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Half the Picture

Half the Picture is a movie starring Ava DuVernay, Brenda Chapman, and Caroline Libresco. A documentary about discriminatory hiring practices concerning women directors in Hollywood, and an inspiring conversation with those who have...

Running Time
1 hours 34 minutes
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Amy Adrion
Caroline Libresco, Brenda Chapman, Catherine Hardwicke, Ava DuVernay
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A documentary about discriminatory hiring practices concerning women directors in Hollywood, and an inspiring conversation with those who have succeeded against all odds.

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Dorothy V.

The Making of a Star: The Making of John Wayne's Tender Mercies is an informative documentary that follows the production of the Western and the development of the screenplay. The film is mostly narrated by director Walter Hill, who discusses the plot, the cast, and the production. He also discusses the characters and their motivations. This is a great documentary for anyone who is interested in the Western genre. It's definitely a must-see for Western fans.

Lauren H. photo
Lauren H.

I'm not going to waste time on the plot. It's not necessary. I just wanted to point out the fact that there are two main factors that make this film interesting. The first is the cameraman. The second is the director. As a long time film watcher, I would say that this is a rare film that I would recommend. It's also not very well known. If you have never seen this film, do yourself a favor and go to your local library and check it out. You will not be disappointed.

Ronald photo

I would have to say this is a very well made film, but it is not really a documentary. It is about the history of the Beatles as a band, but you don't really get to hear their music or see them in action. The film is filmed in a more documentary style than a documentary style. The film starts off at their birth, then at their teen years, then at their first break up, and then at their first studio album. The film does a great job of showing the different stages of their career, but at the end of the film it seems like there was a lot more to this than what it seemed. The film was very slow at times, and didn't really have a great flow, but overall the film was very well made and told a very good story about the history of the Beatles.

Kathryn photo

I saw this documentary for the first time at the Seattle International Film Festival and I was blown away. It is a remarkable documentary. It is the story of Travolta and Wahlberg who were supposedly involved in a divorce and Travolta was allegedly a victim of domestic abuse, and Wahlberg who was allegedly a victim of drug abuse. It is also the story of the families of both men. The documentary is filled with many interesting points. One that really stuck with me was how the men portrayed themselves and what they did to each other. This really got to me. I was amazed by the honesty of the men and I was happy to see that the women seemed to have a sense of humor about the whole situation. I loved how the men talked about how they got to where they are, their regrets, their accomplishments, their crimes, their misdeeds, etc. It really made me feel for the men and I really liked that. I also really liked the fact that the women were very open and honest about what happened to them and they never turned around and blamed the men for what they did. I also really liked the fact that they were very open about their own emotional scars. I think that this film is really worth seeing. It is a very powerful film that will touch you in a way that you will never forget.

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This is a documentary about the web of knowledge that we all have in our own homes, about the internet, about webcams, about the internet of things, about our social lives and about our relationship with the internet. It is about how our lives are connected to the internet, how we use it, and how we are affected by it. It is a fascinating and informative documentary, that is very timely and relevant. I love it. It is so well made and directed, that it is also very entertaining, and it is always entertaining.

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Justin S.

I recently watched this movie on HBO and I found it entertaining. The main message of the movie was that if you want to have a good life, you have to change your environment. If you are not into the things you do, you will not change. It is not just about getting on a roller-coaster. You have to change your environment. It is also about dealing with the responsibilities that you have to be a good person and to keep on going on with the positive things that you are doing. I think the film is very educational, because it shows that you can do anything you want if you want to. It also shows that you can have a great life if you want to, but you can't. It is a good movie to watch with your family. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to learn something about the meaning of life.

Donna Garza photo
Donna Garza

This is a very informative documentary that is aimed at the general public. It is a great tool to have when you are thinking about where to spend your time next week. The main thing to take away from this documentary is that we need to be in control of our lives and not be dependent on others for support. The focus of this documentary is on the impacts that technology has had on our lives and how it can be used to our advantage. I thought that this documentary was very informative and was very interesting. I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone who is thinking about where to spend the time next week.

Sharon photo

I am a huge fan of documentaries and have always loved seeing movies on the topic of history. However, I have never seen a documentary that was both fascinating and informative. This movie is, of course, fascinating because of the stories that are told. However, the documentary also tells a lot about what people think of their history and what they have done to change it. While I didn't want to go into detail on my thoughts on this movie, I thought it was well worth the time it took to watch it. The documentary is also very interesting to watch because it includes interviews with many different people, some who are very famous, others not so well-known. They are all telling their stories and the fact that they are all American is important because it makes it clear that this documentary is not trying to tell the American people what to think about their history. In some cases, they are telling their story to the American people who have a lot of opinions on it. This is also important because many people have opinions about their history and they are not telling their story to the American people, they are telling it to their friends and to people who have no idea what it is like to be an American. The idea that this documentary is telling is important because it shows that people are not telling their history to the American people. The way that this documentary tells its story is important because it shows that the history that is being told is not only American history. The history that is being told is that of other countries as well. The documentaries from other countries also show that there are people that have different opinions on their history than what the people of the United States think. The documentary also shows that there are people who are not so knowledgeable about their history and their ideas about it. The documentary is informative because it tells many stories about history, how different people have different opinions about it, and how they have changed it.

Lauren B. photo
Lauren B.

A fascinating documentary about the music industry and its connections to the world of drugs, violence and war. It's a long film, so expect some slow spots and the occasional bad-quality film. But for the most part, it's well worth watching.

Victoria photo

As someone who has been involved in the film industry for more than 30 years, I can say that this is the first documentary that I have seen that doesn't reveal anything about the subject. It is not a film about the film industry. It is a film about the people involved in it. I was surprised to find that I was not the only person who found this film interesting. It is a film that tells the story of people who, in the best of times, have become the victims of the worst of times. The film begins with a discussion of the recent past, as people in this industry try to find a way to survive the present. The film then moves to the present and the current situation in the film. It then focuses on the people involved in the film industry and the things that they have to endure. There is a lot of information that is shared in this documentary. It is informative, entertaining, and inspirational. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about the people who make this industry work. It is definitely worth watching.

Bryan Barrett photo
Bryan Barrett

The premise of this documentary is pretty simple: documentary maker, Adam Steinberg, travels to Haiti to film the people who are victims of the earthquake and the ones who are the direct cause of the damage, and the effects of the devastation on the lives of the people who live there. The film focuses on a number of the people he met, and the effects their stories have had on their lives. It is a really powerful film, and he uses it as an opportunity to try and change the way we look at Haiti. The people in this film were just plain amazing, and you really feel for them. The thing that really makes this film work is the way it is filmed. Adam uses a lot of hand-held camera work to show the people in their faces, and he really uses that to really capture the reality of what they are experiencing. This is a very powerful film, and you really feel for these people, and really want to help them. I thought the story was very compelling, and it was very well-done. The subject matter was pretty difficult to come by, but it was handled very well. I really liked the film. It was well-directed, well-acted, and really did a good job of showing the effects of the disaster on the people who live there. Overall, this is a very good film. I enjoyed it a lot. It is a good film to see if you are looking for something to do with your time. I really recommend it. It is not your typical documentary, but it is a good film nonetheless.

Michelle Alexander photo
Michelle Alexander

This documentary is about a handful of the most influential and controversial people in the world. These are the people who have a large impact on the world, and in the minds of many of us, the world. It is also about how the world has changed over the past few decades, and the impact these people have had on it. The documentary covers the history of these people and their lives, and it is fascinating to watch how the world has changed over the past few decades. It is a great documentary and it is a must see.