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Bad Reputation

Bad Reputation is a movie starring Eric Ambel, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Gene Baur. Documentary about rock star Joan Jett.

Other Titles
Joan Jett: Bad Reputation
Running Time
1 hours 33 minutes
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Documentary, Biography, Music
Kevin Kerslake
Joel Marcus
Eric Ambel, Rodney Bingenheimer, Gene Baur, Billie Joe Armstrong
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Documentary about rock star Joan Jett.

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Roy D. photo
Roy D.

A truly inspiring story of a former Motown record exec's life. Rapper Flavor Flav (played by Dame Dash) is a boy-man with a clear conscience. He has a vision of the future in terms of music and art. He is willing to fight against the current system of organized music. In his new reality, there are no winners, only losers. He made it clear that if it weren't for his passion, there would be no Motown. He is not afraid to use the power of the music industry to bring music out of its shell, even if it means breaking records. While having his eye on the ball, he remains humble, fair and loyal to his staff. All the while knowing the importance of music to people. This is a great film, with some of the most moving moments I have ever seen on film. The camera-work is awesome, and the performances are spectacular. A must-see for anyone who loves music, especially music fans who know what it is like to feel the tug of the music and to share their feelings and experiences. Truly inspiring.

Angela Perkins photo
Angela Perkins

I finally bought the DVD from my local video store on Monday, and I was all ready to blow away every reviewer and jaded viewer that I was listening to. But in the end, I didn't know what to say. I decided to try to make my own review, not as an advocate or a critic, but as a tribute to the music of the time. The best way I can say that I enjoyed this film is that it was a tribute to those who wanted to put music to what they believed was the music of their time. In that case, it was to the music of the 60s, which I feel are the best examples of both our time and our era's music. That's what I remember the most from the movies, and that's what this DVD provides in the beginning.

Joe S. photo
Joe S.

A handful of people can affect the course of a planet. In fact, that's the idea behind this documentary by Carl Sagan and has been used in "The Andromeda Strain," "Living in the Balance," and other popular documentaries. The idea is that to protect Earth, we must either protect ourselves or harm ourselves. This documentary provides a perfect example of how we can harm ourselves. My first inclination was to skip the documentary completely. However, I was so captivated by the knowledge of the current world I found myself watching it several times. And while I agree that what's happening to our planet right now isn't exactly one that we should be proud of, the documentary was so compelling I was unable to not laugh at how silly some of the statements were. I think it's very important to study Earth's evolution, and, although there are many controversies that haven't been dealt with, this documentary will be a valuable guide. Although it was difficult to ignore the fact that the movie was largely composed of statements that seemed very far-fetched, they were also largely true, and could possibly be true if our planet were a little less polluted, or the government a little more aggressive. I think most people can relate to the story that is presented in this documentary. How could such a huge, complex planet as our own be so small and insignificant when it comes to the threats that we face?

Jesse photo

Managing a basketball team during the 1930s was tough work. When you have to ask people for their money to play the games, your players feel the need to be a little mean and take advantage of the other team. What's worse, you have to convince them to play in front of other people in order to keep their jobs. It's a game, and you have to earn respect. In a situation like that, it's not always about your own self interest. In fact, it's about everyone's interest in getting some compensation. It's a terrible situation. Managers might actually be playing the teams, too. The great leader of the team, Teddy Roosevelt, would often ask people on the opposing team to sign a petition of their feelings. Even though Roosevelt was no great basketball player, he was able to make some useful things happen on the basketball court. The story, of course, is the story of the basketball team that Roosevelt put together. The movie also does a good job showing how Roosevelt felt about the team, his team, and about himself. The movie doesn't go into the detail that Roosevelt wanted to get people to respect him. What he wanted was to win the game. When you're a player on a team like that, you have to treat everybody the way they're supposed to be treated. Sometimes that means you have to put your own needs ahead of the team's. I think the movie did a very good job of showing that Roosevelt did that. I have to say that the movie was very emotional. There are few films that show a love story so well. It is also a very sad story. The way it was filmed was also a huge bonus. A lot of this movie was shot in Chicago, Illinois. The city is very strong in the movie. The movie also makes a good point that the name of the city is Chicago. One of my favorite places is inside the main entrance to the Museum of Science and Industry. The movie does a very good job showing the history of the city and the way it was in the 1930s. There are a lot of things I would change about the movie, like how Roosevelt was in his early years when he was growing up in Chicago. The movie should have emphasized that Roosevelt was very different from other people in his life. It was a fascinating story. I'm also not sure what Roosevelt would have done differently to his team. He may have changed their coach, but it was the players that really didn't seem to want to play with Roosevelt. In fact, it was the players who had to deal with the Depression. The movie would have been better had it focused more on Roosevelt's father. Roosevelt's father was a very

