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The Rider

The Rider is a movie starring Brady Jandreau, Mooney, and Tim Jandreau. After suffering a near fatal head injury, a young cowboy undertakes a search for new identity and what it means to be a man in the heartland of America.

Other Titles
Jahač, Binici, The Rider - Il sogno di un cowboy, Le cowboy, A rodeós, Jeździec, Καλπάζοντας με το όνειρο, Domando o Destino, ザ・ライダー, 重生騎士, Ha'rokhev
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1 hours 44 minutes
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Western, Drama
Chloé Zhao
Chloé Zhao
Tim Jandreau, Mooney, Brady Jandreau, Lilly Jandreau
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Brady Blackburn, a rodeo bronc rider with some renown, learned everything he knows about horses and riding from his parents, Wayne and the now deceased Mari Blackburn. Brady is recovering from a fall off a bronking horse in a rodeo, the most serious of the injuries being a skull fracture which required a metal plate being inserted into his head. Including checking himself out of the hospital earlier than advised, Brady is determined to get back up onto the literal and proverbial horse as quickly as possible as being a cowboy is all he knows. But deep in his heart he knows that returning to the rodeo in particular is something that is probably not in the cards without increased risks, which is eventually confirmed by his doctor who tells him that he cannot sustain another serious head injury without some major consequence. He does not even want his friends and family to treat him with kid gloves in being able to do any of those physical activities which are part and parcel for him of being a man and a cowboy. Brady has to come to some realization as to this fact and come to terms with it - which is difficult even as his best friend, former rodeo rider Lane Scott will forever be institutionalized needing around the clock medical care from a similar accident - or end up killing himself physically in the attempt to bronc again, or killing himself emotionally in not being able to do what he loves.

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Daniel Howell photo
Daniel Howell

The Spanish language is one of the many things that a film can be made about. I won't give away the details of the plot, but I will say that this movie is about a group of men who are traveling through Mexico to collect a debt owed to the old man they owe. They encounter trouble along the way. It is an exploration of the relationship between a man and his animals. Although this is a movie about a relationship between two men, there is also an exploration of relationships between humans and animals. The film centers on the relationship between a man and his horse. I think it is a very interesting, well done movie about a man and his relationships with animals. The movie shows that relationships are based on feelings, not on the material things we can call things. A man may have feelings for his horse, but he does not have feelings for his possessions or his money. The horses are also people to him. The movie also shows that the men of this group could be traveling with no money, no clothes, no tools. They travel in groups that might be as small as two or three people. One of the men feels for the horses, while the other man spends time with a prostitute. The viewer feels that the men are not as isolated as they think they are. The movie does not make any sort of judgment about the men or the horses. The viewer is left to decide what he thinks about the men and the horses.

Harold W. photo
Harold W.

I must say that I have not seen many westerns, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this one. I thought it was an excellent film, not a boring film, and the story was very intriguing. I also thought that the performances were outstanding, especially that of Jeffrey Combs. The way the story was told and the acting by the actors was superb. I was not sure what to expect from the western, but I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this film to everyone.

Frances H. photo
Frances H.

What a great movie. A must watch for all. John Hurt as a western hero, Russell Crowe as a deranged killer, Julie Delpy as a beautiful woman who is under pressure to marry a dangerous man. Incredible. If you want to see a great movie, I recommend this movie. There's no doubt. Good job.

Brandon photo

A group of drifters are on the road, trying to find some jobs and help the poor. They're going to take the trouble to rob a train at night. The train is run by a madman who has guns and lots of cash. There are other drifters in the train. The passengers are the important ones. A young traveler tries to help the drifters. There are more problems with the train than one can imagine. One of the passengers is a man who shows the new people how to work as a bandit. This is a film that shows how you can build up your own train and make it profitable. You don't have to be rich, just strong. In other words, it's a great movie.

Virginia L. photo
Virginia L.

I have seen the original play with William Marshall in 1952. I haven't seen the film, which was released in 1994. Marshall's character is a lawyer in the 1840s and he sings this song. It is the only time I ever heard Marshall sing. This is a terrific movie. All the songs are a joy to listen to, including the title song. I wish the movie was a little longer because the viewer has to work hard to get to the bottom of the plot. The story is well told with some great performances by Marshall and a charming Emma Gormley.

Henry Hamilton photo
Henry Hamilton

I always love to see the western, especially westerns with a twist. And I loved this movie! I've seen it twice now and it's just as good as the second time. I thought the acting was great all around. Dakota Fanning was amazing, I love her and her acting and she played her role perfectly. She even gets some of her own lines in the movie. The directing was great. It was very easy to follow the plot and it kept you guessing about what was going to happen. I thought it was very creative and that was why I enjoyed it so much. I also really loved the music in this movie. The song, "Desert Flower" was so great and it just added to the movie. I was able to figure out the ending of the movie within the first few minutes. I was also able to figure out the movie within about 30 minutes. I was just a little bit disappointed that it was only the second time I had seen the movie. The first time I saw it was 10 years ago. But I was able to catch the movie on cable. I enjoyed the movie and I think you should give it a chance. I would recommend this movie to everyone.

