Anschauen Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War is a video starring Roger Cross, Rosario Dawson, and Christopher Gorham. A Sequel to Justice League Dark (2017) involving Jack Kirby's New Gods.

Other Titles
Liga de la Jusicia Oscura - Guerra Apokolips
Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Animation, Action, Sci-Fi
Christina Sotta, Matt Peters
Ernie Altbacker, Mairghread Scott, Ernie Altbacker, Mairghread Scott
Christopher Gorham, Roger Cross, Rosario Dawson, Camilla Luddington
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A Sequel to Justice League Dark (2017) involving Jack Kirby's New Gods.

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Laura Patterson photo
Laura Patterson

I don't have much of a love for the DCU and the other superhero movies, but I was really looking forward to this one. I am glad to say that I was totally blown away. The plot is really engaging, the action is great, the characters are all great, and the characters are likable. The problem with this movie is the lack of story. There are a lot of times where you are waiting for something to happen, and it never does. The action is great, but it is also really good at times. But the problem is, that's about it. This movie does a really good job at telling the story of the movie, but it doesn't have enough story. That's the problem with the movie. I was looking forward to the movie, and I was really excited to see it, but there wasn't enough story. I also think that the villains are really great, but I don't think they have enough screen time. Overall, I really like the movie, and I think it's going to be one of the best superhero movies of 2018.

Ashley photo

From the first moments of the movie, I was hooked. There is not a single scene in this movie that I did not enjoy. I am a big fan of DC Comics and their superhero movies, but this movie is truly a new milestone for DC. The animation is beautiful, the action is intense, the cast is excellent and the characters are well-developed. The action scenes are nothing short of spectacular and the villains are outstanding. In my opinion, the best part of the movie is definitely the last act. The final battle is incredibly intense and the fact that the Justice League is truly one of the best alliances in the history of cinema is astonishing. I think that this movie will be a classic and I hope that it will be nominated for several Oscars. I would like to thank the entire cast and crew for this amazing movie. It is a must-watch for all fans of DC Comics and movie fans.

Helen S. photo
Helen S.

The movie was excellent and was not at all what I was expecting. I was very disappointed in the film because it seemed like they took the "dark" aspects out of the movie. However, I can understand why they took out the "dark" aspects because the movie was supposed to be a "dark" movie. In the comics, I think the movie was trying to go for the more "mainstream" and "hollywood" tone of the comic books. I think they did a good job of it, but I think they could have done a better job of it. I think that the film did a good job of setting up the story, the characters, and the environment. I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was an excellent choice for the first part of the Justice League series. I hope that the Justice League will be a great series, and I hope that they will continue to have a great movie to set up the future of the Justice League.

Howard Wheeler photo
Howard Wheeler

The movie in the comics is a combination of 2 things. 1. It's a story of a group of super-villains from different galaxies trying to destroy the universe. 2. It's a story of a bunch of heroes from different galaxies trying to save the world from their evil counterparts. It has a great story, a great cast, a great action scene. If you've read the comic, you will enjoy the movie. If you haven't read the comic, you will enjoy it. The only thing I didn't like about it is the CGI. It looks cheap and the costumes and effects look cheap. It looks like a cheap animated film. If you have never read the comics, you will enjoy it.

Craig C. photo
Craig C.

A bit slow and meandering, but I like it. The idea of a parallel universe, with parallel universes, is clever and interesting. Good visuals and an overall good experience. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of DC and Marvel but this was a good DC film. It was not a great film, but I found it enjoyable and enjoyable. It was well done. I would recommend this movie to people who enjoy DC and Marvel. There were no "wow" moments in the film, but I did not feel that way. It was good.

