Anschauen Hva vil folk si

Hva vil folk si

Hva vil folk si is a movie starring Maria Mozhdah, Adil Hussain, and Ekavali Khanna. The story of Nisha, daughter of a Pakistani-Norwegian family, who is kidnapped to Pakistan by her parents when her father finds her in bed with a...

Other Titles
O que vão dizer, La mauvaise réputation, Vad ska folk säga, Mitä meistä puhutaan, Co ludzie powiedzą, El viaje de Nisha, What Will People Say, Hvad vil folk sige, Ma yagidou koulam, Cosa dirà la gente, ¿Qué dirá la gente?, Was werden die Leute sagen
Running Time
1 hours 46 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Iram Haq
Iram Haq
Ekavali Khanna, Maria Mozhdah, Rohit Saraf, Adil Hussain
Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, France
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The story of Nisha, daughter of a Pakistani-Norwegian family, who is kidnapped to Pakistan by her parents when her father finds her in bed with a man.

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Donna photo

I found this movie to be very moving. I never knew what to expect, as I am a big fan of Tarkovsky and his films. This movie is very beautiful, but not for everyone. I would like to see it again and recommend it to others. This movie is a beautiful story about a family's struggle and the way it affects the whole family. The acting was great, and the music was very good. I was very moved by this film and would like to see it again. It is one of my favorites. If you like a film that touches your heart, this is the one for you.

Joshua photo

It is a difficult thing to find a film that makes you think. This film does that and does it well. The acting is superb and the film is more than a story of two friends. It is a story of how we can make the world around us and ourselves better. And how we can change the world around us. If you are thinking about watching this film, I recommend you watch it before you go to bed. You will be glad you did.

Madison photo

Lucky for you I watched it on the big screen at a great local theatre. I am a big fan of this movie and it is hard to find it anywhere else. I am a little disappointed that it is not on DVD but I am sure that there will be a VHS version soon. This movie is a must see for any fans of South Asian cinema or any other kind of film. It is a great film. Every actor in it was excellent and their roles were very well played. It is hard to believe that the director of this film was an American. He was an excellent director and he should be rewarded for his work. I hope to see more films like this from him. This movie is a great movie that should be seen by anyone.

Joe photo

A very strong depiction of the rural Irish in their attempts to survive, get out and go on a road trip. I was very impressed with the portrayal of the elements of everyday life in the countryside of Ireland. I especially liked the realistic depiction of the blacksmiths, and the appearance of the mother's maiden sister who had gone out into the field to take care of her mother. The story is a great deal about love and how the characters react to it. The more they struggle to survive, the more love they find and the more they are able to enjoy the more they are able to share it with one another. I was very impressed by this movie, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys seeing a strong portrayal of rural Ireland in a film.

Eugene P. photo
Eugene P.

This is one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. I've seen it twice now and I'm still not ready to see it again. The cinematography is breathtaking, the story is emotional and the actors are just perfect. It's really a unique story and really a treat to watch. And of course the music. The music is very beautiful and gives the movie a great touch. I wish I could find the soundtrack but it's on CD and the box is black and it's very hard to find. But I'm sure I will find it someday. I really recommend it. The only thing I wish for is that the movie would be longer. I'm sure that after seeing it a second time, you'll appreciate it even more. My rating for this movie is 10/10.

Eric W. photo
Eric W.

I have read many reviews and criticisms of this film before watching it. All in all, I can't think of anything negative. There are no dull moments. This is a great film about how a man can lose his child but learn to love again. It is worth watching.

Howard A. photo
Howard A.

I have been a huge fan of Yugoslav cinema since the mid-80s. During that time, I have seen a lot of great films from this country, from "Sarajevo: The Opera" (which I loved) to "Strugavica" (which I didn't like). I really liked "Sarajevo" (the opera), but this is the best one I have seen so far. This is a great movie about human nature, about love, about loyalty, about friendship. It is a movie about a man who has been in prison for 20 years, but who finally finds a way out of it. It is a movie about the secret that people in this country have been hiding for so long, about a man who loves his sister, but who is not aware of this love. This is a great movie, one of the best I have seen in my life. It is a story that will stay with you, and it will always be a film that will stay with you. It is a movie that will never be forgotten.

Dorothy photo

This film takes a decidedly British approach to the cold war. I think it's a shame that some of the British films have a slightly corny feel to them, but this one is very distinctive, indeed, that it avoids the cheap film-making elements that plague some of the American efforts. "The Hunted" is a wonderfully crafted tale of how the Soviets would destroy their own people and their own countries by trying to convince the world that the Western democracies were the good guys and the Soviets were the bad guys. While some have been critical of the Russian casting for the main character, I think that they did an excellent job. I especially enjoyed the way that the Brits kept all the accents consistent. I loved the music. I think that a lot of what makes this movie work is the story, the acting, and the beautiful cinematography. My rating: 8/10.

