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Whitney is a movie starring Whitney Houston, Ellen White, and Michael Houston. An in-depth look at the life and music of Whitney Houston.

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Kevin Macdonald
Kevin Macdonald
Ellen White, Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston, Michael Houston
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An in-depth look at the life and music of Whitney Houston.

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Charles Dean photo
Charles Dean

The above quote from Whitney is an excellent definition of what I think of this film. It is a love letter to Whitney's life, a love letter to her music, and a love letter to the world. This film documents the entirety of Whitney's life. It details the music she made and the period she lived in. It documents the greatest hits of her career and highlights her "apparent" debacles, which were the type of things that kept her from achieving her goals. This is not a factual account of the day-to-day life of a successful musician. It is a celebration of the amazing accomplishments of Whitney, and is truly a tribute to her. The portrayal of the person and the music are both excellent. It is not just about the music, but about the person herself. I highly recommend this documentary. If you loved her, you will love this film. It contains everything you would want to know about the music and person. This is a wonderful film, and a fitting tribute to Whitney. A diamond in the rough.

Samantha H. photo
Samantha H.

What do you expect from a man whose own father was a Nazi? Herrin being such a small town, this documentary clearly speaks to people all over the world who don't know any better and don't care. What does this documentary tell me? It shows me that my mother and my grandparents were, to a large degree, victims of this genocide. It shows me that it is my responsibility to educate my children and the youth of my children. It shows me that when my son is born, he will have to be educated and he will be educated from the beginning. It tells me that we must prevent another generation of senseless killing. If you are not knowledgeable of the Holocaust, then you are going to like this film. And if you are, then you are going to be moved by this film. It is definitely an important film, and I would recommend this to anyone who cares about the future of humanity. And if you don't care, it is still a good film. You don't have to be a Nazi or Holocaust denier to appreciate it. I've always felt that the main reason why I learned of the Holocaust was because my mother told me all about it. But, what if you didn't know about it? Well, I was able to share this film with you. It is a great film, it will make you think and will make you feel. It is a film that should be shown in schools, wherever, everywhere, and it will help make this world a better place.

Billy photo

When I heard that Natalie Merchant (pictured above) was coming back to document one of her late friends's recent death, I thought this was going to be a documentary of sorts on the singer. However, what was happening in the film was actually an interview with her late friend Chris Taylor (played by Joel Quinn). Taylor died suddenly, and didn't give a well thought out, inspirational or profound speech. Instead, he just simply said, "I was just like you. This is the way I was." When I heard this, I just kept thinking, "Why can't he just give a speech or anything?" But then I thought, "No, he was that way. He was just this normal person that really wasn't going to give you a speech, so you shouldn't care. Maybe, he shouldn't have died at all." It was so sad, because it's just so true and realistic. Taylor didn't have to give a speech about himself. He just could have just stayed home and had a good time. We all need that sort of person that is in tune with what we're feeling, and can help us move forward when we have any sort of problem. It just made me sad that Taylor passed so easily. It's sad that a really great person like Taylor didn't want to share his memories with the world. I have to say that Taylor definitely made me sad. He made me cry. He made me wanna go on tour with his band for a little while. The bond that these two had was incredible. They're a great artist duo. They both made me feel great. It was really sad that Taylor passed. I was so sad for him. It was almost like he was really passing away, and he didn't want to let us know about it. He just wanted to let the world know that he was gone. I think that Taylor's death also made me angry. He had a ton of good music, and I really really loved it. And he still does. He's a good friend. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't get to meet him. All he did was play music, and he made me feel good. He just made me feel better. And I know that he would have wanted us to go on tour and have fun. Taylor died right at the height of his popularity. He was playing his songs, he was making money, and he was still just a normal guy. We need to celebrate his life and everything that he did. He had a lot of great music and I really think that we should listen to it more and feel it more. We need to remember what he was like. He made me feel good. He made me feel amazing. I want to give him a big hug. And I love him so much. I love you, Chris Taylor.

William Jackson photo
William Jackson

Wow! This documentary is truly amazing, it covers a range of things from the making of Sex Pistols songs and the opening of the Internet to the writing and singing of Death to Smoochy and so many more! The documentary is well-done and shot in great style, the camera work and some of the interviews are really quite amazing, very good use of music as well. It's a great mix of interviews with people in the band, people in the media, and even a bit of interviews with the people involved in the creation of the Sex Pistols. If you like punk rock music or just listen to it, definitely see this documentary!

Benjamin photo

I actually got a lot more out of this film than I thought I would. The cinematography is awesome, but then again I don't mind the film because it was mostly shown in black and white. The subject matter is interesting and it's certainly not for the faint hearted. It was a fascinating documentary, and I'm a sucker for documentaries about rock 'n roll and music in general. Like I said, I never really knew much about the actual singer, before I watched this film. I would have loved to know more about what makes him tick, and how he made it as he did. But anyway, the movie is very informative, and I think it's a must see if you like music, and rock 'n roll.