Timothy photo

Diana Prince (Kate Bosworth) and her father Henry (Jeremy Irons) have a son, John. Henry is in a coma after a car accident and Diana feels guilty for leaving him in a coma. She tries to find a cure for his illness and she finds that Superman (Henry Cavill) has been living a secret life as an alien. This is a really cool movie, it has some really cool moments and the fight scenes are really awesome. It has some really nice villains and some really cool villains. I like how they introduced the Dark Knight and the Joker. The film also has some really funny moments, like when Superman tells Diana to keep her costume on and Superman tells Batman (Cillian Murphy) that he loves him. The film also has some really nice fight scenes. They are also really well choreographed and I really liked how the film was shot. I really like how the film uses some really cool effects and the action is really cool. I like how they showed how the Dark Knight came to be and how he killed his father. This is a really cool movie, I recommend it to anyone who loves a superhero film. I give this film an A.

Larry P. photo
Larry P.

This movie was good, and well worth the $7.50. While the CGI and the visuals were great, the story was lacking in some aspects. The story itself was decent, but could've been better. While the characters were well developed, the action scenes were not. The first half of the movie was pretty much boring and the second half was just boring, but still entertaining. Overall, this movie was not bad, and worth the money to see it.

Ronald Silva photo
Ronald Silva

I was actually excited to see this movie. I loved all the previous DC movies. But I was a bit disappointed. First of all, I was very disappointed with the acting. I feel like I'm watching an animated movie. I didn't like the action sequences. And it seemed like they were trying to mimic the comic book style. And the movie was also too long. I found myself waiting for the movie to end. I also thought that the story was a bit boring. But I think that that's because I expected a lot more from the movie. Overall, I was very disappointed with this movie. I would not recommend it to anybody. The only reason I'm giving it an 8/10 is because of the action sequences and the CGI.

Philip photo

I have seen the trailer for this film and I have to say that it looks pretty good. The trailer really puts you into the film. The acting is good and the CGI is amazing. I'm a huge fan of Marvel and DC, but I think this movie will bring out the best from both of them. The movie will have the best villains and villains that are more well developed than the ones in the previous movies. I don't think it will be like the rest of the Justice League movies where we just see the villains and the Justice League gets them to avenge them. This movie will have more villains and villains that are more well developed than the ones in the previous movies. This movie will also have a lot of action and the fight scenes will be intense and cool. I'm a fan of action and action movies and I think that this movie will do it well. I also think that the plot is a bit weak, but I can't really complain because it's only a trailer. Overall, this movie is a really good and well developed movie. I'm really looking forward to the second installment of this franchise. I hope that we get the Justice League and the Justice League of America together. I hope that they're going to bring out the best from both of them.

Gloria photo

The movie was good. The CGI was great, the fight scenes were great. I would recommend it to anyone, it was better than the first movie, and the first half of the movie was great. I would say this movie is on par with the first one. I think it would have been a good film if they had had more time to develop the characters. There was a lot of character development in the first one. I would say that the movie did a good job of explaining everything. The story of this movie is great, and I think the actors did a great job. I would say this is the best movie out of the Dark Knight trilogy.

Alexander West photo
Alexander West

This movie is the best of all of the DCU movies. It has everything a fan could want. Great story, great actors, great action, and great humor. The CGI is amazing and the CGI is not a gimmick. The movie is one of the best of 2017, and a must see for all DCU fans. I can't wait for the second movie. It will be great. I will definitely be going to see it. This movie is one of the best in the DCU. I hope that they will continue to make great movies. I can't wait for the Justice League 2.

Katherine photo

I'm a big fan of DC Comics, and the DC Cinematic Universe. The original Justice League, however, was disappointing. I was really looking forward to the sequel, but it wasn't as good as the first one. I had high expectations for this film, and I'm happy to say it exceeded them. The visuals were great, and the acting was great. The plot was also good, and it had a lot of action, which I was looking forward to. I wasn't disappointed. It was a lot better than I expected it to be. I think that the movie had a lot of potential, but it was ruined by the last 15 minutes of the movie. I was disappointed. It was a lot better than the last movie. I'm going to see it again, and I hope that it's not as bad as I was expecting. I think that they could have made a much better movie than this one, and I hope that they don't ruin it with the last 15 minutes. It's a lot better than I expected it to be.