, who specializes in counter-terrorism, and is also a fan of New York City's music scene. As the film progresses, we meet the various people in John's life, who are all tied together by this incident. The film is essentially a look at how John is dealing with life as a new man, and how he goes about trying to make things right. It is a great insight into the cultural and political milieu of the day, when John was a young man. He is the star of the film, and plays it with passion. It is hard to believe that a British Secret Agent would be so deeply involved in the affairs of the city he so loves, and this film is very interesting in showing how a young man from a country that is so far removed from his life experience, can be so immersed in the culture and activities of New York City. The film is not perfect. There are scenes that are hard to take seriously, and some of the dialogue is hard to believe. However, this is not enough to ruin the film, as it is highly enjoyable, and the performances are first rate. The acting in the film is very good. It is a very funny, realistic look at the early 1990s, and the audience will find themselves with a smile on their face at the end of the film. Overall, this is a great film, that is worth watching.

Tiffany photo

The relationship between artist and painter is the crux of Swedish director Ulf Strand's films. In the context of his films, artist and painter are defined as people who draw or paint pictures, henceforth referred to as artist/painter. In contrast to American cinema, where the "art" is usually a highly intellectualized affair, Swedish cinema is focused on simple things and the human emotions. Strand's films are still aimed at teenagers. The plots are simple but the way they are portrayed, while certainly not not full of humor, are not necessarily very humorous either. In other words, they are not very funny, but they are not too serious either. There is not much to laugh at in Swedish cinema. Strand himself is also a "young" director, and it is easy to see that he is rather good at depicting young people, whereas adults seem to be quite tired and bored of their jobs. This makes the director's films also less than interesting. This is why "Stockholm" is interesting. The film is about a famous artist and painter, Olof Palme. Palme's work is so powerful and important that the whole world of art is waiting for his next picture. However, he is also famous for his bad attitude. He has never been able to give an important painting. The problem is that no one believes him. Until a day where he is going to show his new work. But when the painter is going to make a statement about his painting, he is attacked by his own work. And he makes a statement about himself. In the end, it is not really a good movie. It is not very funny, it is not very interesting. However, the main message of the film is not too bad. It is to be a "drama" and not to be a comedy. If you want to watch a comedy, watch "Cabaret". "Stockholm" is one of the films that I liked the most. It is so simple and simple, that you really have to think about it, and not because you want to. If you like Swedish cinema, and you have not seen this one, you should go and see it. You will be surprised.

Alexander Cunningham photo
Alexander Cunningham

Before his directorial debut "The Beguiled", Clint Eastwood delivered a good work in "Stoned and Stoned". It was a documentary about the degenerative illness which has plagued President Lincoln's family for years, and they have decided to make the film into a movie. It also deals with a man's desire to marry his sister, the side effects of his wife's death, and a young man's self-destructive behavior. "The Beaver" has many of the same elements as "Stoned and Stoned", but it is still a good film. It has its moments, but they are few and far between. Clint Eastwood is as always very good in the lead, and gives a good performance. Though, he is given a very limited amount of screen time, and it is a shame that the film is not better as a result. Still, it is a worthwhile film that stands out from the rest of the genre, and is a good film all around.

Janice Simpson photo
Janice Simpson

A lot of people have been bashing this movie for its lack of realism, but I think that it is also a visual story that is based on a true story. How many movies can you tell the same story from different perspectives? And, of course, how many stories can you tell with a historical figure? If you can't make sense of it, you can't make it. I think that this movie is a good way to connect with the history of the world in general, and to try to understand what it's like to be young, or to be old, in the world around you. The young man in this movie, the kid, is the only one who understands what the kid is talking about, and what the history of the world is, and to not understand the context of the whole situation he finds himself in, and to try to keep on living and going on as if he was a normal person. To me, this movie is about how a good person, even a good person who tries to understand what is going on around him, can be destroyed by the little things in life. He is reduced to being a complete package, and unable to stand by his own beliefs. And this is the power of the movie, which can be seen in a lot of movies, in the great music, in the great actors, in the great visual story, and in the fact that the movie is as real as it can be.

Gregory W. photo
Gregory W.

While many of the reviewers who have rated this film have found it to be disappointing or uninteresting, I found it to be a moving and profound film. Some of the performances were rather lackluster, but that's to be expected with a film of this nature. The movie was quite a shocker in its portrayal of what life was like in a time of change and upheaval. The violence and the reaction of the people who lived through the war in the film was also very realistic. The acting was superb, as it should be. The movie is truly a story of a time in history, and the story that it tells is so true to life. The movie did a great job at telling the story of an individual who was torn apart by the war, but who has found himself as a person who is in search of himself. The movie does not dwell on what happened, but tells a story about who he was, and the character he has become. I have to say that I was very moved by this movie, and I think that most people will be too. There were many moments in the movie that left me in tears. This is a movie that needs to be seen by people who are interested in history, and who appreciate the true quality of cinema.

Dorothy M. photo
Dorothy M.

The film was made in 1970, well after the end of the Second World War, so it is not easy to have a narrative that can move back in time and reflect that time. But in this case, the film is based on a true story. The film is shot on location in the Berlin, where many of the major scenes took place. Some of the great scenes are in the summer and autumn of 1945 when the Nazis were trying to eliminate the Jews in the city. The film covers the period of the war from August 1944 to May 1945. I enjoyed the film very much, although it is too long, and that I kept wishing the film would end. I did not like the fact that the film focuses on a large portion of the German leadership at that time. It seems to be a bit repetitive. The film has many strong performances from the main actors. The film does not have a happy ending and does not feel very happy, either. I would not recommend it to the casual filmgoer, though.

Steven photo

This film is so inspiring, it may be even more inspirational. It's a powerful film that shows the power of a truth about the world. The film is divided into three parts. The first part is about refugees. The second part is about the money system. The third part is about the war in Iraq. I don't think I've ever seen a film that combines the two together as well as this one. The story is told through the eyes of a refugee and the money system, in a way that is even more powerful than the refugee story. The film is just great. The actors were really good in this film. Each actor did an incredible job. It's a film that shows the power of a truth. The story is about people from all over the world, and how they struggle to survive in a world that is failing them. The story is just powerful. It's an amazing story, that will stay with you for a long time.