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Us is a movie starring Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke, and Elisabeth Moss. A family's serene beach vacation turns to chaos when their doppelgängers appear and begin to terrorize them.

Other Titles
Noi, Ми, Chúng Ta, Wir, To my, Mi, My, Nós, Nous, Anakhnou, アス, Nosotros, Mēs, 我們, Biz, アス (映画), Εμείς
Running Time
1 hours 56 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Mystery, Thriller, Horror
Jordan Peele
Jordan Peele
Lupita Nyong'o, Tim Heidecker, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss
Japan, USA, China
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A family's serene beach vacation turns to chaos when their doppelgängers appear and begin to terrorize them.

Comments about mystery «Us» (12)

Philip photo

I was really surprised by this film. It is the first film I've seen by The Last Legion that I actually enjoyed. It's well acted, well scripted and the story is excellent. The plot is very good, even if it does drag at times. The cast is fantastic. The cinematography is really great, and I particularly like the way the camera pans up and down. I also like how it makes the viewer feel like they are there, which is not a common thing in movies. Overall, I'd say it's a really good film.

Tammy H. photo
Tammy H.

I have to say I'm very glad I saw this movie. I really enjoyed it. It was not a horror movie like the rest of the horror genre. It was very much like the movie "The Sixth Sense". I enjoyed the ending and I hope that there will be a sequel. I really enjoyed the ending. I was really surprised when they finally said "I'm sorry, but we can't help you". I really liked it. I think it was a great movie. I think it was very good.

Jordan S. photo
Jordan S.

The story is about a former amateur filmmaker, David (Ryan Reynolds), who decides to film a documentary on his friends who were murdered in an apparent gang-rape. At first, it is a quiet documentary, showing his friends and their daily lives, but as the film progresses, the film gets more violent, and you can tell the director has the intention to make a horror movie. The film is directed by Ewan McGregor, who made the documentary film "Murderball". The film also stars Kevin Bacon, Adam Brody, and Ashley Greene. In this film, you can tell the director wanted to make a horror movie, and he did it well. The film has some good scares, but the movie is not as scary as some people think it is. The film is more like a drama, with some action. The movie is rated "R" for sexual content, violence, and language. This film is a good film, but not a great film. The film is not as scary as some people think it is, but it is still a good film. It is a drama, with some action. I recommend this film, but it is not a great film. If you want to see a good horror film, see "The Ring", "The Grudge", or "The Grudge 2".

Emma Hawkins photo
Emma Hawkins

I can't believe I am going to waste my time reviewing this movie. This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. I was totally disappointed and extremely disappointed. I thought this movie was going to be really good, and I am sooo glad I never watch it. I thought the plot was horrible, the acting was horrible, the effects were horrible. It was just so not worth watching. I don't even think it was good for a Friday night, I would have gone with my friends and it would have been much better. I know I am a very hard critic, but this movie is just so bad, I could never believe that it could have been so good. If you want to see a scary movie that will make you jump, then watch this movie. If you want to see a good scary movie, then watch this movie.

Tyler photo

I've seen the movie and I enjoyed it. It is a well made film. I think the acting was good, the story line was good, and the special effects were great. It's a little slow in the beginning but I like the idea. The movie was made for a younger audience, so you will have to suspend your disbelief. Overall, I enjoyed it. I'd recommend it to a younger audience, and even though the plot is a little bit hard to follow, it is still entertaining. There are some scenes that make you think "wow, that was a really stupid thing to do" and the movie was made to be entertaining, not to be great. If you like horror, I recommend this movie to you.

Shirley Garza photo
Shirley Garza

This movie is not to be missed. It's one of the most atmospheric movies I've seen in a long time. The atmosphere is kept up throughout the whole movie, and makes you feel uneasy throughout the whole movie. The movie is very well made. I thought it was well written. I thought it was well directed. The actors are all good. The movie has a very good pace to it. It keeps you interested throughout the whole movie. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. I thought the ending was a little weak. But overall, it was an excellent movie. It is a good movie to watch on a cold day.

Anna photo

This is a good movie. It has a good plot and the story line is quite interesting. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. The problem is that it's so popular, that people just get bored with it. People who like horror movies would not enjoy this movie. If you like this movie, then you'll probably like any other movie in the same genre. However, if you like horror movies, you won't like this one either. It's one of those movies that's very popular, but it's not a good movie. I recommend this movie to those who like horror movies.

Alexander photo

You know the movie when the plot is completely out of whack and you start to wonder if the director was actually making a movie or just rehashing an old one? That's how I felt watching this movie. I was in the mood for a straight horror movie with good effects and scares, and this one was not it. There were a few things that I could have done without, like the haunted house scenes, but I think they were necessary for the plot. I just didn't like how the movie tried to cram a bunch of unrelated events into one plot. I thought it was odd that the same guy was able to send them all, and then why would he choose the same place? Why would he go back and kill his sister? I don't know, but I thought it was pretty weird. I did like the sound effects and the acting was okay, but it didn't do anything for me. I'm not saying that it's a bad movie, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I'll probably watch it again, but I think I'll give it a 7/10.

Ruth Nichols photo
Ruth Nichols

I wasn't really looking forward to seeing this film, but I was pleasantly surprised with it. I didn't know that it was based on a true story, but I thought that the story was interesting. I think that it would have been better if the story wasn't based on a true story, but I don't know. I don't know what I was expecting from this movie. It is a good movie, but it isn't really anything special. It is a good movie to watch on a Saturday night. It isn't that scary, but it is interesting and it has some scary moments. I give it a 7/10.

Nicole S. photo
Nicole S.

I was expecting something similar to "The Sixth Sense" and "The Usual Suspects" but I was really surprised. It's definitely not a horror movie but it is more like a psychological thriller. It has a very nice and original plot. The plot is so original that it is hard to imagine what can be added to it. I really liked the twist at the end. I didn't expect it to be that great but it was good. I was surprised how good the ending was. I really enjoyed the ending. I would definitely recommend this movie to people who like psychological thrillers and supernatural mysteries. I would recommend this movie to people who like horror movies or action movies. If you liked "The Sixth Sense" or "The Usual Suspects" you will definitely like this movie. It's not a horror movie but it is more like a psychological thriller. It is very good and it is definitely worth a watch.

Gary C. photo
Gary C.

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I was a little apprehensive about seeing it, especially since the plot was quite similar to the original film. But I was pleasantly surprised. The acting was pretty good, the special effects were good, and the plot was very well thought out. There were a few plot holes that I noticed, but the movie overall was very well done. It was very unique, and it made me think about a few things I had never thought about before. It had a good plot, and it kept my attention the whole way through. The only thing I didn't like was that there were some parts of the movie that I thought were kinda slow. The way the story was told made it seem a little more like a soap opera, but I still liked it. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that is unique, that keeps you entertained, and has good acting. I rate it 7/10.

Jonathan B. photo
Jonathan B.

In this movie, a married couple, played by Nick and Eve, are vacationing in the Bahamas. As they travel around the island, they meet a few strange and scary people who haunt their island. They soon realize that these people aren't who they seem to be. What is going on at the resort? Does the police know what's going on? These questions and more will be answered as the film goes on. This movie is not for everyone, but I enjoyed it. The atmosphere of the island is very spooky, and the performances of the cast are great. You can't help but like this movie, and I think it's worth seeing. I think this is one of the better horror movies of the 1990's, and I recommend it.