Anschauen Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story

Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story

Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story is a movie starring Kathy Griffin, Randy Bick, and Ted Boutrous. Comedian Kathy Griffin performs a new set in the aftermath of the fallout she experienced due to a controversial Donald Trump-inspired...

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1 hours 46 minutes
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Documentary, Comedy
Troy Miller, Keith Hobelman
Kathy Griffin
Jim Carrey, Kathy Griffin, Randy Bick, Ted Boutrous
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Comedian Kathy Griffin performs a new set in the aftermath of the fallout she experienced due to a controversial Donald Trump-inspired photo shoot that threatened to end her career.

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Aaron photo

I have always loved Kathy Griffin and I had high hopes for this movie. I really don't know what to say, this is the funniest movie I've ever seen. I was surprised at how many people were laughing in the theater. I was glad that I had a great time, it was fun. I love that it has a message. I love the movie. It's the funniest movie I've ever seen and it's going to be a part of my collection. I hope that people don't get offended by it. It's very entertaining and I was laughing for days after watching it. I love this movie.

Billy G. photo
Billy G.

I just want to say that the people who have been bashing this documentary are probably the same ones who were totally obsessed with the Bowling for Columbine documentary, and were expecting it to be a dumb "political" piece of propaganda. It's not. I am a big fan of Kathy Griffin, and I think she has a lot of talent and an interesting story to tell. I will admit that she is very controversial, and that her jokes are not always funny. But I can tell you that her jokes are funny, because she has an interesting story to tell. She has been in a lot of controversies, but she has never been afraid to make fun of herself, and that's why her jokes are funny. If you don't like Kathy Griffin, then you don't like comedy, you don't like politics, and you don't like the reality of the world we live in. I think Kathy Griffin's fans are going to love this documentary, because they will be able to see a different side of the famous comedian. It will be great for Kathy Griffin fans to see how she sees herself. I'm really looking forward to see what she does next, and I hope that she has a lot of success in the future. I just wanted to let you know that this is a great documentary, and I'm sure that most people who have seen this movie will love it.

Jane W. photo
Jane W.

I had a lot of fun watching this film. It was funny, and the conversation about politics was fun. The film is a must see for anyone interested in politics and the 2016 election. If you think Hillary Clinton won the election, this is a must see.

Brandon photo

I saw this film a couple of days ago and it was worth every penny. It's a great story that will make you laugh, cry, and smile. It was like a Hollywood-feel good movie. It's very sad, but very funny. It's also very heartwarming and has a lot of great moments. I think the best part was the music. I think the music is the best part of this movie. If you have seen this film, I strongly recommend you to go see it.

Kenneth photo

So I'm gonna start off with my favorite quote from this video. But it is from the guy who is about to go into the oil fields, and they all start laughing. If you know what I mean. "I'm not a big fan of Kathy Griffin, but it's just too funny to pass up." Another quote was from Chris Rock who says "There's a whole lot of news that's been been misreported."

Johnny Kelly photo
Johnny Kelly

To this day I still have my copy of this movie, and I watch it every single day. I love the way this movie is portrayed. It is so amazing how people react to the subjects that they see. I am glad to have seen this movie and it is still as great as it ever was. I recommend this movie to anyone, it is hilarious, sad, and everything in between. This movie is definitely a must see.

Mildred Curtis photo
Mildred Curtis

It was nice to see Kathy Griffin as a comedian again, she is so funny and does a great job. I loved how the documentary was shot, it was really nice. The story about Kathy Griffin being a very private person was funny. It was also nice to see a little bit of what the world looks like from her point of view, and how she deals with the news media. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone. It is worth watching. This is the first documentary I have ever seen where I thought it was a 10/10, I am very impressed. If you are interested in seeing more from Kathy Griffin, please check out her website at

Heather Bryant photo
Heather Bryant

This is an absolute must-see. I loved the fact that the film was not about a specific person but instead an observation on the entire world we live in. It's funny, shocking, and powerful all at the same time. A must-see for all.

Lisa N. photo
Lisa N.

I never knew Kathy Griffin was such a big deal. The guy was funny but there was something missing. I thought she was a boring human being. I wasn't sure if she was a comedian or a serious person. The biggest thing that I liked was her commentary about Trump. I was like I don't care what she thinks I'm gonna watch this. But I'm happy to say that she's a comedian and a funny one. I liked her commentary about Trump and her commentary about what it was like being a Republican. She was one of the funniest people on TV. She was really funny and didn't talk down to anybody. She told the story of what it was like being a Republican to people who don't like her. She told about the Republican primaries, the debates, the election, and the crazy day in which she and her daughter were there. I really liked the story she told about the day. I didn't think she was going to be funny. I thought it was going to be a fun time but it wasn't. She was a funny comedian and I really enjoyed her show. I liked her. I don't think she's a comedian but she's funny. I think she was a good comedian. I enjoyed the show. I didn't really care about the other person.

Judith Kennedy photo
Judith Kennedy

Kathy Griffin's autobiography was a real delight. The book was a hard read, but this movie was one of the best things I've ever seen. This movie is one of the most unique movies I've seen. Kathy Griffin had a great voice, the plot was interesting, and the movie was well edited. I loved the movie and recommend it to anyone. I'm going to buy this movie, and watch it over and over again. I don't think I've ever seen a better movie.

Danielle P. photo
Danielle P.

