Anschauen Dolor y gloria

Dolor y gloria

Dolor y gloria is a movie starring Antonio Banderas, Asier Etxeandia, and Leonardo Sbaraglia. An aging film director suffering from chronic illness and writer's block reflects on his life.

Other Titles
Бол и слава, Leid und Herrlichkeit, Kärsimys ja kunnia, Pain & Glory, Skausmas ir slove, Pain and Glory, Dor e Glória, ペイン・アンド・グローリー, Sāpes un slava, Tong Ku Yu Rong Yao, Valu ja hiilgus, Ke'ev ou'Tehila, Πόνος και Δόξα, Tuga i slava, 痛苦与荣耀, Acı ve Zafer, Douleur et gloire, Fájdalom és dicsőség, Smerte og ære, Ból i blask, 痛苦與榮耀, Bolečina in slava, Smärta och ära
Running Time
1 hours 53 minutes
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Pedro Almodóvar
Pedro Almodóvar
Asier Etxeandia, Antonio Banderas, Nora Navas, Leonardo Sbaraglia
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The protagonist of "Pain and Glory" was at the decline of his career. The man involuntarily looks back into the past, and a stream of vivid memories falls upon him. He recalls such moments from his youth as tender feelings for his mother, love and separation, the search for happiness and success. All this leads the master of cinema to important thoughts about life and art, because this is the most important thing for him.

Comments about drama «Dolor y gloria» (14)

Heather photo

To say this movie is disturbing is to give away a very powerful plot and the special effect that was so very rare in the 70s and 80s. This movie shows the dark side of the American dream in a very honest and raw way. It is a glimpse into the horrors of factory farming and the real horrors of industrialised America and the cruelty that we suffered in the past. I think the message of this movie is very very powerful. Don't waste your time with the special effects. Watch this movie to get a very, very, very honest view of America in the 70s and 80s. Watch it to find out how a film can help you see America for what it was and what it was supposed to be. Watch it to find out what a good movie can do.

Elizabeth T. photo
Elizabeth T.

I was looking forward to seeing this film when it was released, but was a little disappointed. The pictures are beautiful, the acting is fantastic and the story is actually very heartwarming and realistic. I can't believe it has been out for so long. I have watched it many times, and it is still fresh in my mind. I would recommend this film to everyone. There is so much to take in, and many small, yet amazing details. The movie is about family, and the growth of the mother and her children through the death of her husband. Her daughter can't understand how this loss can destroy the life she had. She was very much involved with the family, and seemed to be a good mother. In the end, she understands her children's confusion, and that she can't save them, but she can give them hope and joy. All in all, a great film.

Doris photo

Garcia's second film in the long running Mexican cinema star in the 1970s, it is one of his most accessible efforts with the ever-popular director. This film deals with the creation of an imaginary world that is dark and disturbing. It is also an attempt to show how a society may try to deny its own existence and the power of the imagination. The film may seem long but its narrative does not end, rather it goes on to a climax that we are not sure will be able to guess what will happen. There is a certain loneliness to this film, it has a constant feeling of a film that never ended, there is no end, in fact the story goes on forever. Garcia makes sure to tell the story, he does not leave any room for a conclusion, not even to say what happens in the end, the film itself tells you the end of the story. Garcia tries to draw the viewer into the film with his opening credits which show scenes from the film in various planes. The film is almost silent, the music is haunting and the images are disturbing. In this film it is easy to see the struggles of the characters who are young, child and in love, the film is difficult to see in the sense that it does not leave any space for a conclusion. It is an attempt to show the darkness of the imagination and how society tries to conceal its evil in order to have a happy existence. The film is an amazing achievement in the cinema of the 70s. The camera and the technique of the movie was not as special as in its later years and in a sense its one of the best films from the genre. In the beginning it shows a group of people, nothing happens and the camera slowly closes in on a new place. The scene goes from darkness to light and back again, the camera moves through a world that has no boundaries and it captures the essence of that darkness. Garcia uses the very same technique that he used in the first film in the series and this movie gives him one of his best and most memorable images.

Lawrence Barrett photo
Lawrence Barrett

I thought that this was a powerful film. The ending was so dramatic and yet so sad. I think this film has something that a lot of other films lack: a strong and true message. I am not a lesbian or gay but I strongly feel that this is a film that deserves all the praise that it gets. I can't understand why it has not been better received. I would love to see a movie that is equal to this one, with a better ending and much more meaning.

Jennifer A. photo
Jennifer A.

A powerful story of a mother and her daughter facing the reality of how life as a child ends when the daughter decides to leave home. This film is very well written and acted, a must see for all who love films that make us think about how we live and how we make our lives better.

Julie Gray photo
Julie Gray

A film in which all the actors are superb. No question about it. But the entire movie could have been really well made, if they had spent more time, and a lot less time, on the unnecessary and stereotypical characters. The character of the brother played by Raquel Castro, is absolutely nothing like the movie's point of view, and the two sisters who support her are not at all like the movie's point of view. In fact, the only character who is likable is the father, who wants his wife and daughter to be happy. This could have been interesting to show, but instead it is filled with so many stereotypes, and this makes the movie very awkward. I recommend this film to anyone, but especially to those who liked the movie 'A Star Is Born'.

