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Chef Flynn

Chef Flynn is a movie starring Flynn McGarry, Meg McGarry, and Paris McGarry. Ten-year-old Flynn transforms his living room into a supper club using his classmates as line cooks. With sudden fame, Flynn outgrows his bedroom kitchen,...

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Sefas Flynnas, Chef Flynn - najmłodszy kucharz świata
Running Time
1 hours 22 minutes
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Cameron Yates
Meg McGarry, Flynn McGarry, Paris McGarry, Will McGarry
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Ten-year-old Flynn transforms his living room into a supper club using his classmates as line cooks. With sudden fame, Flynn outgrows his bedroom kitchen, and sets out to challenge the hierarchy of the culinary world.

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Brandon Hansen photo
Brandon Hansen

I'm not a cook and a cook doesn't exist. What this documentary does show is that it's good to be a cook and that you shouldn't be afraid to say that. You can make anything you want, and eat what you want and your family will love it. It's all about the journey. We're all different and we're all different in our own ways. I recommend this documentary to anyone, and everyone should watch it.

Donald Powell photo
Donald Powell

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. After reading some of the reviews of the movie, I was very surprised at the quality of the documentary and the food. I understand that it was not a long documentary, but I don't think it was long enough. I felt the documentary was very informative and informative, but I think the real star of the film is the food and not the documentary. I would recommend the documentary to anyone who loves food and appreciates food.

George Fowler photo
George Fowler

The Best Documentary in a long time!

Jean S. photo
Jean S.

I wanted to watch this movie for about a month, and I think it's really worth it. It's almost a documentary. The visuals are incredible, but the real thing is the story and the emotions. The end is so touching that you'll cry, and you will wonder why this kind of situation could happen, why someone would do this kind of thing. I don't know what happened to all these people in North Korea, I don't know why the government didn't stop it. I don't know what they're doing in their country, I don't know how they're going to get out. I've heard rumors that the guys there were just kidnapped, but I don't know if they are or not. I really wish that I could help the people there, that's why I wanted to watch this movie. I really hope that it will change the situation there. If there are still a lot of people in North Korea, maybe the government will listen to the people there. If you have an opportunity to help, don't miss it.

Rebecca S. photo
Rebecca S.

I agree with the previous reviewer and I do not know what they saw in this movie. I had heard it was a pretty good movie but I expected something like The Boy in the Striped Pajamas or something. But it is very different from these. It is a very different story, very different from the Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I have not seen a movie like this before. It is very different, very original and very very different. I really hope this movie becomes a success because it is good for my own feeling of peace and happiness. I am not a psychologist but I feel like I am one. This is very good for my own feelings of peace and happiness. I am also glad that I could watch this movie because I really liked the story and I also liked the story of the planetarium. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie. I have watched this movie about five times so far. It is not a great movie, but it is a very good movie. The idea and the characters of the movie are very good. It is also a good movie for people who are young, because they have a lot of emotions in their eyes. It is a very good movie. I am not a psychologist but I think that this movie is very good. The story is very original. The story of the planetarium is very good. I have seen this movie and I will see it again. I will also watch this movie again because I am so happy. I am happy that I have seen this movie and I am happy that I have watched this movie.

Alice photo

I've seen all of the previous and new 'Cabinet of Cooks' books, and I have to say that this is the most outstanding cook book that I've ever seen. It's an excellent summary of a lot of the culinary techniques that are important to the culinary arts, the way the culinary arts are done, the culinary practices of the masters, and the knowledge of food to make it tastier and more nutritious. I recommend it highly to anyone who enjoys food and wants to know more about cooking and culinary knowledge. All the best, Jim

Michelle Kelly photo
Michelle Kelly

I went to see Chef Flynn with a bunch of friends, and we all loved it. We are all huge fans of Eddie Huang and his cooking and his views on life. Chef Flynn is just a great man who has a lot of love for the food that he makes. It is the first time I have seen a documentary on the making of a food show, and it is amazing to see the many cooks and cooks in a kitchen working together to make a dish. I really enjoyed it and I plan on going again!

Joe C. photo
Joe C.