Raymond Holland photo
Raymond Holland

It was a fairly basic documentary about singer/songwriter Whitney Houston's life, her music and her career. It was worth seeing for the interview with the person who brought her to the top. It was interesting to see what Houston did after the story was over, her music and her last two albums, and some of the songs she sang. It was interesting to hear some of the lyrics she sang. But it was just a basic story. It's not really what we're looking for here. It was more like her life as a person, her relationship with her daughter and her fans. It was more of a summary of her life. It wasn't like it was a movie. It was just a story that was told in a very simple way. It was pretty easy to follow. It wasn't too long. It wasn't too short. It was just a summary of her life. It was not anything really. I don't think it would have been better to watch it if you were someone who knew her or knew her on a personal level. It wasn't really a "great" film, but it was pretty good. I think this could have been a great documentary about her career and life, but it wasn't really what we were looking for here.

Roy W. photo
Roy W.

This movie is a dark, very depressing, and depressing, movie that I found inspirational. The movie I feel is based on the real story of the person that Whitney Houston is. After watching the movie, I felt like I want to make my life so much better than her. The film is a great story about how this person turned into an artist that I thought could be, if she just turned back to normal. She is a beautiful singer who was talented, but had a very bad life that she got stuck in. This movie is a great story about how she became an artist, and how she changed her life. The music and the music videos are great and you feel like you are a part of the movie. This movie is about a person that was troubled, and her real life was messed up. I felt like this movie helped me turn around my life. This is one of the best films I have seen this year and I hope more people watch it and change their lives.

Jack Douglas photo
Jack Douglas

In part one of this four-part documentary, "Secrets of a Marriage: Whitney Houston and Kris Kristofferson," the voice-over narration by Diane Sawyer reveals the unlikely history of a woman who turned from country star to pop superstar. And with that, the soundtrack kicks in. The documentary offers several questions and answers about what happens to a person, in particular, after a marriage. One of the questions is, "Why would someone who is married cheat on his wife?" This is the difficult and tricky question posed by Sawyer. Yes, it's that easy. It's like "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," but with more drama. And we know what kind of a question this is, because it was posed. The other questions are about divorce and custody of a child, and it's worth asking these questions as well. So, for this particular documentary, the questions are even more important. The second part of the documentary gives us the facts of the history of the relationship between Houston and Kristofferson. Houston, in fact, was the one who first asked Kristofferson to marry her. The two of them met and they married in 1969, and they lived together until they divorced in 1972. But Houston later wanted her own divorce, and she used a lawyer to get her own. But she could not get that divorce, so she divorced Kristofferson anyway. However, the fact of the matter is, when she divorced Kristofferson, she did not get the rights to the house or the money that she had paid him. She also had to wait for a court to hear the divorce case. Houston was able to get some money from Kristofferson's mother. But in a sense, she had no rights whatsoever. She had no legal right to the money. This is not only true for Houston's own divorce case, but also for a number of other divorce cases throughout the decades. In particular, as this documentary shows, there was a divorce case between Houston and her son, Ray Houston, who was not even her biological son. Houston had two kids. She had two other children with Ray Houston, and all they got was half of Houston's money. And Houston's son is also the one who sued Houston for using child labor, which was also against Houston's terms. Houston is still listed as a plaintiff in that case, and Houston continues to pursue Ray Houston's case. Houston has also continued to pursue a lawsuit against Houston's ex-husband, who is the person she was married to. But Ray Houston says that Houston's lawsuit against him is also a lawsuit against her, since Houston's ex-husband also says that he is not a party in the case. So Houston still has a lawsuit against Ray Houston, which he has not filed in the California Superior Court. Ray Houston says that Houston continues to sue him, even though Houston never filed a lawsuit against him in the first place. Ray Houston claims that the real estate transfer tax is being used against him by Houston's lawyer to file her suit against him. Houston has filed the lawsuit, but Ray Houston has also

Jane photo

Wow, what a great film. After seeing The Freshman, I was so scared that I was going to watch the Freshman again. The Freshman, directed by David Gordon Green, is the second film I have seen by director David Gordon Green, after the acclaimed and inspirational film Paper Towns. The Freshman is the second film of his short filmography. With the help of his producer, Amy Sussman, Green interviews film makers about their experiences with black men. He takes us behind the scenes of how they get the funding and financing for their films. He shows us how they get the funds from distributors, marketing, distribution, and then the film gets distributed to theatres. The Freshman is a very insightful film that shows how the lives of black men in Hollywood have been affected by Hollywood's treatment of black men. Although, I have been a huge fan of David Gordon Green, he has not been the filmmaker that I was expecting. The Freshman is a very powerful film, and is very enlightening. There are no easy answers to what is wrong with Hollywood's treatment of black men. It's not just Hollywood that needs to change, but the black men themselves. It is no secret that Hollywood has historically ignored black men. This is a very powerful film, and shows that Hollywood is far from the only place that needs to change its treatment of black men. I highly recommend the Freshman to everyone, because I believe it will change your life.