Jeffrey photo

The Rider is a film about a guy, Billy the Kid, who gets mixed up in a war between the Apaches and the tribe. They are a peaceful people who live in peace but Billy breaks that peace, starts the war and the only one who survives it is Billy. Billy goes through a lot of tribulations in his life, becomes a slave trader, goes to jail and doesn't get out again until he is young enough to buy his freedom. He doesn't have much money, so he goes to some of the Indians who will give him food. He learns from them and starts to teach them how to live a more peaceful life. They come back to him with the news that they are in debt and they have to sell some of their land to the next owner. So they sell it to a man named Quilpah and the Cherokee people. Now Billy is able to buy his freedom. But Quilpah is not that kind of man and Billy must make his way back to the Indians. He will meet the Cherokee people, his parents, his father and his sister. This is a very moving film about war and redemption. The character development in this film is good, it really doesn't feel like a movie. It really is like a documentary. You really see Billy's life from all sides and he is shown to be the most likeable character in the movie. You really see the character develop and then all of a sudden the story changes and Billy turns into a villain. But the truth is, he is still a good man. The film moves along really well and the acting is really good. The film shows that people can be horrible and still be good people. I also like the fact that it focuses on the Cherokee people instead of the other tribes. It shows that they are a people of peace and that they would do anything for their people. Overall, this is a great film. It's a great story about redemption and the transition from one generation to the next.

Madison Fisher photo
Madison Fisher

I loved this film. I was really surprised that it was so well done. The acting was outstanding, the story was amazing, and the characters were just so well played that you couldn't help but be completely absorbed into their struggle. I thought the movie was very well shot and edited. The actors seemed to really enjoy the process of getting their characters and the story to the screen. I'm so glad that this movie is now available on DVD. I would give it a 10 out of 10.

Ruth Bennett photo
Ruth Bennett

Like many, I'm a sucker for westerns. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Double Dragon, Ring, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and many more. This movie has been underrated by most, and some even call it a "no-brainer". I'm here to tell you that this is a great movie. The first thing that struck me about this movie was the story. I thought it was unique and fresh. The story centers around a rancher named Jack Stepp, who wants to sell his farm to make a little money and move on. He finds out that a young girl, Liz, lives in his old town and he wants to do something with her. It seems that the "beaver" (a kind of a coyote) is chasing Liz in the woods. The story is very original and an excellent plot. Another interesting thing about this movie was the characters. Some people say that the characters were "over-the-top". I thought that the characters were just what they needed to be. One of the characters, the "beaver" called the "Rabbit", was extremely disturbing. He literally used every other word in the english language. I just found that really interesting. I would not have minded if they used a different word. A different word would not have been that bad. The other characters were very well done. Liz, the young girl, was so realistic and very well acted. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of westerns. It was a great movie.

Denise L. photo
Denise L.

This movie is about a young man named John Clark who has been lost in the woods for several years. He has been living with a woman named Marge, who he is not related to. He is an adventurer and is trying to find his way home to the city. Along the way he meets a mysterious man named Burt (played by the legendary Al Pacino) who is a descendant of a once famous Indian war chief. They share many adventures together and come to the conclusion that they must find out where they are. The story is told very well and the performances are all great. It is a very uplifting movie that makes you feel good and it's very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this movie.

Marilyn D. photo
Marilyn D.

To be honest, I've never really been a big fan of westerns. I'm not sure I have ever seen one, and I really don't think I'm missing anything. However, the last few years I've really been interested in the genre and have really found myself enjoying them more and more. The Rider is an amazing film that had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I'm not sure I've ever been so interested in a film that I didn't want to get up and leave. The script is so strong and the acting so strong. This movie is a perfect example of what a film should be. It's a great story with a great cast. It's not really a western, but it does have a lot of elements of a western, and it's good to see this film being praised by the critics. I also love that this movie is not going to be overly commercialized or glorified. It's not going to have a big budget or some big stars in it, but it's a simple story that works. It's a story that doesn't take itself too seriously, and it's really refreshing to see a film that doesn't feel like it's trying to be cool or something. I'm not sure if it will appeal to everyone, but I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who enjoys westerns and is into movies that are dramatic and interesting.

Edward Hunter photo
Edward Hunter

A really well done movie. I found myself in tears in the end. And some of the acting was quite well done, although it's hard to tell in a movie like this. When it was over I wanted to go to the theater and watch it again and again. I definitely recommend it. My mother was kind of afraid of it and we both agree that it is not a violent movie. I think it is one of the best films I have ever seen. It is a true story about a cowboy named Billy the Kid. The story of the movie is based on the real life events of Billy the Kid. The movie is not only about the hero, it is also about the people who loved him. It also tells the story of how Billy the Kid suffered from the disease and the townspeople who were trying to get rid of him. The filming is amazing and the music is also very good. I recommend this movie for all ages. It is a must see movie. I also recommend that you take your kids to see this movie. It is very good for kids and very good for adults.

