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General Magic

General Magic is a movie starring Tony Fadell, Andy Hertzfeld, and Marc Porat. The ideas that dominate the tech industry and our day to day lives were born at a secretive Silicon Valley start-up named 'General Magic', which spun out...

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1 hours 33 minutes
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Matt Maude, Sarah Kerruish
Sarah Kerruish, Jonathan Key, Matt Maude, Michael Stern, Ceri Tallett
Andy Hertzfeld, Marc Porat, Tony Fadell, John Sculley
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The ideas that dominate the tech industry and our day to day lives were born at a secretive Silicon Valley start-up called 'General Magic', which spun out of Apple in 1990 to create the first handheld personal communicator (or "smartphone"). The film combines rare archival footage with powerful honesty from the "Magicians" today, reflecting on the most influential Silicon Valley Company no one has ever heard of. Featuring legendary members of the original Macintosh team, along with the creators of the iPod, iPhone, Android and eBay.

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Patrick S. photo
Patrick S.

I have watched the documentary about this movie a few times now, and I'm still very impressed. I don't want to give away too much, but the film is about a man who made a documentary about a man who tried to kill him, and it was actually more interesting than the actual man who tried to kill him. The documentary is very interesting, and if you have the chance to watch it, go for it. If you are interested in the subject, you should definitely watch the documentary.

Jordan C. photo
Jordan C.

This is the first documentary I have seen on the subject of child sex abuse. I feel compelled to write a comment because I have been told that this documentary is not what it seems to be. I am a mother of three children, and I can only speak to what I have experienced personally. I feel that this documentary is an excellent representation of what we have experienced, and what it is like to be a victim of child sex abuse. I think it is very well done. The documentary is very informative and well-made. The camera-work is very well done, and it was very easy to follow the story. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the topic of child sex abuse.

Henry A. photo
Henry A.

This documentary was well done. It is very entertaining, and it does a great job of giving the viewer a great idea of how the "Magic" in the film actually works. I would have liked to see more of the movie in the documentary, but I think that would have distracted from the main focus of the documentary. This is a very well made film and I hope that more people see it. It is not a documentary, but a film about the "Magic" in Magic. It is very entertaining and it is worth seeing. I would highly recommend this film to anyone. I would recommend that you watch this film before watching any other documentary. This is the best documentary I have ever seen.

Andrea photo

This film is a must-see for anyone interested in the world of Scientology. The film is an interesting look at the world of Scientology, and it does a good job at conveying the overall feeling of the film. The film also shows how Scientology is a very controversial cult, and that it's a cult that is not tolerated by the mainstream world. The film also does a good job of showing how Scientology is based on a philosophy that is based on science and not on religion. The film also shows how Scientology is a cult that is very well organized and very well run. The film is not only about Scientology, but it is also about the science of religion. This film is very well done and the acting is very good. I think that this film will be a very good movie for anyone interested in the Scientology religion. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in Scientology.

Amber R. photo
Amber R.

I was in my first year of college and I had a great opportunity to watch this movie. I had been a huge fan of the show since the first season and was excited to see the movie. I was very disappointed. It was so slow, and I didn't feel like I was part of the action. The scene where Sam and Dean meet the demon was boring and I didn't like the ending. I think that they should have ended the movie at the very beginning. I would have given this movie a 9.5 if it had not been so slow. I would recommend watching it if you are a fan of the show and want to see the movie. I have to say that it was a good movie but I would have given it a 10 if I could.

Crystal J. photo
Crystal J.

I'm not a big fan of the movie Magic. I like the fact that the movie focuses on the personal stories of the people in the movie, and it doesn't take itself too seriously. But I have to say, I've never seen the original. I like how the movie tries to be a documentary, but I feel like it could've been done a lot better. I'm not saying the movie is bad, I just felt like it could've been better. Magic is a great movie, I recommend it to anyone who likes the movie Magic.

Phillip Sims photo
Phillip Sims

It is a shame that so many people think that the movie is about the issue of sex, it is not. It is a film about the lives of a group of people who were just like any other group of people. The film starts with a look at a documentary about a couple of people who had been together for over 20 years, and it does not make sense why they are together, and then you are introduced to these people, and their stories. This is not the type of film you will want to watch if you want to watch a movie about sex. But if you are in a mood to watch a movie about people and their lives, you will like this film.

Albert photo

The only reason I watched this documentary was because I am a fan of former WWE Superstar/ROH Champion Shawn Michaels. This documentary is about his life and career, and how he became the legend he is today. It is interesting to see how his career started out, and how he was able to get into the WWE, and how he became the superstar he is today. This documentary was very informative and showed us a lot of the things we would never know about Shawn Michaels. The interviews were very good, and the things that were mentioned were also very good. Overall, this documentary was very good. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about Shawn Michaels. 9/10

Mildred D. photo
Mildred D.

This is a very interesting documentary. The film is well-made and informative. It shows how the documentary was made and how it was edited. I would recommend this film to anyone who has an interest in the life of a cult leader. The film is not as depressing as many other documentaries and I think it will be an interesting film for a wide audience. It is a good documentary to watch on a rainy day.

Mark Duncan photo
Mark Duncan

The movie begins with the story of a young girl named Aisha who is kidnapped and sold into prostitution in London. The story is told through the testimony of the girls themselves. The movie was very well done. The movie is very accurate and the girls did not come out of the movie as being promiscuous or "screwed around". The movie is very informative and the director really gave the audience a sense of what it is like to be a prostitute. I am so glad I watched this movie. The movie is really a must see.

Johnny A. photo
Johnny A.

This is a great documentary about the very real problems that occur when we move to a new town. It is a documentary about a group of people who have moved to a new town in Florida and they are dealing with the problems that they will face as a result of moving to a new town. I found this documentary to be a very accurate representation of what a new town is really like. The people in this documentary were very realistic and very good at what they did. I would recommend this documentary to anyone that has ever moved to a new town.

Betty photo

I watched this movie a few weeks ago and I was shocked by how good it was. It is a documentary that shows the real life of the Magician and his life. The documentary focuses on the life of this man, William Michael Morgan, who is known as "The Magician" because he can make anything happen. This man is a true inspiration to many. His life is truly a testimony to the power of self-reliance. It's truly a must-see. I give this documentary a 9/10. I think it is the most important documentary of all time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Janice photo

The most well done documentary about a small town's musical talent. I was surprised to find out that many of the town's musical performers are non-traditional. In addition, many of the performers are not aware of their musical background. They are a unique group of people and I am sure that they are all very proud of their accomplishments. The only reason I'm not giving this film an 8 is because it's not perfect. I wish that the town had been a little more open to the public, especially the children. The film does show some of the performances, but it is very hard to watch, especially with the low-quality sound. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who has a love for music.

Henry Jordan photo
Henry Jordan

This is a truly remarkable film. It's a powerful film that will stick with you for a long time. It's an excellent example of how to make a documentary. The film is very well made, and the documentary maker is very professional. This is the kind of documentary that will make you want to watch it over and over again. The director of the film, Scott Stewart, has made a very interesting and powerful film that will keep you in your seat. It's very well made and will stay with you. It's a very good film and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great documentary.