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Hearts Beat Loud

Hearts Beat Loud is a movie starring Nick Offerman, Kiersey Clemons, and Blythe Danner. A father and daughter form an unlikely songwriting duo in the summer before she leaves for college.

Other Titles
Glosne bicie serc, Herzen schlagen laut, Los corazones laten fuerte, Coração Batendo Alto, Ritmos del corazón, ハーツ・ビート・ラウド たびだちのうた, Hangosan dobogó szívek, Sonidos del corazón
Running Time
1 hours 37 minutes
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Comedy, Music, Drama
Brett Haley
Brett Haley, Marc Basch
Toni Collette, Kiersey Clemons, Blythe Danner, Nick Offerman
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A father and daughter form an unlikely songwriting duo in the summer before she leaves for college.

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George photo

If you like musicals, this is a must see. The movie is a perfect blend of musical and film. It is so much fun to watch. I was also impressed with the acting and the script. The movie is a good introduction to musicals. I think the movie could be even better if they had done a little more research on the history of musicals. This movie is a must see for anyone who is a musical fan.

Christine F. photo
Christine F.

This is the best movie of this year, hands down. It's one of the best films I've seen all year. I can't believe how many people didn't like this movie. It's one of those movies that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. I'm not going to give it away, but I will say that it's a must see. This movie is a must see. It is so different than the typical Hollywood crap, it's very refreshing. The characters are all great, and they all have great stories to tell. I'm not going to say anymore because I don't want to give anything away. Go see this movie, you won't be disappointed.

William J. photo
William J.

I have watched this movie many times, and I still laugh at it. It is soooooo funny! I know I'm not the only one who thinks so. I think this movie is a great, and I really hope it makes it to the big screen! I think it is a very good movie, and I am proud of the actors who played in it!

Jeffrey Reynolds photo
Jeffrey Reynolds

I loved this movie! It was one of my favorite movies when I was younger and I still love it. I don't know why everyone is bashing it. It's just a fun movie and I don't see the need to criticize it. It's just a movie and I'm not the target audience for it. I'm a big fan of the band. It's a good movie and I love it.

George Peterson photo
George Peterson

This is one of the most brilliant films I've ever seen. A great story, a great cast, and a great soundtrack. The movie is about a band called Heartbeat. They were the group that sang at the funeral of a high school student. When they were rehearsing at a school, a band teacher named Mark (Richard Gere) was there. He was the one who taught them how to play. When they were on stage, he taught them how to sing. He told them that if they were good singers, they would have a chance to be a big band. They did. They became the band Heartbeat. But when they went to the big concert, it didn't go well. Mark was very angry. He wanted them to go back to school. But they didn't want to. They went back to school and made a new band. This is a great movie. I highly recommend it. If you haven't seen it, you need to.

Rose Henry photo
Rose Henry

I really enjoyed this movie. I'm from New Jersey and have never been to a punk concert, so I don't know what all the hype was about. But I did see a few. I think the one in Long Island was the best, but it was sold out. I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. I love the music, the actors, the director. I have been a fan of bands like Public Enemy and Public Enemy No. 1 for years. I'm not going to say I'm a huge fan of the music, but I am a fan of the music and the acting in this movie. I really loved it. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It was funny and sad. I loved it and I am glad I went to see it. It was great. I'm really glad I went to see it. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. I would have to say this is the best movie of the year so far. I think it is going to be a huge hit.

Julia photo

This movie is a must see for anyone who loves music. I am not going to say much about the movie because it is a story of two people who just cannot let go of each other. One of them is a singer and the other is a musician. Both of them have been in a band for years and are always competing to see who can sing the best. One day, they are in a studio and are going through a break up and are in the middle of a song when they are approached by the owner of the studio who is a woman. She offers them a chance to join her studio. They accept and are immediately impressed. The studio is a success and the band are so happy. The next day, the two are on stage and the song is starting to get popular. The band are having fun and are enjoying themselves. However, the owner of the studio is annoyed with the band and her son is making fun of them. She decides to take them to the studio and show them how to play the songs. This movie is about a musician and a singer who have been in a band for years and they just cannot let go of each other. They are both talented and have a lot of love for music and want to make it big. The movie is very funny and will make you laugh. It is a great movie for all ages and I recommend it to everyone. It is a movie that everyone should see.

Diane P. photo
Diane P.

If you like Johnny Cash, you'll love this movie. The music is amazing, and the cinematography is stunning. The story is very moving, and the actors are all great. I saw this movie with my dad, and we both really enjoyed it. I was actually surprised at how much I liked it, because I thought it was going to be too depressing. I was wrong. This is a great movie, and I recommend it to anyone who likes music and movies.

Danielle O. photo
Danielle O.

I'm a fan of the band, but I'm not a huge fan of the film. The film was good, but it didn't do it for me. It had a good story line and was funny, but it was just a little too long. I don't think I would go see it again. The film was very good, but it didn't do it for me.

Steven S. photo
Steven S.

I don't think I have ever seen such a great performance in a movie, where a character could feel so real and emotional, as in this movie. There is a scene where a girl is singing a song and her voice is not so good, but she is so happy, it made me cry. She was crying because she was happy. Her tears were pouring out of her eyes, and I was crying too. I was so touched by the performance of all the actors in the movie, it was really touching. I have never felt so happy watching a movie, than I was during the movie. The movie is a love story between two girls, and the feelings they feel about each other, is so real, it made me cry. I think that this movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I have seen it many times, and I always watch it.

Juan O. photo
Juan O.

I was very disappointed with the movie. The only reason I gave it a 10 was for the actors. It was so well done. The actors were amazing and they brought the story to life. The movie is not a hit or a miss, it's a great story that should be told. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I would give it a 10/10.

Patrick H. photo
Patrick H.

I love this movie. I don't know why it's called "The Love Boat." I can't think of a better title. I have seen this movie about ten times, and it's just as good on the second viewing. I can't think of any reason for this. It's just a great movie. It's the kind of movie you can watch over and over again, and it's just as good the first time. It's one of the best movies I've ever seen, and I can't think of any reason why it's not better.