Anschauen What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire?

What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire?

What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire? is a movie starring Judy Hill, Dorothy Hill, and Michael Nelson. What You Gonna Do When The World's On Fire is the story of a community of black people in the American South during the...

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Co zrobisz, gdy świat stanie w ogniu?, What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire, ¿Qué vas a hacer cuando el mundo esté en llamas?, Ka darysi, kai pasaulis degs?, Che fare quando il mondo è in fiamme?
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2 hours 3 minutes
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Roberto Minervini
Roberto Minervini
Michael Nelson, Dorothy Hill, Ronaldo King, Judy Hill
USA, France, Italy
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What You Gonna Do When The World's On Fire is the story of a community of black people in the American South during the summer 2017, when a string of brutal killings of black men sent shockwaves throughout the country. A meditation on the state of race in America, this film is an intimate portrait into the lives of those who struggle for justice, dignity, and survival.

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Catherine Kelley photo
Catherine Kelley

One of the most depressing and depressing films I've ever seen. All in all this film was no better than a documentary. To me it was much worse than a documentary. Every character in this film was relatable and at least people were trying. The only thing that was truly shocking was the physical violence towards women. The people in this film were either homeless, drunk, stoned or doing drugs. What did they do for a living? Violence and rape were the only ways they got money and food. Why would anyone ever pay to see this film? It's like watching reruns of "Days of Our Lives." (an interesting documentary)

Madison photo

David Lomax and Shane Smith take us into the new millennium for the destruction of the planet, its people and animals. I loved this documentary. It was simple and heartwarming. I am going to read the book this documentary is based on. David Lomax was the best man for this role. This film is based on a true story and many things can not be taken from this film. I know that the actors and crew were very honest about the movie. When the climate change was talked about in this documentary, you had to admit that it was not a far-fetched story. One of the many things I liked in this documentary was that David Lomax used real footage of people watching the films and taking part in the interviews. The time frame in which the documentary was made was one of the best. It was shorter then some of the other documentaries, but it was very cool. Another thing that I like was that the people were very genuine. Most people that are writing these reviews, I think, need to look at the statistics. One study at a university found that people tend to believe what they see on television. This documentary could get very bad ratings on Netflix and Amazon. This documentary has a 90%+ trust rating on Amazon. There are other reviews that do not show the story in a positive light. This is an important topic and I think that this documentary is the most important documentary of the year. The media made a big mistake and the message needs to come from the top. It is so easy to believe what you see on television or on the news. We need to understand that these films are real and not exaggerated. They are based on a true story and have been shown in the US on YouTube. I give this a thumbs up.

Robert S. photo
Robert S.

This is one of those documentaries that does not feel like you're watching a documentary, instead you feel like watching an interview. It's not a film, it's an interview. Because of that, the documentary feel the same as a normal documentary, and it's not easy to find a script to play to. There are things that did seem to have more emphasis on the interview in this film, than the documentary. The videos themselves, some of the conversations are really good. The atmosphere is great and I think they should have made the documentaries more like interviews, instead of having to make them as one. Maybe I'm too jaded, but I felt a little less intense when the people were not talking. One thing that I didn't like is that the conversation is really long and that's one of the main things that can ruin a good film, and I feel like that would have been the case here, because the questions are so long that it was difficult to figure out if the conversation was real or not, which could have been a lot more interesting. The documentary made me think that, yes, the documentary is worth watching, but I think that the documentary is a little more interesting and also a little more important to watch than the interview.

Christian T. photo
Christian T.

The best documentary I've ever seen. If you ever wanted to know why all the liberal people are so frightened about "climate change", this is the best documentary for you. I gave it a 7 for the trailer, it's not that good but that's it.