Alan S. photo
Alan S.

I was lucky enough to see this documentary at the Venice Film Festival and I found it to be very interesting. It also makes a very clear point that there is still racism in America. Even when the big black people get their chance to make a difference, they still face the problems that the black people had to face. Some of the music was a little too hip-hop for me and some of the stories just didn't make sense. For example, I didn't understand why some of the people were asking questions about the skin color of the people who were making the music. I also didn't understand why some of the people were in the movie having a discussion about a whole different culture that they had never seen in their lives. And I thought the movie had some of the things that the critics are always talking about in the media and politics. But I think that the movie did a good job of showing that in today's world, racism is still a problem. And I think that if more people really understood what racism is and what it really means, then the whole problem would be solved.

Peter Harrison photo
Peter Harrison

The documentary/performance piece made me stop what I was doing and go to the bathroom. It was unbelievably moving. The film is a compilation of over 100 hours of performances, concerts and the live album of many artists that preceded them. The performances are impeccable, ranging from Queen and Chic to Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Shania Twain, Coldplay and Prince. If you like music or the music industry and are a fan of any of the artists featured, this is a must see. I hope more people will see this movie. Many movies about music are political so people don't always listen to the music. This movie will make you really listen to what they have to say. Some of the best performances were on stage or off with this film. The one to see is Bruce Springsteen who doesn't get enough credit for his brilliant solo career. He has recorded all of his solo albums and they were brilliant. It was so fun to listen to. The film goes into the history of the band and the band itself, how the new member joined and why they decided to stop touring. It talks about the early days of Queen and the music industry, particularly the film Princess of Wales, the most influential rock video since The Beatles. It talks about Prince, their relationship and how he made a deal with the devil to get him out of the music business. It talks about the start of Coldplay and how they got into the music industry. It goes into the careers of the major artists and the biggest question of the last 10 years is what will happen to this group now? All of these stories and performances make up the most powerful documentary of the year. I'm looking forward to seeing it again because it is that good.

Jerry photo

I have seen many documentaries and found some that were interesting and entertaining but for me it was a personal preference of the documentaries that I really enjoyed. This is an example of a documentary that I thought was very interesting and entertaining and I was able to tell the story from a different point of view. I think the film is very accurate in showing the process of the story telling and telling the story from the people who were there. I think the film was very effective and very well made and I would highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a documentary that tells a story from the point of view of the people who were there. I give this film an 8 out of 10 and would recommend this film to anyone.

Mark A. photo
Mark A.

John Zorn's work in Rolling Stone is the only work I have ever read where he actually shows his professional bias against one of the writer-clients he attacked. After all, every one of his magazines has featured the same up-and-coming rocker as a lead writer (who is not, in my opinion, a bad writer). When his reasons for hating the writer don't quite work, and his reason for liking the musician doesn't work, he simply reduces the writer to a vapid "crush" who had a "love interest" or "wife" and so on. This was so depressing and ignorant, I am glad I stopped and just turned off after a while.

Olivia photo

From the original artwork on the front of the DVD box, I thought this documentary would be interesting. It is. While I was surprised that I did not think this was a docu-drama, I thought it was interesting that they were using a lot of archival footage from the shows. I thought the editing was very well done, and the stories that they had told were interesting. The costumes were interesting too. I would have liked to see more of the rooms in the house, the halls and hallsways. I thought the movie would have been better if they had shown more of the show, not just from the point of view of some people. If you like any of the acts on stage or the groups, you should definitely watch this documentary.

Rose photo

A stunning documentary that is more about James Taylor than just a man. I can't really think of one person that Taylor's songs are mentioned in this film. Sure, he has written some good ones. I'm sorry. It doesn't get much better than this. He's really one of the best. And to have someone of his caliber say, "Oh my god, he should've done this, he should've done that." It's just so fascinating to listen to. I think the film does a very good job of chronicling Taylor's life, and he really doesn't do a bad job at all. The truth is, James Taylor was all we thought we would see. A music icon, a legend. Then all of a sudden he was a drug addict and I guess he didn't know how to deal with that either. His story, at least his own, tells us that there is an awful lot of things in life that we don't really understand. And if you don't know, it may take you a while to get it. Not only that, but sometimes we just don't understand. So I think the entire story is really great. It's a shame that it wasn't a little more known. I would like to see a follow-up to this, in which he's telling his own story, because he's not even so much a musician anymore. He was once a great artist, but he didn't have a single note in his body. I just think that it's very interesting to listen to, and I recommend it for everyone.

