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Change in the Air

Change in the Air is a movie starring Rachel Brosnahan, Aidan Quinn, and M. Emmet Walsh. When a beguiling young woman moves in next door, a quiet neighborhood is awakened, bringing people face to face with their secrets and,...

Running Time
1 hours 34 minutes
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Dianne Dreyer
Audra Gorman
Aidan Quinn, M. Emmet Walsh, Seth Gilliam, Rachel Brosnahan
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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When a beguiling young woman moves in next door, a quiet neighborhood is awakened, bringing people face to face with their secrets and, ultimately, themselves.

Comments about drama «Change in the Air» (19)

John photo

I found this film very interesting and thought it was very well put together. It has a strong story line and a strong message. I found the chemistry between the two leads believable and I enjoyed the film. There were some parts of the film that were hard to understand but I would definitely watch it again. The film does not show any nudity but there is a scene of a couple having sex that is very explicit. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good story, a good cast, and is looking for a film that has a strong message.

Paul Olson photo
Paul Olson

When the movie "In the Air" was released, I was very excited, as I was a fan of the book. I have always been a huge fan of Lila and enjoyed the movie very much. However, I have to say that this movie was not as good as I expected. It was very good in parts, but not very good. I felt that the movie tried too hard to tell a story of the book, and it just didn't come off well. I don't know if this was the movie's fault, or if it was a poor adaptation. Either way, I am still very happy with this movie, and I am very glad that it was able to be adapted so well. The actors in the movie were all very good, and they did a great job with their roles. I am very happy with the acting, and the story of the book. I would definitely recommend the movie to anyone who is a fan of the book. This movie was just as good as the book, and I hope that the movie will be able to be better. 7/10

Anna photo

One of the best movies I have ever seen. Very well acted, good story, good performances, nice cinematography. I really liked the movie, very good for the first time I ever saw. I think that this movie deserves a more and better rating.

Vincent photo

The idea behind this film is a good one: the movie deals with the subject of homosexuality and it's repercussions. But the idea is so old and tired that it's not really interesting anymore. The movie is rather average, and doesn't have any surprises. There's no real twist in the story and it's pretty predictable. The story is well told, but the way the characters are presented is not good. I felt that the story could have been better. It could have been a bit more interesting, but it's not a bad movie. The actors are good and the director did a good job. This is a good movie for a rainy day. I recommend this movie.

Katherine photo

There are several scenes in this movie that are genuinely creepy, and it is truly a movie to watch again and again. The story is about a doctor and his wife who have recently lost their child. They live in a remote area of England where the sun never shines. They discover that a stranger has arrived in the area and is staying with them for a short time. They go out to see what has become of the stranger, but soon find out that he has disappeared. They go looking for him, but find him dead in the house. They do not suspect anything. Later, the doctor's daughter goes missing. She is never found. This movie is scary in a good way. The doctor's wife is played by an outstanding actress, and the mother is played by an excellent actress. This movie is not one to miss.

Bobby B. photo
Bobby B.

In this bleak, unforgiving but vibrant drama, a group of British immigrants find themselves in the town of Scrittiwell, New Jersey in the 1930s. There is a young woman who has a secret, and an older man who is troubled by a past. The young woman is played by the beautiful, but under-rated Samantha Morton, and the older man is played by Alan Rickman, who has had an illustrious career. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in 'Forrest Gump' and has been nominated for another one for 'The Royal Tenenbaums'. But 'Scrittiwell' is not a story of hope and redemption, but a story of heartbreak and a sense of lost innocence. The two stories are intertwined, and it is very hard to tell which is which. It is a film that is not very well-known, and I hope that the next time I see it, I will find it more rewarding.

Paul Bowman photo
Paul Bowman

A very unusual film, not one I have ever seen before, but definitely one of the better ones in the genre. The story is very good and the acting is very good, particularly from Thomas Haden Church as the main character, Sam Shepard. It's quite moving and it's not for everyone, but if you like these type of films, I think you will like this one.

Sean Mills photo
Sean Mills

It's a nice movie, well acted, and has a nice plot. However, the movie could have been much better, especially since it has a nice ending. The ending is really nice, it shows that even though you have to deal with some problems, you can always go on. But the movie is just about a kid, and it could have been a much better movie if it had a little bit more of an ending. It is a good movie, but it could have been a lot better. However, I think the movie would have been great if it had a better ending.

Maria P. photo
Maria P.

I really liked this movie. It is a very realistic story about a young man who has a very difficult life. He has to choose between his father, his girlfriend, his job, his family, his friends, and his life. I liked the acting and the acting was very good. I liked the story and the story was very realistic. The only thing that I didn't like about the movie was the ending. I felt like it was a bit too abrupt and I don't know what they were trying to do. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good drama and has a strong will to survive.