Joseph photo

In Romania this film is called "Una malspice, solului e strane" which translates as "On the Border, There is no Way". If you are a Romanian and you are thinking about moving to Canada, maybe the movie "United States" from 1975 is what you need. It was directed by the late John Cassavetes. This is a story about a woman who marries her own abusive boyfriend, who then takes advantage of her, using his position of power to make her pregnant. But she does not know that the baby will be his. The man has to pay for it in full. If she does not give in, she is going to jail. The movie was based on the book by M. Oreskes. The movie is very short and simple. It is really a pity that this movie is not seen by more people. There are some great things about the movie. The movie is beautiful, the colors are excellent, the costumes are nice, and the actors are really good. The cinematography and the photography are very well done. The characters are very well played. It is a good movie, a must see for all people, because it is a good movie, but it is also a sad movie. Watch it, but be aware of the facts. It is a sad story.

Stephanie photo

I have seen this film several times, and it never gets old. In the beginning, it was rather dull, but when it got to the village, I thought "why not?" It's a lovely story, and is filled with such life. The whole village is so beautiful, the clothes, the furniture, the people, and the pictures. It's a beautiful movie, and one that will make you feel happy and happy again. The villagers are so beautiful, and I'm sure that everyone is happy, and that's what makes this film so good. It's a wonderful film, and I recommend it to everyone. It's one that everyone should see, and that is what I want.

Bryan Hart photo
Bryan Hart

I've never been to Poland before, but I'm very interested in it. I've seen all the movies and books about this country, but I still don't know everything about it. This movie is about a young boy named Martin, who was orphaned by his parents, who is now living in a small village in the south of Poland. He is the only member of the family. One day, he meets a young man named Walter, who is also a member of the family. The boy takes Walter to the forest, where the boy falls in love with a young woman named Anna. However, Anna is a member of the mafia. She starts to beat Martin and his mother, so he starts to get paranoid. He ends up killing her. The boy's mother takes him to a psychiatrist, but he doesn't want to be helped. She tries to kill him and his mother, and they end up fighting. He escapes and is eventually taken by the mafia, and the movie ends. The whole movie is a metaphor for the pain and loneliness that is common in families in Poland. I loved this movie. The acting was excellent. The setting was great. It was just so beautifully shot. I loved the music, too. I think it was really well written. I also loved the way that it was told, it was very real. I think the movie was about a year and a half. I think it was just about 10 minutes long, but I liked it because it was so moving and realistic. I also loved the ending. I'm going to see it again, and I'm going to buy it. I also want to see the movie on DVD. I'm really glad I saw it.

Michelle D. photo
Michelle D.

I must admit that I am one of those people that watch several movies in a row just because they look nice and the plot might make you feel happy. But in the case of this film, the story itself did not make me feel any real feelings. It just gives you the impression of being interesting, but it is not. That's the same for this film. It is not engaging, it is not thrilling, and I cannot really connect with the characters. In fact, I almost didn't care about any of the characters. I didn't feel like they lived their lives for me. There is a certain disconnection, and I can only recommend that you watch the film as an art piece or just for a day and a night. You can still learn something from it.

Amy photo

I recently watched this movie on DVD and I really enjoyed it. I have never seen a movie that deals with a group of people from different cultures and all living together. It is a story of friendship and how one person can change the world. I have watched it many times and I love it every time. I have read the book and I have read it many times. This movie is really worth watching.

David photo

This is a really good movie. I really love it. This is an artistic movie with a lot of love and a lot of different emotions. The story is really amazing, it's a story about a man who is a playboy, but his life is about to be changed by an event, which will change him in a great way. It's a story about love and all the love we can have. I think this is a very good movie, and I really hope that everybody can see it, and it will change their lives. It's a good movie and I recommend everybody to see it, and I hope that it will change your life.

Charles Peterson photo
Charles Peterson

The film is beautiful, the music is great and the scenery is fantastic. The story is beautiful and it is an amazing story that should be told more often. The acting is great and the film is very inspiring and very real. The film shows the struggle of a small village to save their lands from the greed of a powerful businessman who wants to take their land and make a fortune. The film shows the struggle of a young boy who wants to have the freedom to do what he wants to do with his life and the struggle of the village to keep their land and live. The film is not a film for everyone but if you like movies like this you should watch it. The film is beautifully filmed, the music is great and the scenery is breathtaking. The film is a must see for all people. The film is one of the best films I have seen in a long time and it deserves a better place than it has had. I hope the director gets the recognition that he deserves for his amazing work. I would like to thank the director for his amazing work and the producers for their amazing work. I would like to thank everyone involved in this amazing film for making it possible for me to see it.

