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Team Khan

Team Khan is a movie starring Amir Khan, Oscar De La Hoya, and Bernard Hopkins. Fly-on-the-wall documentary about professional boxer Amir Khan. Filmed over two years, it follows Amir and his team in their quest to fight the best...

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1 hours 37 minutes
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Sport, Documentary
Oliver Clark, Blair Macdonald
Oscar De La Hoya, Virgil Hunter, Amir Khan, Bernard Hopkins
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Fly-on-the-wall documentary about professional boxer Amir Khan. Filmed over two years, it follows Amir and his team in their quest to fight the best boxer on the planet, the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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Dennis Gibson photo
Dennis Gibson

I found the film to be well-done and I would recommend it to anyone. The idea of the documentary is great, the acting was good, and the whole thing is well-made. But what really impressed me was the fact that it was very easy to relate to this documentary, and that you are able to follow the action on the screen. The people who were interviewed were real people, and the whole thing was very real. I am glad to see a documentary like this being made, because it shows that documentary films can be made to be entertaining, informative, and also entertaining. Overall, a great documentary.

Roy Fox photo
Roy Fox

This documentary is by far the best movie I have seen on the history of boxing in America. The story is told from all angles. It is not just about the great fighters who won their titles. It is about the people who were there in the beginning. It is about the people who knew the fighters, who knew the fighters and who knew the people who knew the fighters. The stories are all connected. It is a very informative and very funny film. The actors do a great job in this movie. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the history of boxing in America.

Gloria H. photo
Gloria H.

If you want to see a documentary about the struggle of the black community, this is a great one. The director is Steve Zissis, who is a very knowledgeable, accomplished and intelligent person. The documentary was made in the early 1990's, when many of the players of the NBA were just beginning to be viewed by the general public. This documentary was made to celebrate the career of the legendary Dr. J, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and the black community of the NBA. The documentary was so well made, that it even made me laugh out loud several times. It was such a treat to watch this documentary. It is great to see that there are still black people who believe that basketball is a sport for people of all colors. As far as the documentary itself, it was very well done. There were a few mistakes in the film, but the most important thing is that the documentary made me think about the struggle of the black community. I recommend this film to everyone.

Helen Robinson photo
Helen Robinson

This is an amazing documentary. If you are looking for a real history lesson, this is not the documentary for you. It's very clear and well put together. The documentaries are very well put together and there are some very interesting points in this film. The narration is very well done and you can tell that it is being done by the person who is narrating it. This is a must see documentary and one of the best documentaries of the year. I would give this 9/10.

Jesse G. photo
Jesse G.

It's a hard thing to describe what makes this film so great. There is a lot of talk about how much this film is about Khan, but that is only half the story. The other half is about the kids, who are the real stars of the film. There are some really good actors in this film, and it was great to see them on screen. I was particularly impressed by Ali Fahad, who plays Khan's son, Zahra. I also enjoyed the performances of Arshad Warsi, who plays Khan's younger son, Qayyum, and Shabana Azmi, who plays Khan's wife, Ayesha. All of these actors had great scenes together. The film is really about a father and his son, and the struggles they go through. The first half of the film is about the life of a boxer, and the struggle he has to go through as a father. It is a great story, and it is so refreshing to see a film that isn't about a boy beating up a girl or getting beat up by a bully. The film is about a father and his son. I highly recommend it. It is an absolute must see.

George Castillo photo
George Castillo

This is a truly incredible documentary that goes into the inner-workings of a top sports star and the media frenzy that surrounds him. I was glued to the screen from the start. I felt I had a right to know everything that was going on. I have a passion for sports and this documentary gives you a really good sense of what it is like to be a sports fan. The one thing that I have always wanted to know is: How do they get a sports team to do things like this? I mean, they have the support of the country, they have the biggest TV deal in the world, and the world's greatest athletes and all that. The documentary is very detailed. I'm sure that some people will be confused by some of the information. However, the documentary is still an eye-opener. I think that everyone should see this documentary. You can learn a lot from it.

Crystal photo

I saw this movie when it first came out and I was very impressed with the movie. This movie is a great reminder of the life of Muhammad Ali and how he fought for his country and his countrymen. The movie is very inspirational and you can see that Ali was the one that put the country first. This movie is a must see for anyone that has a love for boxing and people who love to learn about the history of the sport. The movie is very accurate in it's portrayal of Ali and his life and shows how he was a man that didn't like to take anything from anyone and he never stopped fighting until the very end. This movie is a great reminder to people that want to learn about Ali's life and how he fought for his country and people around the world.

