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Time Freak

Time Freak is a movie starring Asa Butterfield, Sophie Turner, and Skyler Gisondo. A genius teenage boy is in love with a girl who breaks up after a year. He invents a time-machine and tries to fix the break-up repeatedly. He...

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Running Time
1 hours 44 minutes
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Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama, Comedy
Andrew Bowler
Andrew Bowler
Sophie Turner, Skyler Gisondo, Asa Butterfield, Will Peltz
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A genius teenage boy is in love with a girl who breaks up after a year. He invents a time-machine and tries to fix the break-up repeatedly. He finally goes a year back with his friend/advisor to fix the bad days.

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Philip S. photo
Philip S.

It was like a movie made out of my dreams. The dialogue, the acting, the direction, the production, the editing, the script. Everything about this film was flawless. The story was very original and very thought provoking. I could not have imagined a better ending. I am always interested in films that are more about the acting than the directing. This was one of those films. The acting was perfect, the script was perfect, and the production was perfect. The movie was very entertaining. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a movie that is not about the directing or the acting. It is all about the story, and the writing. And it was good. Thank you for reading my review. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you.

Diana photo

A clever, well-constructed and nicely executed film about a scientist who, by accident, accidentally creates a time-travel machine. I found the movie to be quite entertaining and, although not as good as the first one, it still is a very well-done film. The movie also has some nice special effects. The movie is entertaining, and the characters are very well developed. I thought the special effects were great, and the special effects in this movie were not bad at all. The movie was also very well-acted. The acting was very good. All in all, this is a very good movie. It's not a masterpiece, but it's definitely worth seeing.

Justin A. photo
Justin A.

I am not a big fan of the Sci-fi genre, but I do enjoy the occasional Sci-fi movie. So, when I heard that they were making a movie about aliens, I was intrigued. I don't know if I was expecting a Sci-fi movie, but I did expect a Sci-fi movie with aliens. The movie itself is a good one, but it doesn't live up to the hype. The movie is very entertaining and has a good plot. It's the kind of movie that you can watch over and over again and enjoy it. I like the way the movie uses the technology and the science behind it. The movie was good, but it could have been better. The movie has a great cast and the performances are great. The movie also has a good ending, and it's a good ending. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes Sci-fi movies.

Alice photo

I am a huge fan of the movie "Funny Farm" and I thought that this movie was just as good. There were some great moments in the movie, but there were also some bad moments as well. There were some things that just didn't work out. For example, the ending was kind of abrupt, which I thought was a bit weird. I also thought that there were some things that were left out. For example, there was a scene where the camera is still running, and I thought that the camera was running in slow motion. I also thought that the music was a bit out of place. I also thought that the scene where the girl is riding the bike was a bit out of place. The movie is a good movie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I would also recommend the movie to anyone who is into the sci-fi genre. The movie is about a group of people who are all obsessed with getting into the Funny Farm, and they must all make it through the maze to get there.

Christian Owens photo
Christian Owens

For a movie about technology and a robot who goes on a journey, it does a great job of mixing both worlds. I'm not sure how much of the movie is actual science and how much is just fantasy, but I do know that the movie is very easy to watch and that it does a great job of introducing the characters and the settings without feeling like it is a set of cliches. I think the movie is great because it is very believable, and the two leads (Mackenzie Foy and Billy Crudup) have such good chemistry. If you like science fiction, you will enjoy the movie. I would have liked to see a bit more of the Earth, but all in all, it is a very entertaining movie.

Richard T. photo
Richard T.

The greatest thing about this movie is that it really brings out the best of all the movies I've seen in the past few years. I loved the musical score and the story line. The story line has been done before and better but the whole movie was just a great experience. It's a good movie to watch with friends and has a good ending. I would recommend this movie to anyone and would recommend it to people who are looking for a movie to watch and enjoy.

Christopher Andrews photo
Christopher Andrews

I really enjoyed this movie, it was a very different movie from the usual fare. It's been a while since I saw this movie, but I remember it being interesting. It's the story of a couple who have to move back to their hometown in order to get married, and have kids, so the husband will have the rest of his life to live. So they do what any couple would do in this situation: they make up. The idea was great. The cast was great. The production was good. The editing was very good. The acting was good, especially by both Chris Penn and Emma Roberts. I enjoyed watching this movie a lot. It was one of the few movies I watched recently that I found to be worth my money. It was great to see a movie that was not just a comedy or a romance. I loved this movie.