Olivia Peterson photo
Olivia Peterson

I think what's the most sad about this story is that it is pretty much a complete failure. The only "competitor" is the guy who started it all. If he had been interested in actually doing anything more than providing some anti-lifer material, this would have been a great story. The rest of the story is a glorified interview with the guy and his girlfriend about their relationship in the 90's and their marriage in the present. The only thing that really counts is that he's still up and running, and he's extremely proud of what he's doing, with all of his documentary films and t-shirts. This just really makes me sick. People are taking this as "hate" and "bad" because of how "true" it is. It's almost as if it was written that way to hate someone. The whole point of this story is that they don't like each other because they were drinking when they met. It's like they're saying that everyone that meets or falls in love with someone doesn't like them because they're so shallow. This is the type of thinking that leads to people destroying themselves. I hate the people who made this film so much because of how they presented it. They were all desperate to find some "genuine" quotes and sensationalism. They could have made a much better film with a different perspective. They didn't take the time to find actual archival footage of this story, they just gave it away as a "non-story" for the cameras to shoot in. How anyone can give this movie a 1,100.00 is beyond me. People should just be honest and be honest about what's going on.

Alan Bates photo
Alan Bates

This is a very enjoyable documentary on the underground music scene in the 60's and 70's. The documentary starts off with a narration by Mick Jagger explaining his life as a music artist. He tells about how his parents divorced when he was a young boy and he became a drug dealer. He also tells about the time he became a manager of his own band and how he started playing with the biggest names in the music scene. The documentary also shows the life of Robert Fripp and his wife and how he became an underground music icon. The documentary also shows the life of Paul McCartney and how he became a rock star. The documentary ends with a music video of Jagger and his band performing "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" and the music video ends with Mick Jagger saying "and I'm leaving you". I really recommend this film. It's really a must see.

Karen Delgado photo
Karen Delgado

Great music, great passion, great spirit. Not many documentaries that deliver on the last. With no concessions to what they are like in real life, these guys could put your head through your bottom, and still be in love with each other. Not for those who like glamour, any celebrity with "me" in it. For those that just like to know the reality of a story, this is great. Some would say this is not a documentary, some would say it's an oral history, but a documentary that can change how you look at someone, and can open you up to new experiences. So what are you waiting for, see it now, get in the seats and go see what America's best drag queen really looks like.

Roy Carpenter photo
Roy Carpenter

The majority of the people I saw this with were fans of Journey. A couple of them weren't really into the story at all. They didn't want to see Journey get into rock and roll (which was on their minds). So, the story and visuals are the ones that stay in the memories. It's the music, the visuals, and the music that you'll remember. It's a good film. The story is pretty basic. It's about a group of kids who create a sound by using some strange microphones. I don't really have too much to say about it other than it's a pretty basic story. However, the visuals are just stunning. The visuals are just beautiful, and the visuals are just beautiful. I'm going to try and explain some of the more powerful visuals. The first one is a shadow. The second one is a bird watching, the third one is a bright light. The fourth one is a phone. The fifth one is a basketball. The sixth one is a big, bright yellow, and the seventh one is a baby with a pacifier. These images are powerful. It's great to see something like this. This movie is all about visuals. I think the images are the best part of the movie, and I think the visuals are what will stay with people after they watch it. As for the story, it's pretty basic. It's about kids with nothing to do, who discover rock and roll. They work on their instrument and they become really good. I thought it was pretty basic, but it was one of the most unique stories I've ever seen. It's really unique and unique for a movie about kids who create sound by using microphones. This is a really good film. I highly recommend it. It's a really good movie. 10/10.

Frank G. photo
Frank G.

When I first watched this movie, I thought it was going to be a really cool documentary. But the guy is a real journalist. And I found the documentary to be pretty insightful. He told a lot about rock and metal in an interesting way. It was a real treat to see this video. I thought it was very interesting. Although, it's not that original, but it was still interesting. A lot of people don't understand the extent of punk rock. It's a very underground scene. They really don't have a good grasp on what they are. People don't know what they are, so it's hard to understand them. The people that he interviewed are really brave and really committed to their music and their lifestyle. It's also a lot of fun to see how these bands go on tours. It's very interesting. I recommend this to any person. It's really good.

Lisa Nguyen photo
Lisa Nguyen

The movie is a great film. It gives a good insight into the many ways that the music industry is constantly being ripped off. The movie is informative and fun to watch. The movie is well worth watching.

