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Romeo Akbar Walter

Romeo Akbar Walter is a movie starring John Abraham, Raghuvir Yadav, and Jackie Shroff. Prior to the India-Pakistan war of 1971, an Indian banker is recruited by the Research and Analysis Wing for a covert operation deep inside...

Other Titles
Romeo. Akbar. Walter., RAW
Running Time
2 hours 21 minutes
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Action, Thriller, Drama
Robbie Grewal
Robbie Grewal, Ishraq Shah, Shreyansh Pandey
Raghuvir Yadav, Jackie Shroff, Mouni Roy, John Abraham
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Prior to the India-Pakistan war of 1971, an Indian banker is recruited by the Research and Analysis Wing for a covert operation deep inside Pakistan.

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Gregory photo

A very interesting look into the activities of the international network of 'hit men' in the aftermath of the IRA bombing of a London train. It is also an informative look at how some of the men went on to become part of the British security system after the war, but the majority were now in prison or in exile. Some of the men had their reputations greatly damaged by what they did, but at the time there was a consensus amongst the British that these were the only men who had done good. This film shows how the security system changed over time, from the positive image of the 'good and honourable' Irish men who ended up in prison, to the idea that some of these men were foreign spies and that they were being used to spy on British agents. This film is also interesting because it shows that a group of highly paid hit men were constantly being replaced, and that this happened before the internet. One of the hit men is played by Ian Richardson. I don't remember seeing any other actor playing a hit man, and I'm not sure whether he is a British citizen or not, but his accent is very British and not British, although the accent is a little unusual for this period.

Henry photo

Although some of the 'violence' scenes are not that well done and the story is rather simplistic, the movie is still a pretty entertaining one. This movie starts out with a really good story, but as soon as the movie gets more complex, it starts to become a bit confusing. This is not a big deal, though, because the movie's strong point is that it does not rely too much on plot. The action scenes are very good, and the story is really intriguing. Even though the movie is a bit too simplistic for my tastes, it is still very good and one of the better films of the year. A recommended one, definitely.

Margaret F. photo
Margaret F.

I enjoyed this movie for what it was, but there were a lot of flaws I found with the film that needed to be addressed. There were a few things I found that just weren't in the movie. One, there was an hour and a half that should have been left out. That hour and a half is the briefness of the relationship between Walter and his brother, which is a very important part of the movie. It's something that wasn't properly explored in the movie, which means the audience really needed to know more about the relationship between the brothers. Secondly, the screenplay seemed to be rushed, and it really took a lot away from the movie. In the screenplay, they were talking about the poor conditions in Iraq and how Walter wanted to help the refugees. It just took a long time for the dialogue to progress, and I was not completely sure what they were actually going to say, and I think that takes away from the movie as a whole. Thirdly, there were a couple of sequences that seemed to be cut. In one, Walter is involved in an accident, and the camera starts cutting back and forth in between the two characters. I didn't find that to be very good editing, and I would've preferred it to go right back to the beginning, and focus on what was happening at that point. Lastly, the music was really horrible. It felt out of place, and added nothing to the movie. I know that they tried to blend the music with the action in some scenes, but they could have done better. Overall, I enjoyed the movie, but there were a few flaws I found. The action scenes were exciting and exciting. I think the two were really well combined. I also really enjoyed the visual style that the director and the cinematographer had in the film. I really loved the combination of the fast, and slow motion. I thought that the director was really successful in taking the action scenes to the next level. The acting was also pretty good. I really thought that the supporting cast was pretty good as well. I think that all the actors did an amazing job. Overall, I thought the film was very good, and it was fun to watch. It was one of the best movies I've seen this year. The only negative things I can think of is that I think that the screenplay could have been better. I don't think that the action scenes were very exciting, and I think that the scenes could've been better directed. I also think that the music was bad. Overall, I think that the film was really good, and I would recommend it to anyone.

George B. photo
George B.