Emily Carpenter photo
Emily Carpenter

I've always liked the feel of this movie. It's a nice one, with a story that moves along at a nice pace, and a good cast. I guess you can call it a blend of the real world and the fantasy world, but it works for me. The only thing that kept me from giving this movie an 8 is that the main character was a woman, and the movie didn't really explain why she was going to be like this. But it was pretty well done, and it was enjoyable. All in all, it was a great movie.

Justin H. photo
Justin H.

If you're looking for a movie that will blow you away, then "If You're Wondering What I'm Wondering" is your movie. It's really a very clever film, but in some ways I don't understand how it was made. It's not the type of movie you can take your family to see. I think it would have been better if it was in English with subtitles. I understand that there are a lot of people who don't like this movie, but it's so clever and unique that I think it should be viewed by more people. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.

Rebecca photo

This movie is a great example of what makes a good movie. It's a slow burn and slow, but it's worth it. It's funny and at times moving. I can't say enough about this movie. The acting is good and the plot is well done. It's not perfect, but it's good. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie.

Julia F. photo
Julia F.

I've seen this film twice, and while the first viewing was a bit of a letdown, it is a solid film. The second viewing, however, was much more rewarding. This film does not fit neatly into any of the categories I've already described it in. It's an extremely sad and depressing film. There are plenty of interesting scenes. The characters are well drawn. The acting is very good, and the music is also very good. I really enjoyed the music, and the scenes involving the characters are very moving and dramatic. This film is a nice little quirky little film. It has some elements of the human condition, and a number of other elements. It is a great film to watch on a rainy day. I rate this film 8/10.

Brandon Daniels photo
Brandon Daniels

I am really sorry I missed this movie at the theater. This movie is great! The director really knows how to put together a movie. He managed to include the right amount of humor and romance. He also managed to keep it really interesting. I liked the fact that he didn't just throw in one cliche after the other. He had a lot of fun with it. The two main characters were interesting. The director really knew how to make a movie that was not just a romantic comedy. The only problem I had with the movie was that it didn't have the perfect amount of humor. I am sure I would have liked it more if it had more comedy. Overall, I think this movie was really good.

Evelyn Stephens photo
Evelyn Stephens

I've seen this film about a dozen times. It's a bit of a classic, and it's always worth watching. But, I've seen it twice already, and I'm tired of the same old plot. That's why I'll have to watch it a third time to make sure I'm not missing anything. It's a good film, and I'd definitely recommend it to others. But I'll have to wait a few months for it to come out on DVD. But, you can always catch it on Netflix or HBO. It's a classic. 8/10

Kathryn photo

I love this movie. It's a great story of friendship, love, and trust. It's a great movie about love, loyalty, and friendship. The performances are amazing. The characters are amazing. The plot is great. The ending is great. I'm going to watch this movie again.

David H. photo
David H.

I watched this movie and it was great! I had heard it was a bad movie, but I didn't think it was all that bad. It had good special effects and it kept my interest all the way through. I liked how the story was written and it was well acted. The special effects were good too. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes good movies, or a movie to watch with friends. It was definitely worth the money. It was better than "The Godfather" or "Citizen Kane".

Henry P. photo
Henry P.

This movie was very good. Not too much action but I did find the characters very interesting. They were like real people. They were real friends, real lovers, real enemies. You felt for them. I thought the movie was pretty well done. I liked how they showed us different types of people. It was not a boring movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to any one who enjoys movies about friendship and family.

Jordan G. photo
Jordan G.

I am not a big fan of science fiction, but I found this film to be very entertaining. The story is unique and the acting is very good. The actors are not that well known, but they did a good job. The acting is very realistic and believable. The film is also very funny. The only thing that I did not like about this film was the ending. It was a little bit too abrupt and I could not understand the ending. The ending could have been better. I also think that the ending could have been better if it was a little bit more clear. Overall, I recommend this film. I rate it 8/10.