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Pavarotti is a movie starring Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Griminelli, and Nicoletta Mantovani. Life, works and achievements of opera legend Luciano Pavarotti.

Other Titles
パヴァロッティ 太陽のテノール, Pavaroti, Παβαρότι
Running Time
1 hours 54 minutes
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Biography, Music, Documentary
Ron Howard
Cassidy Hartmann, Mark Monroe
Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Griminelli, Plácido Domingo, Nicoletta Mantovani
USA, France, Italy, UK
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Born in 1935 in Modena in the worker-class family of a father baker and a mother who worked in a cigar factory, Luciano Pavarotti felt since his childhood the passion by opera due to his father, an amateur tenor. Blessed with a powerful voice and student of the most important Italy's opera teachers of those times, soon the name of Pavarotti turned in a reference of the genre, giving some of the most remembered live performances in the most important theaters across the world, meeting with politicians and world leaders as well as rock and pop singers to bring concerts for humanitarian causes, over-passing any limit when he was part of The Three Tenors with the too opera singers José Carreras and Plácido Domingo. Using archive footage, unreleased material from home videos and photos, and interviewing his closest friends and his family, legendary director Ron Howard reviews the professional carrier of the man who achieved turn opera in a mass phenomenon as never before at the same time that his personal life, discovering the man behind the star.

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Lauren A. photo
Lauren A.

One of the best documentaries ever made. Not just about the life of Pavarotti, but also about his greatest triumphs and triumphs. It shows how after many years of rambling, sobbing, and violent struggle he finally understood his life and his love for his beloved Pauline. From then on he was successful in his music, selling millions of records, and even receiving an ovation from the stadium audience at his concerts. For the audience who had been exposed to him for the last 20 years, this was a great achievement. Pauline's death caused him to feel empty, depressed and without purpose. This documentary shows the extent of his loneliness and his isolation. The subjects show their disappointment and sadness. A wonderful and passionate film for anyone interested in music or Pavarotti.

Emily photo

One of the most incredible and important movies I've ever seen. When I first heard about the film I was skeptical at first. A few minutes of its cinematography, and I was already a fan. Then I decided to go see it, and I'm so glad I did. This is not just a movie about a human, but a movie about a way of life, and its importance in a nation. And it is that. As a documentary it's stunning. As a movie, it's so original. The film has its flaws, but that's what makes it so unique. It's full of interesting observations, and it has no preachiness. There's no emotional content, only the gritty facts of a period that changes the history. This is a beautifully made film, one of a kind. 10/10.

Billy photo

This is an amazing film. It has every aspect of the music business covered and it takes a brave viewer to not be distracted by the time it takes to walk out of the theatre. It starts with a little message to the music business that every one needs to hear. After hearing this message, the film moves on to explore the world of musical performances. Through interviews with real musicians and singers, the film moves to different periods of music history including the history of rock and roll. This film is wonderful in that it is presented as a collection of interviews that build on one another. There is never a dull moment. The acting is excellent throughout. Lenny Kravitz and John Travolta are wonderful in this film and the rest of the cast do a good job as well. For anyone who is a fan of John Lennon or is a musician, this film is an excellent look at the music business. For everyone else, this film is an incredible achievement.

Rose photo

This movie is well worth watching. It was an absolute joy to watch all these people talk about and listen to the songs that these people recorded. For me it was the most moving thing I have ever seen. The music is amazing and so is the stories told. To each of them it seems so real. It is not a great film, but it is a great documentary. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see the music. Great work!