I can't believe that I have waited so long to see this movie! I am a HUGE fan of the man! I remember seeing the trailer for this movie and being blown away by the scene and story! It was super intense! I went to the theater to see the premiere and was one of the first people in line! I was so excited! I was disappointed because I thought this movie would have been amazing! I was so glad I saw this movie! It was very entertaining! Even though it is kind of a mainstream movie and most people who see it won't like it, it still is an enjoyable movie! The story is so amazing! The acting was great! The action scenes were very good! It is one of the most amazing films ever made! The story was good, but the most amazing part was the action. It was amazing! This is one of those movies that you will love even if you aren't a huge action fan. It is not your typical movie that you will remember for a long time! It is good to see that the action movies have moved past the 80's. This was a great movie and I hope there are more movies like this in the future! I am so happy that they made this movie!

Frances D. photo
Frances D.

An up-and-coming criminal, in search of revenge, finds himself in a conflict of wills with a notorious gang. The movie is based on a novel by Rajiv Rai, and the story is based on a real-life incident. The movie is the most violent of the three movies. The director, A.R. Rahman, was a young man in his 20s when he made this movie. The movie is a good example of what is a successful director. The movie has many twists and turns. The ending is a bit unbelievable, but it is the most anticipated of the three movies. The movie is a good example of what is a good director. The movie is a must-see. This movie is one of the best in the genre. If you want to see a great gangster movie, this is the one.

Douglas Rivera photo
Douglas Rivera

I liked this movie a lot. I think the main problem that the reviewer has is that the movie was made in 1990, when there weren't a lot of cars (in terms of cars) then. People were still in the 80s. You could get a really good car for under $10,000. Thats not very much for a car in that time period. The main difference between this movie and most cars made in the 90s is that there was a lot of action. The cars didn't have to be put on a set that was really far away from the action. There are also things that the movie does right. Like the house, for example. It's not in the movie, but it's really neat. Also the movie was so cool. I saw this movie as a kid and it still looks cool. There are still some cool things about the movie that I like. If the movie had been made in 1990, the cars would be better. However, it's nice to see that cars have come a long way since 1990. And it shows that a lot of people were still in the 80s.

Samantha R. photo
Samantha R.

Well, after watching this film, I am all set to watch the other films that have the same protagonist. It is just as good as the other films, just without the hype. One of the best movies I've seen in a while.

Sandra photo

I am not sure if this film is going to be a classic or a controversial cult classic. I certainly found it entertaining and I thought the acting was decent. I believe the film would have worked much better with a "straight-forward" plot that took more of a look at the life of a terrorist and how he attempted to recruit his father to help him plan his attack. I did think the film was more focused on the attacks than the actual terrorist plot. As a result, it is a movie that focuses on the life of the terrorist and his rise to the top. As for the plot, it was interesting, but the action and story lines were not as engaging. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has not yet seen it.

Hannah S. photo
Hannah S.

This movie is a masterpiece. I've seen it over and over and never get tired of it. The acting is perfect, the storyline is great, the story is very interesting, the cinematography is excellent, the characters are well developed, the story is amazing, the story is very interesting and the music is awesome. I really don't understand how this movie is rated so low. It's not a movie to see if you want to be entertained, it's a movie to see if you want to understand and enjoy. I really recommend this movie to anyone who likes action movies. This movie is a must see.

Tammy photo

I'm a big fan of the movies, but I'm not a fan of the genre. I mean, I love "the cop" movies, and I love the "gangster" movies, but I don't like "cop" movies. But, this movie was great. It was very well acted, and the characters were very well developed. I thought it was very interesting how they kept up the story line. I really liked the way they kept up the plot and kept it interesting. I think the best part of the movie was when they were on the rooftop. I thought that was very well done. I really enjoyed the way they showed the dark side of the city. It was very interesting. I think this is a very well done movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the genre. I would give this movie a 8 out of 10.