Sarah Lane photo
Sarah Lane

The story of how a young man finds himself caught up in the lives of the people around him is amazing. This film has some of the best acting in the world and has a story that is emotionally gripping. I think this film is very relevant today in the times we live in, and this film will definitely make you think and think. I think this film is very important because it is the story of a young man's life, and how he feels about his life, and what he is doing in his life. The acting is very good, the directing is amazing, and the script is excellent. This is one of the best films ever made. I give it a 10/10.

Judy S. photo
Judy S.

It is difficult to describe what this film is about. It is not easy to figure out what the film is about because of the lack of characterisation, even though the characters are not so much defined as they are observed and understood. It is not easy to know what the film is about, and this makes the film difficult to evaluate. Even though the film is hard to evaluate, there is no question that it is an exceptional film. I rate this film highly.

George Stevens photo
George Stevens

Lets take a look at this movie, and in doing so, lets put some morals in to this movie. If you would like to see a movie where the main character is a sexual free spirit, you would have to see this movie. You would be shocked at what goes on behind closed doors in this movie. This movie is full of love, strength and morals. This is not a story about a hero, the hero is an undercover cop. This is about a cop who was caught in a lie. When he has the chance to change, he does. This is not a story about some superheroes, super villains, bad guys, good guys, heros, superheroes, villains. This is about a cop who has to deal with a lie, and in doing so, makes a change in his life. The morals in this movie are all about the belief that there is no such thing as evil, only the good, and that if there is bad, the good is also good. If you want a movie where the hero is not a hero, you would have to see this movie. There is no hero in this movie, this is the true story of a cop, who tried to protect his friends. In doing so, he did the right thing, and turned the tables of the way of life in this country, where people were killed for lying, theft, and everything else. There is no such thing as a hero in this movie, this is the true story of a police officer who tried to do his job.

Patricia H. photo
Patricia H.

In Budapest, a gang of young criminals got more than they bargained for. They want a million-euro lottery ticket and all they have to do is to escape their trouble spots. But after a month of preparation, they are in such trouble that they end up in the same spot and must get it over with. Everything is resolved in a bloody, but effective way. During the first half hour of the movie, the acting is superb. What you don't see in the movie is how painful the lives of the criminals are. It's not a movie for children, but for adults who understand how hard it is to live. The only thing that I didn't like was the language. I'm not complaining about it, because it's Hungarian, but for me it made the movie a little bit less interesting and it's always hard to understand. But as a complete movie, it's good. It's very realistic. I also liked the way they made the movie. They didn't take the movie for the things they have to say, they just gave it a new life. I loved it. It's a must see.

Bobby photo

Some people have to believe in the existence of god to believe in something supernatural. This movie could have been a real bust for the devout of Hinduism, but it had a nice mix of myth and fact, and the human reactions to the mystical and the tragic were realistic and well-acted. The main character is an ordinary guy who didn't believe in the existence of god, so naturally he became more inclined to believe in supernatural phenomena and he tries to gain belief of his father. The story tells about how he tries to convince the father, and the audience is never totally sure that the son is a good guy. But he manages to convince his father and the father takes his son's belief seriously. Then there are the wives, their reactions to the "miracle", how the children react. Also, the daughter, after her mother tells her "goodbye" to her, suddenly turns into a fanatic, believing in god, so the whole movie turns into a typical family tragedy, with religious, social and economic problems. Then there is the religious man who was trying to persuade the father to believe in god, the scientist who suddenly found that his life depends on the beliefs of the faith-prone father, the leader who believes that his new religion is the best and the scientists who have the worst idea of how to succeed in this wonderful experiment. The conclusion is a little bit strange, but I still recommend this movie for everybody, the young and old will enjoy the drama and the myth.

Margaret Morris photo
Margaret Morris

This film is a classic of Czech cinema. It has an original story and an interesting portrayal of a middle class family. The story is not predictable but it does not pretend to be. It has some depth and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the Czech cinema. It is a short film, but it is still very good. The cinematography is superb, the costumes are beautiful and the acting is superb. It is a shame that this film has been overlooked in the US, it is a great film.

Bobby photo

A very powerful film that has all the ingredients of a good story. The acting was very good, and I felt it was well thought out by the writer and director. I really liked the realistic tone, the atmosphere and the art direction. The costumes and carvings are truly amazing, especially the water and the little cars. If you like movies about the dark side of life, this is a film for you.