Madison Alvarez photo
Madison Alvarez

If you've ever heard of it, you've seen it, or if you've ever even heard of it, you've probably seen it. You might even have seen it on the news. If you don't, then this may well be the most important documentary you've ever seen. If you've heard about it, you've seen it. This could be the best news story you'll ever see. A video made by the BBC in late 2001, no more than five years later, captures the terrifying "Collapse" of the World Trade Center towers at 9/11, in their final moments. Throughout the film, we are shown images and scenes from the tragedy, and they make up the bulk of the content. It is perhaps the most shocking, and likely most important, documentary of this decade. The information is harrowing. It is entirely accurate, but it is in the form of images and sounds, and as with all documentaries, we are taken back to the time period in question, through interviews with former people who were there that day. This is where the documentary comes in. We are taken back to that time period and are asked to listen to stories and listen to interviews with people who survived the destruction of the World Trade Center. There are many stories to listen to. Each is told in a different way, and each is worth hearing. There are not enough words to describe the lengths that people must go through to find the truth, and people are willing to go to great lengths to achieve this. "The Tower: 9/11" is not about knowing the truth. It is not even about knowing the facts. It is about looking at the human face of the tragedy. The news images and images of people carrying bags filled with belongings and belongings of loved ones are incredible and there is no other way to explain how horrifying it was. If there is any doubt that the news media had it all wrong, then one can watch this. The reporters and editors who saw this footage and did not report it properly are among the most terrible people I have ever known. Their job was to report on the disaster and to keep the public informed, and for them to actually get involved. They became the face of the disaster. This documentary doesn't ask you to know any more than the facts are presented. This documentary is about humanity. It is about the strength and determination of people to keep fighting. This documentary has no interest in the problems of the news media, as it relates to the events of that day. No, it is about the human being who is called upon to report the news. It is about the news organization that falls on its sword in order to save its employees, while at the same time doing everything in their power to protect the rest of the world from the disasters. If you are looking for a documentary that will give you a different perspective on the events of that day, this may be the one for you. If you are looking for a film that will give you a different perspective, then you may want to give this one a miss.

Douglas Howard photo
Douglas Howard

In 2005, a British film-maker went to the Dominican Republic to document the desperation of the people there, and the desperation of their people. The film-maker, Jim McBride, spent a year documenting the conditions in the country, and was able to bring the people of the country to tears. This was the first film to show the full extent of the suffering in the Dominican Republic. The film-maker's last film, "Tears of the Sun," was a great documentary about the death of a woman in a mental hospital. The film was very good, and I recommend it. However, it was a short film, and I'm afraid it was not as good as the first film. It was also very boring. "The Price of a Dream" is a documentary about the conditions in the Dominican Republic. It was a great documentary about the people in the country. It was very well made, and I recommend it. The film is very good, and I recommend it.

Denise C. photo
Denise C.

There's plenty of fire to go around when the world turns upside down. People are getting killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond, every day. Our generation has seen a lot of carnage and violence. But we're not the only ones doing it, and we're not the only ones who want to stop it. After the Iraqis and Afghans die in the largest acts of violence since the Second World War, the American government finally recognizes the problem. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) will officially start to arm the Iraqi police with weapons. The ATF will also start sending M-16 rifles, like the ones shown here, to the police in Afghanistan. The government will also start sending soldiers to Iraq, as well, as part of a troop surge. But the situation in the country is not over, and the government is having a hard time getting international help to bring an end to the violence. And that is the story of the film, made by the good people at WNET in New York. It really captures a country in turmoil, and a small group of brave people who are willing to do whatever it takes to stop the violence. This is a must see film.

Ashley photo

I saw this film at a special screening in Austin, TX. I was very impressed with the film, and the screening was full of enthusiastic people. I hope that more people see this film and get the chance to learn more about what's really going on in our world today. I thought the film was very well made, and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to see a film that will get them thinking. The film is well worth seeing.

Nicole Santos photo
Nicole Santos

This documentary is not a lot to go on. I mean a guy can fly like a bird and break it back when he hits it hard. I could do it, but the guy we met couldn't even hit it hard. Now it's a old girl who's break it back, but she's such a great girl! So to break it back for her, all she has to do is drop her leg over his back. He doesn't even get hurt. Then we see him doing back flips all the way. The movie is more about why he broke it back than about how he broke it back. It's pretty cool how he went back to the park just to practice it. This isn't a documentary about flying for it's own sake. It's a documentary about breaking it back. I thought that it was pretty interesting, but it isn't what I expected.

Melissa Mills photo
Melissa Mills

This is a great documentary about the so called "anti-war movement" in the US. This documentary shows how the media influenced the public to support the Iraq war. I really enjoyed this documentary. It's a little hard to find but it's worth it.

Jennifer photo

I found the movie, though not especially "classic", to be good at times. I thought the cinematography was very effective. The director made use of various styles, including documentaries, to depict the various cultures of the world. I found the story interesting and it gave me a lot to think about. I think that it's the great advantage of having the documentaries on the DVD. The filmmakers used the testimony of the Indians who knew about the war, and their revelations and opinions. They also used interviews with individuals who have studied or worked in these villages, and who also had the experience of witnessing the war. This provides a really nice and interesting set of views. I think that the director probably also could have done a lot better at the editing and composition of the documentary. I found myself very confused. The editing seemed very odd. If I didn't have the DVDs of the documentary, I think I would have had a much better understanding of the film. I think that the information that was conveyed in the documentary did not really come through in the film. The interviews were all interesting, but were not particularly memorable. I didn't really know the people who were interviewed. I knew about the war, but I did not really know what had happened to those people. I also have seen some interviews with people who survived and who had lived through the war. I have never seen any of those interviews before. Overall, I would recommend this movie, although I think it's probably a bit too short for a documentary.

