Anschauen Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk

Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk

Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk is a movie starring Ben Crenshaw, Jim Dent, and Lee Elder. Filmmaker Jason Baffa examines the personal bonds and dynamic relationships that form between golfers and caddies.

Other Titles
The Caddie Chronicles
Running Time
1 hours 20 minutes
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Documentary, Sport
Jason Baffa
Carl Cramer
Jim Dent, Ben Crenshaw, Lee Elder, Nick Faldo
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Centuries old and enjoyed by millions, golf is more than a sport. Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk explores the bond between golfer and caddie. Featuring never before seen stories, Loopers is an account of golf like you've never seen before.

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Nathan photo

I was taken by surprise to see that this film had been so unfairly neglected by some, but with a few high-profile screenings it will certainly gain some more exposure. So what about the commentary? If you know the story behind this, it is brilliant, heart-wrenching and something to be seen. You won't see a single second of it but if you've got the opportunity to see it in IMAX (with a great sound system) - it's a must see!

Jason photo

I loved this documentary, I felt it had so much to say about the Caddies, who do a great job at what they do, but also do a great job at what they love. From a Caddie's perspective, it's a wonderful film to watch and really look at how people who are great at what they do really are. There are so many lessons learned from this film, and I'm sure it will change the way people treat their pets. It's great to see Caddies actually get recognized, and I hope that they will be given more credit than they currently receive. My favorite part of the documentary is when the vet is introducing the Caddies to their new owner. It's a great moment, and reminds me of how much the Caddies love their owners. I highly recommend this documentary.

Craig photo

This is a rare documentary that focuses on the elite, elite, elite of our sporting world. The Caddies are one of the most exclusive and highest paying organizations in the world. They are paid a little more than $50,000 per year, and the teams they go to play for are paid a few million dollars. It is believed that the Caddies are paid to take care of the teams for less money. The Caddies are very secretive, and they are not open to the general public, so you cannot see them unless you are a Caddy or a Caddie manager. We get to see some of the Caddies in action in the World Cup, and we get to see some of the Caddies up close and personal. I was a Caddy in the NFL, and this documentary makes me want to go back to playing. The Caddies are extremely proud of their players, and they are very proud of their organization. They have a lot of pride, and the Caddies are very proud of their organization. They take care of their players in a very professional and efficient way. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know more about the Caddies.

Amy photo

I have been a fan of horse racing for years. My father, a retired racehorse trainer, is a big proponent of horse racing and is a co-author of the book The Caddie's Long Walk. For me, the film was a great experience and gave me a good insight into the film and the history of horse racing. While I was able to view some of the special features on the DVD, I didn't get to see much of the film itself. I have to say that I was very impressed with the quality of the film, especially the horse racing footage. In this day and age, the film itself should be the kind of film you watch over and over and enjoy. The film is a must see for anyone that loves horses, or just someone who wants to get a better understanding of the history of the sport. It is also a great film to view with friends and family. It is a great family film, with many laughs and plenty of action. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

John G. photo
John G.

This is a great film that exposes the true, uncensored, dirty, and desperate life of a Caddie in the mid 70's. The film is a must see for anyone who has ever had to put up with the cocky, arrogant, and cocky cocky attitude of their Caddie. A great movie for all Caddies and their families who want to know what it was like to work in a Caddie's tent for a living. This film is a must see for all Caddies, and those who have had to put up with the Caddie's attitude.

Rose Cruz photo
Rose Cruz

I've been a Caddie for 15 years and we love our horses and it was a pleasure watching this film. From the start, the Caddies seemed to enjoy their time with the camera. We didn't have any restrictions at all about what they could or couldn't do. The only thing we had to ask for was a bit of recognition. They did it all. I'm hoping that this film will inspire more Caddies to share the good life with their horses. The man who was most involved in this film was Carl J. Caruso. I hope he can make more films like this one. I hope more Caddies will make more films like this one.

Gerald B. photo
Gerald B.