There's a lot to like about Kathy Griffin's recent documentary, The Kathy Griffin Show. This is a very funny and unique show. It's not quite like anything else. The only thing that made it stand out to me was the introduction. The comedian brings in the voice of George W. Bush in the first 30 minutes of the show. It was a good way to show the difference between his life and the life of the President. I think the joke was only there to set up the show but not necessarily to be funny. I think the comedian also wants to bring attention to Bush's record and his policies. What's funny about it is that he actually shows the President looking like the President. What a great combination of a joke and a great use of the show. The second half of the show was a little hard to watch. It was almost the same as the introduction. It was also a little predictable. I did enjoy it though. I don't think it was trying to be funny but still funny. It's not quite the best documentary you'll ever see but it's a good one. I give it an 8/10.

Michael May photo
Michael May

If you're a fan of Kathy Griffin, you'll love this film. And if you're a fan of TMZ or reality shows, you'll love it too. I'm not a fan of either, but I was compelled to watch it after reading so many negative reviews. It's not about her, but she's the star. And as her book title suggests, it's a hell of a story. And there are some pretty great one-liners, too. If you're not a fan of this, there's a lot more out there. And if you're a fan of that sort of thing, you'll love this film.

Aaron W. photo
Aaron W.

If you are a fan of Griffin, you will like this film, especially if you are a fan of her music. It was well-paced, was funny, and left you feeling good. The ending was one of the best endings I've ever seen, it was so moving and moving you can't help but be moved by it. The footage is well-done, the actors and actresses are talented and enjoyable, and it does feel like a documentary, though it is more of a comedy than a documentary.

Melissa D. photo
Melissa D.

I loved this movie. Kathy Griffin's life was far from perfect, but she was a woman that stood for something and made some noise. She was a shining star and her life was a lesson for us to live by. She also had a sense of humor that we all should have. I felt her anger at people that didn't understand her, but she did her job well. She was a true performer, she did her job well and I hope she continues to do her job well.

Roy Bennett photo
Roy Bennett

As a comedian, Kathy Griffin is a breath of fresh air. Her comedy style is infectious, unique, and her style of delivery is her best material. She has a powerful sense of humor and that is contagious. She also has a great ability to engage and inform the audience on her political views and positions. Her impact on the political world and the nation as a whole is unparalleled. She has the ability to find and exploit a personal connection to the American public and has a unique ability to bring it to the forefront. This is an excellent film to watch and an excellent opportunity to see how a comedian can bring the American people together. Griffin is a force to be reckoned with. We need to see more of her. She is the voice of the American people. Her politics are aligned with our values. She will continue to bring the people together.

Angela Alvarado photo
Angela Alvarado

I have seen several Kathy Griffin specials and this one is the best. Her interviews with celebrities is hilarious. They all had good things to say about her. The kids in the audience were into it. One of the funniest things about the show was the choice of music for each interview. They picked different songs for each of the celebrities and it was great. They even included "Springsteen" by Van Morrison. One thing that really stood out was how real the stories were. This is a real documentary that anyone can see. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Kathy H. photo
Kathy H.

The first half of the movie is so boring I almost fell asleep. The second half, however, is more entertaining. The movie is about a group of comedians that are no longer professional. They are running a night club in Brooklyn. And they have no one to tell them what to do. So they take over a nightclub and try to make it as good as the original. After the second half of the movie I actually was wanting to see the final two parts of the movie. Although, the first half is very boring, it is also very funny. The jokes are not predictable, and the movie is full of jokes. Although it is a very short movie, I would recommend that you watch it.

Jane B. photo
Jane B.

I'm a big fan of Kathy Griffin, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of her antics. I do agree that she is a funny person and I have no problem with her being controversial, but I think she is a little over the top sometimes. In this documentary, Griffin goes in depth about her life, her family, and her personal life. It is an enlightening look into Griffin's life and her personal life. I would say that if you are interested in how a woman goes through a divorce, you would definitely want to check this out. Griffin's story is definitely worth a watch.

Ethan photo

I am not a big Kathy Griffin fan but I have to say that I really enjoyed this documentary. This is one of the best documentaries I have seen in years. It's extremely well made and even though the subject matter is serious, the documentary itself is just hilarious. I think that this documentary is the best thing I have seen all year. It's not just funny, it's very entertaining. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at a documentary. It's like watching a high school play. It's almost like watching a play and you feel like you are there. It's not just funny, it's also extremely educational and enlightening. I think this documentary is an excellent example of what a documentary should be. It is the best documentary I have ever seen in my life. If you like documentaries, I think this is a must see.

Bryan photo

In this film, Griffin plays a former circus performer turned chef. We see her family (husband, son, daughter) as they are at each other's throats. It's a difficult story to tell. Griffin is the perfect person to do it. She is too funny to be just another person. Her humor is what makes the film so good. She never resorts to using profanity or being politically incorrect. Griffin is a pro, and she delivers her material with grace and humor. Her talents are evident throughout this film. This is a great film for the comedy and entertainment crowd. But it's also a story about growing up, finding yourself, and dealing with relationships.

Kimberly photo

A very funny and serious look at the aftermath of the filming of The Interview, but instead of looking at the film itself, the film comes out looking at the fallout. All the interviews are done by Griffin herself, and are often funny, sometimes very, very funny. She does a great job in the interviews, as do many of the interviewees. The real standout though is the director of the film. Sean Ross Weiner. He is on par with the likes of Spike Lee or Jon Stewart. This guy is brilliant. You can tell he is the guy who is responsible for this film. I can't say much about the film without giving it away, so I'll leave it at that. It's a good movie, but I would give it a 9/10.