This is a brilliant documentary about what happens to people who use the internet to do illegal things. As a result of the internet, they can communicate with the outside world and there is a big potential to become a drug dealer. How they become a drug dealer is the subject of the documentary. As a viewer, you really want to know what they do. You do not want them to do it. You think they have just lost their mind. You want to see how they get their money and they talk about how they get it. The documentary is well made and interesting. I think that the internet is a really good tool for creating a world wide internet. In the future, if we have an internet connected with the internet, people will be able to communicate and be part of the world. I think that in the future, they will be able to live in the internet and see all the possibilities. Also, this documentary has a really good message. It is great to see that this technology is used to do so many crimes. It is also important to see that this technology is used for good. I am really happy that this documentary was made. It has an amazing message. I really enjoyed watching it.

Peter Gardner photo
Peter Gardner

The cast of the film is terrific. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 7. The acting by Jason Schwartzman and Emily Mortimer is remarkable, especially when they both bring their talents to such different roles. In my opinion, Mr. Schwartzman as the father who also writes and produces a successful restaurant, was just right for the role. Emily Mortimer as his wife is just as amazing, as is Tim Curry as the father-in-law, who is quite at home in his role. This film is a great reminder of the classic "Eat, Pray, Love" and the beautiful "This is Spinal Tap". I hope that there will be more great documentaries to come from this wonderful cast.

Kathleen W. photo
Kathleen W.

It's a great documentary about the life of Chef F.I.L.S. and his group of friends, which also have a lot to say about the food culture. I didn't know anything about Chef F.I.L.S. and they did a great job of not giving you the background information and just showing you the guys as they are. The documentary is edited really well, with no one being more than what they are. I really liked the way the documentary was edited and it's not boring at all. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know more about the food culture and how it's created. It's not just a documentary about Chef F.I.L.S. and his group of friends. It's a documentary about food culture and it's a great thing to know.

Cheryl C. photo
Cheryl C.

Flynn is a great documentary. It's heart-wrenching, it's dramatic, and it's hilarious. The acting, cinematography, editing, and writing are all top-notch. It will leave you with a lump in your throat and a warm feeling in your heart. What else could you ask for? The whole experience is a joy and a joy to behold. The characters are real and the things they have to endure are true and, frankly, boring. They suffer, and they endure, and they feel. They're not perfect, but we can all relate to that feeling. I don't think I'll ever get over how much I love this film. It's like I haven't seen anything as well-made, and moving, and funny, and realistic, and funny, and dramatic, and accurate, and amazing. And I'm not even being biased by its rating. I'm just recommending it to anyone who loves good cinema.

Marilyn photo

The first film, Food, starred Tom Hanks as a food critic, and narrated the process of making the film. This film chronicles the making of Chef Flynn and his journey into the food industry. Tom Hanks gives a very good voice to Chef Flynn, and looks at what it takes to become a chef, and what it's like to become a chef. Chef Flynn's journey is told in a very real and personal way, by a very young chef who becomes his apprentice. The film has an intimate feel to it, and shows you exactly what it takes to become a chef, the hardships that Chef Flynn had to overcome, and how his whole family supported him, in his journey to become a chef. You also see how Chef Flynn became a chef, and his motivation to make the best that he could. The film is extremely interesting, and has great information on what goes into becoming a chef. This film was very inspiring to me, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in cooking.

Raymond photo

This film was a bit of a mess. I felt that it needed more editing. It was hard to follow at times. I was disappointed in the way the movie was edited. The movie would have been a lot better if the director had given the audience more time to really understand what was going on. It was kind of confusing. There was also a lot of overlapping between different scenes that just didn't fit together. I also found that the music was kind of cheesy. I also thought that it was a bit long. I thought that the music was actually kind of a major part of the film. I thought that it was kind of a wasted effort. I would recommend this film to someone who is not really a fan of cooking.

Thomas photo

Here's the problem. It's too long. It's not as important as it claims to be. It's like the producer of this documentary says, "I need to show you something," but he doesn't tell you what it is. I would recommend the short film "Saving Christmas" which is a lot shorter than this documentary. The short film is just about the time it takes to finish the documentary. So if you want to know what the "big picture" is, watch the short film. Otherwise, you will be completely lost.

