Anschauen Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary

Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary

Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary is a movie starring Tim Allen, Brett Berg, and Greg Berlanti. Filmmakers and stars discuss the filming and social effects of Galaxy Quest, a comedic take-off of Star Trek, with brilliant...

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Galaxy Quest: It's All Real
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1 hours 35 minutes
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Jack Bennett
Brett Berg, Patrick Breen, Greg Berlanti, Tim Allen
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Filmmakers and stars discuss the filming and social effects of Galaxy Quest, a comedic take-off of Star Trek, with brilliant commentary not only on the Star Trek series but on the real-life actors themselves.

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Andrea G. photo
Andrea G.

I've always been fascinated by the new movies, especially ones that take the "New Wave" film-making from the 70's and turn it into something new and interesting. This is one of the best, and one of the most underrated. It's not just a new movie, it's a completely new story. Each person in the world has a unique story, but their stories are almost the same. Each has a story that has some kind of connection to something that happened to them. In our world, the people with stories like this are known as "humans". In this movie, they are called "Galaxy Quest". The people with stories like this are known as "Galaxy Quest". But if you are interested in stories of "humans" or "humans with stories like this", watch this movie. You'll never find a better film than this.

Rebecca G. photo
Rebecca G.

I don't know if I'm being biased, but I think this is the best documentary I've ever seen on the most famous and awesome space ship. It really is a sad day when it's revealed how much it cost to make Star Trek into a film. I hope they don't go down that same path. I was really impressed with how they pulled off the camera's work, especially the greenscreen photography. It really has to be the best greenscreen work I've seen on a documentary. But I would be remiss if I didn't mention how well it was made. It's like they made it for the sake of making it. If this had only been one of those five documentaries, I would have given it a zero, but with the whole Star Trek Universe behind it, I gave it a ten.

Steven C. photo
Steven C.

A massive new project that aims to be a true testament to the original crew, the fan base and the fans. With great work from the original crew, an awesome behind the scenes look and a lot of true interviews with the crew. Very cool project and great work by all. If you love the original series or any of the space films, I suggest you go and check this out. It's very educational for fans and a lot of fun for the rest of us.

William D. photo
William D.

Some say that the movie is completely inaccurate and/or not accurate. I've seen both sides, and I'm left with no opinion. It seems to me that it's a documentary that needs to be viewed, not a 'comedy'. It's also a movie that needs to be watched at the right time of day, so that the humor doesn't creep out and you miss the whole point. I gave it a 10, because that's what I thought was best suited to the subject matter. If you're thinking of watching it for the entertainment value, it's not worth it. If you're thinking of viewing it as a 'comedic' documentary, it's definitely worth it.

Marilyn photo

If you are in the mood for a great sci-fi movie this is it. It's highly recommended. You get to watch the human side of the team. The cast is wonderful. It's not just about the alien ships. It's about the human aspect of the team and how they got to be what they are. It's very inspiring and entertaining. There is something for everyone in this movie. It's a must see. The fact that it's not full of special effects does not lessen it from being a great movie.

Marilyn H. photo
Marilyn H.

It was a great documentary. I loved the way they went back and forth between the Galaxy Quest crew and the cast and crew. Even the cast was great. All the things we got to know about the cast were great and most of the crew was also great. I would love to see a second one or even an extended version of this movie. It was a great documentary and I hope there are more movies like it. If you're a Galaxy Quest fan, you'll love this film. Just saw it and I was blown away.

Ann Richards photo
Ann Richards

Being a huge Star Trek fan for the past 14 years, I'm glad to finally see the end of a franchise that I loved so much. If you're a fan, or are at least a fan of sci-fi or are in a rush to see a movie for whatever reason, this is the best place to start. There is a lot of behind the scenes footage that I have never seen in a Star Trek film before. The film's director, Brian Helgeland, also created the idea for the film, and it is a very interesting idea, with wonderful special effects. The special effects are very good, and there is a lot of continuity throughout the film. The plot is simple, but very intriguing. The actors are all very good, the story is very intriguing and fast-paced, and the characters are well-developed. The film is very fun to watch, and has a very good, solid story to it. This is definitely a movie to see.