In my opinion, the best feature of the movie was the back story of the Caddies, and how they were caught. I've always wondered if it was possible for someone to see a Caddy that would have the ability to perform the PGA Tour race, and then die. I think the fact that it was a Caddy that died probably made the story more realistic, and made me think about what my Caddies would have done had they been in that situation. I think the Caddies were probably the most heroic people on the PGA Tour that didn't have a PGA Tour sponsorship, so it made me think about how I would feel if I was there. The Caddies also showed the journey of some of the biggest stars on the PGA Tour, and how they met and got to where they are today. It was really interesting to see how some of these Caddies made it to the top, and also how some of them went through some of the roughest times in their careers. Overall, I thought the movie was really good, but not as good as I had hoped it would be. It was nice to see a movie that was based off of a real story, and not based off of a fictional account. I think this is something that was missing from the PGA Tour movies. I think the fact that they made a movie about the Caddies is a good thing. It's great to see real people in the movie, and not just a lot of celebrities. It makes it more believable. Overall, I think it was a really good movie, and I think it's a movie that is worth seeing.

Harold W. photo
Harold W.

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I have never been to a football game in my life but this movie made me want to go. The plot is very good. The actors are good. The action is very well done. The story is very good. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in football. I have watched it a few times now and I always want to see it again. This is a movie that anyone can watch and enjoy it. The action is good and the characters are good. This movie has a great story line and a good story. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Rose Estrada photo
Rose Estrada

This movie made me feel a lot better about the sport of roller derby. I loved how the roller derby players showed their feelings towards their teammates, and also the way they competed. It was a great look into the sport. It also made me appreciate roller derby a lot more than I did before watching the movie. I've been a roller derby player for a year, and I felt like I could relate to the characters. It was very exciting to see how the players were being trained, and how much work they put into their games. It was very emotional to watch. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about roller derby. It was a great movie for everyone to see.

Charles photo

I thought this movie was a great experience. I loved it! It made me want to go back and watch it again and again. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD! The Caddies' Long Walk is the perfect movie for the whole family to watch. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a sports fan. It will keep you and your family excited for the next game! I also loved the relationship between Donnie, R.C. and Ed. They all played their roles well. I hope to see more of the Caddies in the future.

Matthew R. photo
Matthew R.

This is the story of The Caddies. It is an amazing story of a small group of guys who go up against the NFL. They fight the odds and go head to head with the best players in the NFL. This documentary is very well done and has a very realistic feel to it. It's an excellent story about sports and the future of the sport. This documentary is an example of how great documentaries are made. It's a well done, great story about a small group of guys who go up against the best players in the NFL. It shows how the NFL changed the sport and the whole world. It also shows how sports and the whole world has changed since the NFL made the Caddies. I would recommend this documentary to any football fan. It is a must see!

Randy photo

I absolutely loved this documentary. Not only was it entertaining, but it gave me a deeper understanding of the Caddies, and their plight. I truly believe that it would be very difficult for a Caddie to even try to become a great golfer, let alone a great club golfer. It would take a lifetime of dedication, and a lot of luck, to achieve the goal of making it as a pro golfer. The Caddies are just one of the many amazing stories in this film. Not to mention the great lessons that these Caddies learn. It's really inspiring to see the hard work that these Caddies put into their craft. It's so interesting to watch, and it gives you a real feel for what the Caddies go through to be successful. This film is definitely a must see for any golfer, or anyone who wants to learn more about the Caddies. I truly believe that the Caddies are a group of amazing people, who would not be able to accomplish what they do if it wasn't for their dedication to the sport.

Frank Grant photo
Frank Grant

It's a great documentary about the Caddies, their experience of horse racing, and their unique bond with the sport. This is definitely one of the best documentaries about the Caddies I've ever seen. The Caddies are the real heroes of this documentary, and I think everyone can relate to the bond they share with these animals. It's truly amazing how the Caddies are able to take care of their horses and how the horse trainers were able to keep their horses fit and healthy through the training process. I think it's a great documentary that everyone should see. It's definitely one of the best documentaries I've ever seen and definitely a must see for anyone that has an interest in the horse racing. It's definitely a must see for anyone that loves animals, or is a fan of the Caddies.