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Revival! is a movie starring Mali Music, Harry Lennix, and Dawnn Lewis. REVIVAL is hybrid of every film idiom: Broadway musical, Hollywood musical, animation, green screen technology, and sound stage. Revival is the hippest...

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1 hours 45 minutes
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Danny Green
Harry Lennix, Holly Davis Carter
Harry Lennix, Mali Music, Dawnn Lewis, Paula Newsome
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REVIVAL is hybrid of every film idiom: Broadway musical, Hollywood musical, animation, green screen technology, and sound stage. In its meta-theatrical stylized bridging of the theater and the audience's everyday experiences, REVIVAL is a mixed media virtual experience of the gospel according to John the Apostle. The presentation of this timeless story is told by dramatizing supremely constructed gospel music that helps recount the mission, ministry and miracles of Jesus. REVIVAL is a concert film. Nothing close since JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. ...and served up with a splash of THE WIZ. It is a gospel/funk fantasia that speaks to all throughout the world; either as a film or as a live-action musical. Every element is designed to deliver a clear, comprehensive, and compelling entertainment experience-from the vibrant wardrobe to the irresistible music; from the craft of acting and the gift of song and dance. An amazing an uniquely modern and authentic approach to the Christian narrative. Leading a world-class ensemble of excellent performers is Mali Music, who plays the central figure of Jesus in REVIVAL. Mali is a bona fide music star and verifiable musical genius. He is also one the chief composers of the film's score, and will amaze a new generation with his refreshing and profound interpretation of The Scriptures. Collaborating in this effort with Mali is Abdul Hamid Royal, an exhaustively accomplished musician and Broadway music director.

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Susan Davidson photo
Susan Davidson

This film is great! It is very surreal. I watched it with the sound off and it was still very surreal. I thought the film was very unique. It's a feel-good movie. Some of the scenes are so unique that they are almost disturbing. For instance, the scene where Frankie and the animal are in the church and Frankie is complaining that his mother has become a zombie. Then we see him pull out his snot nose and start chewing it, his teeth have fallen out. This is just weird! The music is great too. It's not the kind of music that people have in their car or at work. It's music you'll want to buy. I recommend this movie to anyone.

Tammy G. photo
Tammy G.

I was not expecting this movie, I had only seen the trailer and thought I would be disappointed. My brother told me it would be horrible and they would say that this was an old movie. I was surprised to see a different film. I liked the acting and the chemistry between the two leads. This was a fun film, and it is definitely worth the watch. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good laugh.

Judy Stevens photo
Judy Stevens

I was pleasantly surprised at this film, despite the fact that I had heard mixed reviews of it. It was a very well made film with good characters, and had an interesting, down-to-earth storyline. Although it did not use any CGI effects, it was quite well done. I thought the story line was solid and did not try to make the story seem contrived or implausible. I would not mind seeing it again. I would give it a 10 if I could. If you enjoy movie like "The Truman Show", or "The French Lieutenant's Woman" you will certainly enjoy this film.

Harry L. photo
Harry L.

When I saw the trailer for this movie, I thought "it can't be that bad". I was wrong. The first half is like an animated version of "The Wizard of Oz". Then the second half just gets worse. This movie is so bad, I can't believe I watched it. There is no reason to recommend this movie. The only reason I can think to watch this movie is because of Steven Hiller and his weird haircut and costume. It's like he's playing the role of a crazy Jewish doctor, and it's just gross.

Denise W. photo
Denise W.

This was a very moving story about a child's joy and their pain and all that they go through. For those who think that "celebrity is an oxymoron" you have to see this movie! The opening credits are beautiful, the music is amazing, and the acting is fantastic. I loved it, and I think that it's one of those movies you have to see to believe. Thank you Amy Pascal for this, I look forward to seeing the rest of her work.

Eugene G. photo
Eugene G.

Although, it was a nice surprise to see Jimmy Page again. It was so sad to see him go, I thought, "I can't believe it." Also, I think this is the first time that I saw Tommy Tallarico play a part that he wasn't famous for. This movie was really nice to see, and I think that everyone can relate to it.

Maria Jacobs photo
Maria Jacobs

I went to the Academy Awards with a little trepidation, having never seen Jarmusch's previous film, Before The Devil Knows You're Dead, but I am happy to say that he completely changed my opinion of him. This is his best film to date, and his best film I've seen. From the beginning of the film until the very end, Jarmusch keeps you riveted to your seat. The story, while light on details, is nonetheless deeply thought provoking, and I can't wait for the DVD. I've seen this film two times now, and I can't wait for it to come out on video. Please see this film. It will change your life. Thanks for reading.