Barbara photo

A very enjoyable movie, that always impresses me. This movie has some of the best scenes of all time, and it was made in the mid 90's. That is when America was in a period of civil unrest, and this movie shows that, and the problems that may have caused. Great stuff!

Jordan D. photo
Jordan D.

I watched this film at the Sydney Film Festival (Brisbane, Australia) in October 2004 and enjoyed it immensely. The director of photography (the film's cinematographer) captured the western landscape in a beautiful way and the performances were excellent. The film was very well paced, and the story line was both gripping and engaging. The scenery and production values were great. The film looked great and was shot well. I loved the way the story was told, and the way the camera was used to tell the story. The soundtrack was also excellent. The film itself was very well done. It was a film I would recommend to anyone looking for a great film.

Timothy photo

I found this movie on Netflix streaming and the title caught my attention and I read the synopsis, which is a simple, yet powerful, and realistic story of the past and the future. The movie also seems to show how this old man has the ability to change his surroundings and life by the power of his mind. I just watched this movie and I would like to comment on the story, which is very similar to the story of Nicholas Roeg's "Hannibal". I was also very impressed by the visual and sound effects in the movie. I really think this movie should be available on DVD because of the great cast and I would like to see the director's cut.

Peter W. photo
Peter W.

This movie was great. It was great for the whole family. I had watched it on TBS when it first came out and when I got to rewatch it in the past I enjoyed it as much as I do now. The movie is about the old time cowboy and the sheriff. The cowboy is killed in the course of a gunfight and his horse is stolen. He comes across a young boy and a beautiful woman and the young boy wants to marry the old man. He is convinced by the sheriff and his young daughter to help out in his hunt for the horse. The young boy is interested in the horse and the sheriff convinces him to take the horse. The old man is a great old man and he loves the horse and gives the horse to the young man. The young man is going to the old man for help and the sheriff is going to help the young man out in the end. This is a great movie that I recommend. I think the movie was great.

Timothy B. photo
Timothy B.

I was lucky enough to catch this movie at a preview in a theater, and I must say it was a bit disappointing because I didn't think the movie would live up to the hype. However, I am pleased to say that this was not the case. I think it was the best movie I've seen this year. It was beautifully shot, and I was riveted. The story was gripping and the characters were strong. There were some holes in the story, but I think that was done to make the movie more personal to the audience. The ending was beautiful. If you're into Westerns or have been following the series, then I would highly recommend seeing this movie.

Nicole Jacobs photo
Nicole Jacobs

The movie was pretty good. It had a nice story. It had some interesting things to it. The characters were interesting and I thought the acting was great. I thought the director did a good job. There was some cool looking pictures in the movie that made it look like an art film. The camera work was really good and the acting was pretty good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into independent movies.

Barbara photo

I have to admit that this movie is by far one of my all time favorites. The theme is very well done. There are a lot of things that have been said about this film, but I think it is best left alone. The characters are very well developed and you really feel for them. The setting is perfect and I can't think of a better place to put the whole movie. The only thing I would change about the movie is that I think the title should have been "The rider" and not "The Rider". The title is just too similar to another western and I don't think it's appropriate. That being said, I really don't think this movie is for everyone. It's about a man with no morals who kills for a living. It's not a western, and not a film that you would want your kids to see. However, it's a good movie to sit back and watch with friends, and it is one of the few movies that you can watch over and over. I would give it a 7 out of 10, but I would rate it a 10 out of 10. If you are in the mood for a great western, then you'll love this movie.

Angela Valdez photo
Angela Valdez

The most important thing to remember about The Rider is that it's not just a gunfight, it's a narrative, a story that can be understood without a synopsis. Everything from the opening sequence to the climactic final showdown is important in understanding what the film is about. Although I don't consider The Rider to be a masterpiece, I do consider it to be one of the most exceptional movies of the year. There are plenty of pros and cons for this movie. The cinematography is beautiful. The character development is well done and believable. The acting is great. The script is original, and the music is haunting. There are plenty of "what if" moments. The screenplay is well crafted. Overall, this is an excellent film. The Rider has great pacing, great acting, and great cinematography. This is a must-see for fans of war films and people who enjoy good, original movies.

Nicole Bryant photo
Nicole Bryant

I have never seen a western so well acted. There are no heroes, no villains, no innocent victims, no hero. What we get is a story of a man who is the last man standing in the midst of an onslaught of vicious, barbaric enemies. The story is simple, but powerful. It is set in the Spanish American War, and the characters are human beings. The story is one of survival. The entire cast, in particular Sam Elliott, had the best job I have ever seen. My hat goes off to you, Sam Elliott! I cannot wait to see your next movie!

Ruth L. photo
Ruth L.

I can't remember a movie that I've seen where I got so many different meanings from the acting, story, and just the whole thing. I loved the performances, the story, the acting, the story, and everything else in this movie! This movie is so different from the others. It is way better than what I expected and it's a real shame that the movie went straight to DVD, but I guess they could have just kept the DVD out of the box and let people know that this is a different kind of movie. This movie is worth your money. You won't be disappointed!