Amanda Jacobs photo
Amanda Jacobs

When it comes to movies like this, where the sole purpose of making a movie is to entertain the audience, you get the movie the wrong way round. This one is not a 'what ever happened here' type of film but is more like a 'here is where the story is and what happened here' type of film. It has a story that is really quite entertaining, but the first half of the film is so slow and dull it becomes a bit difficult to watch. Also, the acting is a bit odd and some of the dialogues are a bit ridiculous. Still, it is very enjoyable and entertaining.

Danielle photo

This movie was not bad, but not great. I liked the movie. I think that this is the first time that I have ever rated a movie and I am not a fan of action movies. But I do enjoy action movies and I like them even when they are not very good. This movie was very good. The story was good and I liked the way that the movie ended. I think that this movie is worth watching. I would recommend it to anyone who likes action movies. But it is not a must see.

Larry Wheeler photo
Larry Wheeler

Some movies get overrated, some overrated. This is the one which gets overrated. In my opinion, this is the best Thai-inspired film I've ever seen. It is visually stunning, and the performances are top notch. The script is also very good, with good pacing and an interesting philosophical core to it. The acting is terrific, and the direction is very good. All in all, a great action film. You could probably watch this over and over and never get bored. A definite 8 out of 10.

Jason A. photo
Jason A.

One of the few films I have ever seen that combines a non-violent, but perfectly cast plot with a realistic depiction of Indian life. The cast of the movie did a brilliant job, especially Boman Irani. He gave a beautifully portrayed character that goes beyond the expectations of a simple paterfamilias. It is also good to see him in a role of a businessman, which I believe he will never get tired of portraying in the future. The relationship between two middle aged men, played by Saif Ali Khan and Ranvir Shorey, is quite special and I believe would be one of the best parts of the film. The two actors just keep on bringing us such great chemistry and perfection. All in all, a film with such a great cast, it should have made more money. The only reason I am giving this film an 8 instead of a 10 is because of the pace, which was extremely slow, I do believe the average viewer would have been bored, however, if you are a romantic at heart, this is a must see. One of the best romance films I have ever seen!

Ralph Moore photo
Ralph Moore

I am not saying this is a great movie, not by a long shot. The story is very simple and the concept is pretty much of the usual spy-action movie type. But that is exactly what it is, simple and fun. It is not perfect though, it could have been much better. But it's not a bad movie, there is much to like about it. It is not a blockbuster. It is a well-done, very stylish movie and there are some fun and entertaining moments that work well for the movie. The movie was directed by Nikos Kazantzakis, he also directed the documentary about the Balkan war. The film was also very enjoyable to watch. The only thing that I could think of that would have made the movie much better is if they would have made the movie longer. But overall, I give it an 8 out of 10.

Joyce Ford photo
Joyce Ford

A fearless and strong action thriller with a twist of the law. The movie was about a trio of French schoolboys that when caught in a small town in the US, are told to do a job by a mysterious man. In the course of the movie they are framed by a woman, who is in a lust for revenge. The movie contains a lot of action and suspense but also the true meaning of life and a life's meaning. " The French Connection" is a great movie, and this time the English subtitles were actually good. 8/10

Joyce photo

It's a great movie, I saw it in a cinema and it was great. It's a real treat for the eyes. I like the way it was filmed, and the way the story was told. I like how the story is told, I like the way the director has told it. It's a great movie and I recommend it to everybody. I give it 10/10.

Tyler Wallace photo
Tyler Wallace

I saw this film with a friend of mine, and I must say I was impressed. I was expecting this film to be nothing more than a bunch of action scenes, but it turned out to be more than that. I don't think I've ever seen a film like this before. The story is a good one, the acting is good, and the action scenes are amazing. The movie is well-written, and the dialogues are great. If you are looking for a good action movie, you should definitely watch this one. If you are looking for a movie to watch with your friends, this is the one to watch. I rate this film 8/10. -John

Zachary Little photo
Zachary Little

I think this movie is a must watch for all Bollywood movie fans. The movie is set in the modern times and it is the story of a gang of thieves who try to take over the city of Mumbai. The story is not original, but it has the power to make you laugh, cry, and also makes you think. The actors have done a great job and the movie is great. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. A must watch for all Bollywood movie lovers.