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Kingdom Men Rising

Kingdom Men Rising is a movie starring Tony Evans, Tim Brown, and Tony Dungy. Kingdom Men Rising is a documentary exploring what it means to be a real man in the midst of cultural trends where there is confusion about masculinity....

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1 hours 33 minutes
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Kyle Lollis
Tony Evans, Tim Brown, Tony Dungy, Arthur Evans
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Kingdom Men Rising is a documentary exploring what it means to be a real man in the midst of cultural trends where there is confusion about masculinity. Challenging men to rise above what we've become to lives of no more excuses.

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Ryan D. photo
Ryan D.

I just finished watching Kingdom Men Rising (aka a behind the scenes look at the second season of the hit fantasy drama series, Game of Thrones) and I have to say it was something of an adventure. Having to watch all three seasons of the show was both an amazing and disorienting experience, so you don't know what you're watching, so I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I highly recommend watching the whole series because I think you'll get a better understanding of what this series is all about. The first episode of the second season, which was the most intense, was about the rivalry between Joffrey Baratheon and Cersei Lannister, where everyone knows that they are vying for the throne, and the episodes following that were about Jaime Lannister and King Robert Baratheon, who is kind of the villain of the piece. The second season was, as mentioned, a lot darker, and had an epic turn-around that turned the entire series around. It really gets you into the characters and their motivations, so that's really what the whole series is about. I felt like I was seeing a series of my favorite moments, and episodes, and characters being brought back together to finish the story. The battles were epic, the dialog was awesome, and the characters were on point. It's a lot like watching the series for the first time and really getting into it. It's not that the episodes don't matter, but what was amazing about it was that every episode had an end. I really felt that it was an incredible story that was only put on hold for the last few seasons, and the season finale is what I believe had the biggest impact on my opinion of the series. This season is on the same level as season two, but it had a little bit more epic moments than season two. All in all, I really hope that they continue the series with the next season because they had a lot to show us and it's definitely something I think any fantasy fan should watch. So, when you watch it, give it a shot, and maybe you'll be very surprised at what you see.

Olivia L. photo
Olivia L.

This documentary is a very well done portrayal of the climate scientists who work at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. The documentary shows how the climate change researchers are researching how man is affecting the Earth's climate and how that affects our world. NASA has been studying climate change for many years, but it took a scientific breakthrough in 1991 for NASA to begin to study global warming. Then the documentary was the first to show the impact of global warming in the US and it continues to show how global warming impacts our life and how it is affecting our lives. What I liked about this documentary is the fact that the scientists actually do the research and the film shows the results of their research. This documentary also gives an insight on the scientific method and the problems that come with it. I think that this documentary shows the failures of the research that NASA has been doing. The documentary also shows the long list of people who have no place in a scientific research and how they are being censored and attacked by the climate change movement. The scientists also show their research on the information that they have gathered on global warming and what results they have obtained from the research. I also liked that the documentary shows how NASA is a scientific institution that only investigates scientific evidence that is trustworthy. The documentary also shows the troubles that NASA has been having with the funding, and the even the problems that NASA has had with its own employees. NASA is also showing how it is struggling with how to deal with the problems of climate change. The NASA scientists show that they are trying to cope with the problems. I also liked how the documentary was divided into two parts. The first part shows how the climate scientists get involved in global warming research, and the second part shows how they attempt to deal with the problems of climate change.

Ronald K. photo
Ronald K.

What you get when you watch this documentary is a great place to start in figuring out who you are. This man, Adam Kokesh, has a grand vision to take a small town like Mankato, Minnesota, and turn it into a mini-nation. He plans on starting with the only place where he has any connection, a car dealership. Kokesh plans to bring in food and energy from the farmers around Mankato. Once this is accomplished, he'll have more money and land to work with. Kokesh's dream is realized when he can create a state-of-the-art car dealership. Kokesh will do anything in his power to get this going. He is a small town renaissance man. I cannot emphasize enough how much I love this film. It touches on what happens to a small town when a company is founded. It can lead to problems and it can have a positive impact. If you haven't seen it, watch it and judge for yourself.

Lauren photo

I have just come back from the Film festival and the verdict was that this documentary was a little disappointing. Not because it is new but because the films chosen were so over the top. The vids were laugh out loud funny, but I think they all needed more punch to them. You know that the documentary is going to be good when the first one is rated a 7.6 at the festival. For me it would have to be a 5 to be watchable. But in fairness to the festival it was at a slight disadvantage, with all the films chosen at the festival for the festival, most of them are either over rated or under rated and the ones that are not rated at all, only rated 6 or 7. So I think it is fair to say that the documentaries that were selected are a little over the top. It is very easy to get suckered into wanting to see the top rated films of the festival. I think that the festival are very good in that they have selected a good selection of films for the festival. The filmmakers are not asking for the next Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but they are asking to see good films that will help us see some of the artform in a new light. I can understand that the documentaries are a little over the top and more or less stupid, and that is why I think they were chosen, to see what these films were like. My question to the film makers is that how do we know that we will get more out of watching these films if we have just seen all of them? I can only say that it is good to see documentaries, and hopefully some of the films that are selected in the festival will find the balance between the humour and the serious parts of the artform. I liked the documentary but I think that most of the films selected were just a bit too over the top. I think that films like Little Miss Sunshine, and Big Fish were not funny enough to warrant the number of rating it received.

