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Have It All -The Movie
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Martin Montgomery
Jason Mraz, Greg Grunberg, Sarah Ann Masse, Katie Grober
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Bruce M. photo
Bruce M.

The most important part of any documentary is the story. From this movie, the people who put this on the shelf made a great job. Even with the mixed reaction from the LGBT community, this movie was meant for all. It's true. It's a story of life and how it can change. If you're thinking about going to prison, you'll need to watch this. If you're thinking about getting married or having a baby, watch this. It's not the whole story, but it's the point. Enjoy!

Stephanie Simmons photo
Stephanie Simmons

The title of this movie is a bit misleading as the narrator is not a girl, but a man. It is the first time I've heard of a "man" making a movie on the topic of sex. As a story that is based on two men, it is not a serious movie at all. But it's a good one. The main characters are the oldest man in the family. The other one is his friend, and a daughter who lives with him. They have this late-life relationship and their feelings toward one another are very well developed. The actors are perfect. It is a fun movie to watch and learn about the subject. But I did not like the editing or the way it was presented. The first part is a little boring and the editing is a bit choppy. But as I said, it is a good movie and you won't be disappointed.

Lawrence photo

This documentary on Bruce Springsteen is well done and can be enjoyed by anyone who has ever been on a tour or is looking for a bit of insight into the band. The "ratings" the band receives are generally based on how many people they manage to attract, and they do a pretty good job of this, but are they accurate? It's hard to tell. I wouldn't put them at the top of my list of bands, but they're still not bad. They're definitely in the same league as Guns N' Roses and Van Halen as a serious music industry outfit. The only problem I have with this documentary is that it starts out with the band discussing their differences from the crowd, and they were getting really angry at one point. Then we go into their new album, and they mention how some people think they're being manipulated by their label and that the songs are "too much". I guess if you listen to the lyrics, you wouldn't be able to tell that. But it doesn't matter. What you will get out of this documentary is the fact that Bruce Springsteen was one of the biggest rock musicians of the 90's and is still one of the biggest rock musicians of the 80's. There are many things that he's done that many musicians would do in the same situation, and it shows that this guy is a top-drawer. The documentary is just well done. The documentary is well produced, and the interviews with the band members are funny and interesting. It's a great way to get to know this band, and to learn more about their career. It's a shame they didn't get a better audience.

Theresa Franklin photo
Theresa Franklin

I would have loved to have watched this documentary as a teenager, and even now, as an adult. Being a teenager in the late 90's and early 00's, I was always trying to avoid the drugs, because I just couldn't believe that anyone would want to take drugs, no matter how badly they wanted to. To me, it seemed like all of society was addicted to drugs. I didn't want to be like everyone else, and I felt I had to make an example of those who were addicted to drugs. I was one of the people who were addicted to drugs. To me, a documentary on drugs was an important part of history. It was good to have a look back at my own life, but I also learned a lot about how much drugs had affected me. I wish more people could have seen this, because I never would have known the extent of my problems if I hadn't had this documentary. But I think this documentary should have been shown to more people. I also thought that the message that was shown was that drug abuse is very important. Most people in the US are addicted to drugs, and the big corporations take advantage of that. Drugs are not harmless, they have very serious consequences. It's very sad that drugs have affected my life so much, and my family is the same way. I would have wanted to have been on the drug all of my life, but now that I have seen this documentary, I realize that I am not. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who has ever been addicted to drugs, or anyone who is addicted to drugs now. It will definitely make you think about how you feel about drug abuse, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a look back at their own life.

Ronald photo

A movie of this type is always an eclectic mix of inspiration. I found myself saying "hey, this is great" or "this is okay" after watching this movie. The film was actually a breath of fresh air, and at times I found myself turning to myself and saying "I wonder what this is like?" The filmmaker has done an amazing job of making a truly diverse group of people, complete with star turns from several people in the scene, come together in a place where no one knows how it's going to turn out. There are moments of brilliant clarity where you have no choice but to shut off the outside world and take in the environment, the people, the music and the scenery. I don't know how he did that, but I do know that it was done perfectly. Overall, I found the movie to be a breath of fresh air. I hope he will continue to do his research in this genre and hopefully others will be inspired as I was.

Daniel Peterson photo
Daniel Peterson

Everyone in the movie is excellent in their role. I have never seen a movie this talented that I would like to see again. I would give the movie a 10/10 just because the movie is about so much more than just money. For a movie that is about money to make, I believe that this movie is fantastic and will make a lot of money.

Janet George photo
Janet George

The former wife of Elvis Presley (aka Presley-Dr. Doolittle) "Jodie" Dunaway is one of the leading American rock musicians of the 1970s and early 1980s. Her first marriage to Elvis Presley ended in divorce and she was married to the wrong man. She later became a successful American Idol judge and a successful songwriter. As an actress, she was perhaps one of the most popular American entertainers in the 1970s. She starred in "Heaven Can Wait" (1977) and "Woman on Top" (1978). However, she got back into the spotlight with the remake of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" in 1986. In 1987, she married musician Sonny Bono (aka Bono, Jr.) She and Sonny divorced in 1991 and she had a second relationship with actor George C. Scott. She died in 1995. Her mother was Presley's former husband Lillian Dunaway. The mother was not an admirer of Elvis Presley and her family was anti-American. Her sister was well-known in the '70s for having fought with Presley's family over the former marriage of her sister. Presley died in April 2016.

