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Nobody's Fool

Nobody's Fool is a movie starring Tiffany Haddish, Tika Sumpter, and Omari Hardwick. A woman is released from prison and reunites with her sister. She soon discovers that her sister is in an online relationship with a man who may...

Other Titles
Nie ma jak u siostry, Nobody's Fool - Die Knastschwester, De tonta, nada, Kül Yutmaz, Nővérek szabadlábon, Entre Sceurs, The List, Pas si folle, クレイジー・グッド, Inganni online, Uma irmã nada perfeita
Running Time
1 hours 50 minutes
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Drama, Comedy, Romance
Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry
Tiffany Haddish, Tika Sumpter, Mehcad Brooks, Omari Hardwick
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Danica is a successful worker at a marketing firm, and has been in a relationship with "Charlie", a man she met online a year ago but has never seen in person. When she is sent to pick up her recently-paroled sister Tanya from prison, her mother tells her that Tanya must stay at her house. Tanya is amazed by Danica's apartment and discovers that Danica's ex-fiance Bailey left her for another woman. Tanya thinks Danica is being catfished since she's never seen Charlie. The next day, Tanya and Danica stop by the Brown Bean, a coffee shop next to Danica's work. Frank, the owner, who has a crush on Danica, insists that he will let Tanya work there. When Danica goes to pick up Tanya from work that night she accidentally walks into an AA meeting that is being held there and overhears that Frank used to abuse alcohol and spent seven years in jail.

Comments about drama «Nobody's Fool» (14)

Brenda N. photo
Brenda N.

I never really liked this movie before, and when I was a teenager, I didn't care for it, but I really liked it. It's a romantic comedy about two friends (Chadwick and Whitney) who are in love and finally get to meet each other. Chadwick is the guy that falls in love with Whitney. The movie starts with Whitney's "coming out" party and everyone is laughing and cheering for her. Then, they go out and she tells her friends about her relationship with Chadwick, and she then goes to her first dance. They get together and she takes his picture and decides to show it to her friends. The next day, they go out to the bar and they tell their friends that they're a couple, and then Chadwick shows her the picture he took of her and then he goes to the party. It ends with Chadwick holding Whitney's hand and she goes to the bar to tell her friends that she's in love with him. The movie is about a love story. The story is a very funny and touching story, with some touching parts. The ending is very touching and touching, and it was definitely a very funny story. This movie is one of my favorites, and I think it's a very funny and romantic movie. I give this movie a 8/10.

Megan photo

I was so much looking forward to this film, but i really wasn't expecting it to be that good. I loved it. I thought it was very funny and the acting was superb. I highly recommend this film. I have only seen one film with James Caviezel in it, and I have to say he has really grown as an actor. The film is very realistic and there are many scenes where you really see how things really are in the world, with the characters' struggles, and I really felt sorry for them, and also I could see them getting better and better. It was very funny, and I found it very poignant. The plot is pretty much true to life, and I think that's why it was so good. I really liked it, and I definitely recommend it.

Frank Black photo
Frank Black

I've seen this movie about a hundred times and I still love it. It's a story of a young couple, growing up in the South and meeting up with each other. Their lives are different but they all have a lot in common. The movie isn't going to win any awards but it is very nice and funny. The movie is about friendship and finding your true self. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Catherine F. photo
Catherine F.

Richard Gere's acting was outstanding, especially in his scenes with "Eddie," the angsty young man who is so frustrated with his boyfriend that he destroys his video store. I really liked that scene. Gere's character is very sweet, but sometimes he can be a little standoffish, and that was an interesting aspect to his character. It was also funny to see that he was a lawyer in the movie, and not an actual lawyer at all. The music was excellent, too. Gere and his music director got a great deal of satisfaction from the songs they were able to sing. All in all, I liked this movie, and I hope to see it again soon.

Austin photo

This is a feel good film about getting older and how you can see how the people you love are changing, which is very true. The only problem I had was the ending was a little predictable. I felt like the movie could have ended at any point, and if it had ended with a different ending I would have enjoyed it more. Also, the character's life has been so different. They all have different interests, like most people do. But one thing that everyone wants is to have a happy ending, but all they can do is what they can do now, which is work. I hope this review helped. :)

Dorothy N. photo
Dorothy N.

I really enjoyed this film. It's a dark comedy/drama about a pretty young woman (played by Melissa McCarthy) who gets a job at a law firm in New York City. Her boss tells her she has to be with her boyfriend for a year before she gets a promotion, and that he is not that interested in her. Melissa begins to wonder if she really wants to work at this law firm and whether she would be able to get away with her new job. She meets up with her childhood friend (played by Rachel McAdams) and goes to the office to meet with her boss. As soon as she arrives she is surprised to see that the boyfriend of her boss has just left town. As she tries to get over her feelings for her boss, she is forced to make some tough decisions about her job. I really liked the dialogue between the characters and I really liked how the film progressed. I liked the character development of the women, and I liked the way that they did not just give us an all-female cast, but they included women from all walks of life. I also liked the overall look of the film. It was dark, but not too dark that I would not want to look at the screen. It was not a cheap look that you would have to put on a birthday party or anything like that. Overall, I really enjoyed this film and I would definitely recommend this to any woman.

