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The Irishman

The Irishman is a movie starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. An aging hitman recalls his time with the mob and the intersecting events with his friend, Jimmy Hoffa, through the 1950-70s.

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Irec, I Heard You Paint Houses, Ирац, Irlandczyk, Người Đàn Ông Ireland, Irac, Airis, 爱尔兰人, Airishuman, Ha'Irri, Ír, O Irlandós, アイリッシュマン, El irlandés, 愛爾蘭人, Az ír, O Irlandês, İrlandalı, Irčan, Ο Ιρλανδός
Running Time
3 hours 29 minutes
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Crime, Biography, Drama
Martin Scorsese
Steven Zaillian, Charles Brandt
Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, Joe Pesci
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Now in the waning years of his life, the feeble octogenarian, Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran--a former meat driver; powerful president of Local 326 of Delaware's Teamsters Union; ruthless racketeer, and mob hitman--finds himself confined to a wheelchair, forgotten in a nursing home in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Weary but still as-silent-as-the-grave, Sheeran recounts his pivotal first murder; his ties to the notorious Bufalino crime family; the assassination of John F. Kennedy; the energetic crusade of the Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy, and his alleged connection to the murder of the American labour union leader and President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Jimmy Hoffa. Now, reconciliation is the only means to salvation. What's it like to be the last man standing?

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Margaret Riley photo
Margaret Riley

In the same way that Brian DePalma's work on "The Untouchables" was a tribute to the actors, and "The Godfather" a tribute to the filmmakers, Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Irishman" is a tribute to the genre, and, more specifically, to the Irish film-making industry. This is the story of the making of "The Irishman," the lead character of which is played by the versatile Brendan Gleeson. I would recommend "The Irishman" to anyone who enjoys a good story about the making of a film, or who is interested in Irish cinema in general. I also recommend it to those who like their films with a little bit of humor. Gleeson is great in this film, and his performance is quite impressive. I think his performance is a big reason why the film works. His character is a rather simple one, and I found myself wondering whether he was truly Irish, or whether he was just pretending to be. He is also the kind of character who would rather be working on a film than be with his wife, and when his wife has to move away, he can't help but look forward to seeing her again. I thought this was a clever and touching scene. If you like the idea of a film about Irish cinema, this film will be a good one to see.

Bryan photo

This film is a very, very good drama. I liked the character of the Irishman, and I liked the way the film was shot. The film is very well done and I think this is one of the best Irish films ever made. The performances are very good and the direction is very good. I like how they portray the Irish character. I think this film is a very good film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Emily photo

I am a fan of Irish Films and this film is one of my favorites.The actors are all good and the characters are very believable.I highly recommend this film to all Irish Film fans and anyone else who likes a good film.

Mark T. photo
Mark T.

I have just watched the film in England on Netflix and was utterly shocked at how much I loved it. The actors all perform amazingly well and the scenes in the train, the car and the hall are beautifully photographed. The production values and the level of detail of the film is also outstanding. The film contains no sex and a minimal amount of violence but it still has enough to keep your attention throughout the film. It is about people who want to be ordinary people but have been bullied into living their lives the same way everyone else does. The main character is a homosexual man who is trying to be normal but is in pain due to his past and the situation he finds himself in. I am not gay myself and I have never been bullied but I felt that this film was very real to my life. The only reason I don't give it a ten is because I don't think the film was very subtle about its message. I have read the book and I feel like it could have been a lot more realistic in some aspects but still it is a very powerful and important film.

Terry Bryant photo
Terry Bryant

I am so surprised that so many people are being mean and so rude.I just saw this film and I liked it.It was a beautiful film and it made me think about the way things are, and how far we have come since those times.It was not too long, and it was not too boring.It was a very moving film and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

George Walker photo
George Walker

I don't know why the reviews are so terrible. The film is so good. The two main actors are really good. It's not your typical film, but the acting is good. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story, with great acting, and who wants to see a great movie. My vote is 10/10.

Alan D. photo
Alan D.

I really like this movie. It is not a movie that I would usually watch but it was worth it. The acting is very good, the movie is quite good and I don't think I could have done without the main actor. I am not sure if this movie is suitable for children. It is not for little kids but it is not for little kids. I have seen this movie over 15 times and I still like it.