Brenda photo

One of the most haunting moments in the film is when Ben wins the big fight with Jason. At first we see this person as a bully and was kind of worried. But we soon realize that this person is more than that. He's very kind and very selfless. And he has been doing this for years. The story of "The Race for Jake" is a very good one. "Jake" has been the King of Junior High for years and he's now the King of the World Junior Boxing Championship. He's the best Junior Heavyweight in the world and is a perfect example of how to do the sport of Junior High. The world has always been his oyster. The story of "Jake" is extremely compelling and it gives you a great look into how Junior High Sport is done. And the story of "Jake" is absolutely great. The fight scenes are really incredible and I've always loved the way the WBA members fight. It's kind of neat to watch. But I had a problem with the main story of "The Race for Jake". This movie had a huge number of clips of the older Jake and in some of those clips I really didn't like how they portrayed him. When Jake is fighting he's always getting kicked and punched and punched and when he gets his foot stuck in a metal pipe he keeps having to call out "Jake, I'm here" and Jake keeps on calling back. But what if Jake is talking to a girl who never leaves his side? Does that make him that bad of a person? Or that he's so cold and hard hearted? Maybe the directors were trying to show that the old Jake was more sensitive. But that would have been kind of strange. I also saw that it was filmed in Hawaii. I wonder if that was a coincidence. Or maybe the island had a special connection with this movie. But I still didn't like how some of the older clips were. At least the ones that I found particularly interesting. This movie is well worth watching and I recommend it to anybody who likes Junior High Sports. * out of *

Ralph W. photo
Ralph W.

Finally a documentary that actually showed the aftermath of global warming, and told the sad story of how the world and mankind really lost the battle. So many wonderful scenes, such as rain forest destruction, land being turned into wasteland, and the loss of thousands of human lives. And this was only the beginning. More to come. (If you have not seen the first one, do so before watching this.)

Melissa A. photo
Melissa A.

This is an excellent documentary about the dangers of climate change. The authors of the film are well-respected scientists and activists, but it is also clear that they are not in it for the money. I was particularly impressed with the way that they were able to get a wide range of scientists to participate, including some who have been on the frontlines of the environmental movement. The movie is well-edited and very informative. It is not a piece of propaganda. It is not a story about the dangers of global warming, and it is not a "Pulp Fiction" movie. The film is a very good resource for people interested in the subject. It is a good introduction to the subject, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Angela Silva photo
Angela Silva

I am a big fan of the movie and would like to have seen the real thing. I watched the whole thing the other night, and the only thing that I have seen on television or in a theater is the movie. I would like to see the actual footage and have it shown in a documentary or a movie. I would also like to see the footage of the first fire and how it was started. I have seen the movie a few times and watched the actual footage. It is a great movie and should be shown more.

Barbara photo

I have seen this documentary many times and it is by far the most moving thing I have ever seen. The people interviewed were just as interesting and fascinating as the people they were talking to. If you have a chance to see this film, I strongly recommend it.

Tyler C. photo
Tyler C.

The movie is amazing. The director uses the footage of the fire to tell the story of people who lost everything. It is a shame that the director did not show the people in the hospital. I would love to see a documentary about the people who lost everything. It would be interesting to see what they did to survive in such a devastating situation.

Barbara photo

The first thing I would like to say is that I am not a fan of David Duchovny. But what made me watch this documentary, is that in the film he is in it. I think the reason this is called a documentary, is because David Duchovny is not a storyteller. He is more of a host. I think most people would agree with that. The documentary is very informative. I know the feeling when you want to get the information and in that case you are going to have to go through a whole lot of violence and death, but if you are going to give it to someone and tell them it's your opinion and to expect all their emotions and to expect the violence and to expect the tragic result, they are going to be angry about it. That's how it is in the movie. That's what the director of this movie did. I think it is a good film. People who would like to get to know a little bit more about the show, can go to this film. People who like to see a documentary about a character, can go to this film. People who are not going to like it, well I think the next person who is going to like it would be David Duchovny and his team. I think they did a great job with this film.

Joseph photo

This is a very interesting documentary. It is part of a great series on social science and human behavior. It's like a combination of "Secrets of Us All" and "The Empire Strikes Back." This is a wonderful show.

Nicole photo

This documentary is a must-see for anyone who is a fan of any of the three Beatles. It's like a good old-fashioned family documentary. It's a great look at a time when the Beatles were as popular as they are today. They're still going strong, but I've seen a lot of their fans who are very critical of them. I think that they've done a great job in telling the story of how they grew up, how they became famous, and how they met. The Beatles have changed our lives, and it's important to have a documentary about that.