Edward photo

It's a little hard to believe that this film has been made in such a short time. I remember when it first came out and being so excited, but I was a little slow to get into it. The film was only a couple of years ago when I watched it, and still it's something that I think about a lot, as a recipe for success for anyone that is in the food business. I've been in the food business for the last 18 years and still have this knowledge that most people don't. It was also a lot of fun to see all of the people that had worked on the film come out and do a Q&A and talk about their experiences. I also loved seeing some of the videos that they had created for the film. They were amazing, and I think they are an important part of the film. I also think that anyone that has a passion for food or chefs, will definitely enjoy this film.

Steven photo

This film is a simple, yet profound portrait of a chef in Germany. I've never been a chef, but I've loved cooking as a hobby since childhood. I'm a cook who can put on the finishing touches to a typical dinner at my favorite restaurant, which I only go to once a month. And I've also been a chef, but not very much. However, this film is about the life of a chef who goes through life as a full time job and loves cooking. He's also a father, and a wife, and a lover, and a husband. It's a very short film, but I found the story to be extremely moving, and also very funny. I think this film could help anyone to become a chef, or someone who loves cooking, or anyone who is in the middle of this. I really liked this film, and I hope you do, too. It was a very good and simple film. 7/10

Amber photo

This is a short documentary about the life of the chef of the Michelin restaurant. I have seen this in London in 2011. The story starts with the cook who is famous for his culinary creations, his creativity and his eccentric personality. He has a lot of success with his restaurants, but his business is not what it used to be. He now only knows about cooking and working with food. He is now preparing for the great chef, the Michelin Man. The chef gets an appointment with the chef of the Michelin restaurant and learns how he can work for the man who has made his life a misery. The chef starts his preparations for the Michelin Man and gets a taste of life in France. This is not a good documentary, it does not explain anything about the chef or about the chef. This is not an opinionated documentary. This is just a documentary that teaches you the things that are important in life and does not tell you anything. There is a lot of TV interviews, but they do not tell you much about the chefs or about the life of the chef. I would say that this is a good documentary, but not good enough to be a good movie.

Pamela Freeman photo
Pamela Freeman

This is a well made documentary that doesn't mince words about the human costs of the Iraq war, and it is both well filmed and well acted. The documentary focuses on the lives of a bunch of unemployed men and women who were all trained to be soldiers in the military and to be cooking cooks. Most of the film focuses on the members of the family unit, and it is interesting to see that some of the families have been torn apart by the war. Some of the families are former soldiers, and some are from countries that have a long history of violence. We also see how the families are coping with the new role of their sons and husbands, and how they try to make sense of their lives. We learn about the people involved in the war, and how the war has affected their lives. There are many stories in this film, some are very sad, some are humorous, and some are interesting. The biggest point of the film is that it is important to understand the people who are affected by the war, and to understand the effect the war has had on their lives. The film is well-made, and the soundtrack is a nice accompaniment to the film. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about the human costs of the war.

Brenda V. photo
Brenda V.

This documentary is really interesting to watch. It has a very good and creative look to it. The cast are really good. There is not a lot of great scenes, but it's still a good documentary. The focus is on cooking, and cooking is really important to the film. There is some good info on some aspects of food and cooking. I really liked the way the cast are portrayed. It's interesting to see how a foodie could be from an outsider point of view. I really liked how it was written and directed. It's a little on the long side, but I really liked it.

Phillip photo

I went to watch this film with no expectations, but was surprised to find that it was a great documentary. The film is beautifully shot and it made me feel so uncomfortable when I left the theatre. The film is so powerful and realistic that you don't feel like you are watching a documentary but instead a character of a real life person. This film is an antidote for the mainstream film industry. This film is so powerful that it should be seen by anyone, and it is also a great tool for getting back to your roots. If you haven't seen this film, do so immediately.

Judy C. photo
Judy C.