Jeffrey Cole photo
Jeffrey Cole

This movie had some really good scenes and the story of the story was great. I liked the character of the Irishman but he wasn't the character I would have chosen to play in this movie. I would have chosen someone like Samuel Jackson to play that part. I think Samuel Jackson would have been better than the Irishman. The movie was a little slow and I was a little bored at times but overall I liked it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch a good movie. I would have liked to see the story of the story unfold more but overall I enjoyed the movie.

Gloria Hall photo
Gloria Hall

I'm not one to really like British film making, but this one in particular has got me interested in it for quite a while. It's got a story about a guy who kills his wife for a drug debt, so it's definitely got a twist to it. And it's got the classic characters you would expect in this type of film. James McAvoy is great as ever, and Saoirse Ronan is absolutely beautiful as always. The only real fault I found with this film was the fact that the ending seemed like it was a little rushed and all over the place. I also found it kind of boring at times, but I still liked it, because the film kept me entertained and interested. Overall, I think this is one of the best British films I've seen in a while, and I highly recommend it. It's got a great story, great performances, and a great twist ending. Highly recommended.

Harold M. photo
Harold M.

I've read the book. It was a wonderful, moving, and very realistic portrayal of a family that is very much like my own family. I was pleased with the movie, too. I have watched the movie three times, and have read the book several times. I hope the book will be made into a film. I love the film, but it was not made to appeal to the "art-house" crowd. The two young actors did a fantastic job, and the direction was perfect. I look forward to seeing the film again, and reading the book.

Helen photo

This movie is a sad tale of redemption, and it has a simple plot. A gangster and his wife (played by both of them) are on the run from the law, and must try to get away from their situation and get back together. You can see this story unfold as it unfolds in front of you. I've seen this movie many times and I love it. It's a film that stays with you, and it is not for the faint hearted. I can't say enough good things about this film. It is a well done film, with good acting, directing and story. I can't wait to see it again.

Jack photo

This film is very underrated. This film is very well acted, and it is a great character study. The script is very well written. The performances by all the main actors are superb. This is a very beautiful and uplifting film, that shows the human side of crime. The characters are really complex, and each have a moral dilemma that they are having to deal with. The character development is very well done. The story is very well told, the characters are very well developed, and the situations that they are in is very realistic. The story is very realistic, and is very believable. This film is very entertaining, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Aaron Jones photo
Aaron Jones

While the movie is good, I found it lacking in the acting department. It was just a little slow to start. The movie could have been a little longer and more interesting. If you like gritty crime films, this is not for you. However, if you like more of a drama with a little bit of crime, you should give this movie a shot.

Judy S. photo
Judy S.

I can't understand why people who saw this film give it such low ratings. The film is simply an incredible piece of cinema. The acting is superb, the story is compelling and the story of a dysfunctional family is so heart warming and it leaves you thinking about it for days. I would suggest that you watch this film at least twice, because I know that I will be thinking about it for days. I have seen this film three times and I still love it.

Kimberly C. photo
Kimberly C.

This movie is definitely the best one I have ever seen in my life. My husband and I have been watching it since it was released. It is very realistic, very emotional and very real. It really shows that you don't need money to make a difference. I believe that we can all benefit from it.

Nicholas R. photo
Nicholas R.

The Golden Globe win for Best Actor in a Musical movie is so deserved! Johnny Depp was absolutely brilliant in his performance as "The Irishman", the drunken, drunken, drunken Irishman who has had enough of the Irish nation and decided to start his own. Now that he has come to America, the country is full of Irish people, so the Irishman has the idea to start a rum drink, so he can get drunk and enjoy his country. In a way, the Irishman was the big picture of this movie. As the movie continued, I was at the edge of my seat, waiting for the end. And it did not disappoint. All the characters were brilliant, the scenery was breathtaking, the story was perfect, and it was not at all predictable. The movie does not take any kind of side, and does not preach to anyone, except the fact that when you have done your part in the world, there is nothing left for you. That is the power of this movie, and that is what makes it so special. I'm sure everyone would love this movie. The entire country of Ireland is sure to love it. I would give this movie an 8 out of 10. But I can only give it a 10 out of 10 for the amazing performance of Johnny Depp and the wonderful music.