Kenneth photo

Anyone who has ever been in the Navy or has served in the military will love this film. I was stationed in the Pacific Theater during the Korean War and went to high school on Guam and I am a schoolteacher on Guam. It's just so touching to me. I learned more from the book and about the military than I have learned in many years. The most important thing I learned is that you can never trust the system, that's why I was so fascinated with it. When I returned to Guam, I thought it was all great. My wife and I still think that about Guam. But the system is so full of corruption that it's almost unbelievable. If you ever think that a system is corrupt, just read the book. That's what happened to me. The movie is very informative. The director, myself, and my wife all served in the Navy in the last few years of the Vietnam War. We were called to protect a young couple who were captured by a North Vietnamese Army, just one of many times that was going to happen. I don't know how many times that happened. It was hard to imagine that they would want to take them. They were just so innocent and innocent. They were too young and too innocent to know what was going on. So, we came up with the idea that we would go back to our high school and make a documentary on that war. It was our duty to protect our students. And I think it was also our duty to protect the high school kids that were coming home from Vietnam. We knew that they would probably go to war too. But we just couldn't see that they would want to serve in Vietnam. They just didn't seem to want to do it. So, when we went to high school, I didn't want to come home. I thought that it was better to go to Vietnam than to go to high school and be sent off to fight in Vietnam. It was all very wonderful and sad to me. I never saw any signs that the system was corrupt. I was so fascinated by the system when I got home. My wife and I just couldn't believe that the system was that corrupt. I think that if people were not so desperate to serve their country and their countrymen, that there would be so many problems with the military and the system. But when I went home, I didn't have the courage to do anything about it. I didn't want to be like the high school kids. But I thought that if I just had some courage, I would at least try to help my wife and myself to realize what was going on. I wanted to have some ideas that I could use to help my wife and myself. And so, I had this idea that I would go to Guam, make a documentary on that war, and I would send my wife and me back to our high school to make a documentary on the Vietnam War. I think that it was a good idea. It was hard to get back to Guam and back to school. We couldn't even speak to our spouses. We had to make a lot of phone calls and be careful that no one would ever hear our voices. We thought that it was dangerous, that we might be shot on the way home.

Brandon photo

I am so happy to see a documentary on the original Galaxy Quest as it has been my favourite sci-fi TV show since the first season in 1982. There have been a number of documentaries on the show, but this one is by far the best. The cast was great, the crew was great, and the writers were great too. It was great to see the cast come back for their appearances as well as the writers and crew. I'm sure fans will enjoy this film. It was great to see the producers and the writers together and I hope they are not doing another Galaxy Quest documentary.

Juan J. photo
Juan J.

I must admit that I'm a fan of the Galaxy Quest TV series. This documentary is a must see, and it's definitely one of my favourite documentary films. The four main actors from the series - James Brolin, Peter MacNicol, Martin Landau, and George Takei - have a lot to say about the series and the films. It's very entertaining and very informative. I especially loved the interviews with Katheryn Winnick as well as with William Shatner. The documentary also has a lot of facts about the film and series, and I particularly enjoyed the comments by Peter MacNicol and the brief comments by William Shatner. If you are a fan of the series, this is a must-see. It's definitely a must-see for fans of the series.

Carol Moreno photo
Carol Moreno

This documentary was really cool! I was interested in this film for a long time but didn't know what to expect. I was really impressed with the fact that the director of the film was a young man and not some crew member of the film. I was very happy to see that he was able to capture all the aspects of the film like it was a documentary. This is not a film that will win any awards or even be able to attract a large audience. But it was really nice to see what goes on behind the scenes of this film and what the crew had to go through to make this film a reality. I recommend this film to everyone!

Stephen W. photo
Stephen W.

This film has a lot to offer. For anyone who likes space opera and sci-fi this is a must watch. A must watch for anyone who liked the original Galaxy Quest as well. If you like to learn about new film makers, especially the cutting edge of filmmaking then this is a must watch. The makers of this film have done a great job of keeping the film extremely up to date with current and future developments. I hope this film is watched by many more people.