Zachary Brewer photo
Zachary Brewer

The movie is very clear and you are likely to be the one to witness a conversation or disagreement between a couple about one of the most important subjects in life. The subject: all people on the planet have the right to be free, to be protected, to live and love as they choose, just as they want to be. What kind of life do you want to live? As a male, I would say do not marry or have kids, but as a female, yes!

Kathy photo

What a brilliant film. I was skeptical that it would even exist. I am a fan of Colin Higgins. He made a great documentary on Oz show, Rockstar. When I read the reviews I didn't believe that he would be able to pull this off. I was wrong. The film isn't just about the jungle. It has a lot of things to say about British culture and the influence of the British during WWII. The film is incredibly informative. I would recommend it to anyone. It is a must see!

Benjamin R. photo
Benjamin R.

I have always been a fan of Mick Jackson's music videos. I was looking forward to his latest video because it was such a big hit on the MTV network. And it was. I'm glad I did, because the first time I saw it, I felt like I was listening to the new soundtrack for the movie. For all you hardcore fans of the 90's underground, this is the best thing you'll ever hear. It's loud, raucous, extreme and energetic. A must-see for any hardcore fan. If you haven't seen it, buy it.

Nancy photo

This is a compelling film, about an impossible man. And, it is not about his lack of humility or his kindness or his compassion for those who suffer in his name, but about his towering ambition and insatiable thirst for power. We are thrown into the drama of Michael Jackson's alleged sexually deviant behavior and refusal to accept the consequences. We see Jackson's insatiable paranoia and his inability to leave the privacy of his mind. We see the pressures he felt to conform to the image he created for himself, even as he sought to destroy the psyche of his own children. We see the pressures he felt to live in the shadow of his father, a failure that was directly tied to his lack of competence, and his impulsive and reckless behavior that made him appear to be the scariest man on Earth. We see the ways that he tried to escape reality by scapegoating the entire black community, in a desperate effort to find a way to get away from his addiction. We see him castigating his doctors, nurses, and people in general, for his own personal problems. We see the way he manipulated his own children, most especially his own son. We see the scandalous attempts by his lawyers to persecute him. We see his self-aggrandizing, entitled, childish actions, such as the time he used cocaine and left a woman in the hospital. This is a very fascinating film, with a brilliant cast, and a superb script. I recommend it.

Randy B. photo
Randy B.

From the short comments it appears that the movie was reviewed as being about the Gospels. I would like to remind all of the critics that while this movie does discuss the main Gospels, this is not the focus of the movie. The movie is about the power and glory of the Cross. Jesus Christ is portrayed as a God-man, surrounded by His brothers who serve Him with confidence, and follow Him to the cross. He is not merely the Lord of God. He is the Saviour of men. The movie was also applauded for showing how people can be transformed by Christ, and how the Bible speaks of a false religion where people worship a man-made figure. This movie shows how people, in the name of Jesus Christ, can be transformed. For example, a man and woman praying together in the temple were healed of their sins, and their "love for each other" shows that they are as one-when Jesus died, the same healing happened for them, not because of some human miracle, but because of the Cross. This was illustrated by the doctors' explanation of Jesus' illness. And the same idea is also shown with Jesus' death. I, and many others, will be saying "thank you Jesus" for this movie, as it allows the people to see that God is the True God, but He loves us and wants us to love Him, and we are His brothers and sisters. The movie was also applauded for showing that Christ's followers are true disciples. This is a great testament to the power and glory of the Cross.

Amy P. photo
Amy P.

I don't watch very many documentaries, so I can't compare this one to the others. However, this one seems to be more of a typical documentary, where facts and information are put in one place, rather than from a variety of sources. I was impressed at the amount of documentaries on guns that were featured. How about the fact that they had interviews with activists who pushed for gun control, people like the founder of The author of this book, Adam Winkler, and former Senate candidate, the late Alan Keyes. I thought the interview of Ted Cruz was interesting as well. The use of the gun control activists as a source was interesting. I thought the gun control advocates were depicted as extremists, which I thought was a major mistake. I didn't see many examples of the people who were promoting gun control trying to pass laws in their own states. It was nice to see a documentary on gun violence prevention, which was also a major topic of the film, but I was disappointed that it wasn't addressed in a similar way to the other documentaries on gun violence prevention. There are quite a few flaws to this documentary, but all in all it's a good documentary. I rate it 9/10.

Emma A. photo
Emma A.

I was very impressed with the video. The documentaries in the movie were not only informative, but also very touching and beautifully shot. This video was the perfect complement to the previous two videos. The most interesting documentary was the one about how the British royal family and the church views homosexuality. It really made me want to learn more about the history of this topic. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the history of Britain and the British royal family.

Aaron Graham photo
Aaron Graham

The first thing I found out was that it's based on a book and that the book it is based on was written by a Dutch writer. What I found interesting about this film is that the author of this film is a woman and she is quite good at this. I've read this book before and was fascinated with it and now I see that it is basically one of the best books I've read. What I also found interesting is that the director is not a man, and I know that he's a woman because I recognized her voice and she's a woman who I respect and she did a fantastic job. What I also love about this film is that I don't feel that it's a documentary and that I feel like it's a film that I can see myself watching and I can't believe that I just found this out. The book is better and I want to see this film.