Justin photo

I thought this documentary was great. I'm a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen, and this movie is a true love story. This documentary has taken the message of love and about 'It's Not Easy Being Green' in a way that has touched me. A great movie. I highly recommend this movie to everyone, especially Bruce Springsteen fans and friends.

Stephen Adams photo
Stephen Adams

For many, the act of becoming involved in the punk scene was a rite of passage. One can remember seeing one of these iconic acts perform at a local music club and having a certain thrill to be one of the first to see them perform. "Fever Pitch" is a story about that journey. It is told from the perspectives of the band members themselves, as well as their families and friends. The film does not go into any detail about the specific bands involved in the story. Instead, it shows how each band member was a unique individual and how they connected with each other, their fans and the general public. It is an interesting look into the lives of punk rockers and the personal costs involved. The movie does not focus on the bands themselves, but on the people who were involved in the scene. The performances in the film are done in the style of an old music video. It shows the band members in front of the camera and the audience. In this sense, it is a documentary about the music, but it is also a story about the people who were around when it was happening. The music itself is played very well, but it is the intimate interviews and the nostalgia that is so powerful. This is a great film for people who have never been a part of the punk scene and for those who have, and it shows a side of the scene that most people have never experienced. Overall, this is a very entertaining documentary that will definitely be worth watching.

Shirley R. photo
Shirley R.

This is a very strange film that is a great introduction to the history of electronic music. It is a little bit confusing at times, but it does give you an idea of what electronic music was, the artists, the musicians, and the scene. The DVD is a good presentation and the film is very well done. There is a great bonus feature, an interview with the artist(s) talking about their own background in music and a documentary on the scene from the early 90s, covering all of the albums, bands, and songs that made electronic music what it is. Definitely worth seeing.

Laura photo

Who wrote the 'The death of John Lennon' and told John Lennon to 'don't give it up'? That book of lyrics was made out of lies, the first to be made in the decade after the death of the hero (Kurt Cobain) of the Beatle-genius, the so-called memorial at Woodstock. The art and entertainment came and went, and eventually the ill-will between the two ended and had to go on, as all wars do. The real fact is that the public remained silent. Only the artists themselves were brave enough to say 'something', because the fate of the nations depended on them. It's interesting how much this book has changed in those few years since it was published, but how that change never touched Lennon's wife, Kim Basinger. As the two artists' family no doubt have given very good gifts to their children, well now. Some people might say they are tired of them. But are we really tired of them? And did they deserve the way they died? Just what kind of a "holy war" was this? This may not be important, but this new book is not the one about war. This book is about truth. And it's the truth about Lennon and the fame of the Beatle-genius. And in it you'll find the best approach on to the people's feelings of the time. It's not simply about John Lennon. But the way of telling the truth, the unifying line between the 'bad guys' and the 'good guys', the brilliant contribution to the love and popularity of John Lennon. The docu-drama is a 'classic' for the whole world, and indeed I consider it one of the greatest documentaries that I've ever seen. The subject is just too important, and this documentary gives us all a chance to learn something about this, our most loved personality. A true love story, like all great love stories, about the true love of the human heart.

Keith F. photo
Keith F.

A great documentary on the punk scene of Boston in the early 80's. What really made this movie was the music. There was this energy to the music that I just loved. I love punk music, but the music in this film is so much more than that. I also really enjoyed the interviews with the people who were involved in the punk scene. This documentary really shows the time period, the people involved, and the music. It is very interesting to see people from this era who are now famous today. You also get to hear some really amazing music. It is really worth the time. There are some really cool interviews. I really like this film.

Denise photo

I liked this film very much. The story was well told, and the clips were very interesting and well-made. The documentary footage, the interview footage, and the music were all very well done. The score was also very well done, I loved it. It was a very unique story, and a good movie overall. A must see.

Patricia photo

The documentary "Being Michael Jackson: The Making of the Reality TV Show" makes a good documentary. The editing is excellent, with some great footage from all the stages of the making of the TV show. The interview with Eric Eason is very interesting. There are some very interesting quotes, such as "He was no victim" and "Why don't you try anf more, a little more of this, a little more of that." The most interesting is from the Queen of Pop, Debbie Harry, who talks about how it was important for her to be in the show, and how much she loved it. She also talks about how Michael and Debbie knew each other for so long, and how she was told not to come on the show. It was also interesting to hear from Michael's former producer, Eddie Futch, who talks about how the show got started, and how he helped with the filming of the scenes. There are also a couple of interesting quotes from Michael's fellow cast members, such as "I'm the biggest joke on Earth," and "It's a beautiful thing to see you." This is a really interesting documentary, and one that I recommend. It is very interesting to see the behind the scenes of the making of a TV show, and the fact that some people involved with the show would probably never speak publicly about it.