Evelyn Grant photo
Evelyn Grant

If you don't know about Galaxy Quest, you will miss a lot of its genius. This film is a must see for any Galaxy Quest fan. It features interviews with some of the original cast members, the story behind the project, and clips from the film. It is highly entertaining and informative. And, I really liked the way it was put together. While it is true that the original trilogy was a success, I don't know if the franchise would have been the same if the other films had been canceled. All of the cast members and crew are very well-presented. The documentary is well-organized and has a coherent flow. However, I did find the interviews very rushed and un-organized. You could see that the characters were not fully developed and there was often a lack of background information. However, the film is interesting, intelligent, and well-made. If you're a Galaxy Quest fan, I would definitely recommend this documentary.

Teresa photo

I don't really think I need to explain this film to anyone, it's an awesome documentary, I thought it was great that they had created a part of a movie that was not only good in it's own right but also made it better by using the facts of the past, it's a great film and I hope the same happens with the upcoming Galaxy Quest. A huge amount of credit must be given to all of the individuals who worked on this project and to those who had previously worked on the film. I really hope they all get a big paycheck and that they can do something with their time that they really enjoy. My favorite part of the film was probably when they showed the hand puppets, it was really cool and when I was a kid I was like "Ahh I wonder how they got that one." This is a really awesome documentary and I'm hoping that this gets some recognition from the Academy. It is truly a great film and I hope it does well at the box office and it's amazing that this is getting some attention from a lot of people. Go check it out! I recommend it!

Albert Schmidt photo
Albert Schmidt

I was invited to the San Diego premiere of this film by my girlfriend. I had never heard of this film and when it came out on DVD I was all excited to watch it. I watched it as a viewing party with my girlfriend. The film was incredible. This documentary shows us a very raw and honest look at the creation of the iconic series. I felt as if I were part of the process of creating the show. I was truly humbled by the dedication and passion of the people involved in this project. The documentary looks at everything from the time of filming, to the creative process, to the licensing of the characters and even the art and animation of the show itself. The film was insightful and inspired me. The viewing party was amazing. I was impressed with all the different people in the room that had no idea what the film was about. The audience was thoroughly engaged and had a great time. I look forward to watching the next episodes and watching the film again in the near future.

Robert Austin photo
Robert Austin

I watched this movie at the latest San Diego Film Festival with a film group of 6. I sat through the entire movie, feeling it was one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is definitely a must see. We were particularly impressed with the story of "Space Jam" as it is very similar to the movie "Galaxy Quest" and they both are about an intergalactic friendship. I was also particularly impressed with the acting in this movie. There are a few actors that are very good, but a few others that I could not stand. I am not sure who the people were, but I was very impressed. I know there are many people that have seen this movie and will not forget it. I know there are many people that have not seen this movie, and will remember it a long time. I am very happy that there is a movie like this that is made and that you can not only appreciate it, but also be an advocate for a movie that is so important to the world today. It was so inspiring to see the movie "Superman Returns" win a Golden Globe for Best Picture. It is a true movie that is made for everyone, and to see it make an impact on a movie going public is a true statement. This movie is a must see, and if you like movies like "The Martian", "Kubo and the Two Strings", or "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", then you should definitely watch this movie. This is definitely a movie that should be seen by everyone, and it is a great way to spend your money.

Mildred C. photo
Mildred C.

This is a documentary which captures the most interesting moments of the galaxy quest and also the actual feelings of the people who participated in the quest. I have seen and experienced the galaxy quest and I felt that watching this documentary would bring me a good feeling and help me understand why they decided to do this very daring journey. The documentary is truly a "must see".

Tiffany photo

Yes, I like Star Wars. Yes, I like Star Trek. Yes, I like Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. I love the original trilogy. And yes, I still love Star Trek: The Next Generation. But I love this documentary on Star Wars. Because it is just not true. If it was, then it would be called "True History" and, then, it would be an easy 3 hours and 25 minutes. But it isn't. It is just something that someone decided to do on a whim. It's a fiction. It's an advertisement. It's just one story, written by someone. And, then, it's just a story. It is just one story. Not just a story about Star Wars. Not just a story about the legend of Star Wars. Just one story. And I know this is not a movie. It is a documentary. But I just don't understand why Star Wars is so popular. Because it's just not true. I just didn't like it. Just not good. Just not interesting.