Amber W. photo
Amber W.

A story that I think would've been a great movie if it wasn't for one thing. I think it was the opening sequence. It was quite a short sequence, but it was enough to start the movie off, which is important, because it sets the tone for the rest of the film. Otherwise, I thought it was an amazing movie. It's the type of movie that makes you laugh, and cry, and feel like you're a part of it. You're also reminded that life is not always what you want, but there are still moments where you're lucky enough to be able to have. I think I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I thought I would. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be, and it had a lot of heart.

Emma Lane photo
Emma Lane

The Wachowskis and the English are good at their jobs but they have absolutely no idea of the story, or the theme. When they are "bumped off" at the end, you know they can't do the job, even if they want to. They seem to be constantly "down the wrong path", which is probably why they've been so successful. This is the most interesting of the six, but I felt it was less successful than "The Matrix" and "Lost in Translation". The ending was weak, but that is probably because they were all so much better at the "Wachowski brothers" than they were at their own scripts. The only good thing about this is the score, which is nice, but not really memorable. I think this film should have been a lot better, but I think that the biggest problem with it is that it was all "on-the-nose" and so obvious. The "wachowskis" should have just stuck to the script, and let the actors do the best they can. The story was pretty good, but the actors just couldn't do it. And the writing was really weak, especially at the end. I don't know what to say about this film, other than that it is very good, but it is a disappointment. I rate this film 8/10.

Vincent photo

I just watched this movie and it was excellent! It made me think about my own life. I'm a 34 year old woman and this movie brought back a lot of memories from my childhood. I felt very relaxed and very happy about this movie. The romance was excellent. The comedy was perfect. I found myself thinking about my own life. The acting was also excellent. I think that everyone should watch this movie. I hope it gets the recognition it deserves. I hope that people will all love it.

Daniel Jordan photo
Daniel Jordan

A young family in 1950s England set out to visit Paris in order to escape the long years of wartime living. Their journey includes them in a violent encounter with a war-weary woman and a visit to the country estate of a troubled young woman who's on a manic-depressive episode. As the film progresses the familial bond between the two men grows and their interactions with each other and with the other characters in the film become more and more meaningful. Despite the many surprises and conflicts the film is both a drama and a comedy. This is mostly due to the fact that the three main actors are all capable of creating strong characters that they are able to create believable interactions between them. The film is not without its faults however. The acting by the cast is pretty good for the most part. Paul Bettany is able to display a strong range of emotions and the three main actors in the film all manage to perform their characters very well. The relationship between the family members is what makes the film so enjoyable and the rest of the cast do a very good job of adding to the story. However, the film is not without its problems. For one thing, the ending was a little too sudden. There were moments in the film that I did not understand why the main character changed from being a committed war-warrior to a more mannered person. The same problem can be seen in the film's first scene. The second scene is the one that is probably the most painful for the viewer. Another problem is that some of the scenes are not all that believable. For example, there is a scene where a woman is being whipped and the camera cuts to another scene where a woman is being whipped by a woman in a military uniform. This scene is a clear example of why the story is set in England, not France. The problem with the film is that it is not for everyone. It is a story of a war-warrior who struggles to cope with his war-warrior personality and his war-warrior beliefs. However, this film has enough emotion, suspense and comedy to make it enjoyable for both the adult and the younger audience.

Ryan Coleman photo
Ryan Coleman

I thought it was going to be cheesy and no-nonsense and low budget but it was actually really good. The acting was pretty good, and the production values were decent. The story was an interesting and actually very funny and unique take on the life of a gay man. I would have liked to see more of the characters who were actually gay and not just cute guys that were all gay. I thought the film was very funny and the gay jokes were funny. There are a few things that don't quite make sense but the movie overall was very funny and entertaining. It was a great film and definitely recommended.

Daniel H. photo
Daniel H.

I loved this movie. It is the story of a man named Jimmy's journey to a New Year's Eve party with the hope of saving his family. There are many funny scenes in the movie. The story line is kind of slow in the beginning but picks up quickly. The jokes are good and the chemistry between Robert DeNiro and Marisa Tomei is very good. I think Marisa Tomei played the perfect girl who can make you laugh, but at the same time she can make you cry. Robert DeNiro was just perfect. He did an amazing job as Jimmy and his family. I enjoyed this movie and I think you will too.

Andrew F. photo
Andrew F.

I thought this was a very good film. It has some of the greatest actors in the business. I thought the writing was very well done and it gave us some real emotions. The main actor, John Cusack, did a great job. He was able to show the tension and fear in the same scene. The relationship between the lead characters, especially John Cusack and Julie Delpy, was very believable. I think you should watch this film. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Nicole W. photo
Nicole W.

I'm so sick of these Hollywood films that I can't believe I watched this one. I really enjoyed it. You've got a great cast and a nice story line. I especially liked the actors in this film. This is a very unique film that is a little slow in parts but that is one of the things I love about this film. I wish there was more comedy and a little more drama, but it's great nonetheless. I also liked the great actors in this film. The camera work is great and I love the special effects. It is very unique and fun to watch. I was a little disappointed that the film wasn't longer because it could have been so much more.