Harold photo

I thought this was a great movie. Some of the jokes are quite long (like the meeting the real Miss America and then some). The movie isn't exactly super life changing, but it is worth the watch. It shows a time when America was actually a nation and the women had the right to choose what they wanted to do with their lives. It also shows the attempts by the religious right to turn America into a religion. People weren't stupid, they knew better. It also shows what the power of the media is today and it's easy to hate on it, when it was used to great effect in this movie. It's also interesting how the parents of the two characters were not, as you'd expect, the best parents. They were good, but not great. I'm glad they are still with their kids, and I would like to see their kids in more movies, but maybe the kids are old now, and they don't need to see the same things again. Maybe it would be better to have a "before" and "after" of the movie.

Gregory photo

A very interesting documentary about a man named Dennis Kucinich who became a major force in the early 90's as an independent candidate in the California state assembly. Kucinich (in his own words) talks about his time as an independent candidate for the state assembly, a stint in the Marines, his experiences in the Vietnam War, and his current involvement in the cause for a fair and just society. The film also examines how Kucinich's campaign worked, his opponents, and how he got his message out to the public. I also found it interesting to learn that Kucinich was a liberal Democrat who voted for President Bill Clinton, and that his opponents were all Republicans. As an independent candidate, he was "treated unfairly" by the Democrats in the state assembly. "A liberal Democrat should never have been in the state assembly, and a Republican should never have been in the state senate. They shouldn't have been able to do it." He said. "If you vote for me, I'm not going to fight you to the death." I highly recommend this film. It has a very interesting and fascinating subject matter.

Danielle photo

I first heard of this movie after reading the critics. I knew that the critics were not appreciative of it as they usually are, but I decided to go and see it anyways. I thought that the critics are just jealous of all the success that Dustin Hoffman is having with his various romantic comedies. I mean, he does have the most hilarious one's in Hollywood, but he can't seem to get them right. Anyway, this is a great movie. Dustin Hoffman plays a business tycoon who is constantly trying to get the perfect woman. I'm not going to tell you what the movie is about, because you would know it all if you have seen it. But it's not as good as you think. It's not a typical romantic comedy that you think will be funny. It's actually not that good at all. But it is a great comedy. I thought that the movie was funny and interesting. I was a little confused about the acting. Dustin Hoffman is an excellent actor, but in this movie he really overacted. Some of the acting was really bad. If Dustin Hoffman has made this movie, then I would recommend that you don't watch it. The characters are too stereotypical and the movie is boring. But it's really not a bad movie. I think it's a great movie for people who are into Dustin Hoffman. He really is a great actor. If you like his movies, you'll probably enjoy this movie.

Russell Ramirez photo
Russell Ramirez

This is an excellent documentary of a man's struggle to find a job in America. It takes a lot of courage to want to be a stripper, but no one ever wants to do that. This man has a very hard life and it shows. The fact that he went to the trouble of writing the book that started the movement is incredible. We were all shocked by his death in his sleep. I think we will all learn a lot about what it means to have a voice and to stand up for something. To be a true patriot. I have to say this documentary is a masterpiece.

Jessica L. photo
Jessica L.

There's an old saying that sums up this movie perfectly: "This movie is worth a thousand times more than the money you can expect to spend on it." The movie "It's a Very Good Life" details the lives of a group of former porn stars, including Paul Hills, who was one of the best male stars in the business back in the 80's and 90's. They are all married and have kids. Each of the men got his own little section in the movie. Paul Hills has a son who's named after him. His wife has been pregnant with another baby. There are two women with kids. The wife and the new mother both get emotional when they tell us about the problems in their lives. They tell us how they are trying to deal with the fact that their husband and son have been using their porn star status to get out of real marriage and real children. There are some tears in the movie, too. But it's worth it. The movie is extremely entertaining, and is a reminder of how much money we are spending on pornography in this world. You can see the disconnect between what is going on in these lives and what the politicians want us to believe is going on. It's like watching a completely different movie. A movie with people who get to spend time with their kids and other family members, and who are happy and feel great about it. I recommend this movie to everyone, even the non-porn fans.

Jonathan Pena photo
Jonathan Pena

The term "When Women Are Wasted" is really a good one, but a term that has been too often overused. This film is an accurate documentary on this subject, which is not the case in all cases. However, "When Women Are Wasted" certainly shows the importance of this issue. For those who have felt lost when it comes to finding their true self, this film will be a helpful guide. At the end of the film, it seems as if we all knew what the most important aspect of our lives is. However, we may not have realized it. If we are willing to study the value of our time, we may become aware of that.

Laura H. photo
Laura H.

What does it mean to be in a loving relationship with someone, and to know that they love you. This movie gets to the heart of that. The director, Stephen Rogers, has done a wonderful job of telling the story of Robert and Rebecca. It is a love story, about two people that could not be more different. Robert is an average man who believes that he has it all, while Rebecca is a sex addict that believes that she has it all. Robert wants his life to be perfect, while Rebecca is the ultimate modern woman. In fact, Robert has a sex addiction. When Robert meets Rebecca, she is ready to start a new life with him. However, Rebecca is still stuck in her old ways, and is not able to accept what Robert has done for her. How will they move forward, in the future? This movie is a must see, for all people, and especially for those who have a love addiction.