Scott Hall photo
Scott Hall

This movie is one of the best I have ever seen. I have always loved John Lydon and thought he was a great comic actor and also loved The King Of Marvin Gardens. I didn't even know he had a singing group until recently. And this is not just a gimmick for him to work on his singing skills. The movie itself is excellent and in my opinion so far the best musical since La Boheme, so far. It's funny, dramatic, romantic and has great music. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I recommend it to anyone. If you like musicals, go see it.

Amy Webb photo
Amy Webb

Hollywood has a reputation for romantic comedies, a reputation that is not undeserved. This is one of those films. Yes, this is a very romantic movie. The relationship between the two lead characters is quite apparent throughout, and is not anything unusual. It is the romantic comedy that is there in the background, playing off of what the main characters are experiencing. It's the ability of the main characters to be realistic, and connect with one another. This movie is definitely a must see for those who enjoy the romantic comedy genre. The acting, writing, directing, and soundtrack are all top-notch. In conclusion, I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a romantic comedy.

Jose Henderson photo
Jose Henderson

Here's a quirky but fun musical that will please fans of jazz. The performances are great, and the music, provided by a ragtime band, will go a long way toward making the characters likable. The movie is relatively short, but I'm sure it would have been much longer had they done the two hour version, which could have been edited down to do something to take the movie into a more contemporary setting. As it is, I recommend it to people who want to see a quirky movie that will make them laugh, but not to people who want to see a musical.

Tiffany M. photo
Tiffany M.

I first saw this movie in a theatre with some friends, they were all fans of the original series. We loved it. The characters were well-known and were brought to life perfectly. Everyone knows the original's story, it was a joy to see this story take shape. The first 5 minutes were probably the most frightening and disturbing thing I have ever seen on the screen. The rest of the movie is intense, surreal, and completely unique. I'm glad I had the opportunity to see it. It is definitely worth watching.

Willie photo

Who doesn't love this? It's all about "LOVE!" - OK, "LOOK!" I've seen this movie and I'm not even a Christian, but I LOVED it. It's a true story that shows what it was like to be in the music business back in the days and how hard it was to have your music and image show up in a mainstream music video. It's really inspiring, it's inspiring, it's inspiring. The music in this movie is outstanding, so is the direction and the story. The whole thing is just so entertaining and makes me smile all the time. I thought the plot was just fantastic and the acting was excellent. Even the music is great. I think it's worth watching if you're a fan of music, not just a fan of movies.

Martha photo

Not that I'm against wacky movies.but this one is one of the best I've seen in a while. Its got a funky rock soundtrack, great songs, and a very interesting storyline. The characters are so well developed and the performances are perfect. I loved the background score and the other songs played in the background, so much so that I just stopped counting how many I liked. The characters were funny, quirky, and well-written. I could relate to them and their world. Its one of those movies that if you see it for the first time you can watch it again and again and again. So if you're looking for a film that makes you think, and if you like movies that are a little strange, check it out. It's a unique film that I will recommend to all my friends. Its a good laugh.

Kenneth photo

I saw this movie at the Tribeca Film Festival. It was written and directed by Brian Grazer. It stars Adam Devine, Lucy Liu, and Ariana Richards. In the film, Adam and Lucy (Lucy Liu) are in an inner city Chicago community who struggle to find jobs. Lucy, in an attempt to be involved in her community's culture, falls in love with a young teen who will become her roommate. The relationship between Adam and Lucy are what creates the story line. The fact that Lucy is a role model and the community sees her as a role model are what make the movie work. It is the community that gives the film a life. The director and writer Brian Grazer create a sense of hope that we need in our own lives. The director and writer do a great job of portraying the under-representation of African-Americans in movies. It was funny to see the story of how Adam and Lucy create a family, and the transition that takes place between Adam and Lucy. This movie is fun and it teaches a lot about the world and shows a real look into the lives of African-Americans. Adam Devine is a great actor and his performance is a perfect blend of realism and comedy. I am a big fan of Adam Devine, and Lucy Liu was awesome in her role as well. It was good to see Adam Devine play a role that shows what a great actor he is. He does a great job with the comedic role and makes Lucy Liu the right role model for young girls. The music in the movie is very well done. The song that Adam Devine sings is very sad and makes you want to cry. It is a good movie that I would recommend to anyone.