Aaron photo

Great documentary! Not many documentaries are this well made and well executed. I will be recommending it to others for sure! I really enjoyed watching this documentary and would recommend it to anyone that wants to know more about the STLV project. I am very familiar with the STLV project and it was great to hear about it from both the STLV team and others that were there. It is sad that it is not available on DVD. I am going to go get it now!

Lisa photo

This is a really good movie! It is a fun watch for anyone who loves Star Trek. I am a huge fan of Star Trek and of course there are tons of movies from the original series. I recommend this movie to anyone who has seen the Star Trek movies.

Evelyn Berry photo
Evelyn Berry

There is an incredible amount of fun in this film. There is not a single boring moment in this film. The plot is the thing that sets this film apart from other documentaries about the things that most people do. I thought this film would be dull, boring and slow, but it was more like a great movie. The love of the audience is apparent. It makes you want to live a life like that of the characters on the screen. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. I was reminded of myself and the lives of people who have not only lived it but also loved it. The film moves very quickly, yet it is not a movie that lasts forever. I did not have the expectation of any kind of an ending or climax, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were no characters that died in the end. It was as if it was a story of a person who was alive and lived. It was a nice reminder that even though we live our lives for the most part in the present, we still remember the past and that we have people in our lives who have a past as well.

Jose P. photo
Jose P.

This documentary told the story of how the original film was made and how the galaxy quest turned into a hit television series. I enjoyed it. I did not know it would be so insightful about the original movie. The movie was great. The film was a combination of special effects and the real people that they played. But the real people were the stars of the movie and they were great. The actors were not really involved in the story of the film. They were just put into the movie and then it was off to the real world. There were many versions of the movie, some of which were so good they were no longer available. The original film has the same feel and the same feel as the original film. But the new version of the movie has a much deeper feel. The story of the original is much more detailed. The new version of the film has a great feel and a new feel. This is very good because if you are a star wars fan or a fan of sci fi you will love the new version.

Melissa photo

I just love how much the world of Star Wars influenced this documentary. This is so cool. And it's so true!

Lisa Owens photo
Lisa Owens

Excellent documentary on the making of the original Galaxy Quest movie. As you can imagine, it's a bit over the top, and you have to be a fan of the original Star Trek to really get it. But, it's still great. The only thing I didn't like was that they didn't show the other actors from the original movie, which makes it a little different than the original. If you're a Star Trek fan, you'll definitely love this movie.

Steven White photo
Steven White

I've been wanting to see this since I first heard about it, and I really appreciate the choices of footage they were able to pull together and it's a mix of mostly old interviews with an additional commentary from the screenwriter (not available anywhere) from the 90s. It's a testament to the dedication of the crew, and it's nice to see the other half of the Galaxy Quest crew being so generous and encouraging of the process. I do have one gripe, though, and it's the fact that the movie is too long. It's about two and a half hours long, but I just couldn't believe how long it was, especially in comparison to the TV show. The ones they did interview before the movie were great, but after the movie, it was pretty clear that there was no one else left. I can't even begin to explain why they took out so much material. However, I did appreciate that they included interviews with other people who were involved with the show, particularly the writers, actors, and producers. They did a great job of building the relationship between the actors, and they really don't let the actors down either. You will find some very interesting things, such as the director, the production manager, and the casting director, to name a few. My one other complaint, and it's one that I'm sure many people would have but which I really don't see them mentioning, is that they took out a lot of the scenes from the movie, which would have added so much more depth and insight to the movie, and that is really the only thing I see them missing. I'm glad that they were able to add a lot more footage to the movie, but I just didn't enjoy the movie at all. They should have used some of the extra footage to make the movie a little bit better. I would recommend this movie to anyone, but don't think it's something that will be a cult classic. There are certainly a lot of parts of the movie that you won't see, but it's a movie that is definitely worth seeing, even if it's just to catch up with old friends.