I just got back from watching "Eating Out", a new documentary on Gordon Ramsay's "MasterChef". I thought it was an interesting look at the life of one of the most recognizable chefs in the world. It's an interesting look at what drives the people who love the food and make it for us. Gordon Ramsay, an on-air chef at "TLC" on TV, is the man who really invented the show. Gordon is brilliant in his own way and has always been able to make us smile. But, I think he has also been a big part of the problem that has held back the restaurant industry. His ideas have always been out of touch with the taste of the American public. There are times where he has said things that are not good for the world. It was great to see him open up a little bit and talk about how the American public doesn't seem to understand that there are different styles of food and how they are not necessarily the same. And then he talks about how if he were to make a show about Mexican food he would have to be the same as the Mexican restaurant in Mexico. I think we are beginning to see that many of his ideas have been totally out of touch with the tastes and needs of the American public. I know people will say "well, that is just a little taste of what I want to see" but that is not true. I think it is great to see that he is a man who can make something work and be successful. I think it is great that he is able to be honest and open up about his beliefs and desires. I think that is what is really important in a person. The film is not trying to make him out to be a good person but rather it is a look into his life and his work. He is a very successful man who was willing to take on a role that he thought was impossible to play. He is the man that everyone looks up to. When he talks about his success, it is because of how much he has achieved. That is what I really liked about the film. I was really taken in by the story and the people that he is surrounded by. I think that Gordon really wants to make it work for everyone. He talks about the difference between the American and the rest of the world. He says that America is a place where you just have to work for the first time to get the job. He talks about how people do not get what it is like to work in a restaurant. I think that is really interesting. Gordon is saying that it is not just about the money

Rose H. photo
Rose H.

This documentary is about Chef Flynn, an over-the-hill kitchen and restaurant owner who's following in the footsteps of his late brother, Sam. He's more concerned with finding a place to cook at and get his heart set on, than with money. The documentary starts off with Sam's earlier cooking videos on YouTube, but it quickly turns into a look into what Chef Flynn thinks is the best restaurant in all of Texas. It's interesting to see his ideas evolve throughout the documentary as well as how Sam's ideas and techniques are being influenced by Chef Flynn. I thought the story was a bit thin and a bit predictable, but I guess that's because Chef Flynn is very likable and I didn't have any bad feelings towards him. He's very charismatic and I'd like to see him succeed. As a documentary, it was quite good. The editing was done well, and it was good to see Chef Flynn, Sam, and his brother talk about his journey. The cinematography was also good, with a few beautiful shots. Overall, I'd say that this is a good documentary that doesn't need to be watched for food reasons. It's a great look into the career of Chef Flynn, as well as the restaurant scene in Houston. I think the food is the main focus of the documentary, but it also talks about other things such as the food and the people who work at the restaurant.

Brandon Burns photo
Brandon Burns

Flynn, a food critic for the New York Times, gives us his views on food and food companies. What he finds is so disturbing that he makes a documentary of his experience. The most interesting thing about this documentary is that it makes you see the problem in a different light. If you're a food critic, you probably think that the food you consume is of such importance that it's worthy of your time and attention. If you're a food company, you probably think that the food you eat is the best food there is. In this documentary, we see both sides of the argument. Flynn says that food companies are a business, but the food that they serve is something that can never be bought. It's raw, uncooked, unprocessed, and it tastes better than anything you can get in the store. And it's that unprocessed, unwholesome, raw food that the critics like him like to eat. But he does also criticize the companies that sell their food to consumers. He says that the companies are "feeding the masses," but when they serve their food, they serve it in a way that you don't want to eat. In a way, the companies are treating food as a commodity. Flynn finds that the food that is served to him is cooked, but not served by anyone who knows the difference between food that is cooked and food that is raw. And that, in a way, is the problem with food. It's not cooked properly. You can't taste the difference. The food that we eat should be raw, uncooked, unprocessed. It should taste good. Food is a commodity. And, by the way, food isn't necessarily the best thing to eat, as a movie critic might have you believe. He says that most of the food we eat comes from animals that are abused, but the food companies are making money off the people who eat these animals. You're probably not going to like this documentary, but it's certainly worth a watch.