Anschauen Hva vil folk si

Hva vil folk si

Hva vil folk si is a movie starring Maria Mozhdah, Adil Hussain, and Ekavali Khanna. The story of Nisha, daughter of a Pakistani-Norwegian family, who is kidnapped to Pakistan by her parents when her father finds her in bed with a...

Other Titles
O que vão dizer, La mauvaise réputation, Vad ska folk säga, Mitä meistä puhutaan, Co ludzie powiedzą, El viaje de Nisha, What Will People Say, Hvad vil folk sige, Ma yagidou koulam, Cosa dirà la gente, ¿Qué dirá la gente?, Was werden die Leute sagen
Running Time
1 hours 46 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Iram Haq
Iram Haq
Ekavali Khanna, Maria Mozhdah, Rohit Saraf, Adil Hussain
Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, France
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The story of Nisha, daughter of a Pakistani-Norwegian family, who is kidnapped to Pakistan by her parents when her father finds her in bed with a man.

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George Stevens photo
George Stevens

Lets take a look at this movie, and in doing so, lets put some morals in to this movie. If you would like to see a movie where the main character is a sexual free spirit, you would have to see this movie. You would be shocked at what goes on behind closed doors in this movie. This movie is full of love, strength and morals. This is not a story about a hero, the hero is an undercover cop. This is about a cop who was caught in a lie. When he has the chance to change, he does. This is not a story about some superheroes, super villains, bad guys, good guys, heros, superheroes, villains. This is about a cop who has to deal with a lie, and in doing so, makes a change in his life. The morals in this movie are all about the belief that there is no such thing as evil, only the good, and that if there is bad, the good is also good. If you want a movie where the hero is not a hero, you would have to see this movie. There is no hero in this movie, this is the true story of a cop, who tried to protect his friends. In doing so, he did the right thing, and turned the tables of the way of life in this country, where people were killed for lying, theft, and everything else. There is no such thing as a hero in this movie, this is the true story of a police officer who tried to do his job.

Patricia H. photo
Patricia H.

In Budapest, a gang of young criminals got more than they bargained for. They want a million-euro lottery ticket and all they have to do is to escape their trouble spots. But after a month of preparation, they are in such trouble that they end up in the same spot and must get it over with. Everything is resolved in a bloody, but effective way. During the first half hour of the movie, the acting is superb. What you don't see in the movie is how painful the lives of the criminals are. It's not a movie for children, but for adults who understand how hard it is to live. The only thing that I didn't like was the language. I'm not complaining about it, because it's Hungarian, but for me it made the movie a little bit less interesting and it's always hard to understand. But as a complete movie, it's good. It's very realistic. I also liked the way they made the movie. They didn't take the movie for the things they have to say, they just gave it a new life. I loved it. It's a must see.

Bobby photo

Some people have to believe in the existence of god to believe in something supernatural. This movie could have been a real bust for the devout of Hinduism, but it had a nice mix of myth and fact, and the human reactions to the mystical and the tragic were realistic and well-acted. The main character is an ordinary guy who didn't believe in the existence of god, so naturally he became more inclined to believe in supernatural phenomena and he tries to gain belief of his father. The story tells about how he tries to convince the father, and the audience is never totally sure that the son is a good guy. But he manages to convince his father and the father takes his son's belief seriously. Then there are the wives, their reactions to the "miracle", how the children react. Also, the daughter, after her mother tells her "goodbye" to her, suddenly turns into a fanatic, believing in god, so the whole movie turns into a typical family tragedy, with religious, social and economic problems. Then there is the religious man who was trying to persuade the father to believe in god, the scientist who suddenly found that his life depends on the beliefs of the faith-prone father, the leader who believes that his new religion is the best and the scientists who have the worst idea of how to succeed in this wonderful experiment. The conclusion is a little bit strange, but I still recommend this movie for everybody, the young and old will enjoy the drama and the myth.

Margaret Morris photo
Margaret Morris

This film is a classic of Czech cinema. It has an original story and an interesting portrayal of a middle class family. The story is not predictable but it does not pretend to be. It has some depth and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the Czech cinema. It is a short film, but it is still very good. The cinematography is superb, the costumes are beautiful and the acting is superb. It is a shame that this film has been overlooked in the US, it is a great film.

Bobby photo

A very powerful film that has all the ingredients of a good story. The acting was very good, and I felt it was well thought out by the writer and director. I really liked the realistic tone, the atmosphere and the art direction. The costumes and carvings are truly amazing, especially the water and the little cars. If you like movies about the dark side of life, this is a film for you.