Catherine Edwards photo
Catherine Edwards

This is my first review for this film but I just wanted to add a brief comment. It's not what I expected at all. I thought it would be a bad and depressing film but I was wrong. The film shows that we shouldn't put ourselves down. It's a sad film but it's very inspiring. It also shows that even with everything that we have going on in our life we still have a chance. I think people that didn't like it should try and understand it because it shows that we should always keep going regardless of what's going on. It also shows that we can't always give up on people no matter what. The film is not as bad as people make it out to be. I think it was good and thought provoking. It's really not that bad. It's just that it was a little sad. But, I think that people who don't like it should try and understand it because it shows that we can't always give up on people no matter what. It also shows that sometimes we have a chance and don't take it. I think that this is a really good film. It's the kind of film that you should see if you haven't.

Shirley photo

After watching this movie, it's amazing. Even though you think it's gonna be a boring documentary, it's amazing. This movie will make you think, and I think that's the best thing about this movie. There's no unnecessary words, it's informative and emotional. I think it's a great thing to watch a documentary, and it's a great thing to watch a movie, and that's what this movie is all about. The way it was made, I think it was very beautiful, and I really enjoyed it. This is my favorite documentary I have seen.

Carol photo

This is a great documentary on the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. It's amazing how much better the fight was than the actual fight. I would recommend this to anyone who loves boxing. The way they filmed it was amazing. It was very realistic. The fights were awesome. I don't want to give too much away but I'll say that this movie has great interviews with Floyd and Pacquiao and the fight itself is a lot better than the actual fight. Overall, it's a great documentary. I think it's great because it shows that it's possible to win a fight and not give up, and it shows that not every fight is decided by a knockout. It's a great movie.

Juan photo

This movie is amazing. Like every other good documentary it is made to tell the world about an event that occurred. This is important because the more the world knows about it the more the government will not want to cooperate with the people. The movie doesn't go into depth into the history of boxing and it doesn't tell you that this is the origin of the sport. Rather, it tells the story of how the sport came into existence. The movie does a great job telling you the history of boxing as well as how it affected our society. While watching this movie it is easy to see how it affected our society. It's also easy to see how the government, the police, the community and the judges don't seem to do anything about this issue. People who were not involved in the sport but were associated with it don't seem to care or are not concerned. At the end of the movie you feel like you know the people involved in the sport. They are as passionate as they are. This movie will definitely be remembered for years to come. I give it an A+

Julia D. photo
Julia D.

I thought the movie was good and definitely the best thing I've seen in a while. It was a very insightful and entertaining look at a sports legend and the reasons behind his success. I don't think I've ever seen a movie so good about a sports legend before. All the actors were very good and the characters were really well developed. They really did a great job of showing us how a sports legend is treated by people. I really enjoyed the fact that they focused on the different aspects of a person and how he or she deals with life. I also thought the movie was very inspiring and that is a good thing because that's one of the reasons I love sports. All in all, I really enjoyed this movie and I hope it gets a lot of recognition because it really was a great movie.

Jesse Murray photo
Jesse Murray

Yes, it is one of those (very) rare movies which inspires debate in the audience. It is very rare to see such a movie on television. On the surface, it is quite a simple message about the role of the women. But deep inside, there are three extremely complex and rich stories. The first is about two women who are unable to make the most of their lives and just want to help the families of other women. There are stories of women who have to fight to win at all costs, even if it means in the end losing a child or even more. This is a really good film. The second story is about a family's struggle to keep up with the demands of a president, who tries to fulfill his duties by collecting taxes, but fails to learn the values of democracy, which he should have learned as a boy. And finally, there is the story of a single mother who has to fight for the rights of her child when it is kidnapped. This movie is very sensitive and meaningful. The movie does not need too much explanation, and the viewers will be able to follow the movie as well as be interested. It is a really good movie.

Sean photo

A must see for anyone who cares about the Olympic games and the public good. It's a must for any athlete and family. It's a must for anyone who wants to know about the Olympic Games. It's a must for anyone who wants to know about the human spirit and honor.

Kelly photo

I found this documentary to be entertaining, informative, and at times inspirational. I've been involved in sports and I had never been able to watch a documentary about competitive sports. It's a fun film to watch and think about your own experiences and how you've handled your own sports and your own problems. The guys are obviously extremely smart and well-rounded individuals and I'm glad to see that they've managed to gain fame and recognition. The highlight of this film is the style of how the athletes are portrayed and how they overcome their obstacles. I think there's a lot of competition going on in the documentary, but I think it's really nice to see a documentary that takes the time to show the athletes in a way that we can understand and sympathize with them. I liked the fact that they showed the athletes' struggles, not just their victories. It really shows that despite winning, it's just the individual that can never be proud of being a winner. Overall, I think this is a very worthwhile and entertaining film.