Kathy Chapman photo
Kathy Chapman

An idealistic, complicated, tough woman, the little girl, is a sub-plot, in the story about a group of people, where a woman (played by Carmen Maura) decides to keep a place in the family. But she leaves a bomb in the family's house and a one in her chest. The characters, in the last scenes of the movie, is the best actors. Especially, the three young girls, who are grown up and they take part in the movie, are actors in their own right. What is more, they speak Spanish and they're young, which makes them, in their own way, stand out. The story, about the mother and her daughters, is very simple. I think, that it's important to see that this movie can be very simple and very well done, because that's how it's in the real life of these women. But when you add the beautiful script, with the acting and the beautiful direction, the beautiful music, and the great beautiful cinematography, I think, that this movie is just perfect.

Benjamin Hawkins photo
Benjamin Hawkins

Una's two sisters, Maribel and Dora, are older, married, and possibly in a house of prostitution. Dora is pregnant with her third child and the older sister Maribel is pregnant with her second child. Dora's sister Maribel, like Uma, is an upper class Cuban woman, where every little detail counts. There is a lot of discussion and comment on the incestuous relationship between Uma and Dora. Uma is the only woman in the family who knows about Maribel's pregnancy, and is pregnant herself. Dora's husband Pedro, who is also Uma's husband, doesn't know about Maribel's pregnancy and would rather live in the country. When Uma finds out about Dora's pregnancy, she forces her sister to tell her husband about it. When Dora returns to her sister with the news, Uma doesn't believe her and tries to leave. The older sister Dora, however, doesn't want to leave her sister alone. So, Maribel's and Dora's father hires a lawyer, Juan Garcia Marquez, and convinces the judge to divorce Uma. Dora returns to her sister and marries her. The older sister Maribel, also from the upper class, does not know that Uma is pregnant. Maribel finds out that she is pregnant, and is also pregnant with her first child. This mother-daughter situation brings up the story of the orphan girl in A-la-carte life. This is a very strong, extremely mature film, with a strong woman who is not only a strong woman, but a strong woman who uses her womanly intuition and guts to survive, while also carrying the responsibility of raising a child. Maribel's sister Dora, who has a much more difficult situation, is only in the film for about five minutes. The film makes a point about the fact that women's bodies are treated differently from men's. Maribel's sister Dora is a Cuban woman, and has no body parts in the way that the other women in the family do. Uma, a woman of a lower class, has all the parts of a body and has a woman's body. Maribel's sister Maribel has the body parts that all women have, and is very well equipped for survival. Maribel is married, has a house, and a lot of money. The older sister Maribel, in contrast, is without all of that, and is so dependent on her husband, Pedro, that she doesn't have a house. Her husband, who is not rich, is not rich enough to pay her to have a house. Maribel is a poor woman. Dora is not only a poor woman, but has to be abandoned by her husband because of her pregnancy. Maribel has all of the parts that women have, but is so dependent on her husband, Pedro, that she is no longer able to take care of herself. In this film, we see women who are not only strong, but capable of doing anything. I believe that this is the reason for the high rating this film has received. I think that women are more often given the right to vote, and to be judged by the way they live their lives, rather than the way they look. A great film. 9/10

Janice Lynch photo
Janice Lynch

An exploration of the natural forces that influence the human imagination. A way of being, of living and love that somehow changes how we perceive the world. We have to recognize that in this world there are things that we don't have to worry about and that exist just for the sake of it. That can happen in our own personal lives too, sometimes even in our daily lives, in our expectations of the people around us and of the things around us. And that's what's so great about this movie. The imagination is the most powerful force in our lives and this film shows how it works in the life of a young boy. This film is a love letter to those moments of our life where we are truly alone and just want to feel alive and live. A film that shows us that it's okay to not be afraid of the unknown and that life is beautiful.

Jerry Tucker photo
Jerry Tucker

The story is pretty much predictable. The plot is not worth to be told here. What is good about the film is the original cinematography, the feeling of the protagonist. We see him around his house and his activities are familiar. However, one can sense the internal struggle of the protagonist. He is not a passive person who always lets things go. I found the movie a really well made. It is not only a work of art but also a well made movie, with great acting. One can feel that every actor has had some work on this film. This film will touch you. I think, it is a work of art. I think, it is a lot better than the rest. I really liked the whole experience. So, I can say, that this is one of the best films I have ever seen. Just like, "Memories of Murder".

