Anschauen Les quatre soeurs

Les quatre soeurs

Les quatre soeurs is a TV series starring Claude Lanzmann, Paula Biren, and Ruth Elias. Four interviews done in the 1970s with women who survived the Holocaust.

Other Titles
Shoah: Four Sisters, The Four Sisters, Vier Schwestern
Running Time
4 hours 33 minutes
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History, Documentary
Claude Lanzmann, Ruth Elias, Ada Lichtman, Paula Biren
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Four interviews done in the 1970s with women who survived the Holocaust.

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Dorothy M. photo
Dorothy M.

This is a wonderful film. The video was not made to be shown on a normal TV. The quality of the video is excellent. The documentary starts with the actual date of the assassination. It follows the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. The film shows that people have a great respect for King. The entire time, the film is moving and exciting. The film shows how the right wing of the country is constantly fighting to preserve the American way of life. There is a great scene when the camera goes to the living room of King's home. The television is tuned to CNN. The movie is a good lesson for all people. It shows that there is no one who will stop any man who wants to make a difference in the world. It also shows that people who are educated and open-minded are the ones who are most likely to stop all these "trolls".

Mildred Perez photo
Mildred Perez

I've seen the original, so I'm not really familiar with the other films. I think the other films are not as good as the first. I think this film is more of a documentary, than a documentary. It was really interesting to see the day-to-day life of the prisoners, and I think the prisoners were treated really well. The film also shows the psychological issues of the prisoners, and how difficult it was to live in such a situation. I think the movie is really interesting and it does show how hard it was for the prisoners, and how much they struggled. I think this is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen, and I think it should be shown in schools as well.

Kimberly Baker photo
Kimberly Baker

I have read many reviews on this film and was very curious about the movie. As a born-again Christian, I was totally captivated by the power of the message, the documentary style presentation and the amazing cinematography. I loved the emotional and personal story of these women, and how they came together. These women have shown how powerful God can be through the miracle of a pregnancy. This is a very special documentary and I am not going to compare it to any other because it is so different from any other documentary. The people involved with this project are amazing and their stories should be shared. If you are a Christian, and you have had a difficult pregnancy, you should definitely see this movie.

Stephanie Robertson photo
Stephanie Robertson

This film is a stunning study of a small group of the French elite who, in their extraordinary fashion, managed to prevent a communist revolution from taking place. The greatest difficulty that the French bourgeoisie had to face, is that they had to be willing to set aside their moral and political principles in order to pursue their personal interests and protect their own property. If they had only known the moral and political principles that their country had already established, they would not have had to resort to such measures. This film is very well made. The images are beautiful, the narration is powerful, and the explanations are profound. The discussion between the leaders of the French bourgeoisie, in which the question of the role of religion is broached, is highly significant, as it is a major theme of the French Revolution.

Diane Meyer photo
Diane Meyer

I saw this movie for the first time as a young teen, and it really affected me for a long time. I wasn't then and am not now. I feel that the media today have always tried to tell us the most sensationalistic stories, often times exaggerated, and I find it very difficult to believe that the French government was behind these and other stories, and that they did not want the public to know the truth. I found it a bit ironic that many of the soldiers involved in these atrocities were boys that had never been to the movies. It is an extremely important movie, and it should be shown in schools and colleges, especially as an example of how the media influences the public's opinion.