Kelly A. photo
Kelly A.

I don't know if I am qualified to write a review for a documentary but this is definitely a documentary. You cannot expect this film to be any more than a summary of the boxer's life in one sentence. In this film, I saw the life of a great man who was not only a fighter but a great human being. In my opinion, his life was a true inspiration to those that love to be active. If you want to know about Ali, watch the documentary. It is a very well done documentary. I felt that I was really getting to know Ali as a human being and how he changed the world. I was amazed by the person that he was. This documentary gave me the opportunity to feel closer to Ali. It was a very enjoyable documentary. It really went well with the action and the emotional moments. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about the man who made boxing what it is today. It was a very moving documentary.

Arthur Lewis photo
Arthur Lewis

I am a fan of the game of basketball. I watched this documentary and thought it was very interesting. I think it was a good film and I am going to buy it. The problem I had with this film is that it is too short. The time spent on the game and the process of the players who played in the NBA and played in the Olympics and made it to the Olympics were very well shown in the film. This film was very well done and I recommend it to anyone who loves the game of basketball.

Henry photo

I have always been fascinated with the Olympic Games and have watched every single one of them, and always come away with a fresh perspective on how they have changed over the years. This documentary is not just a recap of the events of the first three games, but a look at the people involved, the cultural changes that have occurred, and the way the events have affected the way we look at the world. I also was interested in the way that athletes have been portrayed. Not just the athletes themselves, but the athletes themselves. The way that they have changed over the years is shown in such a way that the viewer is able to see the power of the sport itself. It's interesting to see how much more powerful the Olympics have become over time. I thought the documentary was really well done. I don't think there was one moment that I was bored, and I was not able to stop myself from smiling. This documentary really is a must see for any sports fan.

Sandra Guzman photo
Sandra Guzman

I remember watching this movie at the movie theater in 1999. I thought it was cool, and my friends told me it was good. I was also a huge Soccer fan, but I never really looked into soccer. So I had no idea what to expect. This movie is about soccer, but it is mostly about two brothers, who have been together for 20 years. The brothers are brothers, but it is also a great movie. I liked it because it was about a brother and a sister who were always there for each other. The story was good, but I thought it was a little unrealistic. Like they were playing on a soccer field with each other, but they didn't know how to play soccer. The brother who played soccer in high school and college also played for the national team. The brother who played for the U.S. women's team was also a member of the national team. So, I thought that was not realistic, and that is why I think it was a little unrealistic. The brother who played in college was only a junior in college. The brother who played in college was the captain of his team. I think the story would have been better if they would have played more sports and less soccer. That is just one of the things I thought that was wrong with the movie.

Bruce N. photo
Bruce N.

I have been a wrestling fan for a long time, and I had heard about the movie, and even though it was very similar to the "Wrestling with Sharks" movie, it was in fact not as good as that movie. This movie was very interesting, I could not believe how close the movie was to the real story. Even though this movie was close to the real story, I still thought it was very good. The movie was very suspenseful, I also thought the acting was very good. I also enjoyed that the movie kept you guessing what would happen. This movie was so good, it made me want to see more, and it was entertaining. I think this movie will be a good movie for all ages to see, because it is a story about a very important topic, that we should be talking about. Wrestling is very important to the American way of life. It is very important to the United States, and to the world. I think this movie was very good. I give this movie a 9/10

Brenda H. photo
Brenda H.

*SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* I'm still puzzled by the reviewers that rated this a 10/10, i didn't see the entire movie, but i did see about 15 minutes of it. it's a 9/10 for me, but that's just because i saw the majority of it, but i can understand why some people didn't like it. i do agree that the film is a mess, it's obviously a very controversial subject, there is no way to talk about it without getting in trouble, but the way this film was presented is fine, the movie tries to be as honest as it can be and does not glamorize any of the "truths" shown. i can't see what people are upset about. and i also understand the outrage, the film talks about the stupidity of war, the idea of sacrificing people on the front line for no reason, how the majority of people are willing to die for a cause. it's the same idea as "Braveheart", but i don't see the justification of that "emotion". i don't see any reason to believe the atrocities shown in this film are being described as "truths". i do agree that the story was difficult to follow, but that's not what i really expected. i'm glad it was, and i think it's a great film. definitely a 9/10