Christine McDonald photo
Christine McDonald

I was drawn to this film after reading reviews which were full of praise for this film's honesty, courage, and beauty. I was prepared for some light-hearted comedy about a man who is so wounded and wounded to his core, that his whole life is based around making up stories about the death of his mother, his brother, his best friend, and his father. I was also prepared for the expected easy, unapologetic, joyous ending. However, this is a film about what you are willing to sacrifice for your people, for your friends, for your life, and this is something that is very rarely portrayed on film. The hero, a man who is so broken that he is basically ashamed of his identity, has to show up at a football game, wear a costume to bring the players back to the same costumes that they have worn the last 24 hours, then take off his costume and perform an outrageous dance to bring back his football players. When he finally does get his heroes back, they have to act out a scene from the book of Abraham, to get their audience back on the field. It's amazing that this film shows the power of forgiveness. The hero is finally able to face the fact that his brother, father, and best friend have died, and has to face the fact that he is completely worthless to his life. This film is a work of art, and if you are able to connect with the real issues, you will find yourself questioning your own existence, and wondering if you could change things, if you could do anything, if you could be anything. This is not a story about the world's problems, it is about the story of how one person, one woman, one family, can change things, if only one person could. If you can get past the story, and connect with the humanity, you will be able to look at this film in a different way. I highly recommend this film. It is one of the most moving films I have ever seen.

Marie L. photo
Marie L.

An epic movie about two characters, one of them a refugee from the turmoil of the Rwandan civil war. The movie is very moving and deeply symbolic. There is also a great performance from Peter Wagenbuys who I had never seen before. It's an interesting way to introduce the characters and I really recommend it.

Pamela photo

The Story of Love: the World is Beautiful takes us on a journey of discovery and redemption as we follow the lives of a variety of people in Spain. This is the first Spanish film that I have seen. I am definitely excited to see more from the director, writer, producer, actors and actresses in the coming years. The film has been a cultural revolution for Spain, and it is only fair to know that they are not taking it for granted. The Story of Love is a visually stunning film that captures the nuances of a culture so different from ours that we are not sure if we should be proud of it or ashamed of it. This is a story about sacrifice, the many sacrifices that must be made to live with dignity. It is also about the love that is there for you. You don't have to be gay to appreciate this film. The movie portrays the complicated love that exists between gay men, lesbians and transgenders. There are so many ways to see this film, but I would suggest that you go see it on the big screen or on your home computer. The quality of the film is the best aspect of the experience. The film is beautiful to look at and the cinematography is very natural and well done. I look forward to seeing more of this film.

Amy A. photo
Amy A.

These images are from my favorite movie, Alfredo Sanchez, El Nino, "La Mariachi: A True Story". This film was recently shown on HBO and I was riveted to the screen by the masterful storytelling of this movie. I was moved by how they portray the Mexican people as they are at the time of the American Civil War. In the beginning of the film we are introduced to the Mexican community in the east and western part of the state of California. There are few people in these areas and the Mexican population is still in the towns. The community is dominated by a religious organization known as the Mariachi. The Mariachi is called by some the biggest and strongest family in the community and their mission is to look after the needs of the community. They have learned to dress and speak in a way that their culture, their values, their customs, and their religion demand. As the story progresses, we see the current life of the Mariachi. Their poverty and the events that have been occurring in the region since the Civil War are revealed. The Mariachi continues to provide for their community and their neighbors. However, their old ways are not always well respected. There are those who want to destroy this culture. There are those who are sick of the Mariachi and they see the old ways as being immoral. They have even been known to kill and burn the Mariachi who have just recently left their community for the city. There are those who have learned to serve in the Mariachi community. These people are young, they are strong and they are a force to be reckoned with. There is one man, Juan, who has joined the Mariachi and he is nothing but a blessing to the Mariachi community. As the story continues, Juan comes to realize that his family is only loyal to the Mariachi. He knows that in a war of such magnitude, there is no place for mercy. There is one scene in particular, that I think is important to understand. Juan is driving with his family to their old home. He stops at a bar and he orders a drink. He explains that he has no money and is in need of a favor. Juan's son, Juan (played by Jose Luis Cuchorro), says, "Dad, we need money." Juan says, "No, I want a favor." Juan asks if he can borrow a dollar. Juan's son agrees. Juan takes the dollar and tells his father he can buy food for his family for a dollar. Juan's father replies, "You can go home to your family now. This will not be long." The man then gets into the car and drives off. Juan turns back to his father and says, "But I have to buy the food." Juan's father replies, "Yes, you can go home now." Juan's son continues to explain that they cannot leave their families and they have to buy the food. Juan goes home to find that his mother has been forced to go to work. Juan's mother tells him to look for work, but Juan says he will not go home until he finds work. Juan's father says that the Mariachi community needs him and he must stay in the Mariachi community. Juan begins to look for work. The Mariachi are a strong family and the Mariachi have always worked hard to provide for the community. However, they have not always succeeded in this. There have been many times when Mariachi have been forced to leave their community, but they are loyal to their community and they are not willing to give up. The Mariachi have learned to be selfless and there have been many times when they have had to leave the Mariachi community to save their own lives. Juan has always been the Mariachi that has refused to leave the Mariachi community and he has always been the Mariachi that is loyal to the Mariachi. When Juan's mother refuses to go back to the Mariachi, Juan goes back to the Mariachi community and starts to give the Mariachi food and water. Juan