Doris Chapman photo
Doris Chapman

I didn't know a lot about a lot of rap artists before this documentary. I've listened to some of them and was blown away by some of them. My first introduction to Kendrick Lamar was by Kendrick Lamar and I was blown away by him. I was also blown away by a lot of other artists in the genre. The only thing that kept me from being blown away was that I didn't know too much about them. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Snoop Dogg, Notorious B.I.G. and Cypress Hill. I was excited to hear more about the other artists. One of the things that made this documentary special was that the directors, directors, and producers of this documentary actually did some research on the artists. One of the things that really surprised me about the documentary was the number of artists that were featured. In the beginning of the documentary, the producers talked about the artists and they talked about what they were up to. They didn't try to showcase the artists as much as they tried to focus on the musicians. Most of the artists are very talented. If you're not into hip hop music then this documentary won't do it for you. It's very interesting to hear what they have to say about their music. Kendrick Lamar really surprised me in the documentary. He had a lot of funny stories and he really made me understand more about what he was doing in the music industry. He is such a talented artist and it's very rare to find a rapper who has this much talent. The producers also talked about how much they like Kendrick Lamar and how it's not the type of music he does but he's really good at it. They really enjoyed the music and the man himself made the music and the documentary really shows that. I would recommend this documentary to anyone. It is very unique to hear artists talk about themselves and what they do and what makes them who they are.

Hannah W. photo
Hannah W.

Truly one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, a must see for all documentary lovers.

Andrea Porter photo
Andrea Porter

Love Live! School idol project, I just cannot let this go. My first time watching a feature length film in HD was.I just cannot let this go. I think it's wonderful that everyone is getting it, and it is wonderful that they're getting it. I can't wait for this to come out on DVD. I just can't let this go. This is everything a music project should be, brilliant, inspiring, and I just can't let this go.

Timothy B. photo
Timothy B.

Likable, handsome, talented, obviously intelligent, and above all interested in music. But I can't say I agree with the notion of him getting punked on the streets in New York City. Let me state, I have never been a fan of any of these guys. But this one is just so very interesting. I've always wondered if it was just a matter of getting arrested for "terrorism" that made them think he was a terrorist. It is very rare for someone like this to go to jail. I guess, I just can't get over the fact that he got arrested. Anyway, I really can't wait to see this movie again. It will be the first time I've been able to see it since 1988, and I've been in college for over 40 years now. If you're into punk music, this is a must-see.

Janet photo

The world of teen rock can be one of the most powerful and significant experiences a person can have in their life. I highly recommend this documentary as it will send you down a path that will remain with you for the rest of your life. If you have ever believed that people were out to get you, you will understand this documentary. The fact that there are a lot of us out there who love our music and want to make it big and make it happen and live for it. People who didn't like it then and then you don't like it now, now you see it in a different light and that is what this documentary is about. It is a documentary that will make you appreciate it again and will make you want to fight for what you love. The film makers of this documentary were able to capture the essence of rock and roll and rock n roll. It is a way of life that is hard to break into and to find, but it is more than just the music that we play. It is about the people that have made the music what it is, the love and commitment that goes into it. It is a beautiful thing that a lot of people have not noticed, but it is a thing that everyone should know. This documentary will make you realize that you are never alone, that everyone cares about you. And that you are loved and that you will always be loved. The film makers are doing a great job capturing the essence of rock n roll and it is a movie that you should have seen.

Deborah L. photo
Deborah L.

I didn't want to go to see this movie because I had heard so many bad things about it. But I went anyway. I was blown away. The movie kept me engaged throughout. It was an insight into a true story and was quite humorous. I was also extremely moved by the poor, oppressed environment where the two young girls were raised. They have found the most loving and caring parents in the world. They grew up in poverty and were often exposed to violence and abuse. Now they are able to use their dreams and intelligence to create a better life for themselves and their family. They did not become famous stars in order to make themselves feel good about themselves. They started out as young dancers but continued to study until they graduated. They did this not for the recognition of their talent, but for their own selfish reasons. When they found their true love, they continued to learn how to dance. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about the problems of poverty in Africa. I think people need to see this movie more often to realize that poverty is not a good thing for anyone. We need to learn that the only way to make a difference is by helping others and by helping to do something for the people in need.

Megan Foster photo
Megan Foster

A great documentary. The film is divided into the time period of the band's rise to fame and the period of their fall to obscurity. It covers how they are depicted in music magazines, their early rise and fall, the feud with their manager, the demise of the band and their new album. The film also covers the band members' personal lives, and how they each dealt with the adversity of fame. It is a very entertaining film that will keep you entertained for several hours.

Teresa Price photo
Teresa Price

This film is probably the best documentary I've seen in a long time. It is a great look into the life of an American band and the way they dealt with their music. The movie is shot in a way that is almost documentary-like, with interviews with various members of the band, a lot of different songs that are played and other music. I think that the best part of the film is the way that the interviews are done, which give us the inside look at the band, as well as the people involved in it. The film is pretty short, but it is so well put together that you won't want to miss a moment. The music is great, and it gives us a feel for what the band is like. It also has some great songs, as well. I recommend this film to anyone who loves music, as well as anyone who loves to be entertained.