Jacqueline photo

A very interesting and different film. It is definitely not the usual "teen-movie" - I found it to be very interesting, but I can't really say I had a great time watching it. It's not a bad movie, it's just a bit too slow, and there are many scenes that are too long, especially when the movie goes into the characters' childhood. The movie is definitely not a waste of time, but I didn't really find it a great movie either. The acting was very good, but the characters were kind of forgettable. The movie is definitely worth seeing, but not for everyone.

Terry R. photo
Terry R.

This is a very slow movie. You won't get it unless you are a fan of the director. It's a slow movie with an interesting plot. It's a little slow, but it's good. It's a great story. You will not see it until you are a fan of the director. This is one of his films that I can recommend to anyone who loves good movies. I rate this a 7/10.

Richard photo

I'm sure the director was trying to make a comment about the plight of the working class in the United States. But I'm also sure he was trying to comment on the different world of the movie. I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate the depiction of the working class was. It was a nice change of pace from the usual Hollywood movie that portrays the working class as soulless. The working class was portrayed as a real working class and not a bunch of dirty rich people. The poor working class people were shown as being people who worked hard, but didn't have the best of the best. They were not shown as having the highest of the high-mindedness. I think the director was trying to show the world of the working class. He wasn't trying to make a movie about the working class. He was trying to show the world of the working class. The working class was portrayed as having the most important job in the world. It was a job that people should not leave behind. This was a great movie. It's a movie that will bring back a lot of memories for me. It is a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a movie that has a message.

Amber photo

This movie is worth seeing. Its just like the one I watched, except that I'm a bit older. The story is about a young woman who is so in love with a guy that she cannot tell him he's not a guy. She sees him in a magazine, and she says, "Oh my God, I love you. I love you so much." He's really not a guy. But she has such a crush on him, and she's convinced that he's a guy. She's so in love with him, that she would do anything for him, and that's what makes her a complete jerk. Then, she gets a new boyfriend, and he's not a guy either. He's not even a good looking guy, but he's a good person. She still loves him, but she loves him the way she loves him, and she doesn't even know he's not a guy. She loves him and wants him, but he doesn't love her, and he loves her the way she loves him, and she doesn't know he's not a guy. The movie is quite long, but it's really worth watching. It's very realistic, and I'm sure the story would be the same in real life, except for the way the characters act. They all seem very immature, but I like it. It's a very interesting movie, and it really makes you think. It's very funny, and there are a lot of funny scenes in the movie, and I liked that a lot. It's not a very serious movie, but it's very funny, and it's a very good movie. The acting is great. Everyone in the movie is a very good actor, and the supporting actors are also very good. I recommend this movie.

Helen D. photo
Helen D.

A young mother, when her husband leaves her for a new partner, comes to the realization that she's not a good mother and does not want to raise a child. This is a very well done movie. It is very realistic, with a lot of drama, especially when the mother realizes that she is not a good mother. It also has a very strong moral. I think that it is very important to see this movie because the movie is about a very hard life. It is not a film that can be watched by everyone. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good movie.

Phillip photo

My sister and I watched this movie in high school, and we both really enjoyed it. It's definitely worth a look for those who enjoy a movie with a good story. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in the themes of the movie.

Kenneth West photo
Kenneth West

I think the movie is good. The story is a good one. The characters are good and so is the actor. The movie is a bit slow in places, but overall it is a good movie. It is not really a drama or a comedy. It is more a movie about life and death. I think it is a movie that anyone can watch and learn from.

Sharon photo

The only thing I can really say about this film is that it is one of the few films that I would consider to be a masterpiece. I have seen it at least 20 times and each time it's even better. This film is very different from the average "love story". The characters are not one-dimensional and they have a real depth. The plot is very different from most other films, but it works out really well. The film is also very original, very poetic and full of symbolism. The film does not have any obvious hero or heroine, but the film does have a lot of good characters. The only problem with the film is that the film is too long. The film is about an hour and a half long, but it felt too long. But I can see how it could be a great film. I recommend this film to anyone who is into film that has a great story. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Zachary photo

Some of the actors are really good. But it's the story and the background of the characters that are really good. The story is very interesting and it is a very touching film. It's very sad and a bit sad. I recommend this film to anyone who likes a good story. And if you like such films, you will enjoy this film as well. This is a film you must see. It is worth watching, even if you are not a very sentimental person. I don't think you will be disappointed. I can't say it's a masterpiece, but it's a very good film. I give it 7 out of 10.

Bruce B. photo
Bruce B.

I really liked this film. It was touching and the acting was very good. The story was a bit confusing at first, but once the movie got going it was great. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good drama. I have never been a fan of Angela Bettis, but she did a good job. I don't think she was the best actress, but she was good. I also think the movie was a little predictable, but that doesn't matter. It was still good.